Auction Catalog #122

НазваниеAuction Catalog #122
Дата конвертации03.02.2013
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Aeolian Chamber Players); Toccata for Solo Violin & Percussion (Banat, violin; Saul Goodman & Walter Rosenberger, percussion). HENRI LAZAROF: Espaces; Octet (Composer conducts Los Angeles Ch Ens and UCLA Wind Ens). CRI SD-263. 12.00

950.*LIEBERSON: (Peter): Piano Concerto. Peter Serkin; Ozawa/BSO. [dig] New World NW-325. A- 8.00

951.*LIGETI: Three Pieces for Two Pianos. ZIMMERMANN: Perspectives; Monologues for Two Pianos. Alfons & Aloys Kontarsky. DGG 2531 102. A- to A(c/c) 12.00

952.*LIPKIN: (Malcolm): Clifford's Tower; String Trio; Pastorale. The Nash Ensemble. [DMM] Hyperion A-66164. A- to A 12.00

953.*LISZT: Paraphrases on Russian Works by Glinka, Alyabyev, Dargomizhsky(2), Tchaikovsky, Rubinstein(2), Wielhorski(2) & Cui. Szekely, piano. Hungaroton SLPD-12767. A- 7.00

954.*MAHLER: Symphony # 3. Baltsa; Maazel/VPO. [dig; Dutch pressings] CBS I2M-42178(2). A- to A(demo) 14.00

955.*MAHLER: Symphony # 5 & #6. Farberman/LSO. [dig] Moss Music Group MMG 4D-107X(4). A- 22.00

956.*MAHLER: Symphony # 9. Ludwig/LSO. Everest SDBR-3050(2). A- 14.00

957.*MALDERE: (Pierre van; 1729-68): Four Symphonies. Jakus/Les Solistes de Liege. Archiv 198 379. A- to A 9.00

958.*MARTIN: Concerto for Cello (Kates). ARNOLD: Concerto for Two Violins & String Orchestra (Kling; McHugh). Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-731. A- 12.00

959.*MARTINU: Concerto for Violin (the 2nd, though it does not say so here; Belcik; Neumann/Prague Sym); Concerto #3 for Piano (Palenicek; Ancerl/CPO). Supraphon SUAST-50386. A- 9.00

960. MARTINU: Sonata for Flute & Piano (LeRoy; Reeves); Piano Works (6) (Rosen). EMS 2. B+… 26.00

961.*MAYER: (William): Brass Quintet (Iowa Brass Quintet); Khartoum; 6 Miniatures; 2 News Items (Rowe, sop; Weisberg/Ens). ARGENTO: Letters from Composers (Sutton, ten; Van, guitar). CRI SD-291. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

962.*MENNIN: Symphony #7 (Martinon/CSO); Piano Concerto (Ogdon; Buketoff/RPO). CRI SD-399. A- 12.00

963.*MESSAGER: Suites from Les Deux Pigeons & Isoline. HAHN: Le Bal de Beatrice d'Este. Jacquillat/Paris Orch. Angel S-36769. A-(c/c; timings written on back cover) 12.00

964.*MESSIAEN: L'Ascension; Les Offrandes Oubliees; Hymne. Constant/ORTF. [recorded under supervision of the composer] Erato STU-70673. A- 12.00

965.*MILHAUD: Concerto for Marimba, Vibraphone & Orchestra (Allers/Nurnberger Sym). CRESTON: Marimba Concerto (Kloss/Nurnberger Sym). WOLFGANG PACHLA: Etudes (12; 3 acc. piano by Groschel). Pachla, marimba & vibraphone (in all). Aulos AUL-53576. (A- to A) 12.00

966.*MILHAUD: Le Carnaval d'Aix (Helffer, piano). SATIE: Parade. [both with Fremaux/Monte Carlo Opera Orch] ROUSSEL: Bacchus et Ariane, Suite #2 (Markevitch/Lamoureux Orch). DGG 2543 807. A- to A 12.00

967.*MOMPOU: (Federico; 1893-1987): Vol. 1, Piano Music: Memories of the Exhibition; Charms; Dialogues I-II; Childhood Scenes; Lullaby; Pessebres; Intimate Impressions. Composer, piano. MHS 3462. A- 9.00

968.*MOMPOU: (Federico; 1893-1987): Vol. 2, Piano Music: Suburbis; Magic Chants; Faraway Festivals; Landscapes. Composer, piano. MHS 3463. A- 9.00

969.*MOMPOU: (Federico; 1893-1987): Vol. 5, Piano Music: Silent Music, Volumes I - IV. Composer, piano. MHS 3466. A- 9.00

970.*MOZART: Cassation, K.99; Divertimento, K.131. Herbig/Dresden Philharmonic. Philips 6500 703. A- to A 7.00

971.*MOZART: Cassations in G & D, K.62 (and 62a) & K.63. Herbig/Dresden Phil. Philips 6500 701. A- to A 7.00

972. MOZART: Divertimenti #3, 4, 9 & 16. VPO Wind Group. West XWN-18011. A-/A- to B+ 8.00

973. MOZART: Divertimenti, K.Anh.226, 227 & 229, #1. Vienna Phil Wind Group. West W-9059. A-(c/c) 9.00

974.*MOZART: Symphonies, Vol 3 (Salzburg, 1772-1773): #18 - 24; #26 & 27; K.135, K.161/3. Hogwood/Academy of Ancient Music. Oiseau-Lyre D-169D3(3). A- to A(Dutch pressings) 20.00

975. NIELSEN: Symphony #1. Jensen/Danish Radio Orch. [1st recording of the piece; excellent performance and recording; very solid sound!] Decca ACL-279. A- 12.00

976.*NORDHEIM: (Arne): Evening Land (Soderstrom, soprano); Floating (Caridis/Oslo Philharmonic). FINN MORTENSEN: Piano Concerto (Baekkelund; Andersen/Bergen Sym). EGIL HOVLAND: Fanfare & Choral (Andersen/Bergen Sym). Philips 6507 040. A- to A 16.00

977.*OBERMANN: (Claus): Preludio and Chant (Kremer, violin); Elegia; Symphonic Dances. Composer/LSO. Electrola 1C067-64 695. A- to A 12.00

