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Derek Michael Robbins.

Publications ______________________________________________

1974 Spring Higher Education Review, "Shaking the Foundations" (review of D Craig: "The Real Foundations").

1976 "Culture and Criticism. Willey, Richards, and the Present" in "The Uses of Criticism" ed. A P Foulkes (Herbert Lang, Bern).

1977 Spring Higher Education Review: "The Power of the Idea" (review of I T Ker's edition of Newman's "The Idea of a University").

1977 Summer Higher Education Review: "A degree by Independent Study".

1978 Spring Higher Education Review: "New directions and wrong turnings" (review of Young & Whitty: "Society, State and Schooling").

1978 December Editor of the proceedings of Higher Education Conference: "Britain and the EEC: Admission to Higher Education", and author of one contribution; "The Promotion of Part-Course Transfer in Europe".

1980 Spring Higher Education Review: Notes on "Educational Credit Transfer: Feasibility Study" (the Toyne Report).

1980 Spring "Credit Transfer in higher education within the United Kingdom and within the European Economic Communities" in Journal of the National Association of Inspectors and Educational Advisors.

1980 March "A Preliminary Analysis of the Committee on Youth, Culture, Education, Information and Sport of the European Parliament (the Pedini Committee)". NELP, International Office.

1981 July with Betty Adams and Jenny Stephens: "Validity and Validation in Higher Education". Research report and four research papers (Research Papers 1-4), NELP, SIS.

1981 July "Occasional Papers in Course Development, 1973-1978", NELP, SIS. Research Paper 5.

1981 Autumn Note on the Committee on Youth, Culture, Education, Information and Sport of the European Parliament. International Review of Education. Hamburg. Vol 27 No 3, pp 338-42.

1982 Spring "Educational and Occupational Mobility in Europe: Opportunities for Study and Work", NELP, International Office. Report prepared for the Commission of the European Communities.

1982 with Phil Bradbury, Eunice Hinds and Maggie Humm, contribution to "Towards the Community University. Case Studies of Innovation and Community Service" ed. D B Teather, Kogan Page.

1982 Autumn Higher Education Review: "L'Ecole des Cadres à Uriage, 1940-1944".

1982 November International Newsletter for Independent Study: review of "Is Higher Education Fair?" ed D Warren-Piper.

1984 Spring Higher Education Review: "Protected Profession" (review of A J Engel: "From Clergyman to Don: The Rise of the Academic Profession in Nineteenth Century Oxford"; G Holmes: "Augustan England: Professions, State and Society 1680-1730"; and J P Kenyon: "The History Men: The Historical Profession in England since the Renaissance").

1984 Summer Higher Education Review: "Knowledge as Control" (review of Universities, Society and the Future, ed N Phillipson).

1985 Spring Higher Education Review: "The higher education landscape" (review of P Scott: "The Crisis of the University").

1985 June "L'Ecole des Cadres à Uriage: the influence of context on content" in R Kedward & R Austin (eds): "Vichy France and the Resistance: Ideology and Culture", Croom Helm.

1986 December "Why 1986 is not 1968" in International Newsletter of Independent Study.

1988 Summer "Institutions, Individualism and Independent Study": Review article of Mary Douglas: "How Institutions Think", in International Newsletter of Independent Study.

1988 October The Rise of Independent Study. The Politics and the Philosophy of an Educational Innovation, 1970-1987" (Open University Press, co-published with the SRHE).

1989 June "Bourdieu in England, 1964-1977", Higher Education Policy, Vol 2 No 2, pp 40-46.

1990 June the entry on Raymond Williams for the Blackwell Biographical Dictionary of British Political Life in the Twentieth Century.

1990 October "Student Programmes by Independent Study: The Process of Institutional Legitimation. 15 Case Studies", Group for Research into Access and Student Programmes (GRASP), Working Paper 1, SIS, Polytechnic of East London.

1990 October "Evaluating Student Learning: 'Independent Study' as a Case Study", Group for Research into Access and Student Programmes (GRASP), Working Paper 3, SIS, Polytechnic of East London.

1991 February "Individual Needs, Individualism and Independent Study. The Uses and Abuses of structural analysis", Group for Research into Access and Student Programmes (GRASP), Working Paper 7, SIS, Polytechnic of East London

1991 June The Work of Pierre Bourdieu: Recognizing Society, Open University Press.

1992 March Review of Pierre Bourdieu: Homo Academicus, Studies in Higher Education, Vol 17 No 1, pp 107-9.

1992 June Evaluation Report I - for the Polytechnic of East London Enterprise Learning Program

1992 September Translation of Pierre Bourdieu: "Les Exclus de l'intérieur" in The Higher, 11.9.92, p 14.

1992 November "Business and Management Education in England since 1965", in Les Institutions de Formation des Cadres Dirigeants. Etude Comparée, Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, Paris.

