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trans-hydrido- cyanomethylbis(triphenylphosphine)platinum(II).

Inorg.Chim.Acta, L187 (1978)

373) B.Zarli, G.Casotto, L.Sindellari and G.Faraglia:

N-substituted ethylcarbamate complexes of uranyl-nitrate and chioride.

Inorg.Chim.Acta 31 5 (1978)’

374) M.Bonivento, U.Croatto, R.Ganzerla and G.Michelon:

Isotopic separation of 1H2 -2H2 mixtures by gas-chromatography.

Annali di Chimica, 68 63 (1978)

375) P.Zanello, A.Cinquantini, R.Seeber, G.A.Mazzocchin:

Voltammetric investigations on the interaction between thorium(IV) and electrogenerated superoxide ion

Annali di Chimica, 68 143 (1978)

376) U.Croatto, S.Degetto and L.Baracco:

Fuorimetric determination of uranium in natural waters.

Annali di chimica, 68 659 (1978)

377) U.Casellato, P.A.Vigato and M.Vidali:

Actinide complexes with carboxylic acids.

Coord.Chem.Reviews, 85 (1978)

378) S.Calogero and C.D’Arrigo:

A mossbauer point-charge program

Quant.Chem.Prog.Exchang., 367 (1978)

379) D.Camuffo

Cumulated frequency distribution of daily global solar radiation at Venice Italy.

Arch.Met.Geoph.Biokl. ser. B26 45 (1978)

380) S.Cacchi, F.La Torre and G.Paolucci :

Oxidation of allylic alcohols by 2,3-dich1oro-5,6- dicyanobenzoquinone in a two-phase system.

Synthesis 848 (1978)

381) D.Camuffo:

Relazione fra l’jndice di costanza della direzione del vento e la varianza delle fluttuazioni direzionali.

J. Meteor. Aereon. 38, 239 (1978)

382) A.Marani, G.Bendoricchio, F.Bartoli and F.Morisi:

Mass transport in fixed--beds of fibre-entrapped enzymes.

Quaderni Ingegn.Chim., 14 96 (1978)

383) P.Di Bernardo, E.Roncari, U.Mazzi and F.Bettella , L.Magon:

Thermodynamic properties of actinide complexes part V. Uranyl(VI)-thioglycolate system; thorium(IV)-glycolate and -thioglycolate systems.

Therm.Acta, 23 293 (1978)

384) U.Casellato, M.Vidali and PA.Vigato:

Complessi polinucleari di metalli di transizione.

Accademia Gioenia, XIII (1978)

385) D.Ajò, M.Casarin, G.Granozzi ami E.Tondello:

Effects of assumed electronic configuration on the electronic band calculations of second series transition metals.

Contributi radiali alla dispersione longitudinale di materia in sistemi in flusso a simmetria cilindrica.

Chem.Phys.Letters, 55 374 (1978)

386) D.Ajo, I.Fragalà, G.Granozzi and E.Tondello:

Electronic structure of xanthine and its biological methyl derivatives by u.v. photoelectron spectroscopy.

Sepctrochim.Acta, 34A 1235 (1978)

387) L.Galzigna, L.Garbin, M.Bianchi and A. Marzotto:

Properties of two derivatives of γ -aminobutyric acid (GABA) capable of abolishing cardiazol- and bicuculline-induced convulsions in the rat. de Therapie 235 73 (1978)

  1. E.Gola, A.Buso, A.Marani and A.Paratella:

Contributi radiali alla dispersione longitudinale di materia in sistemi in flusso a simmetria cilindrica

Ing.Chim.Ital., 15 23 (1979)

389) L.Cattalini, G.Michelon, C.Marangoni and G.Pelizzi:

Stereochemistry, and crystal and molecular structure of meso- and rac- 1,2-bis (phenylsulphinyl) ethane, cis[meso l,2-bis(phenylsulphinyl)-ethane dichloroplatinum (III), and cis –[rac-1,2-bis(phenylsulphinyl)-ethane ] dichloroplatinum(II).

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 96 (1979)

390) S.Sostero, P.Di Bernardo and T.J.Kemp:

Quenching of excited uranyl ion by metal carbonyls in aprotic solvents.

J.Chem.Soc,Dalton, 659 (1979)

391) S.Calogero, D.A.Clemente, V.Peruzzo and G.Tagliavini:

Crystal structure of trichloroacetatotrivinyltin and mössbauer spectroscopic characterization of trivinyl and divinyl-n-butyltin carboxylates.

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 1173 (1979)

392) G.Natile, L.Cattalini, F.Gasparrini, L.Caglioti, B.Galli and D.Misiti:

The behaviour of trans-dihalogenobis(hydrazone)palladium(II) complexes: rotational isomerism or non-equivalence of the two ligands within the same molecule?

