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The Awesome Book of FREE Stuff

FREE Hardware, Software, Freebies, Money, Trial Offers, Websites, Tutorials, Editors, Unwanted Goods, Cash Incentives, Cash-Back Schemes, Vouchers, Bonus Points, discount codes, Affiliate Earnings, Books, etc.

even this book is free!

(for a limited time.) Download it here…


Welcome to my latest book,

This book is not so much about signing up for discount deals on the basis of giving some company your credit card details or phone number so they can hassle you for business – it is more of a compendium of totally free things I have found during some fifteen or more years of exploring cyberspace both professionally and as a keen amateur hobbyist.

The more I looked at the concept of freebies as a book the more I realized there are some genuinely fantastic things, and a ship loads of nasty tacky confidence tricks out to scam money from you too. I only want to pass on genuine quality free stuff that you will thank me for, not anything that rips you off or fills your mailbox with spam. I think you will find out how honest that claim is if you just read the book, I have tried to make everything abundantly clear.

I have obtained some excellent free things during my time of surfing the worldwide web. Just off the top of my head, I once did an online survey in Second Life and got £130 of free Euros for my time and effort, they also gave me enough Amazon vouchers to get a very decent Camera – and just to put the icing on the cake the specific model of Camera I chose also had a special offer from the manufacturers that gave me £200 worth of free travel coupons, so I probably took around £500 just for two or three hours easy work. I was very pleased with that. It doesn’t happen every day, but sweet when it does.

I am not a rich man, like most of the working world I don't have money to throw around and make other people rich, so I grudge giving excessive profits to people who already have lots of money. I don’t play the lottery very regularly as I always feel that when I lose I just gave a hard-earned pound to someone who is now a multi-millionaire. I don't mind a fair price for decent products, but if I can find a free alternative I do like that. I envy those who talk about expensive programmes I can’t afford, and there are a lot of them. I am one of those people who happen to think that Microsoft, Adobe and Apple have made plenty of money already and their products are too expensive. If they brought them down a bit more people might use them. What really irks me is when these commercial products are “accepted” as the standard, such as Microsoft Office becoming the basis for the “European Computer Driving Licence” or Photographic Magazines persistently having “Photoshop” Tutorials, like there was no other software out there. It bugs me that new users might think they have to spend their money on expensive software that has free alternatives, such as Open Office (which actually also has some nice features, such as being able to save Documents in Adobe’s PDF format) and loads of modern free Photo-Editing Software. (I have devoted a section in this book to each of these alternatives.) (Photoshop is currently advertised at £368, and MS Office at £109.)

I shouldn’t really criticize Microsoft too much though, as they also provide some great free software, and are responsible for the Image Composite Editor I love so much and the Worldwide Telescope that is truly Awesome in the fullest sense of the word. They also provide anti malware programmes and free photostory and video editors. So they should be praised for that too. Apple of course provide free Quicktime movie player software.

You don’t see Driving tests based on one make and model of car do you? That would be considered an unfair advantage, or monopoly. I wonder how we got suckered into the ECDL.

I also bought one of those “must-have” Apple iPad’s – and regretted it surprisingly quickly. The crunch came when I was fighting to get it to recognize non-apple products like my smartphone on Bluetooth – it wouldn’t, but my smartphone was based on Android, and I quickly realized Android is simpler to use and many many more applications are completely free, so I put the iPad on eBay and cut my losses very fast before people started throwing them away. I had several other issues with it, but I won’t bang on about it. Shame really, I was genuinely looking forward to having one, but the new tablets are better featured, for example, having plug in memory slots to expand memory easily and cheaply and also transfer owner files much more readily without all the rigmarole of going through that hideous bottleneck of rampant capitalist exploitation that is iTunes. I still don’t understand why the iPad can’t/won’t play Adobe Flash Videos though, as that cuts out half of YouTube and ALL of the free British online television, including Channel 4’s On Demand (40D) and the BBC’s iPlayer.

I have the view that a Computer is useless – until you programme it to do something, and that use-ability is something I actually expect to be built in. When I buy a machine that has the “potential” to calculate things, I expect the software to be there. I don't want to pay extra to make the machine do what I bought it for in the first place. From that viewpoint, I am delighted that the Open Source Community produces programmes or “Software” which is free for me to obtain and use.

The less time I have to spend working to pay for tools that help me to be more productive the better the world is. I can get on with fulfilling my purpose in life, rather than working for someone else to make them richer.

I very soon realised that free stuff was going to be available on the internet, and the first thing I did was that whenever I wanted a Computer Programme (or “Application” / “App” as they are now known) I would add the word “free” to my search criteria. It is amazing what turns up. That simple tip in its own right could save you a lot of money.

I have spent thousands of hours on the internet, for work, for business, for learning and for play or just socialising, and I am a terrible procastinator, so I love to just surf the web, looking for all kinds of bizarre things. I honestly think I could say I have spent as much time as any obsessive, constantly searching and exploring the depths of Cyberspace – though nobody, but nobody on this Earth could ever say they knew it all. (If you know any websites to get free stuff, contact me at my website and I will share it with the world).

Programmers programme, Engineers Engineer, and Businessmen do business on the internet. Hobbyists explore their hobbies, Friends socialise, Educationalists inform themselves. The potential and possibilities of all these views of the internet would take infinite lifetimes to fully digest. What is unique about me is I mentally gather up this ever-expanding jigsaw puzzle of infinite pieces, making connections and links, simply because it interests me. In the course of doing this, I have realised that there is a wealth of free stuff out there that I could share with the world. It is a kind of lateral thinking.

I am not just talking about Software, though that is an obvious product range for Computer users, and many of you may already be aware of a lot of the useful free stuff, like anti-virus programmes and Open Source or Shareware, free Websites and so on. I have also found a lot of good physical articles, either from people who simply have things they no longer want and are posting them online for anyone who might want such things, just like online second hand shops – but free. Then there are schemes you can sign up to promote services or products where you can gain rewards in the form of goods for your efforts. (though be careful, some of these are just pyramid marketing schemes, or what is now called MLM, [multi-level marketing]) you might think it is worth a go, but you have to persuade enough people to sell your product to make any money. These exist for selling everything from vitamin pills to Aloe Vera products. The products are usually vastly over-priced to give percentage commissions up several levels of the tree. I once got as far as a live Seminar before I realized the toothpaste was £10 a tube and walked out. Annoyingly I had been contacted with a “Job Offer” too, which I felt was dishonest in the first place, but probably some desperate character just trying to make a buck. There is one big company selling Aloe Vera Products, but I actually stumbled upon a pot plant and bought it, it grew very rapidly and generated several shoots which I repotted. Now when I want Aloe Vera I just cut off a leaf. I have several fairly large plants now, and virtually an endless supply, all free. (it is great for sunburn).

Don’t fall for those “Schemes” to get you rich quickly, five minutes of video boasting about holidays and boats and villas you might buy one day just like the founders (who, remember, sit at the top of the pyramid) instead, watch very carefully for clues about the product name and branding and look that up in your favourite search engine together with the word “Scam” and see what you get back. Of course, when you read other people’s messages on a scam bulletion board saying they were burned or lost money – you will probably get an equal number of replies saying “it worked for me”, but if you track those contributors down you usually find they are still promoting the same scheme themselves.

Bah…. I won’t rave on about the negatives, but do be careful out there.
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