1993 June "The Practical Importance of Bourdieu's Analyses of Higher Education", Studies in Higher Education, Vol 18 No 2, pp.151-164.

1993 September "A French accent on tables". The Higher. 17.9.93. p.19.

1993 June Review of P. Bourdieu: "La Noblesse d'etat" in Higher Education Policy, vol 6, No 2, pp.67-8.

1993 October Review of J Wyatt: Commitment to Higher Education in European Up-date, No.12, UEL.

1993 October Evaluation Report II, for the Enterprise Learning Programme, UEL.

1994 February Review of R Jenkins: Pierre Bourdieu in "Sociology" vol 28 No 1, pp. 347-8.

1994 February "The Particular Universities of Europe", in European Update, No 13, UEL, pp. 19-20.

1994 April Review of S. Moscovici: "The Invention of Society", entitled: "A century of repressive sociology". The Higher. 1.4.94. p.22.

1994 May "Transnational Learning in the Field of History" in H-G Arzt (ed.): Europaische Qualifikation durch deutsch-franzosische Ausbildung? Die Bedeutung der Unterschiede nationaler Bildungssysteme fur die internationale wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit, Neue Ludwigsburger Beitrage, Bd. 4., Deutsch-Franzosisches Institut, Ludwigsburg.

1994 June Preface to B. Jay: History teaching at the Universities of Liverpool and Sussex, 1958-1968, GRASP, Working Paper 9, University of East London.

1994, Summer review of P. Ainley: Class and Skill: Changing Divisions of Knowledge and Labour, Higher Education Review, Vol 26, No.3, pp. 87-8.

1994, Sept. "Citoyenneté et nationalité: quelques réflexions d'Angleterre." in Liber (revue internationale des livres), 19, pp. 27-8. (Also published in German, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Swedish, Italian, Czech, Roumanian, and Greek).

1994, Oct. Translation of and introduction to: Pierre Bourdieu: Statistics and Sociology, GRASP, Working Paper 10, University of East London.

1995, Feb. Review of Organisation: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Organisation, Theory and Society: Vol. 1, No. 1. The Higher. 24.2.95. p.24.

1995, Feb. Preface to L. Jarnecki & S. Mason, Student Choice and Institutional Provision, GRASP, Working Paper 11, University of East London.

1995, March. Review of C. Charle and J. Verger: Histoire des universités in Actes de la recherche en sciences sociales, No. 106-7, pp. 126-7.

1995, May. Citizenship and Nationhood in Britain. British reflections on Rogers Brubaker's account of citizenship and nationhood in France and Germany, New Ethnicities Unit, Working Paper 2, University of East London.

1995, June. "Business Studies. The Market of Institutions and the Labour Market. An English Case-Study" in Les Elites. Formation, reconversion, internationalisation, ed. D. Broady, M. de Saint Martin, & M. Palme, Centre de sociologie de l'éducation et de la culture, EHESS, Paris, & Forskningsgruppen for utbildnings- och kultursociologi, Lararhogskolan, Stockholm.

1995, Nov. Review of J. Heilbron, The Rise of Social Theory, in The Higher, 17.11.95., pp.26-7.

1996, March. "The International Transmission of Ideas: Pierre Bourdieu in Theory and Practice", Journal of the Institute of Romance Studies, 4, pp. 297-306.

1996, April. "The University of East London and the Université de Paris VIII - an elective affinity?" in European Up-date, UEL. No. 15, pp.17-20.

1996, July. "Different Ways of Thinking about Society in Europe", UEL, Dept. of Combined Social Sciences, Politics Area Working Paper.

1996, Sept. "Sociological slant to quality debate" - letter to The Higher, 20.9.96, p.13.

1996, Nov. Review of B.Barnes, The Elements of Social Theory, due to be published in The Higher, 15.11.96.

1997, April. "SOCRATES: Inter-University or Inter-Faculty Links?", in European Update, UEL, No.16, pp.16-18.

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1998, November “Bourdieu’s Theory in Practice: Science and Politics?”, ampersand - Newsletter of the Theory, Culture & Society Network, No.1, pp.4-5.

