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FREE Websites

There are lots of free websites out there.Two main ways to publish online, one is Blogging, and the other is Websites, they have different advantages. Here are just a couple that are really easy to use.

This is a superb site, lots of excellent features and tools, not only can you easily drop in pictures and text, but you can also add Youtube videos, Mailing Forms – so people can contact you, it even links directly to your Google Ad-Sense account, so you can easily place revenue adverts there.

When you go PRO with Weebly you get $100 worth of Google Adwords!

When you take a .com site with Weebly you get $100 of Google Adwords.


An excellent site, again with loads of tools, too many to list really, so just go there and have a look, you could be creating a site in minutes.

When you sign up you can join their Affiliate Scheme and get a dollar for every active sign-up, they also have Freebies promotions, tools & Free products.

Windows Live Writer

I literally just found this looking for something else, but I will be going back to check it out.

It appears to be a blogging tool with a lot of power.

Get a free Kindle Reader programme for your PC

This gives you access to thousands of e-books, some of them are free.

Cost? Free

Value? Unknown (Cheapest Kindle readers are around $79)

Catch? You may need to sign up for an account at Amazon,

however, this does not commit you to buying anything – unless you want to.


The Kindle is a device designed to read e-books. You can simulate it on your PC.

You do not have to own a Kindle device to read Kindle books. You can get a free programme for your computer to read books in this format. This means not only your own books, but you can also buy or download books from Amazon Kindle which you can then read using this viewer.

Get it:-

PC Version

Mac Version

App Store

Android version

Sponsored Links;

Get free kindle stuff here…

THOUSANDS of free programmes/applications.

This is a superb site containing oodles of free Open Source Software of all kinds.

Games, Education, Graphics, Security & Utilities, Audio & video, etc. etc.

If you want any kind of software to do any kind of thing on a Computer or the Internet, it is well worth looking here first, you could save a lot of money.

Cost? free

Value? 1000's of free progs/apps

Catch? None. (Some progs may still be under development – but, isn't everything?)

Get it

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The Awesome Book of free stuff iconRunning Head: awesome chinese: theoretical based instruction

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconNote For the sake of time I’m only putting up new stuff Round 1

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconIsaac asimov's robot city book 4: prodigy arthur byron cover a byron Preiss Visual Publications, Inc. Book fil ace books, new york this book is an Ace original

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconFor related issues, see the sections on Community (the Multiculturalism stuff), Freedom, Justice, Majority Rule, and The State

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconIf you purchased this book without a cover you should be aware that this book is stolen property. It was reported as

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconThe book of knowledge being a Translation, with Introduction and Notes of al-ghazzali' s book of the

The Awesome Book of free stuff iconNon-Fiction Book List (Finish your book and bring it to class on May 2/3)

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