Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German

НазваниеLanguage: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German
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Box 7

Folder 1 Prospects & Amateur Scouting Reports 1920-25

Folder 2 Prospects & Amateur Scouting Reports 1926

Fan Mail -- Ticket & Schedule Requests, 1902-1927

Folder 3 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1902-11

Folder 4 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1912

Folder 5 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1913

Folder 6 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1915-17

Folder 7 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1920-22

Folder 8 Tickets & Schedule Requests 1924-27

Fan Mail -- Uniform & Equipment Requests, 1908-1921

Folder 9 Uniform/Equipment Requests 1908-21

Series V. Manufacturers of Uniforms/Equipment, 1906-1926

Scope note:

This series contains material from manufacturers of baseball equipment and uniforms that either contracted with Cincinnati or advertised to do so. The series is arranged alphabetically by name of company or individual followed by product and date(s). J.F. Hillerich & Son contains, in addition to correspondence, labels used to place player names on baseball bats. Also, McKibbin Sport Jacket includes a team picture of the New York Yankees, each player wearing the sport jacket.

Box 8

Folder 1 A.G. Spalding & Brothers Uniforms, baseballs 1906-25

Folder 2 A.J. Reach Company Equipment 1914

Folder 3 Bradford & Company, Inc. Promotional Pennants 1916

Folder 4 Bradley Knitting Company Athletic Sweaters 1923-24

Folder 5 Buschle, Joseph Athletic Goods, baseball bats 1907

Folder 6 The Carr-Bradley Sporting Goods Co. Uniforms 1908

Folder 7 Davidson Brothers Uniforms 1913

Folder 8 Deisel, Edward Cincinnati Baseball Outfitter (tickets) 1913-21

Folder 9 German Artistic Weaving Company Pennants 1912

Folder 10 Gleason, Thomas Jay Pin/badge manufacturer 1913

Folder 11 Gund Manufacturing Company Uniforms 1912

Folder 12 The Horace Partridge Company Uniforms 1915

Folder 13 J.F. Budd Shoe Company Shoes 1913

Folder 14 J.F. Hillerich & Son Baseball Bats 1907-11

Folder 15 James A. Quirk Trunk Company Uniforms 1909

Folder 16 McKibbin Sport Jacket Equipment 1926

Folder 17 P. Goldsmith's Sons Uniforms 1908-26

Folder 18 Richard, O. Spikes 1910

Folder 19 The Roll-Crawford-Brendamour Co. Uniforms 1908

Folder 20 Spinney, John A. Uniforms 1909

Folder 21 Teasdale's Dyeing & Cleaning Works Uniforms 1910-12

Series VI. Player Surveillance/Detective Agency, 1909-1924

Scope note:

This series consists of surveillance reports from detective agencies that investigated players from the Cincinnati Reds. A detective would follow players who Herrmann suspected were involved in dubious activities outside of baseball. The details of the detective's observations were made into a report, which was sent to Herrmann. Operative Reports are reports of investigation into the off-field lives of players on the Cincinnati Reds during 1923-24. These reports also include investigation of fans' gambling.

Folder 22 Connelly, John (pl: Benton, Suggs) 1912

Folder 23 Hancock, Frank (pl: Esmond, Fromme, McLean, Rigler) 1912

Folder 24 McIlwraith's Detective Agency Player Surveillance 1909

Folder 25 Operative Reports Investigation of players and fans (gambling) 1923-24

Folder 26 Perkins Detective Agency 1913

Series VII. Spring Training, 1907-1926

Scope note:

This series contains records pertaining to the Cincinnati Reds spring training trips. Cincinnati's primary locations for spring training were Hot Springs, Arkansas and Orlando, Florida. Spring Training Location Bids is composed of correspondence to the Cincinnati Reds from towns and cities trying to advertise their location for spring training.

Folder 27 Cisco, TX 1921

Folder 28 Hot Springs, AR 1907-16

Folder 29 Orlando/Miami, FL 1915-26

Folder 30 Sarasota, FL (John J. McGraw's Pennant Park) 1925

Spring Training Location Bids

Folder 31 Anniston, AL 1916

Folder 32 Augusta, GA 1912

Folder 33 Cartersville, GA 1911

Folder 34 Columbia, SC 1926

Folder 35 Columbus, GA 1913

Folder 36 Cordele, GA 1913

Folder 37 Corpus Christie, TX 1912

Folder 38 Dallas, TX 1911

Folder 39 Denison, TX 1916

Folder 40 DeSoto Beach, FL 1926

Folder 41 Elberta, AL 1911

Folder 42 Gadsden, AL 1911

Folder 43 Gloster, MS 1912

Folder 44 Gulfport, MS 1910

Folder 45 Lake Charles, LA 1916-20

Folder 46 Laurel, MS 1914

Folder 47 Marlin, TX 1911

Folder 48 Memphis, TN 1917

Folder 49 Meridian, MS 1912

Folder 50 Mission, TX 1911

Folder 51 New Mexico Bureau 1912

Folder 52 Panama 1917

Folder 53 Pascagoula, MS 1911

Folder 54 St. Louis, MO 1910

Folder 55 San Antonio, TX 1911

Folder 56 Savannah, GA 1911-12

Folder 57 Sherman, TX 1911

Folder 58 Shreveport, LA 1911-16

Folder 59 Tallahassee, FL 1915

Series VIII. Winter Training, 1909-1924

Scope note:

This series contains correspondence relating to the Cincinnati Reds and winter training. The material is arranged alphabetically by location.