978. PANUFNIK: Sinfonia Elegiaca. JUAN ORREGO-SALAS (b.1919): Symphony #2. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; with notes insert] Louisville LOU-624. B+ 8.00

979.*PANUFNIK: Sinfonia Sacra; Sinfonia Rustica. Composer/Monte Carlo opera Orch. [Sacra is a powerful work] Unicorn RHS-315. A-(c/c; back cover AUTOGRAPHED by Panufnik) 35.00

980.*PENDERECKI: The Awakening of Jacob; Anaklasis. LUTOSLAWSKI: Mi-Parti. BAIRD: Elegeia. Kasprzyk/Prague Radio Orch. [quad] Supraphon 1410 2734. A- 12.00

981.*PERLE: (George): Three Movements for Orchestra (Epstein/RPO). ROBERT HALL LEWIS: Symphony #2 (Composer/LSO). CRI SD-331. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

982. PETRASSI: Concerto for Orchestra #5. BEN WEBER (1916-79): Dolmen, An Elegy. IRWIN FISCHER (1903-77): Overture on an Exuberant Tone Row. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [blank jacket; includes notes] Louisville LOU-676. A- 8.00

983.*PFITZNER: Violin Concerto. Lautenbacher; Wich/Philharmonica Hungarica. Candide CE-31026. A- 10.00

984.*PISTON: Concertino for Piano & Chamber Orchestra (Steigerwalt; Kapp; Philharmonia Virtuosi of NY). WILLIAM SCHUMAN: Piano Concerto (Steigerwalt; Epstein/MIT Sym). Turnabout TVS-34733. A- 12.00

985.*PISTON: Ricercare. CLAUDE BAKER: The Glass Bead Game. JOHN B. FOLEY: A Movement for Orchestra. Louisville Orchestra conducted by Smith (in Piston); and Bernhardt (in rest). Louisville LS-789. A- 12.00

986. PISTON: Symphony #4. WILLIAM SCHUMAN: Symphony #6. Ormandy/Phila. [Columbia Special Products issue with same cover as original ML issue; recorded 1953/54; mono only; terrific disc!] Col AML-4992. A- 24.00

987.*PISTON: Symphony #7 & #8. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-746. A- 18.00

988.*POULENC: Concerto for Two Pianos (Tacchino; Ringeissen); Concert Champetre (Brosse, harpsichord). Pretre/Monte-Carlo Phil. [dig] Angel DS-38122. A- to A(demo copy) 9.00

989.*POULENC: Sinfonietta; Suite Francaise; Music for Les Maries de la Tour Eiffel; Two Marches and an Intermezzo. Pretre/Paris Orch. [blue labels] Angel S-36519. A- 14.00

990.*RACHMANINOFF: The Three Symphonies; Vocalise. Ormandy/Phila. Col D3S-813(3). FS 24.00

991.*RACHMANINOV: The Three Symphonies. Svetlanov with USSR State Sym (#1); Bolshoi Theatre Orch (#2); USSR Radio Orch (#3). [notes in German only] Melodiya Eurodisc 78 085(3). A- to A 18.00

992.*RAMSIER: (Paul; b.1937): Divertimento Concertante on a Theme of Couperin; The Road to Hamelin. Gary Karr, double bass; also narrator in Hamelin; Bernhardt/Louisville Orchestra. Louisville LS-785. FS 12.00

993.*REICH: The Desert Music. Reich; Tilson Thomas/Brooklyn Philharmonic; Cho. [dig] Nonesuch 9 79101-1. A- 10.00

994.*REINECKE: Piano Concerti #1 & #2. Gerald Robbins, piano; Remoortel/Monte-Carlo Opera Orch. Genesis GS-1034. FS 9.00

995.*RESPIGHI: Toccata for Piano & Orchestra; Adagio with Variations for Cello & Piano; Three Preludes on Gregorian Chorales for Piano. Skavronsky, piano; Grigoryan, cello; Wehner/Leipzig Radio Orch. Melodiya C10-28788 001. A- 8.00

996.*RIVIER: Symphony #3 for Strings. BARRAUD: Four Preludes for Strings. DANIEL-LESUR: Variations for Piano & Strings (Tagrine). Paillard/His Ch Orch. MHS 3852. A- 12.00

997. ROCHBERG: Night Music. HARALD SAEVERUD: Peer Gynt Suite #1. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank cover; with notes insert] Louisville LOU-623. A- 12.00

998.*RODRIGO: Concierto de Estio for Violin & Orchestra (Ara); Concierto en Modo Galante for Cello & Orchestra (Cohen). Batiz/LSO. [dig] Angel DS-37877. A- 12.00

999.*ROZSA: Variations on a Hungarian Peasant Song for Violin & Orchestra (Denes Zsigmondy); Kaleidoscope; Concerto for String Orchestra. Composer/VSOO. [Scarce disc: the original on WST-14035 was only in print 1959-1961; this is the first copy I've ever seen of this reissue!] Westminster WG-8353. A-(c/c) 16.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

1000.*RUBBRA: Symphony #10; Improvisations on Virginal Pieces by Farnaby; Tribute for Ralph Vaughan Williams on His 70th Birthday. Schonzeler/Bournemouth Sinfonietta. [drm; DMM] Chandos CBR-1023. A- 9.00

1001.*RUGGLES: Sun Treader. ROBERT HELPS (b.1928): Symphony #1. Rozsnyai/Col Sym. Col MS-6801. A-(early "2-eyes" labels) 12.00

1002.*SAUGUET: (Henri): Les Forains (ballet) (Composer/Lamoureux Orch); Piano Concerto #1 (Devetzi; Rozhdestvensky/USSR Radio Orch). [Grand Prix du Disque; French-only notes] Le Chant du Monde LDX-S-78300. A- 11.00

1003.*SAYGUN: (Ahmet): Piano Concerto #1 (Onay). ULVI ERKIN: Symphonic Movement. Aykal/Turkish Presidential Symphony. Nonesuch 9 71417-1. A- 10.00

1004.*SCHONBERG: Serenade, Op.24. Paul, bass; Ch Ens including Laredo, violin; Wright, clarinet. SCHUBERT: Introduction & Variations. Sylvester, flute; Rudolf Serkin, piano. Marlboro MRS-3. A-- 8.00

