Title: Advances in psychological assessment

НазваниеTitle: Advances in psychological assessment
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Title: Causes and consequences of feelings / Leonard


Personal Author: Berkowitz, Leonard, 1926-

Publication info: Cambridge, U.K. ; New York : Cambridge University

Press ; Paris : Editions de la Maison des sciences de

l'homme, 2000.

BF789.D4B47 1973 1973

Title: Scapegoat; the impact of death-fear on an American


Personal Author: Bermann, Eric.

Publication info: Ann Arbor, University of Michigan Press [1973]

BF76.4 .E814 1999 1999

Title: Ethical conflicts in psychology / Donald N. Bersoff.

Publication info: Washington, DC : American Psychological Association,


BF173.J85B43 1968

Title: Jung's contribution to our time; the collected papers

of Eleanor Bertine. Edited by Elizabeth C. Rohrbach.

Personal Author: Bertine, Eleanor, 1887-1968.

Publication info: [New York] Published by Putnam for the C. G. Jung

Foundation for Analytical Psychology [1968, c1967]

BF456.R2B218 1991 1991

Title: Basic processes in reading : visual word recognition /

edited by Derek Besner, Glyn W. Humphreys.

Publication info: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates, 1991.

BF698.4 .B42 2003 2003

Title: Integrative assessment of adult personality / Larry E.

Beutler, Gary Groth-Marnat.

Personal Author: Beutler, Larry E.

Publication info: New York : Guilford Press, c2003.

BF721.B424 1967

Title: Child development; readings in experimental analysis,

edited by Sidney W. Bijou [and] Donald M. Baer.

Contributors: Anne Anastasi [and others]

Personal Author: Bijou, Sidney W. (Sidney William), 1908-

Publication info: New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts [1967]

BF723.P25B53 1971

Title: Father, child, and sex role; paternal determinants of

personality development [by] Henry B. Biller.

Personal Author: Biller, Henry B.

Publication info: Lexington, Mass., Heath Lexington Books [1971]

BF723.P33B54 1974

Title: Paternal deprivation; family, school, sexuality, and

society [by] Henry B. Biller.

Personal Author: Biller, Henry B.

Publication info: Lexington, Mass., Lexington Books [1974]

BF431.B54 1965

Title: Free association norms; by discrete and continued

methods, by Edward A. Bilodeau and David C. Howell.

Personal Author: Bilodeau, Edward A.

Publication info: [n.p.] Tulane U. Office of Naval Research, Dept. of

the Navy, 1965.

BF432.5.B55 1980 1980

Title: The development of intelligence in children / by

Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon ; [translated by

Elizabeth S. Kite] ; with marginal notes by Lewis M.


Personal Author: Binet, Alfred, 1857-1911.

Publication info: Nashville, Tenn. : Williams Printing Co., 1980.

BF319.5.B5B553 1979

Title: Biofeedback and self-regulation / edited by Niels

Birbaumer, H. D. Kimmel.

Publication info: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum Associates ; New York :

distributed by the Halsted Press, 1979.

BF575.F14B5 1969 1969

Title: Fear of failure [by] Robert C. Birney, Harvey Burdick

[and] Richard C. Teevan.

Personal Author: Birney, Robert Charles, 1925-

Publication info: New York, Van Nostrand-Reinhold Co. [1969]

BF724.55 .A35 H36 2001 2001

Title: Handbook of the psychology of aging / editors, James

E. Birren and K. Warner Schaie ; associate editors,

Ronald P. Abeles, Margaret Gatz, and Timothy A.


Publication info: San Diego, Calif. : Academic Press, c2001.

BF724.8.H36 1977

Title: Handbook of the psychology of aging / editors, James

E. Birren, K. Warner Schaie, with the assistance of

associate editors, Jack Botwinick, Sheila Chown, Carl


Publication info: New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold, c1977.

BF698.B515 1964

Title: Interpreting personality theories. [Under the

editorship of Gardner Murphy]

Personal Author: Bischof, Ledford J.

Publication info: New York, Harper & Row [1964]

BF109.S55B46 1993 1993

Title: B.F. Skinner : a life / Daniel W. Bjork.

Personal Author: Bjork, Daniel W.

Publication info: New York : Basic Books, c1993.

BF637.C6B47 1974 1974

Title: Developmental counseling [by] Donald H. Blocher.

Personal Author: Blocher, Donald H.

Publication info: New York, Ronald Press Co. [1974]

BF698 .B545 2002 2002

Title: Personality as an affect-processing system : toward an

integrative theory / Jack Block.

Personal Author: Block, Jack, 1924-

Publication info: Mahwah, N.J. : L. Erlbaum, 2002.

