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International Networking Events

Tackling Corruption


Establishing Standards in Public Life

Conference Report




About this Report 1

Conference Schedule 2

Day One

After Dinner Session

How can we expose corruption? Thoughts from a whistleblower 6

Day Two

Morning Session

Why do Systems Produce Corruption? 8

Afternoon Session: International Panel Discussion

How can we keep our politicians honest and is the west responsible for corruption? 10

After Dinner Session

Money and Politics: A Personal view from Inside and Outside 13

Day Three

Morning Session I

Can Disclosure Laws Control Political Corruption? 14

Morning Session 2

Why is Political Finance a Major Source of Political Corruption? 17

Afternoon Session

How can we stop vote-buying? 20

Day Four

Morning Session I

Empowering the Voiceless 23

Morning Session 2

Societies in Transition – Country Insights 25

Day Five

Morning Session

International Video Conference Link with Indian Participants 29

Afternoon Session

How can we build institutions of integrity? 33

Day Six

Morning Session

Working Groups Report Back 35

Conclusions 38


I Conference Presenters Biographies 40

II Presenter’s Special Seminar 42

III Conference Participants Contact Details 45

About this Report

Fighting corruption has become an all too essential element in ensuring – and building – sound democratic governance the world over. This is recognised by civil society groups, NGOs, parliamentarians, democracy activists, and even international agencies such as the World Bank, OECD and the UN. It is seen as a key explanation for growing voter apathy and cynicism in advanced democracies, and poor economic and political development in emerging democracies.

To focus on these issues, the British Council hosted an International Networking Event in March 2002, on Tackling Corruption and Establishing Standards in Public Life, held at Corpus Christi College in Oxford, drawing together expert participants and practitioners from academe, politics, civil society bodies and public life

The aims of this event included:

  • generating fresh insights by creating debates around current strategies aimed at fighting global corruption;

  • using the experience and knowledge of participants to share case studies which can be used as ‘models’ for discussion in workshops, and for developing general scenarios and strategies;

  • building up a dossier of both reference and source material of good practice and new ideas which can be taken by participants for use in follow-up work, and examples of genuine success (and failure).

This report summarizes the main presentations and comments and discussions at the Conference. While every effort has been made to portray accurately the opinions expressed, in the interests of space and brevity, there has been some omission and paraphrasing.

Dr Paul Flather

Mansfield College

1 July 2002

The report was prepared and edited by Dr Paul Flather and Sheilah Coxford, produced by , and printed by . Any omissions of fact and attribution should be attributed to the editor. The report is also available at www.europaeum.org.

The views expressed in this report do not necessarily represent those of the British Council, or any of the groups that have contributed to this Conference. Photocopies may be made. The British Council must be acknowledged when using any part of this document.


Conference Schedule

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