Projecting Words, Writing Images: Intersections of the Textual and the Visual in American Cultural Practices

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НазваниеProjecting Words, Writing Images: Intersections of the Textual and the Visual in American Cultural Practices
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American Studies

Florida Studies: Proceedings of the 2010 Annual Meeting of the Florida College English Association

Paul D. Reich and Maurice J. O’Sullivan, 978-1-4438-3275-5

This volume contains a variety of essays about Florida literature and history by scholars from across the state representing every kind of institution of higher learning, from community colleges to small liberal arts institutions to large universities. The first section, Pedagogy, explores the challenges facing Florida teachers at both the high school and undergraduate levels. The essays in Old Florida take on a myriad of texts that provide evaluations of Florida and its culture from the 1540s through the 1950s and include evaluations of Zora Neale Hurston, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and Pat Frank. The final section, Contemporary Florida, continues to identify the state’s place within larger literary, cultural, and political traditions.

Messages: Self Help Through Popular Culture

Michael Brody and Lawrence Rubin, 978-1-4438-3278-6

Using the authors’ clinical practices and their teaching experiences, along with a series of quotes from movies, TV, advertising and music, this book will help the reader navigate real-world issues. For instance, “Show me the money,” from Jerry Maguire, offers sound financial advice, and “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn,” from Gone with the Wind, provides insight about love and loss. These references from popular culture help clarify and instruct; they also explain that the prevalence of images, sounds, and words that surround us have something to offer. Indeed, the book allows the authors to come from behind their couches and give direct practical advice, as well as information about ourselves, from the everyday echoes of popular culture.

Projecting Words, Writing Images: Intersections of the Textual and the Visual in American Cultural Practices

John R. Leo and Marek Paryz, 978-1-4438-3293-9

This compilation of essays by 20 scholars trained in comparative literatures, art history, critical theory, and American cultural studies further explores and expands the spirited and energetic field of visual cultural studies and its cognate or supplemental projects of “visual practices” and “visual literacy.” Their topics and perspectives engage contemporary re-theorizations of “text,” of “word” and “image,” while their alignments, ruptures, slippages and aporias fall across a range of media practices and institutions. These include photography and exhibition, film, television, entertainment, journalism, poetry and literature as visual and spectacular performances, and graphic narratives, but also their discursive intersections with “race” and ethnicity, their conjugations of gender, their tense and constitutive relations within multiple public spheres and (post)modernities.

Toni Morrison’s A Mercy: Critical Approaches

Shirley A. Stave and Justine Tally, 978-1-4438-3300-4

Toni Morrison’s ninth novel, A Mercy, has been received with much acclaim by both the critical and lay reading public. Hailed as her best novel after the award-winning Beloved, most critics to date have concentrated on its setting in the late seventeenth century, a time in which, according to the author herself, slavery was “pre-racial,” a time before the “Terrible Transformation” irrevocably linked slavery to skin-color or “race.” Though a slender, easy to read novel, A Mercy is in fact a richly-layered text, full of multiple meanings and possibilities, a work of art that has only just begun to be “mined” for its critical import. The present volume is the first to deal with these possibilities, presenting a variety of critical approaches that include narrative theory, the eco-critical, the geographical, the allegorical, the Miltonian, the feminist, the metaphorical, and the Lacanian. As such, not only is it conceived to enrich the work of Morrison scholars and students, but also to illuminate the use of critical theory in elucidating a complex literary text. A Mercy clamors for close reading and thoughtful interrogation and promises to reward the perceptive reader.


In Memoriam: Commemoration, Communal Memory and Gender Values in the Ancient Graeco-Roman World

Helène Whittaker, 978-1-4438-3290-8

References to the past play a significant role on many levels in both modern and ancient societies. What societies choose to remember and how they do it can be seen in relation to their social, religious, and moral world view. Ancient societies invested heavily in remembrance, and the memory of remarkable individuals and significant events was deliberately perpetuated through both literature and material culture.

