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Though the Author has made every attempt to verify the reliability, honesty and reputation of all the websites mentioned in this book the author and publishers cannot be held responsible for accessing these external links. They are obviously maintained by third parties and may be subject to change without notice. It is the user's responsibility to exercise due caution when visiting any website, and especially when enlisting for account membership or giving out credit card details or personal information.

One thing you can do before you try any site or service is to use any search engine, e.g. Google, or Ask Jeeves and look up the name of the thing together with the word “scam” there was at least one link (recommended by a friend) which I found had a lot of people complaining and saying it was a scam, so I skipped that one. Now also remember that some Scammers are wise to this and will follow the posts and respond saying “I used and it is great! It is not a scam”. Always use common sense and be alert to cons, but there ARE plenty of highly reputable websites providing genuine free goods and services.

Links to free Anti-virus Software

This is one from Microsoft themselves, so I use this one myself.

It seems pretty unobtrusive in the background and I have had no problems with it.

There are further links to other anti-virus software here…

Free stuff you can do to speed up your computer.

I picked up these tips when BT was helping me sort out some problems with my computer, apparently these folders can fill up with garbage as you go along, so deleting them can save you space and time.


Open your Web Browser.

Go To to Tools--->options

Delete temporary files.

Delete Temporary Files in Windows

Start--->run temp

Delete everything in that folder

Start--->run %temp%

Delete everything in that folder

Defragment your Files

Start---->All Programs---->Accessories--->Defrag.

This will tidy up your files which have been scattered about your system.

The Catch? It should improve your file access speeds, by making the filing system more efficient, but it will take an extended period of time to complete, so pick a time when you will not be using the computer for a couple of hours.

The Windows Filing System is like a very busy librarian. All files are broken down into sections that fit the storage spaces which are a finite size, this means large files may be scattered across your filing system in lots of little pieces. What defrag does is to take each file one by one and re-file it sequentially.

The problem, you see, is that over time when you delete files this leaves gaps where bits of files are stored, large files may fill up several different gaps widely spread across your filing system.

In the real world, it would be equivalent to removing ALL the books from the library then replacing them in nice tidy order. Of course, as soon as you delete a file you leave a gap again, so this is something you should do fairly regularly.

Warning about letting strangers control your PC

It is important to point out that BT (British Telecom) is my internet service provider, and I rang them, so when they offered to take control of my computer remotely I knew I was safe.

If someone rings you with an accent that has a hint of exotic spices about it and tells you there is a fault on your computer and they can give you a way to let them log in and fix it – do NOT believe them.

I know one lady whose computer was trashed after this, and goodness knows what private information was ransacked.

I actually offered to take the destroyed machine off her hands to use for spares and she wouldn’t part with it, because it had too much “private” information on it, even though it was completely dead. I have to wonder if her precious private information is now being translated into Gujarati.

This type of intrusive attack comes and goes in waves in the UK, but a lot of people got burned by this. They tell you they are “Windows Service Centre”. It is a con. They charge you to fix a fault you don’t have, and possibly copy important files from your system while they are at it. They probably even put files into your computer to monitor your internet browsing habits and potentially even steal account numbers in the future.

When I get these calls I usually ask them to wait while I get my laptop and just leave them on hold, that way I am preventing them from ringing someone else for at least a few minutes. Sometimes, if I am not busy I will have fun with them and keep asking them stupid questions. Once I even said it was my Wife’s computer and I wasn’t very good with computers, so what does the computer look like so I can find it and help them? I managed to keep him on the phone for 15 minutes that time.

When it comes to people abusing my computer I get very irate. I spent a lot of money on my equipment and I don’t even like programmes that restart my computer or install add-ons or those horrible “Tool-Bars” without my permission. My opinion is that I have worked with computers for a very long time, and the early machines were quite primitive compared to today’s technology, we had to do everything the hard way, and it took ages. Gosh, a hard drive in the old days was lucky to be a mere 10 megabytes, and you could get lost in there it was so big, the thing is most files were simply text, so they were very efficient and small. Nowadays you can’t download software without it wanting to give you Flash Video introductions and multimedia videos – and it all simply takes up valuable space. What is worse is those miscreants who actively design viral attacks - then we have to use up valuable space and processing power just to analyse every character coming into our computers in order to defend ourselves and keep our anti-virus files up to date for new developments. The fact is, our modern machines are prevented from providing us with true power, simply because of the resources we use up to protect ourselves.

Hanging is too good for them!

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