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Population [XS.2]

NEW SOUTH WALES. Legislative Council XS.2/NSW/1861

Census of the Colony of New South Wales taken on 7 April 1861 under the Act 21 Victoria, no.5. Sydney, Govt. Pr., 1862.

1.Census – N.S.W., 1861. [Reference: New South Wales – Census] #1962.2845; #n.n. (90)

Another copy at HB.9/NSW/1861


Population trends 1971-1976, and projections 1976-2001: the North Coast Region, vol.4. Lismore, NRCAE, 1978. ISBN 0-909200-07-6.

1.Population – Northern New South Wales. 2.Northern New South Wales – Population Projections, 1976-2001. #2002.612 (70)


Commerce/Trade (including Retail) [XT]


Basket, bag and trolley: a history of shopping in Australia. Melbourne, O.U.P., 1994. ISBN 0-19-553510-3 (Australian retrospectives)

1. Shopping – Australia. #2002.108.1 (2024)

HASTHORPE, Monty 338.7099443/HAST XT/KYOG/H

Kyogle ninety five years of commerce 1902 to 1997: History of the Kyogle commercial precinct

Kyogle & District Historical Society Inc, 2007. 308 p; ill, port; 30 cm. ISBN: 9780646473895 (pbk.)

1. Kyogle – History. 2. Commerce – History. #2007.106.1

MCNAUGHT, Jean, comp. R.363.4/MCN (Ref) XT/PUBL/M

Butts and certificates of the first publicans’ licences, 1830-1860. Lismore, Richmond-Tweed Regional Library, 1997.

Includes Atlas of the settled counties of N.S.W…1847, compiled by Wentworth, Lang,

1.Publicans – N.S.W. – Licences, 1830-1860. 2.Hotels – N.S.W. – History. I. Wentworth, William Charles. Atlas…II. Lang, John Dunmore, Rev. Dr. Atlas… #1997.099 (1088)


1979 Market Research Project: “How do consumers see ‘Down Town’ Lismore, and what should down town Lismore do in response to consumers perceptions of it”

Lismore, the college, 1979.

1. Commerce – Lismore. 2. Shopping – Lismore. 3. Consumers – Lismore #2000.81.95


Postal Services [XT.3]


Australian postal history. Sydney, Gordon & Gotch, n.d. ISBN 0-646-12695-4.

1. Postal Services – Australia. 2. Philately. #2006.76.14 (2263)


Ballina Post Office on the occasion of its Centenary 16 June 1988

Australia Post, 1988. 9p, ill, 21cm.

1. Post Offices – Ballina - History. 2. Ballina – History #2007.22.3

CREMER, Vann L. 383.0994/TIN/C XT.3/TINT/C

Tintenbar Post Office history. Sydney, Australia Post, 1980.

1.Post Offices – Tintenbar – History. 2.Tintenbar – History. #n.n. (1373)


Telecommunications [XT.4]

MARTIN, Leith 384.5/LIS/M XT.4/BROA

What is Amateur Radio [from Happenings article in Summerland Amateur Radio Club]. Lismore, the author, n.d.

1.Radio Clubs – Lismore. 2.Summerland Amateur Radio Club, Lismore. 3.Radio, Amateur. [Reference: Amateur Radio] #n.n. (1476)


The A.B.C. annual, 1939. Sydney, ABC/Harbour Press, 1939.

1.Australian Broadcasting Commission – Annuals, 1939. 2.Broadcasting – Australia. #1997.128.1 (1240)


The Golden Age of the Argonauts: a celebration of Australia’s best loved radio programme for children. Sydney, Hodder & Stoughton, 1997.

1.Radio – Programming for Children. 2.Argonauts (Children’s Radio) – History. 2.Australian Broadcasting Commission – Radio Programmes. #2001.19 (1642)

ALCORN, John 621.3845/ALC XT.4/TELE/A

Radiotelegraph and radiotelephone codes, prowords and abbreviations. Lismore, S.C.U., 1997.

1.Codes, Telegraphic. [Reference: Telegraphic Codes] #1997.115 (1246)

OGG, E., ed. 384.65/OGG XT.4/TELE/O

A Celebration of service: Lismore Telephone Exchange centenary, 1898-1998. Lismore, Centenary Reunion Committee, 1998.

1.Telephone Exchanges – Lismore. 2.Lismore Telephone Exchange – History, 1898-1998. #2001.207.0 (1822)


Applications for television licence by Richmond Tweed TV Ltd. Lismore, R.T.TV, 1959.