BF455.B562 1981

Title: The linguistic shaping of thought : a study in the

impact of language on thinking in China and the West /

Alfred H. Bloom.

Personal Author: Bloom, Alfred H.

Publication info: Hillsdale, N.J. : L. Erlbaum, 1981.

BF789.D4B635 1996 1996

Title: In the shadow of illness : parents and siblings of the

chronically ill child / by Myra Bluebond-Langner.

Personal Author: Bluebond-Langner, Myra, 1948-

Publication info: Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c1996.

BF109 .H346 B58 2002 2002

Title: Love at Goon Park : Harry Harlow and the science of

affection / Deborah Blum.

Personal Author: Blum, Deborah (Deborah L.)

Publication info: Cambridge, MA : Perseus Pub., c2002.

BF1779 .R86 B58 1987 1987

Title: The book of runes : a handbook for the use of an

ancient oracle, the viking runes / commentary by Ralph

Blum ; [illustrations by Jancis Salerno].

Personal Author: Blum, Ralph, 1932-

Publication info: New York : St. Martin's Press, c1987.

BF319.5 .B5 B72 2002 2002

Title: Brain and body in sport and exercise : biofeedback

applications in performance enhancement / edited by

Boris Blumenstein, Michael Bar-Eli, Gershon Tenenbaum.

Publication info: Chichester : Wiley, c2002.

BF455.B564 1970

Title: Language and psychology; historical aspects of

psycholinguistics [by] Arthur L. Blumenthal.

Personal Author: Blumenthal, Arthur L.

Publication info: New York, Wiley [1970]

BF576 .B63 1999 1999

Title: Emotional literacy : to be a different kind of smart /

Rob Bocchino.

Personal Author: Bocchino, Rob.

Publication info: Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications, c1999.

BF698 .B582 1982 1991

Title: The Tao of psychology : synchronicity and the self /

Jean Shinoda Bolen.

Personal Author: Bolen, Jean Shinoda.

Publication info: [San Francisco?] : HarperSanFrancisco, c1979, (1991


BF637 .C6 B336 2002 2002

Title: A beginner's guide to training in counselling &

psychotherapy / edited by Robert Bor and Stephen


Publication info: London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : SAGE Publications,


BF531 .B67 1989 1989

Title: Think straight! feel great! : 21 guides to emotional

self-control / Bill Borcherdt.

Personal Author: Borcherdt, Bill.

Publication info: Sarasota, Fla. : Professional Resource Exchange,


BF95.B6 1950 1950

Title: A history of experimental psychology.

Personal Author: Boring, Edwin Garrigues, 1886-1968.

Publication info: New York, Appleton-Century-Crofts [1950]

BF335.B68 1953

Title: The troubled mind; a psychiatric study of success and

failure in human adaptation.

Personal Author: Bosselman, Beulah Chamberlain.

Publication info: New York, Ronald Press Co. [1953]

BF1815.N8B55 1941

Title: Nostradamus speaks.

Personal Author: Boswell, Rolfe.

Publication info: New York, Crowell, 1941.

BF724.8.B66 1973

Title: Aging and behavior; a comprehensive integration of

research findings.

Personal Author: Botwinick, Jack.

Publication info: New York, Springer Pub. Co. [1973]

BF1522.B6813 2006 2006

Title: Satan the heretic : the birth of demonology in

medieval west / Alain Boureau ; translated by Teresa

Lavender Fagan.

Personal Author: Boureau, Alain.

Publication info: Chicago : University of Chicago Press, 2006.

BF789.D4C68 1981

Title: Counseling the dying / Margaretta K. Bowers ... [et


Publication info: San Francisco : Harper & Row, 1981.

BF723.M35 B68 1969 V.3 1969

Title: Attachment and loss.

Personal Author: Bowlby, John.

Publication info: New York, Basic Books [1969-1980]

BF175.5 .M95 B69 2007 2007

Title: Freudian mythologies : Greek tragedy and modern

identities / Rachel Bowlby.

Personal Author: Bowlby, Rachel, 1957-

Publication info: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2007.

BF575.P9 U534 1996 1996

Title: Understanding prejudice [videorecording] : gripes and

common ground / Cambridge Research Group ; Black Bear

; producers, Charlotte Angel, Kyle Boyd ; director,

Kyle Boyd ; script, Laura Kaminker.

Publication info: Charleston, WV : Cambridge Educational, c1996.

Summary: Discusses prejudice, discrimination, and bigotry in

the United States. Both sides get to air their views

on the issues.

BF1576.B6 1974

Title: Salem possessed; the social origins of witchcraft [by]

Paul Boyer and Stephen Nissenbaum.

Personal Author: Boyer, Paul S.

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1974.

