Title: Advances in psychological assessment

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BF717.L4 1927

Title: The psychology of play activities, by Harvey C. Lehman

and Paul A. Witty.

Personal Author: Lehman, Harvey Christian.

Publication info: New York, A.S. Barnes and company, 1927.

BF636.54 .E53 2008 V.1 2008

Title: Encyclopedia of counseling / Frederick T. L. Leong,


Publication info: Los Angeles : SAGE Publications, c2008.

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Title: Handbook of adolescent psychology / edited by Richard

M. Lerner, Laurence Steinberg.

Publication info: Hoboken, N.J. : John Wiley & Sons, c2004.

BF1461.L4 1956

Title: Ghost book.

Personal Author: Leslie, Shane, 1885-1971.

Publication info: New York, Sheed & Ward [1956]

BF698.L3975 1995 1995

Title: Theories of personality : a systems approach / David


Personal Author: Lester, David, 1942-

Publication info: Washington, DC : Taylor & Francis, c1995.

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Title: Anthropological studies of witchcraft, magic, and

religion / edited with introductions by Brian P.


Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

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Title: Possession and exorcism / edited with introductions by

Brian P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF1563.A77 1992 V.8 1992

Title: Witchcraft in colonial America / edited with

introductions by Brian P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF1563.A77 1992 V.2 1992

Title: Witchcraft in the ancient world and the Middle Ages /

edited with introduction by Brian P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF1563.A77 1992 V.10 1992

Title: Witchcraft, women, and society / edited with

introductions by Brian P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF1563.A77 1992 V.5 1992

Title: Witch-hunting in continental Europe : local and

regional studies / edited with introductions by Brian

P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF1563.A77 1992 V.3 1992

Title: Witch-hunting in early modern Europe : general studies

/ edited with introductions by Brian P. Levack.

Publication info: New York : Garland Pub., 1992.

BF455.S755 1978

Title: Studies in the perception of language / edited by W.

J. M. Levelt and G. B. Flores D'Arcais.

Publication info: Chichester [Eng.] ; New York : Wiley, c1978.

BF723.D7L465 1986 1986

Title: Mommy, daddy, look what I'm saying : what children are

telling you through their art / Myra Levick with Diana

S. Wheeler.

Personal Author: Levick, Myra F.

Publication info: New York : M. Evans, c1986.

BF724.6.S42 1978 1978

Title: The Seasons of a man's life / by Daniel J. Levinson

... [et al.].

Publication info: New York : Knopf, c1978.

BF21.L4 V.1 1963

Title: The world of psychology, edited with introductions by

G. B. Levitas.

Personal Author: Levitas, Gloria B.,

Publication info: New York, G. Braziller, 1963.

BF637.M4L38 1997 1997

Title: Elements of mediation / Sharon C. Leviton, James L.


Personal Author: Leviton, Sharon.

Publication info: Pacific Grove : Brooks/Cole Pub., c1997.

BF698.L4 1935

Title: A dynamic theory of personality; selected papers, by

Kurt Lewin ... translated by Donald K. Adams ... and

Karl E. Zener ...

Personal Author: Lewin, Kurt, 1890-1947.

Publication info: New York, London, McGraw-Hill book company, inc.,


BF121.L45 1966

Title: Principles of topological psychology / by Kurt Lewin ;

translated by Fritz Heider and Grace M. Heider.

Personal Author: Lewin, Kurt, 1890-1947.

Publication info: New York : McGraw-Hill, 1966, c1936.

BF1091.L53 1995 1995

Title: The dream encyclopedia / James R. Lewis.

Personal Author: Lewis, James R.

Publication info: New York : Gale Research, c1995.

BF723.E9E47 1996 1996

Title: Emotional development in atypical children / edited by

Michael Lewis, Margaret Wolan Sullivan.

Publication info: Mahwah, N.J. : Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1996.

BF575.S45L48 1992 1992

Title: Shame : the exposed self / Michael Lewis.

Personal Author: Lewis, Michael, 1937 Jan. 10-

Publication info: New York : Free Press ; Toronto : Maxwell Macmillan

Canada ; New York : Maxwell Macmillan International,


BF724.3.S4 L43 2002 2002

Title: The developmental course of gender differentiation :

conceptualizing, measuring, and evaluating constructs

and pathways / Lynn S. Liben, Rebecca S. Bigler.