1005.*SCHUMAN: (William): American Hymn. JOSEPH SCHWANTNER: Magabunda - Four poems of Agueda Pizarro (Shelton, soprano). Slatkin/St. Louis Sym. [dig] Nonesuch 9 79072. A- 10.00

1006.*SCHUMAN: (William): Judith (Effron/Eastman Philharmonia); Night Journey (Goldberg/Endymion Ens). CRI SD-500. A- 12.00

1007.*SCHUMAN: (William): Symphony #3 & #5. Bernstein/NYP. Col MS-7442. A- 12.00

1008.*SCHUMAN: (William): Symphony #6 & #9. Ormandy/Phila. [from Columbia & RCA originals; #6 is in electronic stereo] CRI SD-477. A- 12.00

1009.*SCHUMAN: (William): Symphony #7. ROREM: Symphony #3. Abravanel/Utah Sym. Turnabout TVS-34447. A- 9.00

1010.*SCHUMAN: (William): Symphony #8. Bernstein/NYP. ROBERT SUDEBERG: Piano Concerto. Siki; Katims/Seattle Sym. Odyssey Y-34140. A- 12.00

1011.*SEGERSTAM: Patria; Violin Concerto (Hannele Segerstam); Skizzen aus Pandora. Composer/Austrian Radio Orch. Bis LP-84. A- to A 12.00

1012.+SHAPERO: (Harold): Symphony for Classical Orchestra. Bernstein/Col Sym. [I am assuming this is in electronic stereo since the original 1954 Columbia issue was mono only, and this states stereo] CRI SRC-424. A- 9.00

1013.*SHOSTAKOVICH: The New Babylon (film score). Rozhdestvensky/Moscow Phil Ens. Col-Melodiya M-34502. A-(c/c) 9.00

1014.*SIEGMEISTER: Concerti for Flute (Lloyd) & Clarinet (Brymer). Composer/LSO Members. Turnabout TVS-34640. A- 11.00

1015.*SKROWACZEWSKI: English Horn Concerto (Stacy). WILLIAM MAYER: Two Pastels & Andante for Strings. Skrowaczewski/Mpls. Desto DC-7126. A- 12.00

1016.*SKROWACZEWSKI: Music at Night. THOMAS LUDWIG (b.1952): Symphony #1 ("Age of Victory"). Endo/Louisville Orchestra; Nelson conducts Night. Louisville LS-778. A- 12.00

1017.*STENHAMMAR: Serenade in F; Florenz & Blanzeflor - Ballad for Baritone & Orchestra (Wixell). Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish EMI E 061-35148. A- 7.00

1018.*STENHAMMAR: Serenade in F; Florenz & Blanzeflor - Ballad for Baritone & Orchestra (Wixell). Westerberg/Swedish Radio Orch. Swedish EMI E061-35148. A- 10.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

1019.*STEPAN: (Josef Antonin; 1726-97): Piano Sonatas in A, G & B. Rudolf Bernatik. Supra 1 11 1836. A- 9.00

1020.*STRAUSS: (Johann I): Waltzes, Polkas, Quadrilles & Galops; Radetzky March. Angerer/Vienna Chamber Orchestra. [16 works; 11 recorded for the first time here (1978)] Intercord 180.828(2). A- to A 10.00

1021.*STRAVINSKY: Agon; Canticum Sacrum. Composer/Los Angeles Festival Orch & Cho. Odyssey Y-35227. A-(c/c) 7.00

1022. STRAVINSKY: Concerto for Piano & Winds [Soulima Stravinsky (Igor's son), piano]; Concerto in D for Strings; Danses Concertantes; Scherzo a la Russe. Composer/RCA Victor Orch. [rec 1947-50] French RCA GM-43336. A- to A 35.00

1023.*STRAVINSKY: Symphony of Psalms (Festival Singers of Toronto); Symphony in C. Composer/CBC Sym. Col MS-6548. A- 12.00

1024.*STRAVINSKY: Mass; Cantata. Robotham; English; Ancerl/CPO; CPO Cho. Supra 50 978. FS 8.00

1025.*SULLIVAN: Irish Symphony; Overture "Di Ballo". Groves/Liverpool Phil. MHS 4595. A- 9.00

1026. SURINACH: Symphony #2. TURINA: Rapsodia Sinfonica. Bianca, piano (in Turina); Winograd/Hamburg Philharmonia. MGM E-3510. B+(original jacket) 10.00

1027.*SVOBODA: (Tomas; b.1939): Symphony #4 ("Apocalyptic"); Ex Libris. FREDERIC GOOSSEN (b.1927): Orpheus Singing. Smith/Louisville Orchestra; Bernhardt conducts Goossen. Louisville LS-790. A- 12.00

1028.*SZYMANOWSKI: Symphony #2 & #3. Karczykowski; Jewell Chorale (in #3); Dorati/Detroit Sym. [dig; Dutch pressing] London LDR-71026. FS 25.00

1029.*SZYMANOWSKI: Symphony #4 for Piano and Orchestra ("Symphonie Concertante"); Theme & Variations, Op.3; Two Etudes; Two Mazurkas; Two Preludes. Blumenthal, piano; Kord/Polish Radio Orch (in symphony). Unicorn UN1-75023. A- 12.00

1030.*TAL: (Josef; b.1910): Symphony #2. TZVI AVNI (b.1927): Programme Music 1980. JOSEPH KAMINSKI (1903-72): Symphonic Overture. AMI MAAYANI (b.1936): Ouverture Solonelle. Mehta/Israel Philharmonic. [live, 1983] Jerusalem ATD-8402. A- 16.00

1031.*TALMA: (Louise): Full Circle (Black/Prism Orch); Four-Handed Fun (Arzruni & Composer, piano); Three Bagatelles; Kaleidoscopic Variations (Arzruni, piano); The Ambient Air (ins ens). CRI SD-549. A- 12.00

1032. TAVARES: (Hekel; Brazilian; born 1896): Piano Concerto in Brazilian Forms. PADEREWSKI: Fantaisie Polonaise. Blumenthal; Fistoulari/LSO. [very scarce item: only in print early 1955 to April 1957] London LL-1104. A-(occ lgt tks) 32.00

