Актуальные вопросы кардиологии

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совместно с
VII Международным симпозиумом по
эхокардиографии и сосудистому ультразвуку,
ХIX ежегодной научно практической конференцией
«Актуальные вопросы кардиологии»
Тюмень – 2012

Сборник тезисов докладов III Международного конгресса «Кардиология на перекрестке наук» совместно с VII
Международным симпозиумом по эхокардиографии и сосудистому ультразвуку, ХIХ ежегодной научно практической
конференцией «Актуальные вопросы кардиологии»
Издание материалов конференции осуществлено под редакцией доктора
медицинских наук, профессора, заслуженного деятеля науки Российской Фе
дерации В.А.Кузнецова, доктора медицинских наук А.Ю.Рычкова
Содержание тезисов воспроизведено в полном соответствии с представлен
ными материалами без правок.

I.V. Arutyunyan, Z.G.Bondareva, O.V. Tsygankova, E.L. Fedorova, A.A. Starichkov
Novosibirsk Municipal Clinical Emergency Hospital № 2, MG Novosibirsk State Medical University. Novosibirsk, Russia
Objective:  to study the efficacy and safety of treatment
all heart causes (p = 0.001), and the decrease of CHF
patients with systolic and diastolic heart dysfunction by
progress. Thus, in the ACE inhibitors and ARA  groups this
various neurohormonalblockers of the renin angiotensin
index  was 10.8% and 3.8%  to  the end of the year, and in the
aldosterone system (RAAS) in monotherapy or in combination,
subgroups of   rasilez treatment and combined it with losartan
on the background basic therapy of  blocker and
 2.35% and 3.9% respectively. Over the entire period of
observation sudden death occurred one time  in ACE inhibitors
Materials and Methods: A total of 155 patients (73 men,
group (2.01%) and one time in the ARA group (2.12%),
82 women) from 37 till 59 years (middle age 48,2 ± 11,1 years)
circulatory arrest as a result of the of heart failure progression
with chronic heart failure (CHF) II and III functional class (FC)
occurred in two patients treated with ACE inhibitors (4 , 08%),
on the NYHA classification, which was developed on the
and one  treated  ARA (2.12%).
background of ischemic heart disease, myocardial infarction,
The observed renoprotective effect of different options
and other organic heart diseases (cardiomyopathy of various
of therapy confirmed by the decreasing of microalbuminuria.
origins), hypertension, were treated  basic therapy  with a
It was the most in aliskiren group, and combination therapy
variety of RAAS blockers: an ACE inhibitor (ACEI), sartan (ARA),
DIR + ARA    43.8% and 48.7%  from baseline, respectively (p
a direct rennin  inhibitor (DIR), or combination DIR with sartan.
= 0.001), in  losartan group  41.7%, p = 0.001,  and enalapril
According to the protocol, patients received standard therapy
group 33.02%, p = 0.001. Similar dynamic was found in the
of CHF, as recommended by ACC / ACC (2009), EOC (2009)
calculated glomerular filtration rate, which also more
and GFCF (2009), the section on heart failure and OSSN
significantly increased in the fourth group (DIR + ARA)   by
(2009). Clinical and instrumental observation was carried out
22.2% from baseline (p = 0.001), and a third   20.3% (p =
at the time of admission, before discharge (15 18 days) and
0.001), while in the second group (ARA treatment) this index
after 12 months in all groups of patients. The end points were:
increased  to 16.2% (p = 0.001), and in the first group (ACEI)
symptoms of heart failure based on the severity of FC test 6
 in 7.2% (p = 0.001).
minute walk, the effect of therapy on renal function, the cases
By the end of the 12th month observation  the 144 patients
of rehospitalization  and death from various causes during
echocardiography results show:  in 47 (32.6% , 26.5% of
this period of time. The dynamic control of blood pressure
baseline) occurred «abnormal» type of diastolic left ventricle
(BP), general health, symptoms of CHF, as well as
dysfunction  (DD  LV)   average value of the ratio E/A  transmitral
echocardiography on the unit «VIVID 4» (USA) by standard
blood flow was equal to 0,76 ± 0,03, and in 97 patients (67.4%
protocol were held for all patients.
, 73.5% of initial values) occurred «pseudonormal» type, in
Results: The first group of patients received ACE inhibitors
which the value of this index was equal to 1,47 ± 0,011, while
(49 persons, 31.6%)/, It was Renitek ® (Merck Sharp & Dohme
two patients with ACE inhibitor treatment  and one patient
BV, The Netherlands), an average dose 19,1 ± 3,4 mg per day.
from APA treatment group to the end of the study hade
The second group included 47 patients (30.3%) with basic
«restrictive» DD LV (the value of E/A = 2,17 ± 0,02), which
therapy and Cozaar ® (Merck Sharp & Dohme BV, Switzerland)
was not seen in the groups of aliskiren  mono and
at an average 65,4 ± 9,6 mg per day. The third group included
combination therapy.
35 patients (59.3%) on therapy of  Rasilez® (Novartis Rharma,
C o n c l u s i o n :  Dynamic monitoring of patients with
Switzerland), an average dose 274,5 ± 25,5 mg / day. The
advanced heart failure during the year revealed a significant
fourth group (24 patients,40.7%) received  aliskiren (an
decrease in the frequency of rehospitalization for cardiac
average dose of 276,2 ± 23,7 mg / day) in combination with
causes and the positive dynamics of flow in chronic heart
losartan (59,4 ± 12,6 mg / day) from the first day of
failure as a significant increase in the number of patients with
hospitalization. Reducing blood pressure level when the
clinical signs of CHF FC I (NYHA) in all studied groups. More
patient was sitting was different in the various treatment
significant positive trend in the change of right and left  DD in
groups after a year of observation. In ACE inhibitors group the
patients with c «anomalous» and «pseudonormal» its options
systolic blood pressure decreased from 136,4 ± 7,2 to 120,8
in the treatment groups achieved aliskiren  both in
± 6,7 mm Hg. (p = 0,048), in ARA group    from the 152,4 ± 5,2
monotherapy and in combination with sartan (losartan) on
to 140,8 ± 6,2 mm Hg. (p = 0,036),  in DIR group   from 156,6
the background of basic therapy of  blocker and
± 7,4 to 132,8 ± 8,9 mm Hg. (p = 0,045), and in the DIR + ARA
spironolactone, and is associated with positive dynamics
group systolic blood pressure decreased from 176,4 ± 9,6 to
observed in the clinical course of heart failure due to
136,3 ± 11,9 mmHg. (p = 0,008). The heart rate in all groups
stabilization of hemodynamic parameters, and possibly
was not significantly changed during the observation period.
additional properties of the medicine. This agrees with our
In the ACE inhibitors and ARA groups (three (6.1%) and
results, showing the most marked nephroprotective properties
two (4.2%) patients) death was the cause of discontinuation
of aliskiren in monotherapy and in combination with sartans,
of receiving medicine, undesirable effects were the cause of
compared with ACE inhibitors and ARAs, which also can be
treatment discontinuation in the group of ACE inhibitors in
associated with a more pronounced hypotensive effect, which
two (4.08%) patients. Analysis of the heart failure clinical
is the main determinant in the implementation of the
course   in comparison with the previous treatment for the
organoprotective effects of antihypertensive therapy, and with
same period of observation (12 months), showed the
the internal blood pressure   independent effects of the
significant decrease in the number of rehospitalizations for
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