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Why Share?

Well, for me this is fun, it is also partially altruistic, you will think I am a great guy for putting you in touch with free stuff and saving you money and improving your world. On the serious side though, I am also using this as a vehicle to promote myself and skills, just like any individual building a portfolio.

It suits me to be able to say I have published a book – even if it is free. I also would like to showcase some of my work, and signpost other books I have produced. (please see my website for a very helpful book about helping one’s self beat depression) However, overall, this should be fairly unobtrusive in the scheme of things, if I have made a video that is a tutorial for a given subject, then it makes sense for me to give you the link to it, and it should be informative for you to view. I won't send you all over the place just to try to take money from you.

Though the book itself is free there are some links that are indeed “sponsored”, in that I have set up affiliate accounts to certain products signposted in this book. In keeping with the spirit of altruism though, I have clearly marked these links as “sponsored” simply to be honest. These links may not necessarily commit the reader to sign up other than by their own volition, and there may well be some kind of cost for the return. It is up to the individual to decide if the value of that product is worth the outlay. I am not pitching to anyone as “Spam”, you should only be redirected to a product if you have expressed some interest in it in the first place. I hate spam myself and have no wish to add to the World's misery with more unsolicited sales pitches. Damn these things bore me to tears with their Americanized marketing bullshit. Some perfectly good sites you can’t even put up a product unless you have several pages of hype.

I have to laugh at myself, sitting typing this, because all this introduction may sound like “hype” in its own way, this is just me sounding off about getting great free stuff – this book is full of good things, as I am sure you will be able to discern for yourself.

I have not set out to deceive anyone, or rip anyone off, but you only have my word for that. Where there is a catch, or a cost, I have tried to make it as clear as possible, and nobody should give out private information, personal details of phone numbers or addresses or e-mail names, and especially not credit details unless they are satisfied that they are getting good honest value for their money.

One obvious example is Gambling sites. I am not a gambler, and the practice can be very addictive. The fact is the house always wins. The odds are in the house's favour at all times. However, despite the fact that I don't ever gamble or use gambling sites some people may wish to try their luck, and just might relieve the house of some money. You pay your money and you takes your chances. In theory anyway it is “free money” assuming you are willing to risk some of your own cash in the first place, but, if you won you could make a good profit. I have to admit, I was tempted.

Is this a money-maker scheme?

Well, from the book itself I make nothing, it obviously took a lot of work to put together, and it will go out of date, so I hope to make a little from some of the clearly marked sponsored links, however, I would also hope that some people will be so pleased with my efforts and would like to share their profits or savings with me and also sponsor me personally as a way of saying thanks and thus enable me to continue to update the book and the website with yet more free links where they can get even more free stuff. To that end I have set up a Donations page where people can contribute if they would like to be kind enough to reward me for my trouble and time.

Please visit the website (you can get a free website there too!)

Can I share this book with friends?

Yes, by all means, I would be delighted if you did - though please keep the original format intact. I do not give away the rights to edit or change any part of the book nor any links within it. Although the book is free I have full copyright on its contents and will be actively monitoring plagiarism (using free tools of course!) and will take action against anyone who infringes my copyright. I have done the work for free, but I don't want it stolen and corrupted. Please pass it on in its entirety, unedited, or simply give people the link to download it for themselves.

The Dark Side

I had a quandry, should I include “Adult material”? What about Gambling?

How far should I go with networking schemes or other “sign-up” services?

My conclusion was that it would add value to the book, but I must stress that these things are not all without risk. I tried to pick out the more reputable services and companies and at least highlight the need to check individual terms and conditions. I can't guarantee anything. I skipped “Adult” material as it is just a bit tacky, but gambling went in. I already explained why I don’t do the lottery, and I feel much the same way about gambling. I lost my pocket money once in a poker game when I was very young and it put me off for life.

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