1998, November 13 “A troubling enfant sauvage”, review of D.Swartz: Culture and Power: The Sociology of Pierre Bourdieu, The Times Higher Education Supplement, p.28

1999, February “On the Cunning of Imperialist Reason” - translation of P.Bourdieu & L.Wacquant: "Sur les ruses de la raison impérialiste", Theory, Culture and Society, 16.1., pp 41-58.

1999, April “Alternative Forms of Anti-Positivism: The Work of Karl Popper and Gaston Bachelard, The University of East London, Social Politics papers, 2.

1999, April “Bernard, Bachelard, and Bourdieu - an Epistemological Tradition and Its Implications for Analysis in the Arts and Social Sciences.”, The University of East London, Social Politics papers, 3.

1999, April Translation of and introduction to “Statistics and Sociology”, by Pierre Bourdieu. University of East London, Social Politics papers, 10. (A re-issue of 1994)

1999, August "The Shield of Pascal", a contribution to a symposium on Bourdieu's Méditations pascaliennes, European Journal of Social Theory, 2 (3), pp. 307-16.

1999, July "Bourdieu on Language and Education: Conjunction or parallel Development" - Concluding chapter of M.Grenfell & M.Kelly, eds., Pierre Bourdieu: Language, Culture and Education. Theory into Practice. Peter Lang, Berne.

2000, January Bourdieu and culture, Sage, London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi,

ISBN 0-7619-6044-9

2000, January Pierre Bourdieu. 4-volume boxed set of secondary articles edited and introduced by Derek Robbins, Sage, London, Thousand Oaks, New Delhi .

ISBN 0-7619-6465-7. Introduction, Vol 1, vii-xxxiii. + Reprint of “Bourdieu in England, 1964-1977” (1989) in Vol 3, 345-364. + Reprint of “The International Transmission of Ideas: Pierre Bourdieu in Theory and Practice” (1996) in Vol 3, 365-374.

2000, June 2 "Layers of life sure to provoke" - review of P.Bourdieu: The Weight of the World, in The Higher.

2000, August "Bourdieu on Language and Linguistics: A Response to R.Hasan's 'The Disempowerment Game; Bourdieu on Language in Literacy", Linguistics and Education: An International Research Journal, City University of New York, 10 (4): 425-440.

2000, September 22 review of N.Brown & I.Szeman, eds., Pierre Bourdieu. Fieldwork in culture in The Times Literary Supplement, 32-3.

2000, October "The English intellectual field in the 1790s and the creative project of Samuel Taylor Coleridge - an application of Bourdieu's cultural analysis." in B.Fowler, ed., Reading Bourdieu on Society and Culture, Blackwell Publishers, Oxford, pp.186-198. ISBN 0-631-22186-7.

2000, November 10 review of P.Chamberlayne, J.Bornat & T.Wengraf, eds, The Turn to Biographical Methods in Social Science: Comparative Issues and Examples. In The Times Higher Education Supplement online.

2001, July Review of N.Kauppi: The politics of embodiment: Habits, Power, and Pierre Bourdieu's Theory, in European Journal of Social Theory 4(3): 369-376.

2001, July "Lévy-Bruhl on Leibniz. A translation of an extract from L.Lévy-Bruhl: Allemagne depuis Leibniz (1890), with a critical introduction. Social Politics Working Papers, 15.

2002, September "Pierre Bourdieu, 1930-2002", Theory, Culture and Society, 19 (3), 113-116.

2002, November Review of Pierre Bourdieu: Les structures sociales de l'économie, Journal of Consumer Culture, Vol. 2, No. 3. Pp. 416-9.

2003, January "Sociology and Philosophy in the Work of Pierre Bourdieu, 1965-75", Journal of Classical Sociology, Vol. 2, No. 3, pp. 299-328.

2003, April "The responsibility of the ethnographer". An introduction to Pierre Bourdieu on 'Colonialism and ethnography'; and co-translation of the Bourdieu extract, Anthropology today, Vol 19, No. 2., pp. 12-19.

2003, June "'On the Cunning of Imperialist Reason': some contextual notes",

Theory, Culture and Society, 20, 6.

2003, November “Durkheim through the eyes of Bourdieu”, Durkheim Studies/Etudes Durkheimiennes, Vol. 9, 23-39.

2004, April “From postwar to postmodern. Lyotard’s ‘interregnum’ and after” Introduction to Jean-François Lyotard, ed. D.M. Robbins (3-volume collection of articles in the Masters of Contemporary Social Thought series, London, New Delhi, Sage).

2004, Sept. “The transcultural transferability of Bourdieu’s sociology of education”, British Journal of the Sociology of Education, 25, 4, 415-430.

