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Paid Surveys

There are a number of sites that will purport to “pay” you for doing various things, like completing surveys, etc. Some I cannot be bothered with, going round in endless loops completing various offers, only to end up having to give out my e-mail address to get more spam, or my mobile phone to receive messages that cost me money.

I am listing some, just because I stumbled across their adverts, perhaps you might find them useful. Those I have followed up I have noted. If I have NOT tried it I have marked it “untried” (untried)

Till I get a chance to explore more of these, I signpost you to Martin Lewis' MoneySaving Expert website which has lists of these.

Points for Surveys.

This is one I found through following other links, they seemed to be using this system, so I decided to check it out in its own right. What surprised me was I got 500 points for just signing up. The value of points seems to be .94 pence for 150 points, meaning that the free 500 points I got was worth about £3. The two initial surveys I was offered were both for 150 points and one took 20 minutes, the other 15. Apparently there are 1175 points I can get for other surveys. I suppose if you decided to do a survey every day in your lunch break it would mount up. I don't see that you can get back cash or goods, but use the points on other services. Only Skype vouchers were available at the time. (Skype of course is free to other computers, but you have to pay to call land-lines or mobiles, so free minutes might appeal to certain people – see my entry on Skype for more details.)

They also offered me a list of “profiles” to complete, with points values varying from 10 to 25 points each, I believe these are for marketing purposes. You can use your points to donate to certain charities.


This is an entirely new concept to me, but it seems that this site can earn the publishers money for referrals, so they offer the Customer (that's you) cashback, if you buy through them.

They may not have the products you want, but if they do, you can get some cashback.

Now, for example, I was shopping for a mobile phone, and thought I might treat myself to an iPhone, if I use a Cashback service I can get £40 for purchasing through them.

Some of the sites have a video explaining how it all works.



$5 Gift Card Bonus, up to 20% cashback on purchases.

“Stores” available include eBay, etc.


Free, (except cost of goods/services purchased)


I would shop around anyway, but sounds okay.

They didn't ask me for Bank details, so I wonder how it pays me?

Get it


Refer 5 friends get $150 (etc.)



Over £500 on home page alone

(assuming you took all the offers - without similar ones, e.g. not 4 mobile phones)


FREE (except for cost of goods/services, which you might want anyway)


Make sure you still shop around for good deals.

Get it

More info



e.g £150 on iPhone

Refer & Earn with their recommendation tools.


First £5 of the cashback you save.


1st £5 to them.

Get it


Bonus Tip:- I didn't do anything with my account at first, but after a little while they mailed me to offer me some freebies, like LoveFilm, and Tesco Mobile free sims and Graze free sample snack bars, simply by accepting these Free offers I could earn £17 cash back. I suspect the value of the goods offered must have been worth about £10 in total as well. Now I am interested!!!

I suspect I won't get the cashback till I reach a certain threshold, perhaps I might update you before I publish, but I put this in in case I forget. This book is growing so fast I can barely keep up.

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