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Gresham - Portland,OR,US Columbus Museum of Art - Columbus,OH,US  

At 480 East Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio is situated the famous Columbus Museum of Art, which was registered as the first art museum of Ohio way back in 1878. The current building, which was designed by renowned Columbus architects Richards, McCarty and Bulford, is also added to the National Register of Historic Places due to its architectural importance. The museum possesses a fabulous collection of the European and American art of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Cubist paintings by Picasso and Juan Gris, and works by Renoir, Matisse, Monet, Degas, Hopper, O'keeffe, Norman Rockwell and photography collection by Eugene Atget and Berenice Abbott are some of the highlights of the museum. An outdoor sculpture gallery, a café, and "Eye Spy" are some of the other features of the museum. The museum is also famous for amazing regional collections. It also hosts some national and international traveling exhibitions on regular basis.

City Center Mall-Dwntwn - Columbus,OH,US

City Center in Columbus is well known as City Center. The total area of this region of Columbus is 1,200,000-square-feet, which is basically three-story shopping plaza center. It was situated in the city's downtown, close to the Ohio State Capitol, adjacent to the Ohio Theatre, as well as allied to a Hyatt hotel. The shopping center had an outsized parking lot join that, the shopping center was ended in the year of 2009; however, this area is being used by the people living around the downtown area. When this mall was opened in the year of 1989 it was the largest and the most expensive shopping center in whole Ohio State. In 2009, this mall was closed for renovation purposes and after a year in 2010 it is reopened for everyone.

Ohio Assoc-Convention Ctr - Columbus,OH,US

Ohio conference and convention center presents companies a range of exclusive, proficient locations that are just right for official and formal meetings, company events, and executive meetings.  This convention center is located in the middle of the city that is the city center. This convention center is designed by the famous architect named as Peter Eisenman. The most amazing feature of this convention center is, it is uniquely designed with exclusive designs and shapes which makes it executive class convention center. This center is truly spacious and all the meeting rooms and halls are designed in the modern state of art integrating bright colors which surely offers an additive advantage. The open space area of the convention center makes it an amazing place for all the visitors.

Cooper Stadium - Columbus,OH,US  

The Cooper Stadium, formerly known as the Red Bird Stadium, Jets Stadium, Franklin County Stadium, was opened in 1932. It was the premier professional baseball park with built-in lights in the structure. It was the home of Columbus Clippers from 1977-2008.
Initially it had a capacity of 12000 people which was increased up to 15000 people over the passage of time. In 1977, the stadium was renovated and in August 1984, it was given the name of Cooper Stadium as a tribute to the county commissioner Harold Cooper for his services for baseball. The stadium was closed for baseball in 2008. The final game was played on September 1, 2008, between Toledo Mud Hens and Columbus Clippers in which Columbus Clippers were defeated by the Toledo Mud Hens. More than 16000 people were present in the stadium to witness the final game. Now the stadium has been turned into an auto racing facility.  

Cincinnati Zoo - Columbus,OH,US  

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden is one of the biggest zoos in the whole country of USA. It is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. Initially this zoo acquired on 65 acres and was situated just in the center of the city, and from that time when it originated then it has obtained several of the adjoining regions and a number of reserves in Cincinnati's environs. The setting of the Cincinnati Zoo makes it different from the many other USA’s zoos, and that exclusive setting is due to its urbanization, as all other American zoos are in the suburban regions. The contemporary significance of the Cincinnati Zoo is innate in its enormous assortment of imperiled flora and fauna.  Booming propagation plan for all of these species has got the zoo the informal name which is “The Sexiest Zoo in America”.


Nationwide Arena - Columbus,OH,US

Columbus is the city of events, where on monthly basis many events take place. There are a lot of places which are best for concerts and events among those the most famous place is Nationwide Arena.  Many events like cultural or musical concerts are arranged in this place. Since, it is one of the famous places for concerts and events so companies do book it before the event. This year there are around 40 to 50 events for which this arena has been booked. So the basic criteria of getting the ownership of this place for a specific period of time to organize events is to book all the events around 4 to 5 months before the start of the event. Nationwide Arena is perfect for organizing big events and fares.