BF721.B67 1969

Title: A students' guide to Piaget, by D. G. Boyle.

Personal Author: Boyle, D. G.

Publication info: Oxford, New York, Pergamon Press [1969]

BF319.5.O6B73 1970 1970

Title: Behavior modification, the human effort.

Personal Author: Bradfield, Robert Harrison,

Publication info: San Rafael, Calif., Dimensions, 1970.

BF637 .C6 C69 2001 2001

Title: Counselor supervision : principles, process, and

practice / edited by Loretta J. Bradley, Nicholas


Publication info: Philadelphia, PA : Brunner-Routledge, c2001.

BF637.C6B676 1973

Title: The helping relationship; process and skills [by]

Lawrence M. Brammer.

Personal Author: Brammer, Lawrence M.

Publication info: Englewood Cliffs, N.J., Prentice-Hall [1973]

BF311 .F66 2001 2001

Title: The foundations of cognitive science / edited by Joäao


Publication info: Oxford : Clarendon Press ; New York : Oxford

University Press, 2001.

BF1321.B72 1979

Title: ESP and psychokinesis : a philosophical examination /

Stephen E. Braude.

Personal Author: Braude, Stephen E., 1945-

Publication info: Philadelphia : Temple University Press, 1979.

BF1311 .F8 B73 2003 2003

Title: Immortal remains : the evidence for life after death /

Stephen E. Braude.

Personal Author: Braude, Stephen E., 1945-

Publication info: Lanham, Md. : Rowman & Littlefield, c2003.

BF1583.B73 1995 1995

Title: Fearless wives and frightened shrews : the

construction of the witch in early modern Germany /

Sigrid Brauner ; edited with an introduction by Robert

H. Brown ; foreword by Sara Lennox.

Personal Author: Brauner, Sigrid, 1950-1992.

Publication info: Amherst : University of Massachusetts Press, c1995.

BF721 .B71345 2000 2000

Title: The irreducible needs of children : what every child

must have to grow, learn, and flourish / T. Berry

Brazelton, Stanley I. Greenspan.

Personal Author: Brazelton, T. Berry, 1918-

Publication info: Cambridge, Mass. : Perseus Publishing, c2000.

BF720.P37B74 1992 1992

Title: On becoming a family : the growth of attachment / T.

Berry Brazelton.

Personal Author: Brazelton, T. Berry, 1918-

Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Delacorte Press/Seymour Lawrence,


BF637.R57B74 2007 2007

Title: The psychology of risk / Glynis M. Breakwell.

Personal Author: Breakwell, Glynis M. (Glynis Marie)

Publication info: Cambridge : Cambridge University Press, 2007.

BF76.5 .R466 2000 2000

Title: Research methods in psychology / edited by Glynis M.

Breakwell, Sean Hammond, and Chris Fife-Schaw.

Publication info: London ; Thousand Oaks, Calif. : Sage Publications,


BF721.B7135 1966

Title: A guide to reading Piaget, by Molly Brearley and

Elizabeth Hitchfield.

Personal Author: Brearley, Molly.

Publication info: New York, Schocken Books [c1969,1966]

BF109 .F74 B74 2000 2001

Title: Freud : darkness in the midst of vision / Louis


Personal Author: Breger, Louis, 1931-

Publication info: New York ; Chichester : Wiley, 2001.

BF723.S75B74 1984 1984

Title: Helping children cope with stress / Avis Brenner.

Personal Author: Brenner, Avis.

Publication info: Lexington, Mass. : Lexington Books, c1984.

BF697.B74 1977

Title: Celebrate your self : making life work for you / by

Dorothy Corkille Briggs.

Personal Author: Briggs, Dorothy Corkille.

Publication info: Garden City, N.Y. : Doubleday, 1977.

BF81 .P47 1997 1997

Title: A pictorial history of psychology / edited by Wolfgang

G. Bringmann ... [et al.].

Publication info: Chicago : Quintessence Pub., c1997.

BF1241 .B7 1870 1870

Title: Modern American spiritualism: a twenty years' record

of the communion between earth and the world of

spirits. By Emma Hardinge.

Personal Author: Britten, Emma Hardinge, d. 1899.

Publication info: New York, The author, 1870.

BF637 .S4.B79 2003 2003

Title: What should I do with my life? / Po Bronson.

Personal Author: Bronson, Po, 1964-

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Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconPublication Date Encyclopedia Article Title Reference Book Title

Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconTitle 26 is a compilation of toxic regulations issued by State regulatory agencies and published for the first time in one Title of the California

Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconTitle: The Making Of a Legend other titles: Augmented title: Photographs of M. Monroe by A. De Dienes personal author: Jones,-Malcolm journal name: Newsweek

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