1033.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Orchestral music from operas: The Oprichnik, The Voyevoda & Mazeppa. Furst/Bamberg Sym. Turn QTVS-34548. FS 8.00

1034.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Russian Dances, Op.50. LIADOV: Polonaise. GLAZUNOV: Chopiniana; Dance Scene. Deaky/Nurnberger Symphoniker. [German-only notes] Colosseum SM-578. A- 7.00

1035.*TCHEREPNIN: (Alexander): Symphonic March. GLAZOUNOV: Suite Characteristique. RIMSKY-KORSAKOV: Overture on Russian Themes. Seibel/Rheinische Philharmonic. [German-only notes] RBM 3052. A- 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

1036.*TCHEREPNIN: (Nikolai): Prelude to La Princesse Lointaine. GLAZOUNOV: Der Wald Fantasie; From the Middle Ages Suite. Deaky/Nurnberger Symphoniker. [German-only notes] Colosseum SM-580. A- 8.00

1037.*THALBERG: (Sigismund; 1812-1871): 24 Pensees Musicales; Don Giovanni Fantaisie. Christoph Keller, piano. Accord 140 079. A-(minor back cover damage) 12.00

1038.*THOMPSON: Symphony #1; The Testament of Freedom (Utah Chorale). Abravanel/Utah Sym. Angel S-37315. A- 12.00

1039.*THOMSON: Etudes (complete); Portraits (6). Tollefson, piano. Finnadar SR-9027. FS 10.00

1040.*THORNE: (Francis): Concerto for Piano & Chamber Orch (Dennis Russell Davies, piano; St. Paul Ch Orch); Lyric Variations for Wind Quintet & Percussion (Boehm Quintet); Sonatina for Solo Flute (Sollberger). Serenus SRS-12058. A- 12.00

1041. TOCH: Peter Pan - A Fairy Tale for Orchestra. ROBERTO GARCIA-MORILLO: Variaciones Olimpicas. Whitney/Louisville Orch. [in blank jacket; includes notes insert] Louisville LOU-612. A-(brief lgt bbl thumps in Peter) 12.00

1042.*TSYTOVICH: (Vladimir; b.1931): Viola Concerto. MOZART: Sinfonia Concertante, K.364. [Notes all in Russian: I cannot tell who the performers are!] Melodiya C10-09661-62. FS 9.00

1043.*VAN VACTOR: Viola Concerto (Eurich); Concerto a Quattro for Three Flutes, Harp & Orchestra (Schmidt; Peschke; Seyfried; Cassedanne-Haase). Composer/Hessian Sym (in all). Orion ORS-7024. A- 10.00

1044.*VERMEULEN: (Matthijs): Volume #2, Complete Works: Symphony #3 (Leitner/Residentie Orch); Symphony #4 (Bour/Residentie Orch); Symphony #5 (van Driestan/Omroep Orch; La Vielle (van Nes, mezzo-soprano; Ketting/Utrecht Sym). Composers' Voice 8384/2(2). A- to A 15.00

1045.*VERMEULEN: (Matthijs): Volume #3, Complete Works: Symphony #6 (Vis/Rotterdam Phil); Cello Sonatas #1 & #23 (Bijlsma; de Leeuw, piano); String Trio (Beths; Kussmaul; Bijlsma; plus several songs. Composers' Voice 8384/3(2). A- to A 15.00

1046.*VERMEULEN: (Matthijs): Volume #4, Complete Works: Symphony #1 (van Driestan/Rotterdam Phil); Symphony #2 (Vis/Residentie Orch); Symphony #7 (van Driestan/Omroep Orch & Radio Ch Orch); The Flying Dutchman: brief excerpt from 1930 recording (Levy/Colonne Orch), then several sections performed by Van Beinum/ACO (live 1957); Ketting/Utrecht Sym; Kersjes/Amsterdam Philharmonic). Composers' Voice 8384/4(2). A- to A 15.00

1047.*VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas Brasileiras #4 (Schnorremberg/Orquesta de Camara da Radio Ministerio da Educacao e Cultura); Bachianas Brasileiras #9 (Macedo/Coral "Artis Canticum"); Quartet #11 (Parpinelli; Rabinovitch; Niremberg; Ranewski). [Brazilian issue] Festa 6514 084. A- to A 10.00

1048.*VILLA-LOBOS: Bachianas Brasileiras #4. PRISCILLA McLEAN (b.1942): Variations and Mosaics on a Theme of Stravinsky. Mester/Louisville Orch. Louisville LS-762. FS 12.00

1049. VILLA-LOBOS: Choros # 6 (Composer/RIAS Sym). ENESCO: Roumanian Rhapsodies #1 & #2 (Composer/Colonne Orch). Remington R-199-207. A--(but Enesco side is significantly off-center) 12.00

LP's: Orchestral & Instrumental Repertoire - continued

1050.*VILLA-LOBOS: Choros # 8 & #9. Schermerhorn/Hong Kong. [dig] Records Internatonal 7002-1. A- 10.00

1051.*VILLA-LOBOS: Choros #10; Descobrimento do Brasil (Suite #4); Nonet. Orchestra & Chorus of Municipal Theatre, Rio de Janiero; misc conductors). [notes in Portuguese only] Tapecar Gravacao MEC-014/1975. A- 15.00

1052.*VILLA-LOBOS: Choros #12. Bartholomee/Liege Phil. Ricercar RIC-007. A- to A 12.00

1053.*VILLA-LOBOS: Cirandas (16) & Cirandinhas (12) (complete). Robert Szidon, piano. MHS 824767(2). A- 14.00

1054. VILLA-LOBOS: Erosion; Origin of the Amazon River. DELLO JOIO: Triumph of St. Joan Symphony. Whitney/Louisville Orch. Col AML-4615. A-(brief moderate bbl thumps in Origin) 10.00

1055.*VILLA-LOBOS: Forest of the Amazon. Sayao; Composer/Symphony of the Air & Cho. [music for the motion picture Green Mansions] United Art UAS-5506. A- 9.00

1056. VINCENT: (John): Symphony in D ("A Festival Piece in One Movement"). NORMAN DELLO JOIO: Variations, Chaconne & Finale. Ormandy/Phila. Col ML-5263. A-("6-eyes" labels) 35.00