Ohio State House - Columbus,OH,US

On Capitol Square the Ohio Statehouse is situated, a 10 acre plot of land provided by four well-known Columbus property-owners.  The Statehouse features an essential buried covered entrance by means of a walkway of a up-front and ancient Greek Doric style, constructed of Columbus marble that was dig up on the west banks of the Scioto River. A wide and squat vital pediment supports the windowed astylar barrel, referred to as a Cupola, which include an oculus that lights the central rotunda.

Contrasting with a lot of U.S. state capitol buildings, the Ohio Statehouse is indebted slight to the structural design of the United States Capitol. Also there are many large halls which are used for official meetings.

Wexner Center for the Arts - Columbus,OH,US

Wexner Center for the Arts is basically an international laboratory for the investigation and development of modern art, which is situated in the Ohio State University. The Wexner Center release in November 1989, the name of this center is on the main donor of the center who was Leslie Wexner. By means of many activities such as demonstration, screenings, presentation, actor placement, and learning plans, this Wexner Center for the arts plays an important role for art. This center is surely an amazing platform for new artists who want to get a chance to be in the field of art. This will also help new talent to give new and innovative ideas to make a difference. Wexner Center for the Arts is giving their audience perfect entertainment during their free hours where they can not only watch but also participate in cultural, traditional and innovatory programs.


Rhodes State Office Tower - Columbus,OH,US

Rhodes State Office Tower is 192 meter skyscraper situated in Columbus, Ohio the state of USA. This Rhodes Tower was finished and busy since 1974, and is presently the tallest tower in Columbus. At present, around 4000 workers are working in this building. Cost of Construction was totally around $ 70 million. It is second famous and largest Rhodes tower in the state of Ohio which is serving governor, James A. Rhodes. This building is shaped anomalously which is acknowledged to an eleventh-hour resolution to limit the buildings tallness; in the beginning, the building was believed to be just about 46 meter tall. Rhodes State Office Tower, situated across Broad Street from the Ohio Statehouse, include a number of state offices.

Ohio Theater - Columbus,OH,US  

The Ohio Theatre is a center of performing arts located at 39 E. State Street in Columbus. It is also known as  the "Official Theatre of the State of Ohio. The theatre was declared a National Historic Landmark in 1977. It is owned and operated by the CAPA (The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts), which was formed to save the theater in 1969. It is located on the site of the old Columbus City Hall. Ohio Theatre was designed by the Thomas W. Lamb and Ohio was one of his most successful projects. The theater was furnished by Anne Dornan. Each room is furnished with a theme by Anne. The theatre also has lavish lounge areas including smoking and telephone rooms. The Ohio Theatre was one of the earliest theaters which were used as a performing arts center. the Ohio theatre still resembles its original appearance and has a few modern additions. Columbus Symphony Orchestra, BalletMet, the Broadway Series, Opera Columbus, and the CAPA Summer Movie Series are the main features of the theatre.

Ohio Statehouse - Columbus,OH

Ohio Statehouse is situated on a 10-acre parcel of land that was contributed by John Kerr, Lyne Starling, John Johnston and Alexander McLaughlin. Its first design arrived through a design competition. Construction began on July 4, 1839 with the formal laying of the foundation stone. The structure was completed later, in 1861. Ohio Statehouse is built in the Greek Revival style, which was very popular in the U.S. during the early 1800s. Greek Revival was simple and uncomplicated. It is a stonework building, consisting largely of Columbus limestone. The stone of the Statehouse basis is more than 18 feet deep. Statehouse was opened in 1857 when legislators began meeting in it. Statehouse was completed in 1861. The Statehouse is nominated a National Historic Landmark by the Department of the Interior (1978). This honor recognizes the history of the building and the role it will have in the life and governmental activities of the state of Ohio.

