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*****STAR TIP*****

BEFORE you purchase ANYthing online, check out these websites to see if they have a Voucher Code, it may get you anything from a free deal to a bit of discount.

I used these myself to order some books and got 25% discount for which I am very grateful. (When you are a self-publishing author that really helps to cut costs and I can pass that on to my customers).

The only catch I could see was that the voucher codes may get dated and eventually expire, but they are listed by when they were last used, in chronological order.

Apart from that, I am afraid everything seemed to be for the UK from my Browser, perhaps that will change if you log in from another country – anyway, key in the website you wish to purchase through, and you might find it is in there anyway.

Here is another one.. seems to be a very similar idea.

This one saved me a considerable amount of money and I intend to check it regularly when ordering my books.

Martin Lewis' Money Saving

I highly recommend this website. This is a fantastic service, well worth joining for updates and newsletters. It is absolutely packed full of tips and tricks to save you money, sometimes they even highlight special offers or free stuff. It is sound financial advice for the everyday average person who might want to buy goods or services and brings you up to date information about how to shop & save wisely. I look here before I commit to buying anything. It is focused on the UK, so largely not applicable outside of Britain.

How do they do it for free? Well, they have a team that negotiates commission for the companies they recommend, but they don't ask you for money and they claim that this does not bias their financial advice. This is clearly stated on the website.

Cost? Free

Value? Potential Savings

Catch? None, joining is optional to receive updates & newsletters and contribute to blogs.

Rating Five Star. Very practical advice.

Get it


“Tools” such as Free Budget Planner, Cheap Flights, Cheap Phone Calls, Mobile recycling Comparison, Cheap Travel Money, Compare MP3/CD prices, Premium Bonds Calculator.

At the moment of writing the main page has information about;

Card Loans, Reclaim £1,000's, Shopping, Deals Vouchers, Utilities Phones, Banking saving, Travel Motoring, Insurance, Mortgages/Homes, Family Income, News.


£5 off Trains, iPhone deals, Uniform Tax Refund, Free Tastecard, Lower your Council Tax Band, Balance Transfers, Cheap Car Insurance, Discount Vouchers, Cheap Gas & Electricity, Cheap Petrol & diesel.

Tips to setting up a website

  1. Get a free website (see the section in this book)

  2. Use Google Analytics to analyse your website traffic

  3. Use Google Adsense to generate income.

  4. Use Google Webmaster Tools to watch results.

Google Adsense

This is a simple way to MAKE money, simply by placing a panel on your website where Google can place advertising. You can choose the look and style and Google's smart machinery selects adverts that are appropriate to your website content.

Cost? Free

Value? Virtually Limitless (in theory)

Catch? You need to dedicate some webpage space to the ads.

Payments are only processed when they reach a minimum limit.($100)

Get it

There is information relating to some of the negative aspects of Adsense, but this is more about people misusing the service for their own ends and does not reflect on the good name of google. You may like to read this article, however, it does not detract from the potential usefulness of the Adsense service to genuine people hoping to make an honest buck to support their websites or generate income.

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The Awesome Book of free stuff iconThe book of knowledge being a Translation, with Introduction and Notes of al-ghazzali' s book of the

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