Folder 60 Florida State League 1924

Folder 61 Fort Smith Commercial League, Arkansas 1909

Folder 62 Grand Rapids, Michigan Livingston Hotel 1916

Series IX. Travel & Lodging, 1904-1926

Scope note:

This series contains correspondence from hotels and transportation companies which give insight into where the Cincinnati Reds stayed on the road and how they got there, either by railroad or bus. The series is arranged alphabetically within Hotels and Transportation by company name.


Box 9

Folder 1 Aldine Hotel Philadelphia, PA 1916-17

Folder 2 The Bellevue Stratford Philadelphia, PA 1910-17

Folder 3 Colonial-Annex Hotel Pittsburgh, PA 1912

Folder 4 Grand Pacific Hotel Chicago, IL 1915-16

Folder 5 Hotel Bentley Alexandria, LA (spring training) 1911

Folder 6 Hotel Dempsey Macon, GA (spring training) undated

Folder 7 Hotel Patten Cincinnati, OH (pl: Severeid) 1912

Folder 8 Lexington Hotel Chicago, IL 1912

Folder 9 Neilhouse Hotel Cincinnati, OH 1916

Folder 10 Planters Hotel St. Louis, MO 1921

Folder 11 The Plaza New York, NY 1909


Folder 12 The Baltimore and Ohio Southwestern

Railroad Company 1907

Folder 13 Canadian Pacific Railway Company Montreal, Quebec 1926

Folder 14 The Cincinnati, Hamilton & Dayton

Railway undated

Folder 15 Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas

Pacific Railway Company 1911

Folder 16 The Cincinnati Railroad Omnibus

Company 1917

Folder 17 The Cincinnati Traction Company (pl: J. Rice Smith) 1904

Folder 18 Depot Motor Bus Lines Chicago, IL 1921

Folder 19 E. Caria Express and Auto Deliveries New York, NY 1917

Folder 20 The Enger Motor Car Company Cincinnati, OH 1915

Folder 21 Illinois Central Railroad Company Cincinnati, OH 1905-12

Folder 22 Louisville & Nashville Railroad Co. Cincinnati, OH 1912

Folder 23 McQuillan & Currus Cincinnati, OH 1916

Folder 24 New York, New Haven and Hartford

Railroad Company 1915

Folder 25 Pennsylvania Lines Railroad 1913

Folder 26 The Pennsylvania Railroad Company Philadelphia, PA 1917

Folder 27 Pittsburgh Taxicab Company 1917

Folder 28 St. Louis Southwestern Railway

Company 1907

Folder 29 Southern Railways System Havana, Cuba 1922

Folder 30 The Zumstein Taxicab Company Cincinnati, OH (McGraw) 1925

Series X. Cincinnati Ballpark-Related, 1903-1926

Scope note:

This series material related to the various activities that would have taken place at an early twentieth-century ballpark while the team was there or away. Advertisement contains correspondence from companies and businesses from Cincinnati, Ohio wanting to advertise in the ballpark or on the scorecard (scoreboard, billboards, etc.). Concessions contains material from companies that either provided a concession item(s) (food, beverage, etc.) that was sold during baseball games or proposed to sell such items. Entertainment consists of correspondence from companies and individuals wanting to use the ballpark for entertainment purposes that included showing movies, performing plays, and music. In addition, this series contains material from "inventors" who proposed a baseball-related invention. Rental of Grounds contains correspondence from a variety of traveling sports teams wishing to rent the Cincinnati ballpark for games. The American Bloomer Girls and Rube Foster's American Giants are just a few of the baseball teams that used the ballpark; other sports included football teams like the Carlisle Indians and the Celts A.C. Football Club. The material is arranged alphabetically by team name or representative's name.

