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Dade County Public Schools Auditor (dcps.dade.k12.fl.us/mca/) Web site of the Office of Management and Compliance Audits provides information about the office, org chart, audit plan and more.

Dallas City Auditor (www.ci.dallas.tx.us/html/city_auditor.html) Web site provides information about the office, FAQs, and a program description.

Data Analysis Resource Center for Auditors (www.auditsoftware.net) is the definitive resource center on the web for introductory to advanced auditors working with data analysis products in their audits. Site will include reasons to use data analysis in audits, shareware products, articles, books, training, vendor product listings, discounted vendor products and more.

Data Collection and Analysis Site (www.deakin.edu.au/~agoodman/sci101/) Web site from Deakin University in Australia provides a comprehensive guide on the scientific process of collecting and analyzing data. Particularly useful chapters for auditors on surveys, sampling and techniques.

Data Downloading and Conversion (www.nao.gov.uk/intosai/edp/it_downloading.html) training material from INTOSAI includes student notes and leaders guide.

Data Protection Compliance Audit Program (wood.ccta.gov.uk/dpr/dpdoc.nsf) provides a detailed audit guide including checklists for conducting a data protection compliance review. Look under Compliance Advice and then click on Audit Manual.

Data Warehousing Information Center (www.dwinfocenter.org/) Web site helps readers learn about data warehousing and decision support (i.e., business intelligence) systems. Includes articles and links to publications on the subject that will help auditors plan reviews.

Day Timer Resource Library (www.daytimer.com/resource/library/) provides online articles on time management.

Defense Acquisition Deskbook (web1.deskbook.osd.mil/default.asp) provides procurement guidance for military sites includes a reference library for federal acquisition regulations. (Industry Code 9100)

Defense Contract Audit Agency (www.dcaa.mil) Web site for the agency responsible for performing all contract audits for DoD and providing all accounting and financial advisory services for contracts and subcontracts in DoD organizations. Site includes background information about the organization, vision and goals, audit guidance and more. Auditors involved in reviewing contracts will find useful guidance at this site.

Defence Ethics Program (www.dnd.ca/CRS/ETHICS/INDEX_E.HTM) Web site from the Canadian Department of National Defense describes the program and provides ethics terms and links to ethics related sites.

Department of Accounting, Finance, & Information Systems (www.afis.canterbury.ac.nz/acct.htm) University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand. This is a WWW site with subjects on accounting, finance, and information systems.

Decision Strategies (www.dsfx.com/)international investigative consulting and business intelligence firm serving a worldwide corporate, legal, government and financial industry clientele. The Decision Strategies home page, which contains an electronic newsletter on topics of interest to the audit community.

Delaware Auditor of Accounts (www.state.de.us/auditor/index.htm) Office of the Auditor of Accounts for the State of Delaware. Provides information about the office and links to economy and efficiency reports issued by the Office.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (www.deloitte.com) site provides information about the organization and links to their global network.

Denver Auditor's Office (www.denvergov.org/dephome.asp?depid=228) provides information about completed audits, City budget, technology update and more.

Department of Commerce Inspector General (www.oig.doc.gov/) web site provides information about the office, online reports, and more.

Department of Defense Inspector General (www.dodig.osd.mil) Web site provides links to the different offices, publications, hotline and jobs.

Desk Review Checklist (http://www.state.sd.us/legislativeaudit/IPAs/IPA%20Checklist.pdf)

For IPA's conducting audits of South Dakota municipalities and school districts.

Deutsches Institut für Interne Revision (www.iir-ev.de/) Web site of the Institute of Internal Auditors of Germany (German language only).

Dial Up Auditor (www.InfoProtect.com/) is a PC based communication and database software risk identification tool that quantifies exposure to unauthorized dialup access. The site has information about the product as well as a downloadable demo.

Directorate of Counter Fraud Services (www.doh.gov.uk/dcfs/index.htm) Web site provides information about health care fraud in the United Kingdom, the types of fraud and a fraud strategy.

Directory of Essential Accountancy Abbreviations (http://www.icaew.co.uk/depts/adm/admlib/abbsrch.htm) from the Library and Information Service of the ICAEW, provides a well organized central access point to abbreviations used in the accountancy profession and related fields.

Disaster Recovery Guide (www.disaster-recovery-guide.com). This web site seeks to help with the disaster recovery process. Resources include how to get started, the plan, contingency auditing , risk assessment and more. They also market a disaster recovery toolkit that includes questionnaires and checklists. (Discounts available for AuditNet® users)

Disaster Recovery Journal (www.drj.com/) Home page for a magazine dedicated to business continuity. Links are available to a variety of disaster recovery sites, disaster recovery service providers, and selected articles and highlights from past issues.

Disaster Recovery Plan List (DRP-L) is a mailing list devoted to the subject. To subscribe to the list send a message to listserv@vm.marist.edu with the following line in the body of the message: subscribe drp-l . Once subscribe you can send messages for the list to drp-l@vm.marist.edu.

D.C. Inspector General (www.dcig.org/) provides information about the Office, media releases, reports and more.

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Dr. Solomon's Audit (www.drsolomons.com/) vendor of a PC auditing solution. Also includes useful information about the subject of PC auditing.

Duke University Internal Audit (www.duke.edu/web/iaudit/audit.html) Web site provides information about the office, a self assessment survey and more.

DuPage County Auditor's Office (www.co.dupage.il.us/auditor/index.html) local government audit office that includes the role of the County Auditor, summaries of revenues and expenditures and abstracts of audit reports issued the County Auditor. Contains links to federal, state, and local government sites and specifically sites of interest to local government professionals.

'Dynamic Management (www.matthew-leitch.supanet.com/~matthew-leitch/DMhome/) Web site by Matthew Leitch explores some interesting new ideas and methods for managing risk and designing internal control systems. It includes a questionnaire probing for the most common technical flaws in company wide risk management.

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