The papers in this volume discuss the topic of the deliberate creation of memory in relation to both literary and material evidence from the Graeco-Roman world. They range in time from the Greek Archaic period to Late Antiquity. A major aim of the collection as a whole is an attempt to cast light on the relationship between an individual’s gender and social status and the existence of opportunities for ensuring that he or she would be remembered after death.

Business, Finance and Economics

Corporate Social Responsibility and Shell in Ireland: A Thin Veneer

Francis O’ Donnell, 978-1-4438-3221-2

Francis O’ Donnell is an ecologist and business graduate from the Republic of Ireland. His current area of interest is the development of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). He considers culture a serious impediment to CSR’s potential to reduce social and environmental conflict in an Irish context. He is acutely aware that Multinational Corporations and national Governments often overlook stakeholder inclusiveness due to self interest. However, he argues that CSR offers those with business interests, social interests and environmental interests a space to come together and adopt better models to reduce conflict.

His first book, Corporate Social Responsibility and Shell in Ireland: A Thin Veneer evaluates Shell’s stated commitments to society and the environment in Ireland. It also explores how weak regulation and political facilitation may have influenced Shell to act as poor corporate citizens there. He believes that the absence of proper frameworks to robustly evaluate an organisations commitment to wider society may result in some organisations adopting an à la carte attitude to CSR in general. He points to the lack of NGO’s in Ireland to monitor political processes and regulation. If the status quo remains, he believes that a platform currently exists whereby Multi National Corporations, especially those in the petrochemical industry, may perceive Ireland as a soft option to exploit business interests at the expense of key stakeholder groups and wider society as a whole.

This book is useful in provoking discussion on these issues at undergraduate, postgraduate and executive levels. It can be used in courses on leadership, corporate responsibility, ethics, public policy, business and organizational behaviour. It is particularly suitable to classes which cover leadership, ethical decision-making, stakeholder engagement and change management.

Key themes that emerge throughout the book include community engagement, the meaning of consultation with a community, the nature of leadership, the importance of planning, and ultimately the meaning of responsible behaviour in both a corporate and government context. The book deals with issues of relative power and accountability, and explores the boundaries of a company’s responsibilities to a community fractured by its presence.

Chinese Studies

Current Issues in Chinese Linguistics

Yun Xiao, Liang Tao and Hooi Ling Soh, 978-1-4438-3207-6

Chinese is the most commonly spoken language in the world and one of the very few contemporary languages whose history is documented in an unbroken tradition extending back to the second millennium. Compared with Western languages, Chinese has a typology with distinguished features in sound system, syntax, and discourse that have a strong impact on Chinese linguistics studies and language learning. Drawing on theoretical models from formal and functional linguistics, discourse analysis, computer-assisted corpus studies, language socialization, and second language acquisition, this volume presents new advances and addresses a broad range of current issues in the study of Chinese linguistics with research studies that originated from the proceedings of the 21st North American Conference on Chinese Linguistics (NACCL-21).

As globalization presses on, more and more people are interested in Chinese – its history, structure, research, and new developments. This volume aims to be instrumental. Written in a coherent and structured style, each section is concentrated on a particular linguistic area, and each chapter is self-contained with a clear focus and theoretical framework. It will be valuable to linguists, educators, administrators, specialists, teachers and students of Chinese as a native, second, heritage, or foreign language.

Cultural Studies

Censorship across Borders: The Reception of English Literature in Twentieth-Century Europe

Catherine O’Leary and Alberto Lázaro, 978-1-4438-3218-2

This volume brings together twelve essays which explore European censorship of English literature in the last century. Taking into consideration the various social, political and historical contexts in which literary controls were imposed and the extent to which they were determined by national and international concerns, these essays comment on political and moral censorship, self-censorship, and the role of the translator as censor. Besides systematic state control, other hidden and insidious forms of censorship are also surveyed in the essays. This study considers why certain works and authors, many of them now regarded as canonical, were targeted in various states and often under opposing ideologies, such as those dominated by conservative Catholic morality and those governed by communism or socialism.

