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CRC Handbook of Modern


Patricia A. Morreale, Kornel Terplan,

ISBN: 978-1-4200-7800-8

September 2009:

254 x 178: 560pp

Price: 134,95 EUR


Addressing the most dynamic areas of the ever-changing telecommunications landscape, this new edition of the bestselling CRC Handbook of Modern Telecommunications once again brings together the top minds and industry pioneers in wireless communication networks, protocols, and devices.

In addition to new discussions of radio frequency identification (RFID) and wireless sensor networks, including cognitive radio networks, this important reference systematically addresses network management and administration, as well as network organization and governance, topics that have evolved since the development of the first edition. Extensively updated and expanded, this second edition provides new information on:

  • Wireless sensor networks

  • RFID Architectures

  • Intelligent Support Systems

  • Service delivery integration with the Internet

  • Information life cycle and service level management

  • Management of emerging technologies

  • Web performance management

  • Business intelligence and analytics

The text details the latest in voice communication techniques, advanced communication concepts, network organization, governance, traffic management, and emerging trends. This comprehensive handbook will provide telecommunications professionals across all fields with ready access to the knowledge they require and arm them with a clear understanding of the role that evolving technologies will play in the development of the telecommunications systems of tomorrow.

Table of Contents

Voice and Data Communications

Computer Telephone Integrated (CTI), M. Gilbert

Voice over IP, M. Kolon and P. Morreale

Local Area Networks, J. Amoss

RFID Architecture and Protocols, C. Wang, M. Daneshmand, and K. Sohraby

Design of Wireless Sensor Network Applications, Hardware and Software, S. Hussain

Multimedia Applications for Cognitive Radio Networks, S. Hussain and M. F. Kaleem

Summary, P. Morreale


Internet and Intranet Management Concepts, T. Piliouras and J. Braun

Virtual Private Networking Solutions, E. Sara

Web-Enabled Data Warehousing, D. Murray

Web Performance Management, K. Terplan

Application Performance Management, V. Rosenberg

Electronic Technologies, P. Morreale and M. Parikh

Internet Protocols, J. Braun

Role of Open Source Software, T. Szemethy

Summary and Trends, P. Morreale and K. Terplan


Network Management and Administration

Management Concepts, J. Ghetie

Management of Emerging Technologies, T. Szemethy

Management-Related Standards, T. Szemethy

Management Function, J. Wiener

Support Systems for Service Providers, J. Wiener

Support Processes for Service Providers, Á. Bakay and J. Wiener

Management Frameworks and Applications, Á. Bakay, T. Szemethy, and J.Wiener

Intelligence Support Systems, P. Hoffmann and K. Terplan

Management of Sensor Networks, J. Frey

Solution Architectures, N. Kincel

Summary and Trends, K. Terplan


Network Organization and Governance

Information Life Cycle Management, K. Terplan

Information Technology Alignment with Businesses, K. Terplan

Business Intelligence and Analytics, P. Morreale and D. Pareek

Service-Level Management, C. Voigt and K. Terplan

Management Services and Outsourcing, K. Terplan and C. Voigt

Network Management Organization, K. Terplan

Best Practices Benchmarks for Service Providers, K. Terplan

Summary and Trends, K. Terplan


Future Telecommunications Services

User Needs, J. Anderson and P. Morreale

Application Trends, J. Anderson and P. Morreale

Systems and Service Integration for Management, J. Anderson and K. Terplan

New Produce and Service Creation, J. Anderson

Telecommunications Tariffing, J. Anderson

Telecommunications Strategies, J. Anderson and P. Morreale

Summary, P. Morreale



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