1.Television Licences – Lismore. 2.RTN, Lismore. #2002.623 (91)


The Palace of Winged Words: the development of telephone exchanges in Australia. Sydney, Telecom, 1980.

1.Telephone Exchanges – Australia – History. #1980.4789 (1643)


Rail Transport [XT.5]

DUNN, Ian A. 385.77/DUN XT.5/LISM

Lismore Railway wharf: a review of the interface between rail and river transport on the Richmond River in New South Wales [including Grafton and North to the Queensland Border]. Sydney, the author, 2000.

1.Railway Transport – North Coast District. 2.River Transport – North Coast District. 3.Lismore Railway Wharf – History. 4.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District. 5.Transport – Richmond River District. #2000.045 (1374)


Ships and Shipping [XT.6]

BACH, John P.S. 387.5/BAC XT.6/AUST/B

A Maritime history of Australia. Sydney, Pan Books, 1982. ISBN 0-330-27036-2. First published 1976.

1.Maritime History – Australia. #1999.118.2 (1503)

HANSEN, H.J. (Jim) 623.82/CSR/H XT.6/CSR/H

CSR shipping, 1880-2003: a history of the ships owned and chartered by CSR in Australia and New Zealand, 1870-2003, and a record of the ships that called at Chelsea over that period. Auckland, the author, 2004. ISBN.0-473-09815-6

1. CSR – History. 2. Sugar Industry – History. 3. Ships and Shipping. #2004.119 (1997)

DALEY, Louise Tiffany, comp. 623.825/SHI XT.6/DALE

Shipping journal, no.1 [scrapbook and notes of Louise Daley].

1.Ships and Shipping – Australia. 2.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District. 3. Scrapbooks [Daley – Shipping] #1965.3160 (296)

HEWITT, Norman Cowan 623.82/HEW XT.6/HEWI/1

Shipping retrospect: romance of the sea, sail, steam, motor [1.Transcript; 2.News clippings; 3.Photocopy]. Lismore, the author, 1927.

Note: Parts 1 & 2 in Restricted Area (Stack); Part 3 available for Research.

1.Ships and Shipping – History. 2. Scrapbooks [Hewitt – Shipping] #1955.799; #1955.812d; #n.n. (282)

HEWITT, Norman Cowan, comp. 623.88/SHI XT.6/HEWI/2

Shipping clippings: [newspaper clippings collected by N.C. Hewitt].

1.Ships and Shipping. 2. Scrapbooks [Hewitt – Shipping] #1955.829Q (298)

HUNTER, J.H., Capt. 623.88/SHI/1 XT.6/HUNT

Shipping history, Book 1: newspaper clippings [compiled by Captain J.H. Hunter].

1.Ships and Shipping – History. 2.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District. 3. Scrapbooks [Hunter – Shipping] #1959.2394a (300)

HUNTER, J.H., Capt. 623.88/SHI/2 XT.6/HUNT

Shipping history, Book 2: documents of Captain J.H. Hunter.

[Filed with Original Documents.]

1.Ships and Shipping – History. 2.Satara (Ship) – History. 3. Scrapbooks [Hunter – Shipping] #1959.2394b (299)

RICHARDS, Michael P. 623.824/RIC XT.6/NCSN/R

The North Coast run: a history of the North Coast Steam Navigation Co. Ltd. Sydney, K.J. Wass, 1967.

1.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District – History. 2.North Coast Steam Navigation Co. – History. #1967.3407 (291)

RICHARDS, Michael P. 623.824/RIC/1 XT.6/NCSN/R

The North Coast run: men and ships of the New South Wales North Coast. 2nd ed. Sydney, Turton & Armstrong, 1977. ISBN 0-908031-10-6 (3 copies)

1.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District – History. 2.North Coast Steam Navigation Co. – History. #1983.5007; #1977.4545; #1994.30 (292)


Specification book from 1909 [plans]. No publishing details.

Located in Original Documents Drawer.

1.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District. 2.Steam Ships – North Coast District, 1909- . 3.North Coast Steam Navigation Co. – Plans, 1909- . #1954.356 (295)


Ships and shipping: [retyped from RRHS files by Ernie Simons]. Lismore, the Society, 1999.