The essays contain previously unpublished material, cover a wide range of authors – including Beckett, Eliot, Joyce and Orwell – and analyse diverse censorship systems operating across Europe, thus serving as a useful comparative resource. Despite the variety of structures of suppression, the study shows that certain common practices can be discerned across national borders and that general conclusions can be drawn about the complex and ambiguous nature of the state’s relationship with culture and about the immediate and long-term impact of censorship, not only on the author and publisher but on society as a whole. Finally, the essays are also significant for what they tell us about the survival of literature, despite the best efforts of the censors.

Cultures and / of Globalization

Barrie Axford and Richard Huggins, 978-1-4438-3217-5

This book explores the ways in which study of culture as the realm of meaning and identity can inform current debates about globalization and thus afford greater understanding of emergent globalities. By drawing on a range of disciplinary and sub-disciplinary expertise from across the social sciences and also promoting areas of cross-disciplinary research, the book contributes to the development of theory on globalization and also provides some significant illustrations of (cultural) globalization in practice through attention to novel empirical sites and issues. These include eminently cultural realms such as music, film and architecture and those that are invested with a strong cultural component, such as migration and education. Contributions emphasise the soft features of globalization and globality and most look to marry theoretical abstraction with everyday aspects of global processes, focusing on those routine and sometimes conscious connections and accommodations that make up daily life in a globalized world. In doing so, the book itself can be seen as a contribution to critical and multidimensional studies of globalization and as engaging in a form of global practice.

Dying and Death in 18th-21st Century Europe

Marius Rotar and Adriana Teodorescu, 978-1-4438-3208-3

This book features a selection of the most representative papers presented during the international conference Dying and Death in 18th-21st Century Europe (ABDD). It invites you on a fascinating journey across the last three centuries of Europe, with death as your guide. The past and present realities of the complex phenomena of death and dying in Romania, the United Kingdom, Bulgaria, Serbia, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Italy are dealt with, by authors from varying backgrounds: historians, sociologists, priests, humanists, anthropologists, and doctors. This is yet more proof that death as a topic cannot be confined to one science, the deciphering of its meanings and of the shifts it effects requiring a joint, interdisciplinary effort.

European Culture in Diversity

Krystyna Kujawińska Courtney, Maria Łukowska and Evan Williams, 978-1-4438-3295-3

This collection of articles devoted to Europe was born from the urgent need to present the specificity of European culture, both its unity and diversity, and at the same time create a stimulating dialogue about European culture and its complexities. European culture, considered as all inherited beliefs and values behind social action, has been treated in the past as a complex phenomenon of superior value, as the result of a common past among European nations, the permeation of various cultural elements between cultures, and their absorption in different contexts. In the past the process of shaping European identity was often fierce and dramatic, influenced by the events taking place within, but also outside European borders. Now, it has undergone various transformations as a result of new political, economic and cultural challenges. For this reason, the authors and editors of this volume place emphasis on diachronic perspectives: their approaches often consider local European issues against a global background.

Faith and Spirituality in Masters of World Cinema: Volume II

Kenneth R. Morefield , 978-1-4438-3273-1

Faith and Spirituality in Masters of World Cinema, Volume II continues the work presented in the first volume of this title, published by Cambridge Scholars Publishing in 2008. It provides informed yet accessible articles that will give readers an introduction to masters of world cinema whose works explore the themes of human spirituality and religious faith.

Volume II contains essays dealing with canonical directors notably absent from the first entry of the series (such as Godard and Kurosawa) while also including examinations of contemporary auteurs who are still actively working (for example, Andersson, and von Trier). While retaining a truly international emphasis—it includes essays about directors from the United States, Canada, Iran, Sweden, India, Denmark, Italy, Mexico, Australia, and Japan—Volume II also acts as an important contribution to canon formation, illustrating the complexity and variety in the films of those who are truly the masters of world cinema.

Built solidly around close, formal readings of selective films, the essays in Volume II also demonstrate familiarity with film history and bring insight from such varied disciplines as New Testament Studies, Clinical Psychology, Art History, and Medieval History. It also seeks to broaden the understanding of ‘faith’ and ‘spirituality,’ examining how the meaning of such terms changes as the cultures that produce the art that defines them continues to evolve.

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