Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român)

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НазваниеBurridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român)
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Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român)

John T. Burridge, 978-1-4438-0317-5

Uniquely, the present work will present in one place the vernacular names of the almost ten thousand birds of the world in about fifty languages. It should thus serve as a valuable reference work and source of information that has been scattered through field guides, scientific journals, coffee-table volumes and across the internet, often buried under all sorts of other data.

The compilations draw on official or other generally recognized authority wherever possible, and alternates are given where space permits. While the very fact that such extensive lists may, just by their existence, in future carry some authoritative weight in standardization of bird names, that is not its primary purpose, which is to present in a more useful format the nomenclature that is already in use.



From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks: Teaching about Culture in the Composition Classroom

Joanna N. Paull, 978-1-4438-0238-3

From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks is a text designed to invigorate composition teachers’ classroom approaches for getting students to better understand American culture(s). The contributors share their strategies from their classrooms, including such exciting topics as food, comedy, music, technology, and photography. Readers may use this collection in a pragmatic way or as inspiration for developing and revising their current cultural curriculum. In general, these essays trace semester-long course structures to allow readers to see how one assignment leads into the next, often offering student writing samples along the way. There is not another collection out there quite like this one. Ideal for graduate students learning strategies for teaching, new teachers seeking some effective strategies or even seasoned professors looking for new teaching ideas, From Hip-Hop to Hyperlinks is an exciting addition to any composition instructor’s collection of teaching texts.


Film and Theatre Studies

"Celebrating Confusion": The Theatre of Frank McGuinness

Kenneth Nally, 978-1-4438-0335-9

Though widely lauded as one of the most creative and challenging forces in Irish theatre Frank McGuinness’s plays have often met with a tempestuous reception. This new work details the significance of key productions of his plays in the context of Ireland’s culture and society. Charting McGuinness’s development as a dramatist from The Factory Girls through to Gates of Gold it combines cultural, political and theatrical analysis to position McGuinness as the most significant Irish playwright of his generation. Textual analysis supports considerations of theatrical performance to show how visual art, stagecraft, sculpture and song are central to our understanding of McGuinness’s theatre. Drawing forth the range of sexual, familial and national identities found in McGuinness’s work this book shows the significance of symbols in theatre that often seeks to confuse the simplicities of absolutes in order to show the complexities of difference.

Wide-ranging, theoretically astute and written in a lucid and engaging style, Celebrating Confusion will appeal to all readers who are interested in Irish Theatre and its intersection with the politics and culture of contemporary Ireland.


Cinemas of Ireland

Isabelle le Corff and Estelle Epinoux, 978-1-4438-0240-6

Cinemas of Ireland is a collection of fourteen essays which provide numerous approaches to the new Irish cinemascape from both an Irish and a European perspective. Highlighting the works of European scholars in Irish studies, it features a variety of noteworthy critical papers that explore the evolution of contemporary Irish cinema in an era of globalisation. The collection also stresses the rich interdisciplinary nature of Irish film studies, ranging from theoretical studies, gender studies, to political and historical studies. The list of films analysed includes among others Adam and Paul (2004), The Wind that Shakes the Barley (2006), Garage (2007), The Brave One (2007).

This collective volume is aimed at all established and emerging scholars who work on Irish cinema and at all the readers who are interested in discovering contemporary Irish cinema in its evolution and in the issues it tackles.


Friends and Foes Volume I: Friendship and Conflict in Philosophy and the Arts

Graeme Watson, Barbara Gabriella Renzi, Elisabetta Viggiani and Máiréad Collins, 978-1-4438-0332-8

The product of an international, multi-disciplinary conference at Queen’s University Belfast, the two-volume Friends and Foes series offers an illuminating investigation of the relationship between friendship and conflict by established and emerging scholars. In this first volume, which collects together philosophical and cultural essays on the topic, the authors raise and tackle some of the most pertinent issues central to the understanding, and making, of friendship. What constitutes friendship? What challenges, duties and pleasures does friendship entail? The ambiguity of friendship is a recurring theme in the book, and Mark Vernon’s essay on the philosophical history of thinking about friendship’s ambiguity provides the perfect point of entry for discussion of the compelling literary and theatrical representations which follow, in the work of writers such as Maria Edgeworth, Gregory Burke, and Edgar Allan Poe.


