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note: because important web-sites are frequently "here today but gone tomorrow", the following was archived from on April 22, 2004 . This is NOT an attempt to divert readers from the aforementioned web-site. Indeed, the reader should only read this back-up copy if it cannot be found at the original author's site.

Hyperbolic Geometrodynamic Warp Drives

& Beyond

Draft Copy June 19, 2003

Paul Hoiland 1

Edward Halerewicz, Jr. 2




This e-book was originally intended as a reference source for the E Somino Ad Astra (ESAA) online Group. Actually the group name was somewhat of a misnomer as ESAA was really the motto of the group, with the range of discussions evolving within the group the more dignified name Advanced Theoretical Physics Group (ATPG) was christened or ESAA-ATPG. While the original ESAA-ATPG has disbanded and allowed for the founding of the Journal of Advanced theoretical Propulsion Methods ( ), the ESAA spirit continues on with the authors with the public availability of this document. It is the hopes of the authors that this document may go beyond a simple reference source and inspire new knowledge and frontiers in science. As such a single copy of this E-book may be saved and printed for private purposes but it is not meant to be commercially distributed and otherwise used without the explicit written permission of the authors © 2003.

About the Authors

Paul Hoiland is a theoretical physicist and engineer who has a background in General Relativity as well as string theory. He has published a number of popular scientific articles in the New York Post, as well as in scientific journals. He is a self proclaimed educator of science, he is also the founder of the Transtator Industries research group and the Journal of Advanced theoretical Propulsion Methods (

Edward Halerewicz, Jr. is an independent researcher, with an interest in exploring the limits of modern science as well as popularizing such concepts to the public. He was one of the founding members of the ESAA group, and has worked to bring the warp drive into acceptable limits of existing theory.


The initial intent of this E-book was to give a general survey over what has become to be known as the “Warp Drive” class of metrics associated with gravitational physics or more specifically General Relativity. The purpose of the warp drive metric survey and related fields given within this E-Book is meant to act as an aid for scientific researchers as well as to answer questions curious parties may initially have regarding the behavior of warp drive metrics. As such the organization of this E-Book is presented so that the reader first learns the basic underlying physics behind warp theory. The reader then progress to a general description of a warp drive metric, which acts as an initial review as well as to possibly catch up others who may be unfamiliar with warp theory. However it is not the intent of this book to cover all the background physics as there are number of excellent sources available the reader to accomplish this task. After the basics of Warp Drive theory have been introduced a great effort is placed on how it may be theoretically possible to generate a “Warp Field.” Therefore the layout of this E-Book can be seen as a source to aid progressive research into the subject matter. As such a general overview of warp drive theory is attempted while more specific information can be found by searching the references within, and hence the overview of warp drive metrics presented may not be as comprehensive as a standard text book as active research continues. And so we arrive at the original intent of producing this E-book for ESAA-ATPG, which we hope the reader will appreciate.

The broader scope of this E-Book is to also explore aspects of theoretical physics which go beyond epistemology purposes and to investigate there practical uses for the benefit of society as a whole. The specific practical use of General Relativity which this E-Book attempts to cover is how it may be possible to use warp drive metrics as a means of allowing interstellar communication and transportation on human time scales. This could have several benefits for the collective world society, such as the stimulation of economic growth, the potential for practical human colonizations of space, the ability to protect our planet and home from celestial hazards, and the possibility of unprecedented peaceful international cooperation amongst all nations. While these benefits may not be realizable at present given time they should begin to reveal themselves and this the authors feel should be the direction in which the physical sciences should follow. It is hoped that the practical uses of the theoretical possibilities known today may lead to this direction and it is hoped that this document serves as a good start for this vision of the future.


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