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Free Android Apps.

If you have Android then you probably know about this, but just to let you know there are free Apps here for your Android tablet.

This is a new one to me, but check out


Here is an article with the top free Android Apps

Free Android Books Make sure you click the FREE tab!


This is a great site I use a lot. They have lots of free books and manuals that I have found very handy.

You do not need to sign up to get access to a limited number of books, but if you do, you get unlimited books for life.

Follow this link to get a FREE Trial 7 day VIP Membership and download yourself silly.

I got 100 books like this.

AWESOME FREE multi-install tool.

Install up to 95 FREE applications in one go!

A programme called “Ninite” you can grab all your favourite shareware and install it just by ticking the ones you want, then go to bed while it does it. It will save you hours – and it is all free!

(Fantastic for when you get a new computer)

This screenshot shows only a tiny fraction of the 95 apps you can grab for free in one hit. I love it already. I can see 10 here I would want straight away. I am so glad I put off buying that new laptop, if I had installed these myself one by one it would have taken me all day probably. Plus, sure as eggs I would forget something really important that I needed. This list really helps.

I have used this a couple of times, once with a new laptop, and again when I rebuilt my PC, and even use it routinely to install new apps, it is a fantastic thing.

You can also recommend new apps to be added to their list. I have mailed them to ask for some of the things in this book to be added, like Calibre for example.

Get it here

Free Miscellaneous Goods- Ebook manuals.

This is a website offering 50+ Free Guides.

At the moment they are offering free downloads of 50+ guides. Largely they offer Manuals for Computer and Internet, but they are very good quality and extremely helpful. I got guides for my Apple Mac and iPad, both of which came without any documentation, so I was really grateful for that. Overall the quality was good, though some of the manuals are quite small, like the Reddit manual, however most of the ones I got and read were extremely good.

There are also PC Guides and even things like Facebook marketing. Other subjects include Digital Photography, shopping guide, internet music, internet searching.

Cost? Free

Catch? e-mail address required to get access password, results in weely updates.

I think I had to “like” it on Facebook as well to get signed up. (worth it)

Value? 50+ books with an average theoretical value of around $8 each.

Rating 5 Star, excellent quality.

Get it

Some other examples;

Best of the Web Delivered: The Reddit Manual

An Android Guide: These are the Droids you are looking formatting

Vital Currency: The Bit Coin Manual

Computer in your Computer: How to use Virtual Box

Old Computer, new life etc, etc.

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