Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish

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Membership ______________________________


1. Member, European Sociological Association.

2 Member, Institute of Romance Studies, University of London.

3 Member, DEMOS.

4. Member, British Centre for Durkheimian Studies.

5. Member of the Société d'études kantiennes.

6. Associate member of the Centre Gaston Bachelard, Université de Dijon.

7. Member of Espace pour des Sciences Sociales Européennes (ESSE), based at the Université de Genève.

8. Member, UK Kant Society.

Current Research supervision ______________________________

I have supervised 6 PhD students successfully to completion.

Stuart Murray

Simon Bloxam-Rose

Gerald Monro

Adania Shibli

Michael Mutemi-Munavu.

Jorge Camachos Rojas

I am currently supervising 3 PhD students:

Gladius Kulothungan.

Marie Godin

Jenny Thatcher


Feb, 2005. refereed “Assessment and student transformation: linking character and intellect” for Studies in Higher Education.

June, 2005. refereed “Engaging with habitus, field and practice to examine teachers as social change agents” for Teaching and Teacher Education.

Jan., 2006 refereed “A meta-analysis of the effect of education on social capital” for the British Journal of Sociology.

June, 2006 refereed: “Academic Development and the public sphere: the need for new conceptual frameworks”, for the International Journal for Academic Development.

July, 2006 reviewed proposal for a 3rd edition of The Blackwell Companion to Social Theory for Blackwell Publishing.

July, 2006 refereed “Bourdieu’s insights into the understanding of social change” for The Sociological Review.

Oct, 2006 refereed “A Critical Appraisal of the Concept of Cultural Capital” for Theory, Culture and Society.

Oct, 2006 refereed “L’adieu au corps: une anthropologie de la fin de l’homme” for Body and society.

April, 2007 refereed “Field encounters as a source” for Journal of Ethnography.

June, 2007 refereed “Norbert Elias and ‘The Hapsburg Dilemma’: From the Philosophy of Language Game to the Sociology of Knowledge” for the Journal of Classical Sociology.

Nov, 2007 refereed “Vive la (Sexual) Révolution: The Political Roots of Bourdieu’s Analysis of Gender” for The Sociological Review.

Nov, 2007 refereed “Relationality and Social Interaction” for the British Journal of Sociology.

Jan, 2009 refereed Research Fellowship application for Calgary Institute for the Humanities, Calgary, Canada.

Jan, 2009 refereed manuscript for the University of Wales Press: S. Baker & B.J. Brown: Mothers , Wives and Changing Lives: Women in Mid-Twentieth Century Rural Wales.

Jan, 2009 refereed book proposal for Routledge: M. Grenfell et al: Language, Ethnography and Education: Bridging New Literacy Studies and Bourdieu.

Jan, 2010 refereed manuscript for Palgrave Macmillan: Seong-Min Hong: Habitus and cultural power.

Jan 2011 refereed “High Social Theory Meets Lowly social Reality” for Journal of Classical


Jan, 2011 refereed book proposal for University of Wales Press: S. Baker, B.J. Brown, & E. Williams: Capitalising community: Family life, civic society and social capital in Wales.

Refereed book for Rowman & Littlefield, and book to be published with an endorsement sentence from me: xxxxx, 2011, Spatial Logic of Social Struggle.

Examined PhD thesis: Paula Pérez: “Female politicians in Chile: Unfolding the meanings and implications in the tweny-first century” for the Victoria University of Wellington, NZ.

April, 2011 refereed “Domination and Recognition: the Dialectic of Social Struggle”, for Theory, Culture & Society.

May, 2011 refereed “Bergson and Durkheim, Leaping and Lifting” for Body & Society.

May, 2011 refereed research proposal for Austrian FWF – Der Wissenschaftsfonds (Stephan Moebius, University of Graz: “Pretension and scope of post-structuralist social theories” [Anspruch und Reichweiten poststrukturalistischer Sozialtheorien]). [;]

May, 2011 refereed “Pierre Bourdieu, 1960s Drama and the Field of Cultural Production” for Theory, Culture & Society.

October, 2011 refereed revised manuscript for Palgrave Macmillan: Seong-Min Hong: Habitus and cultural power.

October, 2011 refereed 'Interview with Bernard Lahire: On the Plural Actor' for Theory, Culture & Society.

October, 2011 refereed “’Science of Science’, Reason and Truth: Bourdieu’s Failed Case Against Cognitive Relativism” for Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory.

Research applications:


  1. Leverhulme Trust: “Kant in France, 1800 – 2000, and the emergence of French social theory” (MRF 2002) – unsuccessful.

  1. Leverhulme Trust: “Kant in France and Britain and the emergence of contrasting social theory.” (MRF 2003) – unsuccessful.

  2. AHRB: “Relations between Cultural sociology and cultural Studies in France and Britain, 1960-2000.” – unsuccessful.

  3. AHRB: re-submission of above. – unsuccessful.

  4. AHRB: Research leave application Ref no: 112827. – unsuccessful

  1. ESRC: Professorial Research Fellowship: “Reconceptualising social science for multicultural and international contexts”. RES-051-27-0076. – unsuccessful

  2. ESRC: resubmission of the above. RES-o51-27-102 – unsuccessful. (not considered on the grounds that it was insufficiently different from above)

  3. application to the British Academy to host a visiting postgraduate scholarship – unsuccessful.

  4. October. Application to the ESRC: “The work of Pierre Bourdieu and Jean-Claude Passeron, 1960-2000: an analysis of the development of competing philosophies of social science.” Ref no: RES-000-22-2196 – unsuccessful.

  5. Leverhulme Trust: “Kantian thought and philosophies of social science in England and France.” (MRF 2006) – unsuccessful.

  6. Leverhulme Trust. Research Fellowship: “Kant, knowledge transfer, and social science” – unsuccessful.

    1. Leverhulme Trust. Emeritus Research Fellowship: Claude-Joseph Tissot. - unsuccessful


In receipt of a grant from the British Academy/CNRS joint projects scheme to support project on "Lévy-Bruhl between France and Great Britain: the transnational transmission of his work", in collaboration with Professor Dominique Merllié. (approx £2,000), 2002-3.

ESRC seminar series: “Thinking with Pierre Bourdieu in Algeria: Testimonies of Uprooting” (in collaboration with Goldsmiths’ College and University College, London) – successful.

May, 2007, re-submitted application to the ESRC: The work of Jean-Claude Passeron, 1960- present: A case-study analysis of the development of a philosophy of social science.” Ref no: RES-000-22-2494 - successful. (Grant of £65, 680-47p for the period from September 1st, 2007 to August 31st, 2008)

2007. British Academy/Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris: “The institutionalisation of French social science, 1960-1980”. – successful. ( short research visits to be taken up during 2009/10)


2008. British Academy Wolfson Research Professorship: “Kant, knowledge transfer, and social science” (WRP/2008/90) - unsuccessful


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Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconInformation for Schools on English for Speakers of Other Languages

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Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconFor purposes of teaching, I have restricted the bibliography to texts in English. I can supply plenty of valuable references in other European languages

Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconLanguage: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German

Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconOther languages (Individual languages and language groups)

Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconTopic : Theoretical Aspect of Language History. Old Germanic languages
Т. А. Расторгуева “a history of English” Учебник – М. Высшая школа,1983. 347с. М. Астрель аст 2001. 347с

Languages: English; French; some German; some Swedish iconПрограмма повышения квалификации «Английский язык. Углубленное изучение General English, уровень Elementary»
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