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301) M.Pandin, C.Di Bello, A.Marani, F.Bartoli and F.Morisi:

Fiber-entrapped dipeptidyl aminopeptidase

J. Solid-Phase Biochem., 2, 251 (1977)

302) P.A.Vigato, U.Casellato and M.Vidali:

Thorium(IV) and uranyl(VI) perchlorate complexes with neutral monodentate ligands.

Gazz.Chim.Ital., 107 61 (1977)

303) O.Traverso, C.Chiorbol, U.Mazzi and G.L.Zucchini:

Thermal and photochemical reactions of ferrocene and ruthenocene-mercuric halide systems.

Gazz.Chim.Ital., 107 181 (1977)

304) E.Brosio, F.Conti, A.Di Nola, M.Delfini and A.L.Segre:

Computer simulation of 13C-NMR spectra of co-polymers.

Gazz.Chim.Ital., 107 237 (1977)

305) D.E.Fenton, S.E.Gayda, U.Casellato, M.Vidali and P.A.Vigato:

The interaction of a new acyclic schiff base with dioxouranium(VI) and nickel(II) ions.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 21 L29 (1977)

306) P.Zanello, A.Cinquantini and GA.Mazzochin:

Voltametric behaviour of uranyl -diethyldithiocarbamate complexes in aprotic mediun

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 21 195 (1977)

307) L.Di Sipio, E.Tondello, L.Pelizzi, G.Ingletto and A. Montenero

Absorption spectra of tetrahalodioxouranium(VI) complexes at 4.2°K.I. Di (tetramethylammonium) uranyltetrachloride.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 22 23 (1977)

308) S.Calogero, P.Fur1an, V.Peruzzo and G.Plazzogna:

Preparation of polymeric organotin carboxylates and organostannoxanes. Mossbauer and infrared characterization

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 22 55 (1977)

309) G.Paolucci and G.Marangoni:

A pentaaza neutral complex of uranyl ion: [2,6-diacetylpyridine – bis (2’ – pyridylhydrazonato) NNNNN ] dioxouranium(VI)

Inorg.ChimActa, 24 L5 (1977)

310) G.Sbrigriadello, G.Battiston, G.Tomat and O.Traverso:

A photochemical synthesis of new stable uranium(IV) carboxylate complexes.

Inorg.ChimActa, 24 L43 (1977)

311) P.Zanello, A,Cinquantini, P.Di Bernardo and L.Magon:

Polarografic investigations on uranyl(VI) complexes in dimethylsulfoxide.

1.Monocarboxylic lìgands.

Inorg.ChimActa, 24 131 (1977)

312) A.Cinquantini, P.Zanello, G.Mazzochin and O.Traverso:

Polarographic investigations on uranyl(VI) complexes in dimethy1su1foxide. 11. Aliphatic amines

Inorg.ChimActa, 25 141 (1977)

313) R.Gr.aziani, G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, P.Furlan, V.Peruzzo and L.Tagliavini:

A tetranuclear complex of tin: crystal structure of [(n_C4H9)2SnOOCCCl3 ]2 O)2 and related properties in solution.

J.Organom. Chem. 125 43 (1977)

314) S.Calogero, P.Furlan, V.Peruzzo and G.Tagliavini:

Mossbauer study of some disubstituted distannoxanes (R’COO)R2SnR2(OOCR’) and (R’COO)R2SnOSnR2 (OH)

J. Organomet. Chem., 128, 177 (1977)

315) G.Battiston, G.Sbrignadello, G.Bor and JA.Connor:

Mean enthalpy of disruption to valence state for homoleptic transition metal carbonys. A reassessment.

J. Organomet. Chem.,131, 445 (1977)

316) S.Calogero, G.Albertin, A.A.Orio and G.Pelizzi:

Mossbauer studies of some new hexacoordinate iron(II) complexes with isocyanides, phosphines and halides.

J. Organomet. Chem., 133, 327 (1977)

317) U.Mazzi, A.Bismondo, N.Kotsev and D.A.Clemente:

Phosphine carbonyl-technetium(I) and technetium(III) complexes.

J. Organomet. Chem., 135, 177 (1977)

318) L.Toniolo, G.Bisconiìn, M.Nicolini and R.Cipollini:

Reductive elimination of 1,3-di-p-to1y1triazene in reactions of trans-[(Pt(PPh3)2H(p-CH3C6H4N-N=NC6H4CH3 with CO,2 ,6-Me2C6H3NC,PPh3, and PhC=CPh.