Contents: (1) N.S.W 19.5.1877: The SS Victoria. (2) Early travel on the Richmond, by William Mallett. (3) The Ramornie [ship]. (4) Shipping interests of Davis Bros… (5) North Coast shipbuilding. (6) Richmond River steamer service. (7) Collision: SS Teven with MV Nimbin. (8) Richmond River Express extracts compiled by Mrs Bella McKinnon Mitchell. (9) Davis’ steamboats, by Joseph Spinaze. (10) Britannia (ship). (11) Shipping on the Richmond River. (12) Letter from William Mallett to Windsor Lang. (13) Louise Daley interview with John Day.

1. Ships and Shipping – North Coast District. 2. Davis Bros. 3. Shipwrecks – North Coast Districts. 4. Day, John [interview with Louise Daley]. I. Mallett, William. Early travel on the Richmond. II. Mitchell, Bella McKinnon. III. Spinaze, Joseph. Davis’ steamboats. IV. Lang, Windsor (letter from William Mallett). V. Daley, Louise Tiffany. Interview with John Day. #n.n. (2156)

CLARK, M.S. 387.1/CLA XT.6/NSW/C

Ships and shores and trading ports: a social and working life of coastal harbours and river towns in N.S.W. Sydney, Waterways Authority of N.S.W., 2001.

1.Ships and Shipping – N.S.W. – History. 2.Harbours – N.S.W. I. Waterways Authority of N.S.W. #2001.150.0 (1780)

CURBY, Pauline 386.2/RIC/C XT.6/RICH/C

Richmond River Maritime history: survey 1840-1996, by P. Curby and E. Smith. Casino, Richmond River Shire Council, 1997.

Note: In two parts: A. Survey; B. Results of the Maritime Archaeological Investigation, by Cosmos Coroneos for Pauline Curby.

1.Maritime history – Richmond River. 2.Ships and Shipping – Richmond River – History [Reference: Shipping]. I. Smith, Esme, jt. author. II. Coroneos, Cosmos… #1997.116 (1097)

DALEY, Louise Tiffany 623.82/DAL XT.6/RICH/D

Ship trading on the Richmond. Unpublished manuscript, n.d.

1.Ships and Shipping – Richmond River – History. 2.Transport, River – Richmond River District. #1965.3133a (281)

DENING, S.J., comp. 623.88/DEN XT.6/RICH/D

A history of shipping on the Richmond River, and Byron Bay, North Coast shipping: [newspaper clippings, etc. compiled by S.J. Dening].

1.Ships and Shipping – North Coast District – History. 2.Ships and Shipping – Byron Bay – History. 3.Ships and Shipping – Richmond River – History. #1963.2998 (301)

OSBORNE, Max Marley 994.43/RIC/O XT.6/RICH/O

The Richmond River System: life line of the Northern Rivers since the beginning of time. Lismore, Richmond River Historical Society, 1999. (Fred McLeay Memorial Prize) (2 copies?)

1.Richmond River – History. 2.River Transport – Richmond River. 3.Cedar Industry – Richmond River District. I. Richmond River Historical Society. #2000.037 (1446)

TIPPETT, John Lawer 623.8/TIP XT.6/TIPP

Seven voyages in a windjammer:…England/Australia/England. Maitland, the author, 1893.

[Photocopy of diaries. Original in Stack Area.]

1.Sailing Ships. 2.Voyages to Australia, 1893. 3.Diaries (Tippett). #n.n. (1379)


Aviation/Space [XT.7]

MURRAY, D.C. (Cliff) 387.736/LISM/M XT.7/LISM/M

An aerodrome is born in Lismore. Lismore, City council, 1992.

1. Aerodromes – Lismore – History. 2. Lismore – History. 3. Aviation – Northern Rivers – History. #2001.186.2 (1926)


Roads/Road Transport [XT.8]

FREEMAN, David 388.12/FREE XT.8/ARMI/F

The Armidale to Grafton Road: sesquicentennial history, 1846-1996. Taree, the author, 1996. ISBN.0-9586643-0-7


1. Roads – Grafton. 2. Roads – Armidale District. 3. Grafton – History. 4. Armidale – History. #2004.108 (1996)

CAREW, Edna 388.324/KYO/H XT.8/BROW/C

Brown and Hurley: family business; the story of successful family companies in Australia. Kyogle, the author, n.d.

1.Transport – North Coast District. 2.Kyogle – History. 3.Brown and Hurley (Kyogle). #1995.44.1 (1178)

HURLEY, J.A. 388.324/KYO/H XT.8/HURL/H

The first 40 years…the Brown and Hurley story, 1946-1986. 2nd ed. Kyogle, Kyogle Printery, 1998.