Advertisement, 1903-26

Folder 31 A. Sunderbruch's Sons Co. Scorecard 1908

Folder 32 The A.G. Corre Hotel Company Scorecard 1908

Folder 33 A.L. Fink & Company Scorecard 1917

Folder 34 American Sports Publishing Company Scorecard 1920

Folder 35 Andrews, Thomas S. Scorecard (The Evening Wisconsin) 1909

Folder 36 Apollinaris Agency Company Scorecard 1912

Folder 37 Arthur Lehmann & Company Scorecard 1908

Folder 38 Baseball Publishing Company F.H. Birch 1910-11

Folder 39 Baseball Publishing Company F.H. Birch 1912-13

Folder 40 Baseball Publishing Company F.H. Birch 1916-17

Folder 41 Bentley, Murray & Company Schedules 1909-13

Folder 42 Billboard Publishing Company 1910-13

Folder 43 Braunwart & Brockoff Scorecard, bid for printing 1904

Folder 44 Buckingham Hotel Company Scorecard 1915

Folder 45 Burnet House Scorecard 1907

Folder 46 The Carl M. Green Company (motor car used, Navin Field) 1911-12

Folder 47 Cigar Makers Local Union no. 4 Scorecard 1905-11

Folder 48 The Cincinnati Bill Posting Company Stadium 1907

Folder 49 The Cincinnati Gunning System Stadium 1907-09

Folder 50 Cincinnati, New Orleans & Texas

Pacific Railway Co. Scorecard 1906

Folder 51 The Cincinnati Oil Works Company Scorecard 1917

Folder 52 The Colby Art Company Photo of team 1915

Folder 53 Colegan Gum Company Scorecard undated

Folder 54 Colegrove, Earl R. Scorecard 1915

Folder 55 Duke's Official Baseball & Race Chart Scorecard 1912

Folder 56 E.H. Bardee Range & Foundry Co. Scorecard 1912-16

Folder 57 E.T. Johnson & Company Scorecard 1907

Folder 58 The Ebbert & Richardson Company Scorecard, bid for printing 1903-04

Folder 59 F.W. Woolworth Company Scorecard 1915

Folder 60 Gardner-Glen Buck Company Scorecard 1922

Folder 61 The General Iron Works Company Scorecard 1921

Folder 62 The Globe-Wernicke Company Scorecard 1912

Folder 63 H. Grossman Lion Brand Scorecard 1912

Folder 64 The Hopley Printing Company Scorecard 1911

Folder 65 Hotel Schenley Scorecard (Pittsburgh, PA) 1916

Folder 66 Hotel Sinton Scorecard (W.J. Fleming) 1915-17

Folder 67 The Howe Scale Company Scorecard 1912

Folder 68 Illinois Central Railroad Company Scorecard 1906

Folder 69 International Alliance of Bill Posters

& Billers Scorecard 1917

Folder 70 Ivan B. Nordhem Company Scorecard 1917

Folder 71 J.M. Gidding & Company Scorecard 1921

Folder 72 The J.P. Doppes' Sons Lumber Co. Scorecard 1911-14

Folder 73 The John Chapman Company 1905-06

Folder 74 Kain & Hamilton Scorecard 1908

Folder 75 The Kraemer Art Company Publishers 1911

Folder 76 M. Sullivan & Sons Scorecard 1909

Folder 77 The May Company Scorecard 1911

Folder 78 The Moores-Coney Company Scorecard 1916

Folder 79 N.W. Ayer & Sons Scorecard 1906

Folder 80 The O.J. Guide Company Scorecard 1922

Folder 81 The Ohio Top Company Scorecard 1912

Folder 82 Potter Shoe Company Scorecard 1926

Folder 83 Queen & Crescent Route Scorecard 1912

Folder 84 Queen City Engraving Company Souvenir book (George T. Breier, Manager) 1910

Folder 85 R.W. Clark Manufacturing Company Scorecard 1917

Folder 86 Regal Shoe Company Scorecard 1906

Folder 87 Riggs Restaurant & Hotel Company Scorecard 1906

Folder 88 S. Rosenthal & Company Scorecard, bids for printing 1904-06

Folder 89 Scorecard -- Brooklyn at Cincinnati (For game between July 30 and August 2) 1909

Folder 90 Skinner Engine Company Scorecard 1909

Folder 91 Teasdale's Dyeing & Cleaning Works Scorecard 1911

Folder 92 The Thomas Cusack Company Western Avenue gate 1909

Folder 93 The United States Playing Card Co. Scorecard 1915-16

Folder 94 Van Oeyen, L. Photographer (opening Cleveland Park) 1910

Folder 95 The Weiler Syndicate Advertising 1903

Folder 96 The Whitehead & Hoag Company (pl: Roush, Pinelli, Wingo, Luque) 1925

Folder 97 The William Glenny Glass Company Scorecard 1922

Folder 98 The Worlds Score Board & Advertising

Co. (Stanley Kandul) 1910-12

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Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German iconD irector of Oxford Centre for Advanced Materials and Composites (ocamac) and Faraday Partnership In Automotive And Aerospace Materials

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Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German iconLanguage Use By Bilingual Special Educators Of English Language Learners With Disabilities

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Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German iconHarold Jantz Collection of German Baroque Literature

Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German iconLanguages: English; French; some German; some Swedish

Language: Most of the materials in this collection are in English. Occasionally, there are materials in German iconMaterials, E

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