1057.*VON EINEM: Bruckner Dialogue; Philadelphia Symphony. Horvat/Austrian Broadcast Sym. Classical Excellence CE-11051. A- 16.00

1058.*VORISEK: Piano Works - Sonata, Op.20; Le Desir; Le Plaisir; Variations, Op.19; Two Rondos. Kvapil. Supra 1 11 2178. A- 7.00

1059.*WALKER: (George; b.1922): Piano Concerto (Hinderas). HAILSTORK (Adolphus; b.1941): Celebration! SMITH (Hale; b.1925): Incantations. Freeman/Detroit Sym. [Black Composers Series, Vol.9] Col M-34556. A-(demo copy w/timing sticker) 8.00

1060.*WARD: (Robert): Piano Concerto (Mitchell; Strickland/Stuttgart Radio Orch). QUINCY PORTER: New England Episodes (Wodiczko/Polish Radio Orch). Desto DC-7123. A- 12.00

1061.+WARD: (Robert): Symphony #1 (Dixon/Vienna Sym). THOMSON: Suite from "The River" (Hendl/Vienna Sym). Desto DST-6405. A- 10.00

1062.*WARD: (Robert; b.1917): Prairie Overture; Fantasia for Brass Choir & Timpani; Invocation & Toccata; Festive Ode. Szostak & Wodiczko/Polish Radio Orch. MHS 1600. A- 12.00

1063.*WIKLUND: (Adolf; 1879-1950): 1st Piano Concerto (Edgren); Summer Night & Sunrise, Symphonic Poem. Panula/Gothenburg Sym. Caprice CAP-1228. A- 9.00

1064.*WILLIAMS: (John): Concerti for Violin (Peskanov) and Flute (Lloyd). Slatkin/LSO. [dig] Varese Sarabande 704.120. A- to A 12.00

1065.*WOOD: (Hugh; b.1932): Concerti for Violin (Parikian) and Cello (Welsh). Atherton/Royal Liverpool Philharmonic. Unicorn RHS-363. A- to A 12.00

1066.*WUORINEN: Chamber Concerto for Cello & Ten Players (Sherry/Group for Contemporary Music); Ringing Changes (NJ Percussion Ens). Composer conducts both. None H-71263. A- 9.00

1067.*XENAKIS: Pithoprakta; Metastasis (Roux/ORFT); Eonta (Simonovic/Paris Ins Ens for Contemporary Music). [Grand Prix du Disque] Vanguard VCS-10030. A-(c/c) 12.00

1068.*ZWILICH: (Ellen Taaffe): Chamber Symphony (Pittman/Boston Musica Viva); String Quartet (New York Quartet); Sonata in Three Movements (Joseph Zwilich, violin; Gemmell, piano). Cambridge CRS-2834. A- 12.00

LP's: Chamber Music

1069.*ALLENBROOK: (Douglas; b.1921): Twelve Prelude for All Seasons (Composer, piano). DUGGER (Edwin; b.1940): In Opera's Shadow (Senturia/Berkeley Contemporary Ch Players. CRI SD-541. A- 12.00

1070.*ANTES: (John; 1740-1811): Three Trios. Fine Arts Quartet Members. ["The Birth of Chamber Music in America;" produced in cooperation with the Moravian Music Foundation] Col MS-6741. A-(demo copy; early "2-eyes" labels) 8.00

1071.*ARRIAGA: Quartets #1 & #2. Cuarteto Clasico de Radio Nacional de Espana. MHS 717. A- 8.00

1072.*BACH: (C.P.E.): Trio Sonatas, Wq.143, 145, 147 & 148. Ars Rediviva Ens, Prague. Supraphon 1 11 0640. FS 9.00

1073.*BACH: Flute Sonatas (3). Shaffer; Malcolm, harpsichord; Gauntlett, viola da gamba. Angel S-36337. FS(probably blue labels) 8.00

1074. BARTOK: Quartets #5 & #6. Parrenin Quartet. Vega XWN-18533. A-/B+ 9.00


1075. BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 7 - #9. Pascal Quartet. Chamber Music Society CM-12(2). A- 19.00

1076. BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 7. Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet. West XWN-18127. B+ 12.00

1077.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 9 & #10. Guarneri Quartet. RCA LSC-3288. A- 7.00

1078. BEETHOVEN: Quartet # 9, #11 & #15. Busch Quartet. [Transfers by A.C.Griffith] Record Club SHB-27(2). A- to A 18.00

1079.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #10 & #11. Fine Arts Quartet. Concert Disc CS-257. A- 6.00

1080.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #12 - #16; Grosse Fuge. Guarneri Quartet. RCA VCS-6418(4). A- 18.00

1081.*BEETHOVEN: Quartet #13. Fine Arts Quartet. Concert Disc CS-240. A- 6.00

1082. BEETHOVEN: Quartet in C, Op.59, #3. SCHUBERT: Quartettsatz, Op. Posth. New Italian Quartet (original name for Quartetto Italiano). [US pressing] London LLP-321. A--(brief tks end sd 2; superb for early US press) 16.00

1083. BEETHOVEN: Quintet, Op.16. MOZART: Quintet, K.452. Serkin; Philadelphia Woodwind Quintet Members: de Lancie, Gigliotti, Schoenbach, Jones. Col ML-4834. A-("6-eyes" labels) 14.00

1084. BEETHOVEN: String Trio, Op.3. Heifetz; Primrose; Piatigorsky. RCA LM-2180. A- 10.00

1085. BEETHOVEN: Trio, Op.1, #1; Trio #8. Balsam; Guilet; Navarra. [red vinyl; #254 of limited edition of 3,000] Concert Hall Society D-11. B- to B+(varies) 7.00

1086.*BERKELEY: (Michael): Clarinet Quintet; Piano Trio; Chamber Symphony; Fierce Tears. The Nash Ensemble. Hyperion A-66213. A- to A 12.00

1087.*BLISS: Clarinet & Oboe Quintets. de Peyer; Graeme; Melos Ens. Everest 3135. A- 8.00

1088.*BLISS: String Quartet #1 & #2. Celme Quartet. [DMM] Hyperion A-66178. A- to A 12.00