Ohio Expo Center / Fairgrounds - Columbus, OH, US

The Ohio Expo Center hosts more than 125 events every year and holds the annual Ohio State Fair,  during July  - August, and features many thrilling attractions, incredible Midways, educational exhibits, food, animals and more. Each month, a wide range of shows, exhibitions and competitions are held at the Ohio Expo Center. Ranging from shopping for antiques to sports, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of the main features of expo centre is Antique Market. Exciting antique shows are hosted there which include the world's largest indoor antique show. The Expo Center is on few minutes drive from downtown and is at a short distance from a range of hotels, restaurants, entertainment and the area's finest shopping. The Expo Centre has paved and lighted parking to handle the large crowds. It also has region’s best service in fields of entertainment, sound, lighting, food and decorations.


LeVeque Tower - Columbus,OH,US

LeVeque Tower is in Columbus, Ohio. It is a 47 story highrise building. LeVeque Tower is 555 feet and 6 inches high and at the time of its completion was fifth tallest building in the world. Due to the Great Depression and high cost of the building, the American Insurance Union was bankrupted, and sold the building in order to pay the unpaid policies. John Lincoln and Leslie L. LeVeque purchased the tower in 1945. Throughout the history, the tower building has been noted for its bright and beautiful lighting. It is normally lighted with white, but colors are added on special occasions. The Le Veque tower is lighted red during the month of February to support “Go Red For Women” (the American Heart Association's national movement raising awareness for heart disease). The tower is pink for “Race for the Cure” during April and May. In Christmas season, the tower becomes red and green, and it turns green for the St. Patrick’s Day.

Greater Columbus Convention Center - Columbus,OH,US

The Greater Columbus Convention Center is located in downtown Columbus. It was designed by Peter Eisenman and its constructiuon completed in 1993. Many additions were made in 1999. Property management company SMG manages operations of the Centre, which includes exhibit space, ballrooms, and more than 60 meeting rooms. It is considered an outlandish design to many critics. The reason behind this was that the true plan developed by Eisenman was limited by resources. The original materials were replaced to fit within the budget of the project. Which resulted in a series of interesting designs. The overall plan of the center is quite simple. A major path runs from the parking through the complex leading to a series of railroad tracks towards Hyatt Regency and shopping areas. Meeting rooms and offices are located on the High Street side, however the opposite side is dominated by exhibit area. Balconies on the meeting room side also create intersecting viewpoints.


Franklin Park Conservatory - Columbus,OH,US

The Franklin Park Conservatory is a botanical garden and conservatory in Columbus, Ohio. It was built in 1895 and is on the National Register of Historic Places. it is a horticultural and educational institution having great  plant collections, special exhibitions, and Dale Chihuly artworks. It contains more than 400 plant species which include, Himalayan Mountains, Tropical Rainforest, Desert, Succulent Patio, Bonsai Courtyard, Pacific Island Water Garden & Cloud Forest, Showhouse with orchid and tropical bonsai collections. It also has a  Palm House with more than 40 species of palms. It is situated within Franklin Park, and surrounded by 90 acres of gardens and green area. The years 2003 and 2004 was a new milestone for  the conservatory when it presented a blockbuster exhibition that increased attendance by 182 percent. In 2006, Franklin Park Conservatory’s operating budget reached to more than $4 million, with 75 staff members and and more than 250 volunteers. It offers a wide range of educational classes for school groups, families, and individuals of all ages.

Columbus Zoo and Aquarium - Columbus,OH,US  

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is located in Powell, Ohio in north of Columbus. It is known worldwide due to the efforts and promotion of director emeritus Jack Hanna. In 2009, it was declared as the number one zoo in America. It is home to over 5,000 animals of over 700 species and has over 1.8 million visitors annually. The exhibits of animals are divided into regions of the world, and currently the zoo is operating in eight regions. In addition to this zoo has a 18-hole golf course, known as Safari Golf Club, Zoombezi Bay, and Jungle Jack's Landing. The original Columbus Zoo was situated in the north Riverview in Clintonville. The zoo opened in May, 1905 but closed for unknown reasons only five months later in October, 1905. The current  Columbus Zoo opened in 1927 as the Columbus Zoological Gardens. The city government of Columbus took over the management of the Zoo in 1951, but later gave its ownership to the Zoological Park Association in 1970.
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