The following historical scenario is a revolutionary one

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The following historical scenario is a revolutionary one

which, we acknowledge, contradicts "traditional" historical

thought in many ways. We only ask the reader to carefully weigh

the information and make their own determination as to its

accuracy and historical reliability. The reader must be the one

to decide how to fit the following information into their own

frame of reference.

Many researchers have written of the possibility that life

on this planet began with "ancient astronauts" from other stars

or other galaxies who colonized this planet untold thousands of

years ago. However, there is another possibility which has not

received the attention which it deserves, possibly because of the

vain belief held by many modern scientists that they are the "be

all and end all" of technological understanding whereas human

civilizations on this planet is concerned. Therefore, some of

these believe themselves to be the first and only civilization on

this planet to have developed sophisticated sciences, or to have

landed manned craft on the moon, Mars, and regions beyond. Many

scientists will dismiss the notion that ancient civilizations

could have developed aerospace travel capable of propelling them

towards the stars. But, are their presuppositions justified?

Theologically speaking, it is only logical that a Divine

initiator of all things would choose to "plant" the seed of life

at one particular point in the universe, and from there carefully

nurture and observe that life reproduce from this central point

of genesis, in essence working out "The Plan" in that particular

part of the Universe before allowing that life to spread too far

out into other regions of the Cosmos. Since man possesses free

agency the success or failure of "The Plan" would to some extent

be up to them.

In spite of various theories which have been presented,

there is no solid evidence that man "evolved" from apes (which in

turn supposedly evolved from small mammals which supposedly

gained their sophisticated computer-like "programmed" genetic

makeup from almost invisible sea urchins. Actually, a recent

poll(1990's) revealed that only 9 percent of the population of

the United States atheistically rejects the possibility of an

All-Powerful Creator who established all things and guides the

universe in it's evolution or course (These same 9 percent happen

to include many of the very same "inner elite" who manipulate the

mass media to their own ends and lie about the true facts and

figures. For years they have been telling us that "most" people

reject the Creation Sciences view of history. In this way they

try to manipulate public opinion, and to a great degree they have

succeeded). All anthropological evidence and discoveries of the

so-called remains of alleged "ape-men" have been dubious at best

(for confirmation of this refer to the writings of Jack T. Chick

on "evolution", which can be obtained from: Chick Publications.,

P.O. Box 662., Chino, CA 91719).

The indications seem to suggest that instead of "evolving"

from a lower life-form the complex human form instead "de-volved"

from a more perfect form over the millennia. There are in fact

many indications that some ancient human societies were as

advanced scientifically as is our own and, in some cases, even

more so. As King Solomon once said: "There is no new thing under

the sun."

Most have heard the legend of the ancient antediluvian

society known as "Atlantis", who were said to have stumbled onto

the secret of manipulating the electromagnetic fields of the

earth via crystal-based technologies, and as a result of their

war-like nature they misused these underlying natural forces and

brought destruction upon themselves in the process (combined with

the Divine judgement of Almighty God). As a result of this,

according to certain sources, they loosed "electromagnetic

fallout" in different areas, such as the Bermuda Triangle for

instance, which is still causing havoc and destruction thousands

of years later. These legends of an ancient cataclysm coincide

with Biblical references to the great "Deluge" which devastated

the earth, probably as a result of megatons of underlying global

water strata which suddenly burst through the surface of the

earth after being brought to incredible pressures by an

expanding, over-heated mantle.

When "all the fountains of the great deep" were broken up

(Genesis ch. 7, v. 11) and the subterranean aqua-stratum were

emptied, it is not too difficult to imagine how this could have

resulted in the collapse of whole continents into the unsupported

chambers below, nearly obliterating any sign that such a

civilization had ever existed. But evidence for this lost

antediluvian civilization does exist. HALLEY'S BIBLE HANDBOOK

(see: pp. 77-79) presents some very interesting archaeological

discoveries, made during excavations of ancient cities in the

Middle East:

"...An actual Layer of Mud, evidently deposited by the

Flood, has been found in three separate places: Ur, which is 12

miles from the traditional site of the Garden of Eden; at Fara,

traditional home of Noah, 60 miles further up river; and at Kish,

a suburb of Babylon, 100 miles still further up river; and,

possibly, also a fourth place, Nineveh, 300 miles still further

up the river. At Ur, city of Abraham, the Joint Expedition of

the University Museum of Pennsylvania and the British Museum,

under the leadership of Dr. C. L. Woolley, found (in 1929) near

the bottom of the Ur mounds, underneath several strata of human

occupation, a great bed of solid water-laid clay 8 feet thick

without admixture of human relic, with yet the ruins of another

city buried beneath it. Dr. Woolley said that 8 feet of sediment

implied a very great depth and a long period of water, that it

could not have been put there by any ordinary overflow of the

rivers, but only by such vast inundation as the Biblical Flood.