1089.*BLOCH: The Five String Quartets. Portland String Quartet. [dig] Arabesque 6511-3(3). A- 20.00

1090. BOCCHERINI: Quartet in D, Op.6, #1. HAYDN: Quartet in E-flat, Op.64, #6. New Italian Quartet (original name for Quartetto Italiano). London LLP-320. B+ 12.00

1091. BOCCHERINI: Trios, Op.9, #5; Op.38, #2; Quartet, Op.39, #8; La Tiranna, Op.44, #4. Carmirelli Quartet. London LL-1454. A- 16.00

1092.*BOLCOM: Graceful Ghost; Second Sonata; Duo Fantasy. Luca, violin; Composer, piano. [dig] Nonesuch 9 79058-1. A- 9.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued

1093.*BONPORTI: (Francesco; 1672-1749): Concerti a Quatro, #4, #6, #8 & #9. Michelucci; I Musici. Philips 9502 004. A- to A 8.00

1094.*BRAHMS: Piano Trio #3, Op.101. MENDELSSOHN: Piano Trio #1, Op.49. Suk Trio. Supraphon SUAST-50815. A- 12.00

1095. BUSCH CHAMBER ENSEMBLES: Schubert - Quartets, D.111, D.810 & D.887; Fantasia in C, D.934; Piano Trio, D.929. Serkin, piano. [recorded 1931-38; A.C.Griffith transfers] World Record Club SHB-53(3). A- to A 25.00

1096.*CANALES: (Manuel; 1747-86): Quartets, Op.111, #1 & #2. Cuertete Hispanico Numen. [Spanish-only notes] Etnos 02-A-X. A- to A 9.00

1097.*CARTER: Quartet #1 & #2. The Composers Quartet. Nonesuch H-71249. A- 8.00

1098.*CARTER: String Quartet #3. BRIAN FERNEYHOUGH: Quartet #2. JONATHAN HARVEY: Quartet #2. Arditti Quartet. [dig] British RCA RS-9006. A- to A 12.00

1099.*CARTER: String Quartets #2 & #3. Juilliard Quartet. [quad] Col MQ-32738. A-(demo copy) 8.00

1100. CASALS FESTIVAL - PERPIGNAN: BEETHOVEN - Sonata #2 for Cello & Piano; 12 Variations, Op.66; 7 Variations in E-flat. Casals/Serkin. [both sets of variations on arias from Magic Flute] Col ML-4572. A-("6-eyes" labels) 12.00

1101.*CRUMB: Black Angels. CAGE: Quartet in Four Parts. Concord Quartet. Turn TVS-34610. A- 7.00

1102.*DANZI: Quartet, Op.6, #6. HAYDN: Divertimento, "Das Echo." MOZART: Musical Joke. Sinnhoffer Ch Orch, Munich. Electrola 1C039-1301471. A-to A 5.00

1103.*DITTERSDORF: Quartet in E-flat. J.G. WERNER: Three Fugues. BOCCHERINI: Quartettino in D. Sinhoffer Quartet. Janus JAS-19035. A- 8.00

1104.*DOHNANYI: Sonata for Violin & Piano. SIBELIUS: Sonatine for Violin & Piano, Op.80; Devotion; Souvenir; Berceuse. Diana Steiner, violin; David Berfield, piano. Orion ORS-76244. FS 8.00

1105.*DVORAK: Quartet #12, Op.96. BORODIN: Quartet in D. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 802 814. A-(c/c) 10.00

1106.*FARWELL: (Arthur; 1872-1952): Piano Quintet in e, Op.103. Erickson; Rosenberger; Kissling; Warkentin; James. MHS 3827. A- 9.00

1107.*FERNEYHOUGH: (Brian): Sonatas for String Quartet. Berne String Quartet. British RCA RL-70610. A- to A(German pressing) 12.00

1108.*FOERSTER: Piano Trios in f (Op.8) & in B (Op.38). Foerstrovo Trio. [Czech-only notes] Supraphon 1111 2478. A- 9.00

1109.*FOOTE: (Arthur; 1853-1937): Music for Cello & Piano: Sonata; Three Pieces; Aubade; Romanza; Scherzo. Moore; Dwyer. MHS 4018. A- 10.00

1110.*FRANCK: Piano Quintet. Richter; Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra Quartet. Monitor MC-2036. A- 8.00

1111. GEMINIANI: Six Concerti Grossi, Op.3. Barchet Quartet; Reinhardt/Stuttgart Pro Musica. Dover HCR-5209. A- 8.00

1112.*GINASTERA: Quartet #1. TURINA: Piano Quartet in a. Philarte Quartet (Davyd Booth plays both violin & piano!). Gasparo GS-201. A- 8.00

1113.*GLAZOUNOV: Quartet #5; "Quatour Slave" in G. Dartington Quartet. Pearl SHE-536. A- 7.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued

1114.*HARRIS: Piano Quintet (Johana Harris, piano); Quartet #3. Blair Quartet (in both). [recorded 1979] Varese Sarabande VC-81123. A- 18.00

1115. HAYDN: Piano Trio #25 (Zigeunertrio). SCHUBERT: Piano Trio #1, Op.99 (D.898). Casal; Thibaud; Cortot. [recorded 1927] [Grand Prix du Disque] Electrola 1C047-01 148. A- to A 12.00

1116.*HAYDN: Quartets, Op.55, #2 ("Razor") & Op.64, #5 ("Lark"). Salomon Quartet. [Dutch pressing; dig] Oiseau-Lyre 414 172-1. A- to A 8.00

1117.*HAYDN: Quartets, Op.76, #4 & #6. Orlando Quartet. [dig] Philips 6514 204. A- to A 7.00

1118.*HINDEMITH: Chamber Music, Vol 5: Four Motets (#1, 2, 9 & 11) from Dreizehn Motteten (Feuerhake, sop; Meckies, pf); Die Serenade, Op.35 (C.Lehman, sop; Bachert, oboe; Kussmaul, viola; Wolf, cello). MHS OR-H-293. A- 9.00

1119.*HUMMEL: Septet in C, Op.114; Octet. JURAJ DRUZECKY (1745-1819): Partita in E-FLat, #4. Pavlik/Bratislava Chamber Harmony. Peters PLE-048. A- 8.00