2005, January “Bourdieu’s Practical Logic of the Social Sciences and its Implications for International, Cross-Cultural Understanding”, Editor’s Introduction to Pierre Bourdieu II, ed. D.M. Robbins (4-volume collection of articles in the Masters of Contemporary Social Thought series, London, New Delhi, Thousand Oaks, Sage). ISBN 0-7619-4315-3 (set of four volumes). Introduction: Vol 1, ix – xliv. + Reprint of Part 4 of Bourdieu and Culture (2000) in Vol. IV, 179-220

2005, March “The origins, early development and status of Bourdieu’s concept of ‘cultural capital’”, The British Journal of Sociology, 56, 1, 13-30.

2005, March “Une rencontre réflexive trans-nationale” in G.Mauger, ed., Rencontres avec Pierre Bourdieu, Editions du Croquant, Paris, 399-402. ISBN: 2-914968-13-2

2005, Nov. “Kant, Cassirer et Bourdieu” in J. Ferrari, M. Ruffing, R. Theis, & M. Vollet, eds., Kant et la France – Kant und Frankreich, collection “Europaea Memoria”, G. Olms-Verlag., pp. 377-387.

Four contributions (on Bourdieu; habitus; cultural capital; and social reproduction) for the Routledge Encyclopedia of Social Theory, eds. A. Harrington, B.Marshall, & H.-P. Müller.

2006, June “Classification in French Social Theory”, in Problematizing Global Knowledge, General Editor; Mike Featherstone, Theory, Culture & Society, special issue, 23 (2-3), 42-4.

2006, July On Bourdieu, education and society, Oxford, Bardwell Press,

ISBN 0-9548683-6-6

2006, Aug Contributions on: Education (158-160); Intelligence (302-3); Bourdieu (45-6); Credentialism (95-6); Postructuralism (461-2); Bernstein (37); Canguilhem (49); De-Schooling (123); Hidden Curriculum (270-1); Pedagogical Practices (436); and Situationists (554) in The Cambridge Dictionary of Sociology, ed. B. Turner, Cambridge, New York, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town, Singapore, Sao Paulo, Cambridge University Press. ISBN-13 978-0-521-54046-9

2006,Nov Editor of a Special number of Theory, Culture & Society on Bourdieu, and author of the Introduction: “A social critique of judgement”, Theory, Culture and Society, 23 (6), 1-24.

2007, August “Framing Bourdieu”. – chapter 8 in Tim Edwards, ed., Cultural Theory: Classical and Contemporary Positions, Los Angeles/London/New Delhi/ Singapore, Sage Publications, 141-157. ISBN 978-0-7619-4862-9; ISBN 978-0-7619-4863-6

2007, September. Editor. Yearbook I. PhD research in progress, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London.

2007, September. “For a socio-genetic understanding of trans-disciplinary research”, Introduction to Yearbook I (op cit), 9-15.

2007, September. “The Conflict of the Faculties”, Appendix II of Yearbook I (op cit), 99-110.

2007, September. Editor. Yearbook II. PhD research in progress, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London.

2007, September “The instituted capitals of intellectual disciplines: some exemplary socio-historical case-studies”, Introduction to Yearbook II (op cit), 9-18.

2007, Nov “Sociology as reflexive science: on Bourdieu’s project”, Theory, Culture and Society, 24 (5), 57-78.

2007, Nov “The Significance of Socio-genetic Understanding. Response to Fowler.”, Journal of Classical Sociology, 7 (3), 375-384.

2008, August “Indigene Kultur und Symbolische Gewalt” (Indigenous Culture and Symbolic Violence), in Schmidt, R., & Woltersdorff, V., eds., Symbolische Gewalt. Herrschaftsanalyse nach Pierre Bourdieu, Konstanz, UVK Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, pp. 59-74. ISBN 978-3-86764-121-0

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2008, Sept. “French production and English reception: the international transfer of the work of Pierre Bourdieu.”, Sociologica (Bologna), No. 2. online publication:

2009,Feb web-site publication of draft summative report for The Group for the Study of International Social Science:

2009, Feb “Kant et les lumières anglaises” in L. Bianchi, J. Ferrari, & A. Postigliola eds., Kant et les Lumières européennes/Kant e l’Illuminismo europeo, Naples, Editions Liguori, pp. 157-164. ISBN: 978-88-207-4097-9; eISBN: 978-88-207-4695-7; and Librairie Philosophique Vrin, Paris, 978-2-7116-4357-8

2009, June Editor. Yearbook III. PhD research in progress, School of Social Sciences, Media and Cultural Studies, University of East London. ISSN 2041-0522

“The recent historical antecedents of contemporary interdisciplinary research practice in SHADyC and SSMaCS”, Introduction to Yearbook III (op cit), 12-22.