The civilization underneath the flood layer was so different from

that above it that it indicated to Dr. Woolley 'a sudden and

terrific break in the continuity of history'" (see: Woolley's UR


"...The Field Museum-Oxford University Joint Expedition,

under the direction of Dr. Stephen Langdon, found (in 1828-29) a

bed of clean water-laid clay, in the lower strata of the ruins of

Kish, 5 feet thick, indicating a flood of vast proportions... It

contained no objects of any kind. Underneath it the relics

represented an entirely different type of culture. Among the

relics found was a four-wheeled Chariot, the wheels made of wood

and copper nails, with the skeletons of the animals that drew it

(see: "Field Museum-Oxford University Expedition to Kish," by

Henry Field, Leaflet 28).

"Fara (Shuruppak, Sukkurra), home of the Babylonian Noah,

about half way between Babylon and Ur. Once on the Euphrates,

now 40 miles to the east, a low lying group of mounds, beaten by

the sands of the desert. Excavated (in 1931), by Dr. Eric

Schmidt, of the University Museum of Pennsylvania. He found the

remains of three cities: the top one, contemporaneous with the

3rd Ur dynasty; the middle city, Early Sumarian; and the bottom

city, Pre-Flood."

Ancient artifacts discovered imbedded in solid rock, as well

as artifacts found on the ocean floor, give evidence to the fact

that our ancient ancestors were FAR more intelligent in the

scientific realm than we give them credit for. Yves Naud, in his


Geneva, Switzerland, 1978) describes one such artifact: "In

1900, sponge divers near Antikythera (Greece), found rusty

fragments of a metallic apparatus on the sea floor. Scientists

at first thought that they were remnants of an astrolabe dating

from 65 B.C. In 1959, the English scientist, Solla Price, made a

discovery which astounded the professional world when he

published it in the NATURAL HISTORY review of March 1962:

"'It appears that this object is really a computer which can

determine and describe the movements of the sun, of the moon, and

probably of the planets.'

"This modern expert felt extremely humble and could only pay

homage to the high science of our ancestors, although the homage

was tinged with fear.

"'It is quite frightening,' he wrote in SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN

(June, 1959), 'to learn that, shortly before their great

civilization crumbled, THE ANCIENT GREEKS had come as close as

this to our time, not only in terms of their thinking, but also

in their scientific technology.'"

There are many indications that the pre-deluvians utilized

extensive subterranean recesses for various purposes such as

mining, military defense, religious ceremonies and even as

permanent abodes. According to some indications their

technology was so advanced that at one point they developed a

method of detecting vast underground cavities and also the

ability to connect these artificially through some "thermos"

excavation process. Perhaps this would explain the strange

artifact which was described in Peter Kolosimo's book "TIMELESS

EARTH" (Garnestone Press, London. 1973).

The account concerns an ancient artificial shaft, apparently

constructed by a forgotten race, which was discovered in the

Azerbaijan region of southwest Russia. The shaft was perfectly

circular, and smooth as if the walls had been fused by some

process into a hard, glass-like substance around it's

circumference. The most amazing thing about the shaft was that

its walls seemed to give off a faint greenish phosphorescent

glow. The shaft was allegedly explored and found to lead to an

immense system of tunnels which led in the general direction of

the Caucus mountain range, where it was later discovered that the

system opened out at several points among the craggy mountain

peaks. We must assume that much of what was discovered in

subsequent explorations has been kept secret.

There are several indications that in post-deluvian times

many of these subterranean recesses were later re-discovered by

humans AS WELL AS by "alien-sauroid" predatory beings as well

(i.e. the saurian-grays and other mutations of the serpent race).

Both groups began to study and attempt to unlock the secrets of

the ancient mechanisms left by the antediluvians, which still

existed in these long-abandoned sub-chambers. Since the

antediluvians could not have anticipated the devastating

cataclysm which overtook them, most of them perished, including

those in the underground installations. The tunnels and caverns

which were not shattered by the earth's convulsions or filled

with poisonous subterranean gases, were apparently flooded-out.

It was only after hundreds of years under water that many of

these apparently became enterable once again. In future "files"

we will include several documented accounts suggesting that the

antediluvian-subterranean connection does exist, and that the

ancients chose to explore "inner space" as a first priority

before attempting extraterrestrial travel. It appears that the

cataclysm came upon them just as they were attempting to set

their sights on the stars.

Within the first millennia after the "deluge" surviving

human and "alien-reptilian" beings reproduced and re-populated

the planet. During this period of time both groups attempted to

utilize the ancient technologies discovered in the subterranean

recesses to their own advantage. Many subsurface colonies (both

human and saurian) were established, and conflict apparently

continued on both sides. Horrible battles between the humans and

their ancient reptilian adversaries were fought in the bowels of

the earth. Corrupted accounts of these conflicts made their way

to the surface in the form of stories of alleged battles between

the "teros" and "deros", and other legends of underground

conflicts, such as humans fighting dragon-like creatures in

underground lairs, etc.

The overt attacks carried out by the saurians in the

subterranean "world" (not to be confused with "Hades", which is a

series of huge cavities near the center of the earth, extremely

hot, and void of air, water or any other life-sustaining

substance) could not work against those in the open surface

realm, who held the "upper ground" to some extant over the

reptilians. Many humans however were abducted from the surface.

The majority of the alien-reptilian attacks against the surface

world were of necessity of a much more subtle nature, and
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