1.Brown and Hurley (Kyogle) – History, 1946-1986. 2.Hurley, J.A. 3.Hurley, L.A. I. Brown, L.A., jt. author. #1995.44.2 (1179)


Illawarra toll-bars, Kiama and Russell Vale. Wollongong, Illawarra Historical Society, 1966.

1.Illawarra District – History. 2.Road Transport – Illawarra District. I. Illawarra Historical Society. #2000.088.6 (1708)

HURLEY, Jack Douglas 388.1/LION/H XT.8/LION/H

The Lions Road: a Kyogle, Beaudesert Lions Club Community Development Project. Kyogle, the author, 2002. ISBN.0-958846-21-9

1. Roads – Kyogle District. 2. Lions Road. I. Lions Club of Kyogle. #2002.147.2 (1995)

KIRKLAND, Kevin R., comp. 388.322/KIR/K XT.8/NEWE/K(a-c)

Life’s a journey: the Kirkland and New England Motor Company story.

Lismore, the author, 1999. 47p, ill., 21cm. (3 copies)

1.Kirkland Motor Company – History. 2.New England Motor Company – History. 3.Motor Transport – North Coast District – History. [Reference: Transport, Motor] #2000.002.1 & 2 (1477) #2007.126.1


Languages [Z]


Pocket vocabulary of 20,000 English, Malay and Dutch words. Melbourne, Ramsay Ware, c.1942.

1.Malay Language. 2.English Language. 3.Dutch Language. #1998.44.2

UNITED STATES. Southwest Pacific Area 495/USA Z/JAPA

Pocket vocabulary of Malay, Pidgin English and Japanese phrases for the use of United States troops in the South West Pacific Area. Washington, United States Army, 1942.

1.Malay Language. 2.Pidgin English Language. 3.Japanese Language. #1998.44.1


DISPLAY ONLY (Books are in an archive box in the Telephone room)

COLE, Edward William MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

Cole’s funny picture book, no.2. 63rd ed. Melbourne, Cole, c.1930.

1. Display books. #2003.202.1 (2254)

SOVIET painting exhibited at 1938 New York Fair. DISPLAY

1.Paintings, Russian. 2.New York Fair – Exhibitions, 1938. #1960.2468f (404)

MACLAGAN, Eric 746.392/BAY/M MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

The Bayeux Tapestry. Rev. ed. Harmondsworth, Middlesex, Penguin, 1953.

1.Bayeux Tapestry. 2.Tapestry. #1956.874d (402)

EXPLORERS and their ships.D.910.9/EXP MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

Melbourne, Nabisco, n.d.

1.Exploration, Sea – Juvenile Literature. 2.Ships and Shipping – Juvenile Literature. [Reference: Sea Exploration] #2002.519 (436)

POLAR Regions wild life: [Vitabrit Publication]. DISPLAY

Sydney, Sanatorium Health Food Co., n.d.

1.Flora and Fauna – Polar Regions. [Reference: Polar Wild Life] #n.n. (266)

SHELL project card album; shells, fish and coral: DISPLAY

[Vitabrits Publication]. Sydney, Santatorium Health Food Co., n.d.

1.Shells – Juvenile Literature. 2.Fish – Juvenile Literature. 3.Coral – Juvenile Literature. [Reference: Conchology] #n.n. (267)

SMITH, Sydney, Rev. MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

The Works of Reverend Sydney Smith [including newspaper clippings]. London, Longmans Green Reader & Dyer, 1869.

[no other entries] #1981.4804 (427)

GIBBS, May MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

Gum-blossom babies: words and pictures. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, c.1917.

I. Title. #2002.505 (1276)

HARDY, Thomas MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

Tess of the D’Urbervilles. London, Macmillan, 1891.

I. Title. #2000.049 (1395)


The How and why wonder book of rocks and minerals. New York, Wonder Books, 1960.

1.Rocks – Juvenile Literature. 2.Minerals – Juvenile Literature. #n.n. (250)


The Wonder book of railways for boys and girls. 4th n.d.

1.Railways – Juvenile Literature. #1972.3883 (304)

LE BAS, Hedley, sir, ed. MB/KITC MS:S5 Display Books 1 DISPLAY

The Lord Kitchener memorial book. London, Hodder & Stoughton, c.1917.

1.Kitchener, Field Marshall Earl. 2.Soldiers – Biography. #1957.2068B (1970)

ondon, Wa187Loc
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