Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography

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НазваниеCassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography
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CASSINI Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (UVIS)
(Papers by UVIS team authors)
As of February 9, 2013


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Online at:

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    Online at :

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    Book, there will be no reprint or Web link.

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Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconExperimental investigation of inertial particle dynamics in isotropic turbulence using hybrid digital holographic imaging

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconNot expected to master the complete bibliography. The intention is for the document to be consulted as a resource

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconThis 121-page master bibliography contains about 3000 references that I’ve used while writing and rewriting

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconDesign drivers for a wide-field multi-object spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography icon352 nm ultraviolet emission from high-quality crystalline AlN whiskers

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconEnabling Technologies for Next Generation Ultraviolet Astrophysics, Planetary, and Heliosphysics Missions

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconConstruction of an extreme ultraviolet polarimeter based on high-order harmonic generation

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconMagnetic resonance imaging of

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconMedical Imaging Systems I

Cassini ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph Investigation (uvis) master bibliography iconPortable 3D/4d ultrasound Diagnostic Imaging System

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