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The 14th Annual Wireless & Optical Communications Conference - April 22-23, 2005, Newark, NJ, USA

The Fourteenth Wireless and Optical Communications Conference

Enabling Technologies for Broadband Access Networks

April 22-23, 2005, Wyndham Newark Airport Hotel, Newark, New Jersey, U.S.A.

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Welcome Message

On behalf of the conference organizers, I would like to welcome you to WOCC-2001. I would also like to express my sincere appreciation to our sponsors, guest speakers, and planning committee members for making the WOCC-2001 possible. This is the tenth annual Wireless and Optical Communications Conference sponsored by the following Chinese-American professional organizations:

The Chinese Institute of Engineers–USA (CIE-USA)

The Photonics Society of Chinese-Americans (PSC)

The Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST)

The Chinese American Academic and Professional Society (CAAPS)

The Monte Jade Science and Technology Association (MJSTA)

In its first decade, the conference has provided a forum for Chinese-American professionals and their colleagues to meet and exchange information on technological progress in wireless and optical communications. Conference themes in the past have dealt with various developments and trends pertaining to these two areas. Continuing in the same vein, the theme for this year is: Enabling Technologies for Broadband Access Networks.

Many of today’s communication technologies can be traced back to the foundation of Claude Shannon’s distinguished work. In February of 2001, this giant in communication theory passed away. Shannon is a respected fellow New Jerseyan. Since his landmark publication: A Mathematical Theory of Communication, society has advanced well into the information age. Computers, communications networks, and software systems that manage and deliver information applications and services are the principal technological areas driving and supporting the on-going revolutionary progress. During this progress the amount of information carried has been growing exponentially. This development has led to demand for high bandwidth on two fronts: Access Network and Backhaul transport. Third generation (3G) mobile services promise anytime, anywhere accessibility to users. On another front, rapid advancement in optical technologies enables service providers to offer next-generation bandwidth-on-demand and high Quality of Service (QoS) applications. Both wireless and optical communications are playing ever increasing roles in everyday communications around the world

The torch for the advancement of next generation communication technologies has been passed from Shannon to researchers and developers around the world, with many having an Asian/Pacific cultural background. This conference is the culmination of the best minds in academia as well as in industry. Distinguished speakers from the United States and the Asian/Pacific region will share their views with us on the challenges and opportunities ahead in this global information age. To borrow a line from famed film director Ang Lee’s movie: “We have many Crouching Tigers and Hidden Dragons amongst us; the future is indeed borderless.”

With our diligence, know-how, and entrepreneurial spirit, technological barriers have been torn down and new applications created. These new applications will accelerate the introduction of commercial products that not only offer new capabilities, but also can shift the traditional paradigm. We are proud to be a part of this technological frontier where our collective contributions can result in the betterment of mankind.

May this conference be a success and an enjoyable event for every attendee!

T. Russell Hsing
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