Ary 505 Scientific Research

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ARY 505 Scientific Research

Planning and Evaluation 3+0 7,5

Scientific Research: Description of scientific research, Descriptive approaches, Qualitative differences according to scientific branches, Features of a scientific research, Determination techniques of scientific research problem; Resource Searching Methods in Scientific Research: Reaching to resource and techniques of evaluation, Data obtained for scientific research, Description of the realible data; Using possibility of statistical techniques in evaluation of scientific research: The importance of body and contents relations on the interpretation of results, Writing types of research, How to show resources, Tabulation.

BİL 501 Introduction to Computer

Science 3+0 7,5

Main Mathematical and Logical Terms about Computer Hardware; Numerical Systems; Base Components of Computer Hardware; Central Processing Unit; Command Concept; Addressing Methods; Main Memory Structure; Secondary Memories; Input-Output Devices; Software; Programming Concepts; Operating System; Compiler; System Analysis and Design; Register and Database Concepts; Data Communication; Pascal Programming Language.

BİL 502 Programming in C Language 3+0 7,5

Computers and Computing Fundamentals; Architecture; Using Bits to Represent the Data Types; Programming Languages; ANSI C; C Compilers; Printing; Basics of C; Pre-Compiler Commands; Variables; Arithmetic Operations; Math Functions; Input/Output; Loops; Functions: Recursion; Arrays; Character Operations and Strings; Pointers; Dynamic Memory Allocation; Data Structures: Structs, Linked Lists, Stacks, Queues, Trees, Binary Files; Large Program Design.

BİL 503 Object Oriented

Programming 3+0 7,5

Comparison Between Traditional Programming Language And Object Oriented Programming Languages; Properties of Object Oriented Programming; Encapsulation; Data Hiding; Inheritance; Polymorphism; Programming With C++ and JAVA; Function Overloading; Inline Functions; Data Abstraction; Classes; Abstract Classes; Methods; Constructor; Destructor; Static Functions; Public; Private and Protected Functions; Pointers; References; Operator Overloading; Exception Handling; Visual Programming.

BİL 504 Data Structure and

Algorithms 3+0 7,5

Definition of Data; Linear Lists; Arrays; Stack; Queue; Linked Lists; Memory Allocation and Arrangement; Many Conjunction Lists; Tree Structures; Operation on the System; Search Methods; Sorting Methods; Merging Methods; Register and Minutes Concepts; Physical Register Arrangement; Addressing Methods; Indexed Arrangement in Ordered Register Regularity; Distributed Addressing; Pointers; Chain and Ring Structures.

BİL 505 Data Systems: Analysis

and Design 3+0 7,5

System Concept; System Analysis Principles; Organization And Management As A System; Management and Data; Data Production Process; Development of Data Systems; Data Management Systems; Decisions Support Systems; Analysis; Design; Application.

BİL 506 Database Management

Systems 3+0 7,5

Database Concept; Database Models; Relational Database Model; Hierarchical Database Model, Network Model; Logical Design of Databases; Physical Design of Relational Database Model; Integration of Relational Databases and SQL/DS; Distributed Databases; Object Oriented Database Management Systems; Expert Database Systems; Uncertainty In Database Systems; Office Data Systems; Application With ORACLE PL/SQL.


BİL 507 Introduction to Operating

Systems 3+0 7,5

Fundamental Concepts of Operating Systems; Services Provided By Operating Systems; Resource Management; Job Management; Job Scheduling; Time Sharing; Multitasking; Memory Management; Process Management; Virtual Memory; Paging; Interrupt Structures and Interrupt Processing; Arithmetic Processing Unit Management; Input/Output Inferior System; Register Management Inferior System; UNIX O/S Features and Internal Structure.
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Ary 505 Scientific Research iconIn this study, I investigated how participating in a scientific research project changed science teachers’ views of scientific inquiry and the nature of

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconSponsors: Office of Naval Research Air Force Office of Scientific Research ursi (International Commissions g and H) Cooperating Agencies

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconThe National Authority for Scientific Research

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconA. Refereed Research Papers in Scientific Journals

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconThe group on scientific research into myalgic encephalomyelitis

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconEuropean Co-operation in the Field of Scientific and Technical Research

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconStaff Research & Scientific Publications-2003-2008

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconMinster of Higher Education and State for Scientific Research, Egypt 12

Ary 505 Scientific Research iconRepublic of Iraq Ministry of Higher Education And Scientific Research

Ary 505 Scientific Research icon5. Status of the relevant research, scientific context, objectives and envisaged achievements

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