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 1262 (1979)

393) A.Del Prà, E.Forsellini, G.Bomberi, R.A.M ichelin and R.Ros:

Mololecular and crystal. structure of trans cyanomethyl- hydridobis (triphenylphosphine) platinum(II), [PtH(CH2CN) (PPh3)2]

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 1862 (1979)

394) G.Battiston, G.Sbrignadello, G.Bandoli, D.A.Clemente and G.Tomat:

Synthesis and characterization of some actinoid imino-diacetato-complexes; crystal structure and normal co-ordinate analysis of iminodiacetatodioxouranium(VI).

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 1965 (1979)

395) G.Paolucci, S.Cacchi and L.Caglioti:

Reduction by polyimetallic complex hydrides.

Part.1. dihydrobis(pyrazol-1-yl)borates of transition metals with cyclohexanone and cyclohex-3-enone1.

J.Chem.Soc,Peykin I, 1129 (1979)

396) P.A.Vigato, U.Casellato, M.Vidali, R.Graziani, D.E.Fenton and C.M.Regan:

The preparation and reactivity of new binucleating ligands derived from 2-acetyl-1,8-dihydroxy-3,6-dimethyl naphthalene.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 32 127 (1979)

397) M.Vidali, G.Rizzardi,, P.A.Vigato, U,Casellato S.Kida and H.Okawa:

Binuclar metal complexes: heterobinuclear complexes with a schiff base derived from o-acetoacetylphenol and ethylenediamine.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 34 19 (1979)

398) A.Marzotto, M.Nicolini, F.Braga and G.Pinto:

Complexes of imidazole with dioxouranium (VI) nitrate and acetate.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 34 1295 (1979)

399) A.Del Prà, G.Zanotti, G.Bombieri and R.Ros:

Crystal and molecular structure of trans-PtCl(CH2CN)(PPh3)2.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 36 121 (1.979)

400) R.Graziani, M.Vidali, G.Rizzardi, U.Casellato and P.A.Vigato:

Preparation and crystal structure of a nickel(II)-Copper(II) binuclear chelate.

Inorg.Chim.Acta, 36 145 (1979)

401) D.Ajò, G.Granozzi, E.Tondello and I.Fragalà:

Nature of the metal-metal bond in a triangulo-Ru3(C0)12 from UV photoelectron spectroscopy and quantum mechanical calculations.’

Inorg..Chim.Acta, 37 191 (1979)

402) U.Russo, S.Calogero, N.Burriesci and M.Petrera:

Mössbauer characterization of some new high-spin iron conp1exes with urea and thiourea derivatives.

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 41 25 (1979)

403) G.Natile, L.Cattalini, F.Gasparrini and L.Cagliota:

Formation of metal chelates in secondary ion wass spectrometry. Comparison

with solution chemistry

J.Am.Chem.Soc., 101 499 (1979)

404) D.Camuffo

Graphic recording and averaging the wind direction.

Il Nuovo Cimento, 2C 607 (1979)

405) A.Marani, G.Scaltriti, F.Bartoli and F.Morisi:

Fixed beds of fìbre-entrapped enzymes

J.Ferment.Technol. 57 357 (1979)

406) D.Camuffo:

Tests on atmospheric diffusion wth tracers in a urban area

Nato C.C.M.S, to Pub N°108 (1979)

407) F.Benetollo, G.Bombieri, J.A.Herrero and R.M.Rojas:

Structural studies on actinides carboxylates-III -Preparation properties and crystal structure of lithium glutarate Hydrogenglutarate dioxouranate(VI)tetrahydrate U02 (C5H604)Li (C5H704) .4H20

J.Inorg.Nucl..Chem., 41 195 (1979)

408) G.Bombieri, F.Benetollo, A.Del Prà and R.Rojas:

Structural studies on the actinide carboxylates-IV

The crystal and molecular structure of succinate dioxouranium(VI) monohydrate.

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 41 201 (1979)

409) R.M.Rojas, A.Del Prà, G.Bombieri and F.Benetollo:

Structural studies on actinides carboxylates-V [1] crystal and molecular structure of ammonium uranyldimalonate monohydrate (NH4)2[O2(C3H2O4)2]H20

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 41 541 (1979)

410) G.Bombierji G.De Paoli, E.Forsellini and D.Brown:

The crystal and molecular structure of tetrathiocyanato tetrakis (triphenylphosphine oxide) uranium(IV)

J.Inorg.Nucl. Chem., 41 1315 (1979)

411) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, F.Benetollo and D.E.Fenton:

Conformational differences in dioxouranium(VI) coordination compounds

Crystal structure of the chloroform adduct of N,N’-bis—salicy1idene-1,5-diamino -3-oxapentane – dioxouranium(VI).