“Notes on Passeron’s Foreword to Becker’s Writing for Social Scientists.”, chapter 4 of Yearbook III (op cit), 44-50.

2009, September “After the Ball is Over. Bourdieu and the Crisis of Peasant society” – review article on Pierre Bourdieu: The Bachelors’ Ball, Theory, Culture and Society, 26 (5), 141-150. DOI:

ISSN 0263-2764

2009, September “Gazing at the colonial gaze: photographic observation and observations on photography based on a comparison between aspects of the work of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron.”, Sociological Review, 57, 3, 428-447, Special Issue on “Postcolonial Bourdieu”, co-edited by Les Back, Azzedine Haddour & Nirmal Puwar.

ISSN 0038-0261 (Print); ISSN 1467-954X (Online)

2009, September “Publication: a theoretical preamble”. Editor’s introduction to Crossing Conceptual Boundaries, 1, 4-27, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of East London.

ISSN 2041-9090.

2010, Feb. “The Foundations of Social Theoretical Discourse.” Review of Simon Susen: The Foundations of the Social. Between Critical Theory and Reflexive Sociology, Journal of Classical Sociology, 10, 1, 1-8.

2010. August “Cambridge in the 1960s: intellectual debate as a form of institutional méconnaissance.”, Cambridge Anthropology, 29, 2, 73-90.

2010, August ed. Crossing Conceptual Boundaries, 2, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of East London.

ISSN 2041-9090.

review of F. Keck: Lévy-Bruhl. Entre philosophie et anthropologie, Durkheim Studies, 16, 150-2

2010, November “Pierre Bourdieu and the practice of philosophy”, chapter 7 (pp. 153-175) of volume 6 (Poststructuralism and Critical Theory: The Return of Master Thinkers, ed. Alan Schrift) of a 8-volume History of Continental Philosophy, (General Editor: Alan Schrift) Durham, Acumen Press. ISBN: 978-1-84465-216-7

2011, Feb “John Stuart Mill and Auguste Comte: a trans-cultural comparative epistemology of the social sciences”, Journal of Classical Sociology, 11 (1), 1-24.

2011, April 1. Socialisme ou Barbarie (pp. 212-4); 2. Phenomenology (pp.164-6); 3. Legitimation (pp. 124-7), in The Lyotard Dictionary, ed. Stuart Sim, Edinburgh University Press. ISBN 978 0 7486 4005 8 (hardback); ISBN 978 0 7486 4006 5 (paperback)

2011, April “The Centre de sociologie européenne, Paris: social theory and politics. Aron, Bourdieu and Passeron and the events of May, 1968.”, Chapter 13 of The Legacy of Pierre Bourdieu. Critical Essays, edited by Bryan Turner and Simon Susen. London/ Delhi/New York, Anthem Press, ISBN 9780857287687, pp. 301-327.

2011, June “Sociological analysis and socio-political change: juxtaposing elements of the work of Bourdieu, Passeron and Lyotard”. in Sociological Routes and Political Roots, ed. M. Benson & R. Munro. Oxford/Malden/Victoria, Wiley-Blackwell/The Sociological Review, pp.117-134. ISBN 978-1-4443-3813-3

Completed and awaiting publication:

My The Work of Pierre Bourdieu (1991) is due to be reissued electronically in 2001 by the Perseus Books Group.

French Post War Social Theory: International Knowledge Transfer, [text submitted; due to be published by Sage in December, 2011]

“Religion and Cultural Politics. Islam and Bourdieu”, to be published by the Journal of Classical Sociology as a Research Note.

Current contracts and commitments:

I am committed to writing a Preface to the English translation of Jean-Claude Passeron: Le Raisonnement sociologique, to be published by Bardwell Press in 2011.

I am committed to writing a piece on Bourdieu and neo-liberalism for Cités, edited by Marie-Anne Lescourret.

“From solidarity to social inclusion: the political transformations of Durkheimianism”. Submitted to Durkheim Studies. [due to be published in 2011]

“Politics and culture: reading occidental/oriental relations in a triple context”. Submitted for consideration for publication in 25th aniversary special number of British Association for South Asian Studies journal.

I am committed to writing a chapter in a book on Luc Boltanski to be edited by Simon Susen and Bryan Turner, to be published by Anthem Press in 2013.

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