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Professor at Ozark Bible College

Joplin, Missouri

College Press, Joplin, Missouri


To Jean — an answer to prayer

Copyright 1971

Don DeWeIt

First Printing October1966

Second Printing August 1970

Third Printing August 1971

Fourth Printing October1973

Fifth Printing April 1979

Sixth Printing November 1985


Please Read This

I am so indebted to other writers in this area of study I hardly know which is mine, and which is theirs. In a very real sense I feel nothing is mine. (“Nought have I gotten but what I received.”) Many points of emphasis, many comparative scripture references I have found in the writings of another. I claim no originality for this material. If you feel you have read some of this before, it is probably because you have. I have given credit wherever I knew it was due. When I have forgotten or over­looked a source, I beg patience. Write to me about any reference and I shall be more than glad to grant honor where honor is due.

Many readers have not access to the books here mentioned or the time to read them. I have both. Much of this material is a result of careful research. It is sent forth with but one purpose— to help us all to be filled with joy and the Holy Spirit. (Acts


Don DeWelt

April, 1966


We propose a thorough study of the subject of the Holy Spirit, i.e. a consideration of every reference in the Bible on the subject. Whereas this will be a thorough study it shall also be very practical and personal. We shall study the subject in thirteen lessons as follows:

1. Who is the Holy Spirit?

2. Do all Christians possess the Holy Spirit?

3. How can the Holy Spirit help me?

4. Should I be baptized in the Holy Spirit?

5. Should I speak in tongues?

6. How can I be filled with the Holy Spirit?

7. How can I have the fruit of the Spirit?

8. How can the Holy Spirit help me to overcome sin?

9. How did the Holy Spirit help Christ? Is this an example for me?

10. How did the Holy Spirit inspire the writers of the Bible?

11. How can I be led of the Holy Spirit?

12. What about the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament?

13. What is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit?

Volume One covers lessons one through five.

Volume Two covers lessons six through eight

Volume Three covers lessons nine through thirteen


(Books Discussing The Divine Immanence)

We do not by any means recommend all these books — We feel, however, one should be acquainted with the efforts of others in the same area of study.

(1) Bone of His Bone, F. J. Huegel, Zondervan Publishing House, 118 pp.

(2) Some Secrets of Christian Living, F. B. Meyer, Zondervan Publishing House, 1953, l2O pp.

(3) How To Live, G. Campbell Morgan, Parey Jackson, Lon­don, England, 1958, 128 pp.

(4) Born Crucified, L. E. Maxwell, Moody Press, Chicago, Ill. 1945, 192 pp.

(5) The Christlike Christian, Unknown Christian, Zondervan Publishing House, 1962, 144 pp.

(6) Life in the Spirit, Mrs. Penn-Lewis, The Overcomer Book Room, 1910, 70 pp.

(7) The Life of the Spirit, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Dodd, Mead and Co., 1898, 361 pp.

(8) The Spirit Filled Life, John McNeil, Moody Press, 1896, 126 pp.

(9) Walking in the Spirit, A.B. Simpson, Christian Publications, Inc., 155 pp.

(10) His Indwelling Presence, Norman B. Harrison, Moody Press, 1928, 96 pp.

(11) The Christ-Life for the Self-Life, F. B. Meyer, Moody Press, 128 pp.

(12) Called Unto Holiness, Ruth Paxton, Moody Press, 1936, 128 pp.

(13) Like Christ, Andrew Murray, Prarrie Book Room, 1962, 281 pp.

(14) The Manhood of the Master, Harry Emerson Fosdick, Association Press, 1915, 175 pp.

(15) Lectures to Professing Christians, Charles G. Finney, Naza­rene Publishing House, 1928, 117 pp.

(16) The Hidden Life, Charles E. Orr, Gospel Trumphet Co., 1908, 224 pp.

(17) The Passion For Souls, J. H. Towett, Grosset and Dunlap, 1905, 118 pp.

(18) The ideal Life, Henry Drummond, Hodder and Stougbton, 1897, 320 pp.

(19) Drummond’s Addresses, R. H. Woodward and Co., 1893, 364 pp.

(20) Crowded To Christ, L. E. Maxwell, Win. B. Ferdmans Pub. Co., 1950, 354 pp.

(21) Discipline and Discovery, Albert Edward Day, The Disci­plined Order of Christ, 1947, 128 pp.

(22) The Fairest Flower, F. J. Huegel, Zondervan Publishing House, 1945, 85 pp.

(23) The Cross and Sanctification, T. A. Hegre,

(24) The Divine Conquest, A. W. Tozer, Revell, 1950.

(25) Christ Indwelling and Enthroned, J. 0. Sanders, Christian Literature Crusade, 1961.

(26) Flesh and Spirit, William Barclay, Abingdon, 1962.

(27) The Spirit of Life, Tom Rees.

(28) God’s Provision for Normal Christian Living, Robert F. Ketcham.

(29) The Divine Comforter, J. D. Pentecost.

(30) The Will of God Your Sanctification, T. A. Hegre.

(31) The Spirit of Holiness, Everett L. Cattell.

(32) The Power-Full Christian, An Unknown Christian, Zonder­van Publishing House.

(33) God’s Missionary, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1963, 37 pp.

(34) His Thoughts Said . . His Father Said . . . , Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1963, 125 pp.

(35) Kohila, The Shaping of an Indian Nurse, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1956, 183 pp.

(36) Mimosa, who was charmed, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1963, 162 pp.

(37) Edges ,of His Ways, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1955, 197 pp.

(38) Rose From .Brier, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1957, 205 pp.

(39) Gold Cord, Amy Carmichael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1957, 375 pp.

(40) Ploughed Under, The story of a Little Lover, Amy Car­michael, Christian Literature Crusade, 1953, 155 pp.

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