Long Live the King: A Genealogy of Performative Genders

Maite Escudero-Alías, 978-1-4438-0216-1

Masculinity is no longer a monolithic category, if ever it was. Long Live the King is a solid piece of scholarship that explores in depth the drag king phenomenon as well as key theoretical texts by feminist, postcolonial and cultural thinkers. Maite Escudero-Alías delves into drag king culture and highlights its relevance for the study of the relationship between gender, sex, race and sexuality. Introduced by a well-informed theoretical chapter that traces the roots of queer theory, Long Live the King provides the reader with a rigorous textual and cultural examination of drag kings’ most innovative performances of masculinity in the USA and the UK. These chapters prove groundbreaking in their acute analyses of drag kings’ acts in different media, ranging from still images to live performances, documentaries, mainstream television series and literature. Theory and analysis blend perfectly and Escudero-Alías’s main contention in this research – the ambivalent nature of drag kings’ performances of masculinity – is conducted convincingly. This book constitutes an invaluable contribution to the field of gender studies and a fair assessment of the political impact of minority artistic practices in contemporary culture.


Scottish Cinema Now

Jonathan Murray, Fidelma Farley and Rod Stoneman, 978-1-4438-0331-1

Cinema from Scotland has attained an unprecedented international profile in the decade or so since Shallow Grave (1995) and Trainspotting (1996) impinged on the consciousness of audiences and critics around the world. Scottish Cinema Now is the first collection of essays to examine in depth the new films and filmmakers that have emerged from Scotland over the last ten years. With contributions from both established names and new voices in British Cinema Studies, the volume combines detailed textual analysis with discussion of industrial issues, scholarship on new movies with historical investigation of unjustly forgotten figures and film from Scotland’s cinematic past, and a focus on international as well as indigenous images of Scottishness. Responding to the ways in recent Scottish filmmaking has transformed the country’s cinematic landscape, Scottish Cinema Now reexamines established critical agendas and sets new ones for the study of Scotland’s relationship with the moving image in the twenty-first century.


Fine Arts

Blaze: Discourse on Art, Women and Feminism

Karen Frostig and Kathy A. Halamka, 978-1-4438-0239-0

How has feminism matured over the years?

What are the pressing agendas for today’s feminists working in the arts?

Blaze: Discourse on Art, Women, and Feminism, emerges as a navigational text, celebrating past victories while charting new directions for today’s second wave and third wave feminists. A feminist anthology, Blaze is comprised of feminist artists, art historians, critics, journalists, curators, interdisciplinary artists, and arts administrators of diverse backgrounds, living across the United States. The book grows out of the 2006 Annual National Women’s Caucus for Art (WCA) conference, held in Boston, Massachusetts.

Blaze features 15 detailed and well-documented feminist histories that narrate a number of pertinent strands of activism regarding feminist art, scholarship, and organizational development while exploring current crossroads. Conversations occur between myriad groups of women: second wave to third wave; third wave to second wave; second wave to second wave; third wave to women who do not identify themselves as feminists. The book addresses a number of timely issues related to representation, work, collaboration, environmental interventions, and social justice platforms.

Blaze: Discourse on Art, Women, and Feminism captures feminists arts professionals working together across differences. In a world filled with strife, it is this form of engagement that inspires continued activism.

For further information, please also see www.blazediscourse.com


Healing with Art and Soul: Engaging One’s Self through Art Modalities

Kathy Luethje, 978-1-4438-0209-3

This fascinating collection of essays contains a variety of perspectives about the use of expressive arts for facilitating physical and emotional healing. Each author within brings a fresh approach and unique experiences to their writing.

