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8.5Business Process Recommendations

To continue to improve CHART’s performance and fulfillment of its goals and objectives, several specific suggestions were documented during the workshop analysis of the processes described in the previous sections. Many of these suggestions were categorized as mid-level requirements (not so high level as to be too generic, but not so specific as to constitute system requirements). Other specific suggestions were left as standalone requirements for CHART enhancement that will be addressed through the change management process (e.g., create pop-up and audible alert for CHART Chat).

Approximately 50 mid-level requirements related to business process changes were identified. Each of these was evaluated as part of the Release Strategy activities that are more fully described in Section 10.

9Organization Model

The Organization Model describes the organization as a whole and is presented here in three major areas. This includes:

  • The vision and principles, constraints, and assumptions that influence the CHART organization.

  • CHART’s organizational context which includes an assessment of its key stakeholders, a depiction of the organizational structure, and a description of the roles recommended for the organization to operate.

  • CHART’s recommended organizational changes and specific strategies to enable the organization to achieve its objectives.

Each of these major areas is presented in the subsections that follow.

5.1 Organization Direction

In the next phase of the CHART System, CHART will move further toward reaching its goal of better serving the traveling public by evolving as an organization of traffic managers. The vision and key principles, constraints, and assumptions that will guide this evolution are described in the subsections below.

9.1.1Organization Vision

The key statement for the vision for CHART locations, as described by the workshop participants, is:

Specific examples of this are outlined below:

  • CHART will provide decision support tools that will allow operators to become traffic managers not data entry clerks.

  • The cooperation between CHART and its key stakeholders will increase to the point at which:

    • CHART partners actively and fully support our agreements on procedures, protocols, and data sharing.

    • CHART systems will be fully integrated with other agencies such as VDOT, DDOT, DC, PENNDOT.

9.1.2Organization Principles

CHART personnel work together very closely and exhibit a great deal of camaraderie. As a result, CHART’s organizational principles reflect fairness and an attempt to empower its employees and other CHART users with the ability to manage traffic and respond to incidents on the roads. This is reflected in CHART’s principles below:

  • CHART will coordinate and assist in training responders who are developing their own new local traffic management programs (e.g., county).

  • SHA and MdTA will agree and implement CHART policies (e.g., consistent signs and messages).

  • Device owners will always be able to control their devices (e.g., not ever be locked out).

  • Authorized CHART users will be able to initiate an event.

  • Everyone with appropriate CHART access can see event data and add to the status of the event.

  • Designated system administrators can make adjustments to user access and permissions as necessary, and configure zones of responsibility.

  • HOT Team Leaders coordinate responses and arbitrates any conflicts.

9.1.3Organization Constraints

While the CHART organization is ambitious and committed to its work, certain factors limit the organization’s capacity to evolve. As a result, CHART attempts to prioritize its efforts and operate more efficiently to offset its constraints. CHART’s primary constraints are:

  • Positions and vehicles (resources) are limited.

  • Because of the demand of the positions, CHART has difficulty attracting personnel with appropriate skills.

  • CHART has the administrative burden of other SHA offices but doesn’t have the support staff.

9.1.4Organization Assumptions

CHART’s success depends in part on certain factors over which it exercises little control. In an attempt to plan for CHART’s future development including the supporting infrastructure, software and technology, CHART has made certain assumptions that include:

  • Both CHART and non-CHART personnel will receive training on how to use the CHART system.

  • CHART assumes, but cannot reasonably expect the highest level of cooperation from its partner agencies.

  • The CHART organization will work with private/public partnerships that affect many areas of the organization.
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