J. Organomet. Chem., 139, 349 (1977)

319) P.Zanella, G.De Paoli, G.Bombieri, G.Zanotti and R.Rossi:

A new uranium(IV) organometallic tetrahydroborate complex. The preparation and characterization of the bis (cyc1opentadieny1)uranium(IV) bis (tetrahydroborate)

5-C5H5)2 U(BH4)2

J.Organoinet. Chem., 142, C21 (1977)

320) U.Lepore, P.Ganis, G.Bombicri, G.Gilli and G.Montaudo:

Trans-2,5—dimethyl-1,4-dibenzoylpiperazine, C20H14N2O2 (A) N,N’’-dimethyl-N,N’-dibenzoylethylenediamine, C18H22N2O2(B)

Cryst.Struct.Comm., 6 (1977)

321) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, F.Benetollo and D.E.Fenton:

N,N’-bis-sa1icy1idene-1,5-diamino-3-oxapentane-dioxouranium (VI) ( α form), C18H18N2O5U.

Cryst.Struct.Comm., 6 107 (1977)

322) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, F.Benetollo and D.E.Fenton:

N,N’-bis-salicylidene-1 ,5-diamino-3-oxapentane- -dioxouranium(β form), C18H18N2O5U. Cryst.Struct.Comm., 6 111 (1977)

323) G.Bombieri, S.Degetto, E.Forsellini, G.Marangoni and A.Immirzi:

Pyridine-2 ,6-dicarboxylato N-oxide dioxouranium(VI) trihydrate UO10NC7H9

Cryst.Struct.Comm., 6 115 (1977)

324) L.Di Sipio, E.Tondello, G.Pelizzi, G.Ingletto and AMontenero:

Di (tetra- n -butylaminonium)uranyl tetrabromide, [(CH3CH2 CH2 CH2)4N] 2 UO2Br4

Cryst.Struct.Comm., 6 723 (1.977)

325) U.Casellato, P.A.Vìgato and M..Vidali:

Transition metal complexes with binucleating ligands.

Coord.Chem.Reviews., 31 (1977)

326) D.Ajò, I.Fragalà, G.Granozzi and E.Tondello:

Conformational analysis of malonic acid and its derivatives ab initìo, cndo/2 and einpirical calculations

J.Mol.Struct., 38 245 (1977)

327) D.Ajò, G.Granozzi and E.Tondello:

Torsional potential barriers in conjugated molecules: unsaturated N-substituted amides. J.Mol.Struct., 41 131 (1977)

328) L.Doretti, F.Madalosso, S.Sitran S.Faleschini, P.A.Vigato, and M.Vidali:

Adducts of uranium tetrachloride with neutral schiff bases.

Inorg.Nucl.Chem.Letters,13 607 (1977)

329) U..Mazzi, G.De Paoli and O.Traverso:

Technetium complexes with methyl- and ethyldiphenylphosphine

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 39 1090 (1977)

330) P.Di. Bernardo, V.Di Napoli, A.Cassol and L.Magon:

Thermodynamic properties of actinide complexes.-IV thorium(IV)- and uranyl(VI)-malonate systems

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem, 39 1659 (1977)

331) M.Vidali, U.Casellato, P.A.Vigato, L.Doretti and F.Madalosso:

Preparation and properties of mononuclear and binuclear uranyl(VI). Thorium(IV) and transition d ions cowplexes with multidentate schiff bases.

J. Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 39 1985 (1977)

332) A.Marzotto:

Uranyl complexes of glutathione

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 39 2193 (1977)

333) G.Natile, F.Gasparrini, D.Misiti and G.Perego:

Hindered rotation about the metal-nitrogen bond in trans ‘-dichlorodihydrazonepalladium(II) complexes and X-ray crystal structure of trans-bis(acetone methyl-phenylhydrazone ) dichloropalladium (II).

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 1747 (1977)

334) G.Bandoli , D.A.Clemente and U.Mazzi:

Preparation and molecular structure of trans-chlorobis ( pentane-2 ,4-dionato) (triphenylphosphine) technetium(III)

J.Chem.Soc.Da1ton. 1837 (1977)

335) G.Natile, L.Cattalini and F.Gasparrini:

High barrier to rotation about the Pd-N bond in trans-dichloro-dihydrazone-palladium(II) complexes.