Within these pages, you will find many ideas for the use of the arts and can learn how to engage the inner layers of the self that allow natural healing processes of the body and soul to flourish. When we fully engage an art modality, we find ourselves in a place in our consciousness that could be called 'healingspace,' where we feel ourselves whole and re-member ourselves as well.

From psychic trauma to physical illness, dis-ease of many kinds may be addressed through the various techniques discussed here. The tools offered by some authors are population specific and age appropriate, while several authors have given us the philosophical underpinnings for it all. While the authors within represent the grassroots voices of this new and rapidly expanding field, several of them have developed their own methods for using the arts, and have thriving practices.

Our approach is wholistic. Music, visual arts, movement, dance, and poetry are discussed as separate modalities and in combination with one another in a process or flow. The reader will engage in our experiences with these modalities as they have been lived. The complementary CD that accompanies this book will allows the listener to have a full sound experience of toning.

If a rationale is needed for establishing arts programs in medical centers or other health facilities, it can be found here. The book offers tools for self development and for group facilitation. Those wanting to expand their healing practice through the use of the arts will find the book to be a faithful guide. Anyone wishing for a fuller understanding of how the arts may work to facilitate healing will find much food for thought within these pages.


Images of Thought: Visuality in Islamic India 1550-1750

Gregory Minissale, 978-1-4438-0341-0

With many illustrations and diagrams, Images of Thought provides easy to follow ways in which to read Indian, Persian and European paintings in terms of composition, proportion, colour symbolism and references to myth. Yet it also provides the intellectual contexts of Islamic cultures which inform our perceptions of how this visual language works. The author uses salient aspects of critical theory, anthropology and theology to sensitise viewers to the diversity and difference of cultural readings but never loses sight of the primacy of the visual and formal characteristics, gestures, geometrical structures and their cooperation with myths and theologemes. The book provides access to one of the world’s major visual traditions whose characteristics continue to inform and elucidate Indian and Islamic contemporary thought today. Images of Thought is a major, scholarly and provocative contribution not only to our understanding of cultural individuality but it offers important examples of how to engage in transcultural understanding and ways of seeing.



Occupying the “Other”: Australia and Military Occupations from Japan to Iraq

Christine de Matos and Robin Gerster, 978-1-4438-0339-7

In late 1945, Australia eagerly put up its hand to join the American-led military occupation of war-devastated Japan: the old enemy was still hated, yet the Australian involvement was motivated by ideals of democratic reconstruction rather than retribution. In the age of Iraq, when Australia has again participated in a US occupation of a “rogue” non-Western state humbled in war, it is time to consider troubling questions surrounding the nation’s engagement in contentious overseas occupations. Can Western conceptions of democracy be imposed militarily on other societies? To what extent has Australia’s willingness to support the United States been an expression of independent policy-making or meek acquiescence in the neocolonial imperatives of the global superpower? How do occupations differ? When does “intervention” become “occupation”? To what extent are entrenched cultural attitudes to race and religion a factor in decisions to occupy, and on how these occupations are perceived at home? And how has the Australian media influenced public attitudes to these ventures?

This collection of essays by leading Australian academics and commentators places Australia’s historical role as an occupier on the critical map. Now, as the country juggles complex national, regional and international alliances and obligations, this conversation is as compelling as it is belated.


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Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconThe Greek, Roman, and Italian Plays volume two

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconNational Gallery Technical Bulletin Volume 26, 2005 Analyses of Paint Media: New Studies of Italian Paintings of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries Catherine Higgitt and Raymond White

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Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconVolume 1, Issue 3 8/16/05

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconThird revised volume no. 1

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconVolume 7, Issue 1 8/07/12

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconVolume 1, Issue 5 8/30/05

Burridge’s Multilingual Dictionary of Birds of the World: Volume XII – Italian (Italiano), Volume XIII – Romansch, and Volume XIV – Romanian (Român) iconWith the 80L6 assistance, after volume VI., Of

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