Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap

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Final edited, proofread roadmap, including graphics, may be obtained from the Earth-Sun System Division, NASA HQ, POC:


Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap 3

Executive Summary 3

Part I. A New Science for the Age of Exploration 5

Part II. Achieving the Vision 8

Chapter 1. Sun-Solar System Connection: The Science 8

Introduction 8

Objective F: Open the Frontier to Space Weather Prediction 9

Objective H - Understand the Nature of Our Home in Space 13

Objective J: Safeguarding our Outward Journey 17

Chapter 2. Sun-Solar System Connection: The Program 20

Principles and Policies 20

Implementation Strategy 21

Strategic Considerations 22

Science by Phase 23

Program Elements 24

Low Cost Access to Space 33

Scientific Research and Analysis 33

Chapter 3. Technology Investments 36

Part III. Linkages between Sun-Solar System Connections and other NASA Activities 41

Chapter 1: Exploration and Fundamental Science 41

Chapter 2: Linkages Between SSSC Strategic Roadmap and other NASA Strategic Roadmaps 42

Chapter 3: Linkages Between SSSC Strategic Roadmap and NASA Capability Roadmaps 43

Appendices 45

A. National Policy Framework and External Constituencies 45

B. U.S. External Partnerships and Relationships 45

C. International Cooperation 46

D. Education and Public Outreach 47

E. Bibliography of Key Agency and NRC Documents 58

F. External Cost Drivers Beyond Our Control 60

G. Example Requirements Flow Down 62

H. Candidate Mission Reference List 62

I. Mission Descriptions 64

Near-Term Missions 64

Candidate Missions for Phase 2 and Phase 3 72

J. Sun-Solar System Connection Foundation Roadmap Team 84

K. Sun-Solar System Connection APIO-Appointed Roadmap Committee 85

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap

NASA Objective #15:

Explore the Sun-Earth system to understand the

  • Sun and its effects on:

    • Earth,

    • the solar system,

    • the space environmental conditions that will be experienced by human explorers,

  • and demonstrate technologies that can improve future operational systems.

NASA Objective #15 maps to the following National Objectives (from the Vision for Space Exploration):

  • Implement a sustained and affordable human and robotic program to explore the solar system and beyond

  • Extend human presence across the solar system, starting with a human return to the Moon by the year 2020, in preparation for human exploration of Mars and other destinations

  • Develop innovative technologies, knowledge, and infrastructure both to explore and to support decisions about the destinations for human exploration

  • Promote international and commercial participation in exploration to further U.S. scientific, security, and economic interests

  • Study the Earth system from space and develop new space-based and related capabilities for this purpose

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Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconSolar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar
Солнечное излучение, наряду с вторичной солнечной энергией ресурсов, таких как ветер и волны, гидроэлектроэнергия и биомассы, составляют...

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconFor Earth-Sun System Sciences

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap icon3 solar thermal power plants: from endangerd species to bulk power production in sun belt regions

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconIntegrated Thematic Unit on the Solar System

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconHeliophysics the study of the system composed of the Sun's heliosphere and the objects that interact with it…

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconWater desalination system by solar electric powered

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconPlan text – the usfg should establish a system of Space Based Solar Power in geostationary earth orbit

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconEnergy storage is employed in solar thermal energy systems to shift excess energy produced during times of high solar availability to times of low solar

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconEarth, as a member of the Solar System, Internal structure, the earth, Earth crust, : Distribution of land and water areas

Sun – Solar System Connection Roadmap iconTechnical Review of Solar Vehicle Drive Technology for Solar Racing Applications

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