J.Chem.Soc..Chem.Comm., 88 (1977)

336) S.Krogsrud, L.Toniolo, U.Croatto and J.A.Ibers

Hydrogenation of aryldiazenido complexes. Synthesis and structure of trans-hydrido(acetone phenylhydrazone) bis(triphenylphosphine)platinum(II) tetrafluoroborate.

J.Am.Chem.Soc., 99 5277 (1977)

337) G.Pelilzzi, G.Albertin, E.Bordignon, AA.Orio and S. Calogero:

The crystal structure of chlorobis (triphenylphosphine) tris(4-tolyl isocyanide)iron(II) tetrachloroferrate(III)

Acta Cryst, B33 3761 (1977)

338) L.Caglioti and G.Paolucci:

Descrittiva Organica

Enciclopendia della Chimica (1977)

  1. G.Bombieri, E. Forsellini, R,Graziani and G.Zotti:

The crystal and molecular stucture of [BPh4] {Ru(NO)} [1,3bis(diphenylphosphine) propane]2

Transition Met. Chem., 2, 264 (1977)

340) U.Mazzi, D.A.Clemente, G.Bandoli, L.Magon and A.A.Orio:

Technetium phosphonite complelxes.Synthesis of hexacoordinate technetium(II) and technetium(III) complexes of diethyl phenylphosphonite and the crystal structure of dichlorotetrakis (diethyl phenylphosphonite) technetium(I I)

Inorg.Chem.,.16 1042 (1977)

341) A.Marani, F.Bartoli, G.Berdoricchio and F.Morisi:

Leakage of enzyme from cellulose traicetate fibers.

La Chimica e l’Industria, 59 243 (1977)

342) F.Conti, M.Delfini and A.L.Segre:

n.m.r. studies of butadiene-styrene copolymers. A revised assignment.

Polymer, 18 310 (1977)


343) G.Albertin, E.Bordignon, SCalogero, A.A.Orio and G.Pellizzi:

The influence of phosphine ligands on the stoichiometry of mixed-ligand Hexacoordjnate iron(II) complexes with isocyanides and phosphines

Organomet. Chem., 157, 51 (1978)

344) S.Sostero, A.Duatti, P.Zanella and O.Traverso:

Photochemical synthesis and reaction of metallocenes tetracyanoethylene charge-transfer complexes

J. Organomet. Chem., 157, 437 (1978)

345) G.Bombieri, U.Mazzi, G.Gilli

Preparation and crystal structure of dioxotetrachloro (N,N’-ethylenebis(salicy1ideneiminato) bis (triphenyl-phosphine) – dirhenium (V) dichloromethane solvate.

J. Organomet. Chem, 159, 53 (1978)

346) D.Camuffo:

La copertura del cielo sulla fascia costiera d’Italia.

Inquinamento 4 (1978)

347) D.Camuffo:

Soleggiamento e radiazione globale su Venezia e la Valpadana

Inquinamento 9 (1978)

348) R.Graziani, M.Vidali, U.Casellato and P.A.Vigato:

Preparation and crystal structure of a Nickel (II) – Uranyl(VI) binuclear chelate.

Transitino Met.Chem. 3, 99 (1978)

349) R.Graziani, M.Vidali, U.Casellato and P.A.Vigato:

Preparation and crystal structure of a copper(II) homobinuclear chelate.

Transition Met. Chem., 3, 239 (1978)

351) S.Degetto, L.Baracco, R.Graziani and E.Celon:

Preparation and characterization of some pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylato thorium(IV) complexes. Transition Met. Chem., 3, 351 (1978)

352) G.Bombieri, G.De Paoli and A.Immìrzi:

Crown ether complexes of actinide elements. An X-ray study of the conformational change of the crown ether within the UO2(NO3)2(H2O)2 (18-crown-6) molecule.

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 40 799 (1978)

353) A.M.Brock, D.H.Cook, D.E.Fenton, G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, and F.Benetollo:

Conformational isomers of N,N’-bis-salicy1idene-1,5-diamino3-oxapentane-dioxouranium(VI).

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem. , 40 1551 (1978)

354) G.Sbrìgnadello, .Tomat, G.B.Battiston, P.A.Vigato and O. Traverso :

Preparation and characterizations of new U(IV) and U(VI) complexes with carboxylate ligands.

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem, 40 1647 (1978)

355) G.Bombieri, G.De Paoli and A. Immirzi:

An example of uranium(IV) insertion within a macrocyclic crown ether with coexistence of the metal in two oxidation states.

