Materials of Art and Archaeology

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Materials of Art and Archaeology


Part III. Organic Materials

Norbert S. Baer

Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

October 2000


Part I. Inorganic Materials (2003).

Part II. Metals (1999).

Part III. Organic Materials (2003).

Part IV. Instrumental Methods (2003).

Part V. Environment (1999).

Part VI. Museology (2003).

Part VII. Dating and Provenance (2003).

Part VIII Library and Archive Materials (2003).

Part IX Stone (1999).

Part X. Dyes and Pigments (2003).

Cumulative Index

May be obtained from:

Conservation Center

Institute of Fine Arts

New York University

14 East 78th Street

New York, New York 10021

October 2000



Adhesives: General 1

Adhesives: Textiles 2

Adhesives: Wood 2

Amino Acids and Proteins 2

Asphalt and Bitumen 2

Autoxidation: Drying Oils 4

Biodeterioration 4

Biodeterioration: Pesticides 6

Carbohydrates 6

Cellulose Ethers 6

Color: History and Technology 7

Color: Science 8

Dyes 11

Dyes: Alizarin 12

Dyes: Cochineal 12

Dyes: Gamboge 12

Dyes: Indigo 13

Dyes: Madder Red 13

Dyes: Tumeric 13

Enzymes 13

Ethnographic Leather 14

General Organic Chemistry References 14

Ivory and Bone 14

Leather 15

Lining of Paintings 16

Natural Products 17

Paints and Coatings 18

Panel Paintings: Warping 18

Phenols 19

Polymer Chemistry 19

Soaps and Detergents 21

Solvents 21

Solvents: Acetone 22

Solvents: Benzene 22

Solvents: Cellosolve 23

Solvents: Diacetone Alcohol 23

Textiles 23

Toxicity 24

Varnishes 25

Waxes 26

Wood: Conservation 26

Wood: Technology 28

Wood: Waterlogged 29


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Materials of Art and Archaeology iconMaterials of Art and Archaeology

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