J.Inorg.Nucl.Chem., 41 1437 (1979)

412) S.Calogero, A.Seminara and U.Russo:

Mössbauer study of europium complexes with some substituted ureas and cyclic polyethers.

Gazz.Chim.Ital., 109 45 (1979)

413) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, A.Dal Prà, M.L.Tobe and R.Henderson

A conformational study of an isomer of chloropyridine (1,8-diamino-3,6-diazaoctane) cobalt(III) chloride perchlorate.

Gazz.Chim.Ital., 109 207 (1979)

414) S.Calogero, P.Ganis, V.Peruzzo and G..Tagliavini:

Crystal structure of tricyclohexyltin chloride.

J. Organomet. Chem., 179, 145 (1979)

415) G.Bombieri, E..Forsellini, R.Graziani and G.C.Pappalardo:

Crystal structure of tris(2—pyridylthio-2-pyridinium) pentaisothiocyanato-dioxouranate(VI).

Transition Met. Chem., 4, 70 (1979)

416) U.Russo, R.Graziani, S.Calogero and U.Casellato:

Characterization of some high—spin iron(II) complexes with urea derivatives. The crystal structure of dichlorotetrakis(thiurea)iron(II).

Transition Met. Chem., 4, 82 (1979)

417) U.Mazzi, E.Roncari, G,Bandoli and L. Magon:

Pentane-2,4-dione complexes of technetium

Trans. Metal Chem., 4 151 (1979)

418) S.Calogero, U.Russo, L.L.Condorelli and I.Fragalà:

A mössbauer study of some iron(II) complexes with methyl isocyanide, bipyridine and phenanthroline.

Trans.Metal Chem., 4 156 (1979)

419) U.Casellato, N.Vidali and P.A.Vigato:

Actinide complexes with chelating ligands containing sulfur and amidic nitrogen donor atoms. Coord.Chem.Reviews, 28 231 (1979)

420) D.Camuffo:

Solar radiation at Rome, Itaiy, and its environment.

Arch.Met.Geoph..Biokl.Ser.B. 27 205 (1979)

421) I.Cattalini, U.Croatto, G.Marangoni and G.Paolucci:

The uranium content in italian coastal sea waters,

Archivio di oceanografia e limnologia, 19 223 (1979)

422) G.Bandoli, D.A.Clemente, G.Paolucci and L.Doretti:

Bis [hydrotris(1-pyrazolyl)borato]nickel(II), C18H20B2N12Ni

Cryst.Struct.Comn.., 8 965 (1979)

423) D.Camuffo, F.Tampieri and G.Zambon;

Local mesoscale circulation over Venice as a result of the mountain-sea interaction

Boundary Layer Meteorology, 16, 83 (1979)

424) E.Celon, S.Degetto, G.Marangoni and L.Baracco:

Rapid determination of milligram amounts of uranium in organic complexes with pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid as titrant and arsenazo 1 as indicator after oxygen-flask combustion.

Talanta, 26 160 (1979)

425) U.Casellato, P.A.Vigato, D.E.Fenton and M.Vidali:

Compartimental ligands; routes to homo-and hetero-di nuclear comp1exes.

Chem.Soc.Reviews, 8 199 (1979)

426) P.Zanella, L.Doretti, F.Madalosso and S.Sitran:

Indagine sulla reazione fra fenilalobismutine ed ossinato e tio-ossinato di sodio.

Accademia Gioenia, XIII 129 (1979)

427) F.Benetollo, G.Bombieri and A.J.Smith:

X-ray refinement of the structure of [N,N’-(3-aza-1,5- pentanediyl-bis(salicylideneiminato)] dioxouranium(VI)

Acta Cryst., B35 3091 (1979)

428) A.Marzotto, L.Garbin and F.Braga:

Dioxuranium(VI) complexes of L-arginine..

J.Inorg.Biochem, 10 257 (1979)

430) G.Bombieri, E.Forsellini, C.De Paoli, D.Brown and T. C .Tso:

Preparation properties and crystal structure of acetonediisothiocyanato-dioxobis (triphenylphosphine oxide)uranium(VI)

J.Chem.Soc.Dalton, 2042 (1979)

431) D.Ajò, G.Granozzi, E.Tondello, A.Del Prà and G.Zanotti:

Crystal structure and conformational flexibility of 2-(Acetylamino)prop-2-enoic acid(N-acetyldehydroalanine)

J.Chem.Soc.Perkin 11, 927 (1979)
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