J.Inorg,Nucl.Chem. 1889 (1978)

356) G.Bombieri, G.De Paoii, A.Del Prà and K.W. Bagnall:

X-ray crystal and molecular structure of (( ή5C5 H5)UCl3 ‘2PPh3O)THF: trichloro cyclopentadienyl)bis(triphenylphosphine oxide)uranium(IV) .THF.

Inorg.Nucl.Chem.Letters, 14 359 (1978)

357) G.Zanotti, A.Del Prà, G.Bombieri and M.Tamburro:

Structure and activity relationships of platinum complexes related to antitumor actìvity: the crystal and molecular structure of trans-dichlorobis(cyclohexylamine)platinum(II).

Acta Crysth, B34 2138 (1978)

358) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini and R.Graziani:

Structure of bis(2pyridylthio-2’-pyridinium) tetrachlo-rodioxouranate (VI).

Acta Cryst. B34 2622 (1978)

359) G.Bandoli, D.A.Clemente, U.Mazzi and E.Roncari:

New form of trans-chlorobis(2 ,4pentanedionato) (triphenylphosphine)technetium(III).

Acta Cryst. 3359 (1978)

360) L.Cattalini, M.Cusumano and S.Degetto:

Displacement of organic sulphides by amines in trans- dichlorobis(organic - sulphide) palladium(II) complexes.

J.Chem.Soc.Da1ton, 12 (1978)

361) G.Bandoli, D.A.Clemente and U.Mazzi:

Carbonyltrichlorotris (dimethylphenylphosphine) technetium -ethanol(1/1). The first seven-co-ordinate complex of technetium; position of this moleculae in the C3νfami1y. J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 373 (1978)

362) O.Traverso, R.Rossi, L.Magon, A.Cinquantini and T.J.Kemp:

The quenching of excited uranyl. ion by metallocenes.

J.Chem.Soc.Da1ton, 569 (1978)

363) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, J.P.Day and W.I.Azeez:

Crystal and molecular structure of dichlorodioxobis (triphenylphosphine oxide)uranium(VI).

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 677 (1978)

364) R.Graziani, G.Marangoni, G.Paolucci and E.Forsellini:

Preparation properties and crystal structure of tetraethylammonium bis(1 ,3dipheny1propane-1,3-dionato) nitratodioxouranate(VI),

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 818 (1978)

365) G.Marangoni, G.Paolucci, R.Graziani and E.Celon:

Preparation and physicochemical characterization of anionic uranyl β-ketoenolates J.Chem.Soc.Da1ton, 1618 (1978)

366) G.Bandoli, D.A..Clemente, G.Marangoni and G.Paolucci:

Unusual reaction of uranyl nitrate with 2,6-diacety1- pyridine bis(2-pyridylhydrazone): X-ray structure of nitrato[2, 6-.diacetylpyridine-bis (2-pyridylhydrazone) –NNNNN] uranyl tetranitratodioxouranium.

J.Chem.Soc.Chem.Comm., 235 (1978)

367) G.Battiston and G.Sbrigriadello:

Infrared spectroscopic studies on the actinide complexes.

I. Assignment of fundamental vibrations, by normal coordinate analysis, of oxydiacetatodioxouranium(VI).

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 26 145 (1978)

368) D.E.Fenton, S.F.Gayda, U.Casellato, P.AVigato and M.Vidali:

The preparation and characterisation of metal complexes of a new binucleating ligand having two different coordination sites.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 27 9 (1978)

369) G.A.Mazzochin, R.Seeber, U.Mazzi and E.Roncari:

Voltammetric behaviour of technetium99 complexes with π-acceptor ligands in aprotic medium. I.Oxidation of TcCl3 (PMe2Ph) 3

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 29 1 (1978)

370) G.A.Mazzochin, R.Seeber, U.Mazzi and E.Roncari:

Vo1tammetric behaviour of technetium99 complexes with π-acceptor 1igands in aprotic medium. II. Reduction of TcCl3(PMe2Ph)3 and of TcCl4(PMe2Ph)2

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 29 5 (1978)

371) P,Zanello, A.Cinquantini, R.Seeber and G.Pieri:

Polarografic investigations on uranyl(VI) complexes in dimetylsulfoxide. IV. Ammonia and po1yamines.

Inorg.ChimActa, 171 (1978)

372) R.Ros, R.A.Michelin, U.Belluco, G,Zanotti, A.Del Pra and G.Bombieri:

Molecular structures of trans-chlorocyanomethyl bis (triphenylphosphine)platinum(II) and
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