1120.*KRENEK: String Quartet #5. Thouvenel Quartet. CRI SD-522. A- 12.00

1121.*LIFCHITZ: (Max): Exceptional String Quartet (Times Square Basstet); Consorte (Trampler, viola d'amore; Dutton, viola); Winter Counterpoint (Trampler; Composer, piano; Bronx Arts Ens); Rhythmic Soundscape #1 (Gottlieb, percussion; Composer, piano). CRI SD-516. A- 12.00

1122.*LISZT: Angelus; La Lugubre Gondola; Epithalam; Am Grab Richard Wagners; Romance Oubliee; Elegies #1 & #2; Benedictus. Misc Hungarian Artists. Hungarton SLPX-11798. A- 8.00

1123.*MALIPIERO: Rispetti e Strambotti for String Quartet. HINDEMITH: Quartet #1. Stuyvesant Quartet. Nonesuch H-71006. A- 9.00

1124.*MEDTNER: Piano Quintet; Piano Sonata, Op.25/#1; 8 Stimmungsbilder (#1, #4 & #7). Binns, piano; New London Quintet. HNH 4058. A- to A 8.00

1125.*MENDELSSOHN: Piano Trios #1 & #2. Haydn Trio, Vienna. Telefunken 6.42351. A-(c/c) 9.00

1126.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartet in D, Op.44, #1. SCHUMANN: Quartet in a, Op.41, #1. Budapest Quartet. [recorded live at Library of Congress, 1959 & 1961] Odyssey Y-34603. A-(demo copy) 9.00

1127.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartets: Op.12; Op.44, #2 & #3; Op.80. Bartholdy Quartet. BASF 39 21966-6(2). A- to A 12.00

1128.*MENDELSSOHN: Quartets: Op.13; Op.44, #1; in E-flat (no opus number); Capriccio in e; Fugue in E-flat; Andante & Scherzo, Op.81. Bartholdy Quartet. Bellaphon HA-21.815(2). A- to A 12.00

1129. MIHALY: Quartet #2. MOZART: Clarinet Quintet (Kovacs). Tatrai Quartet. Qualiton LPX-1147. A- 8.00

1130.*MOZART: Clarinet Quintet, K.581; Piano Quintet, K.452. Tashi (Peter Serkin; Stoltzman; Kavafian; Sherry & guests). RCA AGL1-4704. A-(demo) 8.00

1131.*MOZART: Divertimenti #8 - #14. St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble. MHS 922949(2). A- 9.00

1132.*MOZART: Divertimenti, K.247 & K.251. BPO Octet. Philips 6500 075. A- to A 7.00

1133. MOZART: Piano Quartets, K.478 & K.493. Horszowski/Budapest Quartet Members. Col ML-6083. A-("2-eyes" labels) 9.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued

1134. MOZART: Quartet # 8 & #17. Griller Quartet. London LL-658. B 6.00

1135.*MOZART: Quartet #17. HAYDN: Quartet, Op.76, #3. Amadeus Quartet. [tulip labels] DGG 138 886. A- to A 9.00

1136. MOZART: Quartet #20 & #21. Budapest. Col ML-5007. A-("6-eyes") 11.00

1137.*MOZART: Serenade #7. Suk, violin; Hlavacek/Prague Ch Orch. Supra 1 10 2097. A-- 9.00

1138.*MOZART-TRIEBENSEE: Don Giovanni (arranged for Woodwind Octet & Bass). Athena Ens. MHS 4544. A- 9.00

1139.*NIEHAUS: (Manfred; b.1933): Initiaton (ballet). Instrumental Ens. Aulos FSM-53 518. A- to A 9.00

1140.*RAVEL: Piano Trio; Sonata for Violin & Piano. Billier, pf; Bonoldi, vln; Boufil, vc. MHS 1235. A- 8.00

1141.*RAWSTHORNE: Quintet for Wind & Piano. NICHOLAS MAW: Chamber Music for Wind & Piano. Music Group of London. Argo ZRG-536. A-(c.c) 12.00

1142.*REGER: Quartet in A, Op.54, #2; Piano Quintet in c, Op.64 (Schamalfuss, piano). Pfeifer Quartet. MHS 1378. A- 8.00

1143.*REICHA: Wind Quintet in G. DANZI: Wind Quintet in B-flat. DEVIENNE: Trio for Horn, Clarinet & Bassoon. Austrian Woodwind Quintet. Baroque 2869. FS 7.00

1144.*REICHA: Wind Quintets, Op.91, #5; Op. 88, #1. Reicha Wind Quintet. Crossroads 22 16 0110. A-(minor cover scuffs) 9.00

1145.*SAINT-SAENS & LALO: Piano Trios #1. Caecilian Trio. Turn TVC-37002. A- 7.00

1146. SCARLATTI: Quartet in d. TARTINI: Quartet in D. BOCCHERINI: Quartet, Op.33, #6. New Music Quartet (Erle; Raimondi; Trampler; Adam). Bartok BRS-911. B+ 12.00

1147.*SCHONBERG: Ode to Napoleon Buonaparte (Nickrenz, piano; Jacobson, reciter). WEBERN: String Quartet. STRAVINSKY: 3 Pieces & Concertino for String Quartet. Claremont Quar (in all). None H-71186. FS 6.00

1148.*SCHONBERG: Suite, Op.29 (Lirchner/Ens (including Laredo, violin; Wright, clarinet). BOCCHERINI: Quintet in f (Carmirelli; Toth; Naegele; Arico; Reichenberger). Marlboro MRS-2. A- 8.00

1149. SCHUBERT: Piano Quintet in A ("Trout"); Nocturne, Op.148. Wuhrer, piano; Barchet Quartet. Dover HCR-5206. A- 12.00

1150. SCHUBERT: Piano Trio #1, Op.99. Jean Fournier; Janigro; Badura-Skoda. West XWN-18481. A- 12.00

1151.*SCHUBERT: Piano Trio #2. Stern; Rose; Istomin. Col MS-7419. FS 12.00

1152. SCHUBERT: Piano Trio in B-flat, Op.99. Nadelmann; Blanc; Rostal. [10-inch] Musical Masterpiece Society MMS 119. A-- 7.00