Personal Author: Liben, Lynn S.

Publication info: Boston, Mass. : Blackwell, 2002.

BF698.L46 1968 1968

Title: The person: his development throughout the life cycle.

Personal Author: Lidz, Theodore.

Publication info: New York, Basic Books [1968]

BF57.L5 1970

Title: History and human survival; essays on the young and

old, survivors and the dead, peace and war, and on

contemporary psychohistory.

Personal Author: Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926-

Publication info: New York, Random House [1970]

BF697.5.S65L53 1993 1993

Title: The protean self : human resilience in an age of

fragmentation / Robert Jay Lifton.

Personal Author: Lifton, Robert Jay, 1926-

Publication info: New York, NY : BasicBooks, c1993.

BF133.L63 1932

Title: Theoretical psychology / Johannes Lindworsky.

Translated from the German by Harry R. DeSilva.

Personal Author: Lindworsky, Johannes, 1875-1939.

Publication info: St. Louis : London : B. Herder Book Co. ; 1932.

BF698.L5 1965

Title: Theories of personality: primary sources and research,

edited by Gardner Lindzey [and] Calvin S. Hall.

Personal Author: Lindzey, Gardner.

Publication info: New York, Wiley [1965]

BF698.9.B5L64 1992 1992

Title: Genes and environment in personality development /

John C. Loehlin.

Personal Author: Loehlin, John C.

Publication info: Newbury Park : Sage Publications, c1992.

BF448 .T55 2003 2003

Title: Time and decision : economic and psychological

perspectives on intertemporal choice / George

Loewenstein, Daniel Read, and Roy Baumeister, editors.

Publication info: New York : Russell Sage, c2003.

BF371.L64 1976

Title: Human memory : the processing of information /

Geoffrey R. Loftus, Elizabeth F. Loftus.

Personal Author: Loftus, Geoffrey R.

Publication info: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates ; New York :

distributed by the Halsted Press Division of John

Wiley, 1976.

BF698.D56 1978

Title: Dimensions of personality / edited by Harvey London,

John E. Exner, Jr.

Publication info: New York : Wiley, c1978.

BF632.5.L6 1969

Title: Behavior control.

Personal Author: London, Perry.

Publication info: New York, Harper & Row [1969]

BF176 .P67 2003 2003

Title: Positive psychological assessment : a handbook of

models and measures / edited by Shane J. Lopez and

C.R. Snyder.

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,


BF204.6 .P66 2008 V.1 2008

Title: Positive psychology : exploring the best in people /

edited by Shane J. Lopez ; foreword by Sonja


Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2008.

Summary: Most of psychology focuses on negatives and illnesses.

Positive psychology is an attempt to redress the

balance and focus on the positive aspects of life-

human strengths and virtues that are found in the

happiest people.

BF385.L755 1974

Title: The memory book, by Harry Lorayne and Jerry Lucas.

Personal Author: Lorayne, Harry.

Publication info: New York, Stein and Day [1974]

BF353.5 .N37 L68 2005 2005

Title: Last child in the woods : saving our children from

nature-deficit disorder / Richard Louv.

Personal Author: Louv, Richard.

Publication info: Chapel Hill, NC : Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill,


Summary: In [this book, the author] talks with parents,

children, teachers, scientists, religious leaders,

child-development researchers, and environmentalists

who recognize the threat and offer solutions. [He]

shows us an alternative future, one in which parents

help their kids experience the natural world more

deeply - and find the joy of family connectedness in

the process. -Dust jacket.

BF81.L68 1971

Title: The evolution of psychological theory; 1650 to the


Personal Author: Lowry, Richard, 1940-

Publication info: Chicago, Aldine¨Atherton [1971]

BF789.D5L8 1969

Title: Men in crisis; a study of a mine disaster, by Rex A.


Personal Author: Lucas, Rex A.

Publication info: New York, Basic Books [1969]

BF698.L82 1989 1989

Title: Alfred Adler's basic concepts and implications /

Robert W. Lundin.

Personal Author: Lundin, Robert W. (Robert William), 1920-

Publication info: Muncie, Ind. : Accelerated Development Inc., c1989.

