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Public policy department


«Soft Law and Regulatory Governance»

Master program «Political analysis and public policy»

2nd year 2012 - 2013

Yuri Fogelson

Svetlana Chekhovskaya

Moscow 2012



Class 1. (13.09.2012) Introductory lecture (2 hours).

Short course introduction, problems of the discipline.Issuing texts for short annotations and glossaries preparation by students.Methodology of studying, literature and glossaries elaboration. Distribution of topics for reports. Methodology of reporting and preparation for seminars. Methodology of students’ activity evaluation and final grading.

Class 2.(20.09.2012) Seminar: work with texts and glossaries (4 hours).

Discussion of glossaries students prepared. Elaboration of common glossary for its further complementation during other reports preparation and discussion.

Class 3.(27.09.2012) Seminar: work with texts and glossaries (4 hours).

Short students’ reports on their annotations (5 min) and discussion


Class 4.(04.10.2012) Lecture (4 hours).

Soft law and its communicative function. Western political and legal discourse from Papal revolution (XI) to the end of 70s of the ХХ century: natural law theories, sociological theories of law, legal positivism. Westphalia system and sovereignty .Communicative attributes of law. Social responsibility. Comparison of soft law, hard law and moral obligations. Soft law as a type of law. Soft law and legal certainty.

Class 5.(11.10.2012) Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Dialectical method of the Middle age lawyers

  2. Conception of rationalistic natural law

  3. Review of sociological law theories

  4. Main principles of the Peace of Westphalia. Westphalia system

Class 6.(18.10.2012) Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Jean Bodin and his concept of sovereignty

  2. Gerber Hart’s theory and debates with Lon Fuller

  3. Rational legal discourse in works of Alexy and Dworkin

  4. Autopoietic law theories

Theme3.Instruments and methods of soft law regulations

Class 7. (25.10.2012) Lecture (4 hours).

EU soft law instruments. Other instruments of soft law: rules of organizations, self-regulation, standards, codes of best practice, resolutions, declarations, etc. Open method of coordination: its implementation in EU and other institutes/organizations based on soft law. Reputation responsibility. Threat of “hardening”. Risks of soft law instruments.


Class 8 (08.11.2012).Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Structure of the EU law and necessity in soft law

  2. «Naming and shaming» method and method of open coordination

  3. Reputation responsibility in В2С relations

  4. Reputation responsibility in В2В relations

Class 10 (15.11.2012).Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Self-regulation as soft law instrument

  2. Practice analysis ofЕCHR Guiding principles implementation

  3. Practice analysis of ECJ soft law methods

  4. Review of resolutions and declarations used as soft law

Theme4.Soft law regulation cases

Class 10.(22.11.2012) Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Soft law of OSCE

  2. Soft law of WTO

  3. Soft law in corporate relations

  4. Cases of soft law regulations on national level

Class 11. (29.11.2011) Seminar: students’ reports (4 hours)

  1. Cases of soft law regulations on national level

  2. Standards of financial systems stability

  3. Lexmercatoria as soft law

  4. Global contract as soft law


Bibliography to get prepared for classes 1 and 2.

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