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This looks a lot like, but unfortunately is only available in three countries so far.

The difference is you can buy, sell, give away, or swap.

Great Free Tools – Ebook Manager.

e-book management… (Superb!!!)

Excellent for storing, reading, managing and converting ebooks to all the formats you might want.

It is even clever enough to automatically connect with iTunes if you save in iPad format.

An exceptional programme for a free product. It puts many commercial products to shame.

Download here

There is also a demo and more information at that web page.

FREE Calibre Manual

Download from makeuseof manuals page.


Invaluable tool if you handle ebooks at all.




I can’t see ANY catch with Calibre, it is widely recommended throughout the epublishing community.

Get it

Youtube – more than you might realise!

  1. Free Videos

  2. Free Music

  3. Free Audio

  4. Free Advertising

  5. Promotional Campaigns

  6. Revenue by Monetizing.

I admit to being a YouTube Addict, I will key in search terms for all kinds of stuff just to entertain myself in different moods, perhaps listening to music, or watching comedy videos, but it is a great practical resource as well, as I shall try to explain.

Obviously you can just use the search bar to look for “Funny” or “Hilarious” or perhaps “Cats” or “Stunts”, etc. and from there it will automatically give you a list of more examples of similar things, or by the same music artist or producer. You can spend endless hours just doing that.

However, the site itself has much more to it, especially when you wish to upload your own videos, and that might not be as hard as you think – you don't even need a Video Camera or Video Editing Software, though you can pick these up for small bucks these days. You could use, for example, a FREE programme like “PhotoStory” to combine a series of photographs, with a sound track of your own creation – or it will generate music for you, as well as add existing music obviously. (Please look under “Photostory” in this book to find out more) Windows Moviemaker is free too if you want to edit video.

Anyway, once you have been publishing enough of your own original material, you may get invited by Youtube to join their Revenue scheme, and that means you can have adverts associated with your content and they call this “Monetizing”. In other words, you can Earn Money through Youtube.

Youtube also links to Google's Adsense programme.

On top of all this, there is a built in functionality to run Campaigns, where effectively you get your adverts put on other people's videos.

Even at a very simple level you can also use software to “download” and “convert” the videos which are “streamed” to your PC from Youtube. You see, streaming is a kind of live play, and not so much subject to copyright – or it kind of gets around it in a sort of a blind spot. What is useful to us end users is that if we can get a piece of software to “grab” that stream data for us, we can store it on our own machine, effectively getting a copy of the video to play back later, without connections to Youtube, or even the internet.

A lot of these programmes will also convert this download, from its native “Flash” format to different ones, such as, for example, to WMV or Quicktime, so we could play it on Windows or Apple Macs or the iPad (which will not play Flash).

You can also go a step further and convert the original video to just solely sound, and, effectively, create Audios in various formats, including the ubiquitous MP3 – so this is a great way to get free MP3 Music tracks. If you consider that you might pay 99 pence or cents for an MP3 on iTunes and you downloaded, say, 500 tracks, you just saved nearly £500. I have met a few people who operate as DJ's, earning money, for example, in Second Life, where they run an audio sharing system and give their time playing their music collection for friends or for tips at Virtual Clubs.
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The Awesome Book of free stuff iconIsaac asimov's robot city book 4: prodigy arthur byron cover a byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc. Book fil ace books, new york this book is an Ace original

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The Awesome Book of free stuff iconThe book of knowledge being a Translation, with Introduction and Notes of al-ghazzali' s book of the

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