BF311.L8713 1976

Title: Cognitive development, its cultural and social

foundations / A. R. Luria ; translated by Martin

Lopez-Morillas and Lynn Solotaroff ; edited by Michael


Personal Author: Luriëiìa, A. R. (Aleksandr Romanovich), 1902-1977.

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1976.

BF431 .L96 2002 2002

Title: IQ and the wealth of nations / Richard Lynn and Tatu


Personal Author: Lynn, Richard.

Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2002.

BF1141 .T44 1991 1991

Title: Theories of hypnosis : current models and perspectives

/ edited by Steven Jay Lynn and Judith W. Rhue.

Publication info: New York : Guilford Press, c1991.

BF105 .M33 1999 1999

Title: Through the rearview mirror : historical reflections

on psychology / John Macnamara.

Personal Author: Macnamara, John.

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 1999.

BF637 .N66 M34 2001 2001

Title: I hear what you say, but what are you telling me? :

the strategic use of nonverbal communication in

mediation / Barbara G. Madonik.

Personal Author: Madonik, Barbara G.

Publication info: San Francisco, CA : Jossey-Bass, c2001.

BF698.9 .E45 M33 2002 2002

Title: The hidden genius of emotion : lifespan

transformations of personality / Carol Magai,

Jeannette Haviland-Jones.

Personal Author: Magai, Carol.

Publication info: Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press ;

Paris : Editions de la Maison des sciences de l'homme,


BF724.3 .H35 M34 1998 1998

Title: Exploring adolescent happiness : commitment, purpose,

and fulfillment / Zipora Magen.

Personal Author: Magen, Zipora.

Publication info: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c1998.

BF31 .P765 1998 V.1 1998

Title: Psychology basics / edited by Frank N. Magill.

Publication info: Pasadena, Calif. : Salem Press, c1998.

BF698 .M24 2002 2002

Title: Theories of personality : contemporary approaches to

the science of personality / Jeffrey J. Magnavita.

Personal Author: Magnavita, Jeffrey J.

Publication info: New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c2002.

BF683.M33 1971

Title: Psychological conflict and defense [by] George F.

Mahl. Irving L. Janis, editor.

Personal Author: Mahl, George F., 1917-

Publication info: New York, Harcourt, Brace, Jovanovich [1971]

BF637.S8M25 1960

Title: Psycho-cybernetics; a new way to get more living out

of life.

Personal Author: Maltz, Maxwell, 1899-1975.

Publication info: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1960]

BF311 .M228 2002 2002

Title: Consciousness recovered : psychological functions and

origins of conscious thought / George Mandler.

Personal Author: Mandler, George.

Publication info: Amsterdam ; Philadelphia : John Benjamins Pub., c2002.

BF311.M23 1982 1982

Title: Mind and emotion / George Mandler.

Personal Author: Mandler, George.

Publication info: Malabar, Fla. : R.E. Krieger Pub. Co., 1982, c1975.

BF1566 .M29 1973 1973

Title: Witchcraft : the story of man's search for

supernatural power / [by] Eric Maple.

Personal Author: Maple, Eric.

Publication info: London : Octopus Books, 1973.

BF173.M3566 1966 1966

Title: Eros and civilization; a philosophical inquiry into

Freud. With a new pref. by the author.

Personal Author: Marcuse, Herbert, 1898-1979

Publication info: Boston, Beacon Press [1966]

BF408.M25 1953

Title: Creative intuition in art and poetry.

Personal Author: Maritain, Jacques, 1882-1973.

Publication info: [New York] Pantheon Books [1953]

BF455.M335 1969

Title: Psycholinguistics; an introduction to the study of

speech and personality, edited by Norman N. Markel.

Personal Author: Markel, Norman N. (Norman Nathan), 1929-

Publication info: Homewood, Ill., Dorsey Press, 1969.

BF789.D4.O56 2000 2000

Title: On our own terms in Montana [videorecording] /

produced by Montana PBS ; host, Ian Marquand ;

producers, William Marcus, Chris Seifert ; director,

Jack Hyyppa.

Publication info: [Bozeman, MT] : Montana PBS, c2000.

Summary: Montanans discuss death and care for the terminally


BF637.C6 M36 2000
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