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Where do you report online nasties?

Try some of these…

but also simply search for “report online fraud” and check your local area. Mine will be mostly UK.

This is the one where you would report if you see anything abusive or offensive towards children.

This one is really to try to connect to the right place to complain about abuse, such as if you have an e-mail and you know the domain name. (Read their website please)


As I was writing this book, I signed up to a lot of things, and I quickly realised that if I didn't act immediately in doing anything with the account, they would often begin to try to tempt me with other offers. It seems to be worth hanging on a week or two to just see what they start throwing your way. I wouldn't leave it over long though as they might stop!

Finding Great Free Stuff.

Well, simply add the word “Free” to your search whenever you want anything. It is amazing what you can find that is either on trial, or completely free.

Alternatively, try this tip:-

When I was searching for a Website Name (Domain Name) I quickly realized I was beaten to the punch on just about every combination of the words based on “Free” I could think of, so if you try to think of a combination of things ending in .com you may find even more.

Whether the sites are live, or just holding sites may change, but these are just some of the ones I found were already taken; …

…. You get the idea?

I honestly have a page full of scribbled ideas for the website name, but all were taken. If you are at a loose end you might like to try a few – but I obviously can’t guarantee anything, some of them were obvious cons I will try to look a few up before I complete this book and put them at the end, but that will take time. In the meantime, I include this list as it just might contain something helpful;,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc..

Oh, by the way, I think there is a product called “FreebieStalker”, it is not related to this book, I just grabbed the URL after a couple of days of finding all other options previously taken.

What is the Catch?

Mostly there is no catch with the sites I have listed in this book, but where there might be an obligation on your part to give personal details, or part with your hard earned cash I have tried to make it abundantly clear. Please understand, I don't like being conned or ripped off, so I won't be encouraging you to get burned either.

Some sites may require you to sign up, or want contact details, while others will need you to spend some money to get something back. With any and all internet sites the onus is on you, the user, to be extra careful that you are safe, and getting a good deal. Even if I put up sites in good faith that I have used for years and know are totally reliable – these could be sold to unscrupulous companies seconds after I copy and paste the link. I would have no way of knowing, or checking every site every day and following every sub-link and pop-up adverts, etc. I am a one-man-band, and I simply cannot 'police' the whole internet by myself. Apart from anything else, you may miscopy or mis-type the address and end up somewhere completely unpredictable. I just typed in and got a free offer, but it looks like one of those sites that asks for your mobile phone number and then charges you for several text messages, so I skipped it. The old “Free iPad” gag is getting jaded now, but obviously still a sufficiently desirable gadget to catch a lot of people.

Some Commission sites may not pay out till you hit a certain threshold, like, say earning commission usually only pays once you hit a target of like $50. That may not be as easy to achieve as you might think. Don't rely on being able to send enough people to a site to make you money, just because you have a couple of hundred friends on Facebook. You may need to seriously get into some heavy marketing programmes to really make affiliate schemes pay. I think I must have a dozen accounts with various great schemes and each of them sitting with like seventy eight cents – and have been like that for years. I know of one that eventually discontinued the service altogether, simply because it didn’t take off. I expect there were lots of little people like me who had a few cents they hoped would eventually grow. Another completely reputable site recently mailed me to say that since I had not made any commission recently they would close the account, meanwhile they would be deducting a “fee” from my commission to sustain the account, until the commission dropped to zero and the account automatically closed.

Commission or Affiliate schemes will usually only work for you if you actually publicise or distribute the links yourself, so you most likely need a website and some means of directing traffic to it, though you can also use Facebook or emails. Remember, your friends may not like getting unsolicited marketing e-mails, so be discreet and perhaps ask first if they mind.

I considered how to distribute this book to the most people I could reach, and decided to give people the choice to buy an advert-free copy, or sign up and give me their e-mail address to be sent a newsletter fairly irregularly, but not more than once a month – and that is intended to have updates on fresh free stuff, and perhaps one select product that may be of interest anyway. At the moment I am actually enjoying writing it, so I keep updating it for free. The thing is, I just published a book I spent three years researching and the subject matter was both medical and technical, so it is nice for me to just be able to relax and type off the top of my head for a change, it is almost recreational for me. I get to be creative and relaxed, because, when it is free how can anyone complain? It is quite fun and empowering.

Note:- some links in this book were shortened by using, nothing I have included in this version should take you to any other site than the one described, the tiny url is simply to shorten the link.

If you got this book from my website it is safe. If you were given a copy it may have been edited.
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