1153. SCHUBERT: Piano Trio in B-flat, Op.99; Piano Trio in E-flat, Op.100. Galimir, violin; Varga, cello; Nadas, piano. Period SPL-735. A- 20.00

1154.*SCHUBERT: Piano Trios (complete: Op.99, Op.100, Op.148; D 28). The Vienna Trio. Telefunken SLT-43 106/07(2). A- to A 20.00

1155.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #12 & #13. Guarneri Quartet. RCA LSC-3285. A- 9.00

1156.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #12 & #14. Amadeus Quartet. [dig] DGG 2532 071. A- 7.00

1157.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #13 & #14. Alban Berg Quartet. [dig] Angel DS-38233. FS 8.00

1158.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #13 & 14. Berg Quar. Telefunken 6.41882. A- to A 12.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued

1159.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14 ("Death and the Maiden"); Quartet Movement in c, Op. posth. Amadeus Quartet. DGG 138 048. A- to A 10.00

1160.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14 ("Death and the Maiden"). Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet. Westminster XWN-18478. A- 12.00

1161.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14. WOLF: Italian Serenade. Guarneri Quar. RCA ARL1-1994. A- 9.00

1162. SCHUBERT: Quartet #14. Busch Quartet. Electrola 1C047-01 374. A- to A 9.00

1163.*SCHUBERT: Quartet #14; Quartet Movement in c. Amadeus Quartet. DGG SLPM-138 048. A- 8.00

1164.*SCHUBERT: Quartet in a, Op.29; Quartet E-flat, Op.125, No.1. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 9500 078. A- to A 10.00

1165.*SCHUBERT: Quintet in C, Op.163. Bernard Greenhouse; Juilliard Quartet. Col M-32808. FS 12.00

1166.*SCHUBERT: Quintet in C, Op.163. Amadeus Quartet. DGG 139 105. A- to A 9.00

1167.*SCHUBERT: Quintet in C, Op.163. Rostropovich; Melos Quartet, Stuttgart. DGG 2530 980. A- to A 10.00

1168.*SCHUBERT: Quintet in G, Op.161. Quartetto Italiano. Philips 9500 409. A- to A 9.00

1169.*SCHUBERT: The Fifteen Quartets; Quartettsatz, D.103. Melos Quartet, Stuttgart. DGG 2740 123(7). A- to A 24.00

1170.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Piano Quintet, Op.57. STRAVINSKY: Three Pieces. Edlina, piano; Borodin Quartet. MHS 4321. A- 7.00

1171.*SHOSTAKOVICH: Quartet #8. JAN CARLSTEDT: Quartet #3 (1967). Fresk Quartet. Caprice CAP-1052. A- to A(c/c) 10.00

1172.*SMETANA: Quartets #1 & #2. Smetana Quartet. [quad] Supraphon 4 11 2130. A- 8.00

1173.*SOMMER: (Vladimir): String Quartet in d. MILOS SOKOLA: Quartet #5. Skvor Quartet. Panton 811 0196. A-- 12.00

1174.*SUK: Four Pieces for Violin & Piano. SMETANA: From My Homeland (two duets for violin & piano). DVORAK: Sonata in G for Violin & Piano, Op.100. Matousek, violin; Adamec, piano. Supra 1111 2970. A- 9.00

1175.*SUK: Piano Works: Suite, Op.21; Fantaisie-Polonaise; Summer Impressions; About Friendship. Pavel Stepan. Supraphon 1111 3353. A- 10.00

1176.*SUK: Quartet #2; St. Wenceslas Meditation. Vlach Quar. Supra SUAST-50818. A-- 8.00

1177.*TASKIN TRIO: (Baroque Violin; Harpsichord; Viola da Gamba): Virtuoso Music of 18th-Century France. Works of Francois Duval, Jean Joseph Mondonville, Marin Marais, Jean Marie Leclair & Jean-Philippe Rameau. Meridian E-77046. A- 7.00

1178.*TCHAIKOVSKY: Piano Trio in a, Op.50. Bolet; Martin; Scano. MHS 1643. A- 7.00

1179.*TELEMANN: Paris Quartets #2, #3 & #5. Quadro Amsterdam (Bruggen, fl; Schroder, vln; Bylsma, vc; Leonhardt, hpschd). Telefunken SAWT-9523-A. A- 9.00

1180.*THORNE: (Francis; b.1922): Six Set Pieces for Thirteen Players. ALLAN SCHINDLER (b.1944): String Sextet in Six Sections. Shapey/University of Chicago Contemporary Chamber Players. Owl Records ORLP-20. B 12.00

1181.*TIPPETT: Quartet #1. BLOCH: Quartet #3. Edinburgh Quar. Monitor MCS-2123. A- 9.00

1182.*VILLA-LOBOS: Quartet #16 (Quartet of National University of La Plata); Quartet #17 (Audubon Quar). [notes Portuguese] Tapecar Gravacoes MEC-020/1977. A- 15.00

LP's: Chamber Music - continued

1183. VILLA-LOBOS: Quartet #6. Stuyvesant Quartet. Concert Hall CHC-19. C+ 7.00

1184.*WEBER: Trio in g for Flute, Cello & Piano; Sonatas #2 & #6 for Flute & Piano. Debost, flute; Boufil, cello; Ivaldi, piano. [French-only notes; nice album with dowel spine a la early Angels] Pathe SAXF-1053. A- 11.00

1185.*WEILL: Quartets: B-Minor (1918); #1 (1923). Sequoia Quartet. [dig] Nonesuch 79071-1. A- 10.00

1186.*WIDDOES: (Lawrence): Tirzah (Thomas, piano); Sonatina (Thomas, piano; Brooke, flute); Acanthus (Allen, harp; Druckman, vibraphone). URSULA MAMLOK: Sextet (Parnassus); When Summer Sang (Da Capo Ch Players. CRI SD-480. A- 12.00

1187.*WIREN: (Dag): String Quartet #3 & #4. Fresk Quartet. [dig] Phono Suecia PS-16. A- to A 12.00

1188.*WOLF: Quartet in d. Keller Quartet MHS 1597. A- 8.00

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