Title: Advances in psychological assessment

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BF2050.C553 2003 2003

Title: Touched [videorecording].

Personal Author: Chiten, Laurel.

Summary: Back cover: "When Harvard psychiatrist John Mack

approached filmmaker Laurel Chiten...asking her to

make a movie about encounters with aliens, Chiten

thought he was crazy. But after meeting some of these

so-called "experiencers" she was intrigued; they

seemed rather normal and spoke about their feelings of

connection and longing for these uninvited intruders

to return. She had stumbled into a world filled by

people who had been touched by something...and had

their lives blown apart because of it."

BF723 .G75 C58 2000 2000

Title: Healing children's grief : surviving a parent's death

from cancer / Grace Hyslop Christ.

Personal Author: Christ, Grace Hyslop.

Publication info: New York : Oxford University Press, 2000.

BF455 .C677 2001 2001

Title: Connectionist psycholinguistics / edited by Morten H.

Christiansen and Nick Chater.

Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Ablex Pub., 2001.

BF295.C2 1969 1970

Title: Psychology of motor learning; proceedings. Edited by

Leon E. Smith.

Conference Author: C.I.C. Symposium on Psychology of Motor Learning (1969

: University of Iowa)

Publication info: [Chicago, Athletic Institute, c1970]

BF637.C6 C453 2002 2002

Title: Early recollections : theory and practice in

counseling and psychotherapy / Arthur J. Clark.

Personal Author: Clark, Arthur J.

Publication info: New York : Brunner-Routledge, 2002.

BF173.J85C55 1953

Title: Six talks on Jung's psychology.

Personal Author: Clark, Robert A. (Robert Alfred), 1908-

Publication info: Pittsburg, Boxwood Press, [1953]

BF721.C546 1968

Title: Child-adolescent psychology [by] Paul A. Clarke.

Personal Author: Clarke, Paul A.

Publication info: Columbus, C. E. Merrill [1968]

BF311 .U55 2003 2003

Title: The unity of consciousness : binding, integration, and

dissociation / edited by Axel Cleeremans.

Publication info: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.

BF1566 .C55 2006 2006

Title: Her hidden children : the rise of Wicca and paganism

in America / Chas S. Clifton.

Personal Author: Clifton, Chas.

Publication info: Lanham, MD : AltaMira Press, c2006.

BF353.N37C57 1996 1996

Title: Ecotherapy : healing ourselves, healing the earth : a

guide to ecologically grounded personality theory,

spirituality, therapy, and education / Howard


Personal Author: Clinebell, Howard John, 1922-

Publication info: Minneapolis : Fortress Press, c1996.


Title: Spiritism : The modern satanism by Thomas F. Coakley.

Personal Author: Coakley, Thomas Francis, 1880-

Publication info: Chicago, Ill. : Extension Press, 1920.

BF341 .C55 1999 1999

Title: Stranger in the nest : do parents really shape their

child's personality, intelligence, or character? /

David B. Cohen.

Personal Author: Cohen, David B., 1941-

Publication info: New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c1999.

BF722.C63 1983 1983

Title: Observing and recording the behavior of young children

/ Dorothy H. Cohen, Virginia Stern.

Personal Author: Cohen, Dorothy H.

Publication info: New York : Teachers College Press, Teachers College,

Columbia University, 1983.

BF722.C64 1994 1994

Title: Assessment of young children / Libby G. Cohen, Loraine

J. Spenciner.

Personal Author: Cohen, Libby G.

Publication info: New York : Longman, c1994.

BF724.85.R45C64 1986 1986

Title: Ageing and reminiscence processes : social and

clinical implications / Peter G. Coleman.

Personal Author: Coleman, Peter G.

Publication info: Chichester [West Sussex] ; New York : Wiley, c1986.

BF109.E7C6 1970

Title: Erik H. Erikson; the growth of his work.

Personal Author: Coles, Robert.

Publication info: Boston, Little, Brown [1970]

BF201.4 .C43 2002 2002

Title: Charting a new course for feminist psychology / edited

by Lynn H. Collins, Michelle R. Dunlap, and Joan C.


Publication info: Westport, Conn. : Praeger, 2002.

BF637.C6C325 1996 1996

Title: Careers in counseling and human services / edited by

Brooke B. Collison, Nancy J. Garfield.

Publication info: Washington, DC : Taylor & Francis, c1996.

BF31 .C65 2001 2001

Title: A dictionary of psychology / Andrew M. Colman.

Personal Author: Colman, Andrew M.

Publication info: Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2001.

BF724.3.I56 D43 1999 1999

Title: Defusing anger and aggression [videorecording] : safe

strategies for secondary school educators / Geoff


Publication info: Eugene, OR : IRIS Media, Inc., 1999.

Summary: A staff development program to provide secondary

school educators with safe strategies for responding

to and defusing potentially serious problem behavior.

BF311 .C575 2002 2002

Title: The radiance of being : understanding the grand

integral vision : living the integral life / by Allan


Personal Author: Combs, Allan, 1942-

Publication info: St. Paul, Minn. : Paragon House, 2002.

BF76.5.C645 1993 1993

Title: Dissertations and theses from start to finish :

psychology and related fields / John D. Cone and

Sharon L. Foster.

Personal Author: Cone, John D., 1942-

Publication info: Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association,


BF75 .C66 2001 2001

Title: Evaluating outcomes : empirical tools for effective

practice / John D. Cone.

Personal Author: Cone, John D., 1942-

Publication info: Washington, D.C. : American Psychological Association,


BF575.S75C64 1974

Title: Stressful life events: their nature and effects;

[papers] Edited by Barbara Snell Dohrenwend [and]

Bruce P. Dohrenwend.

Conference Author: Conference on Stressful Life Events: Their Nature and

Effects (1973 : City University of New York)

Publication info: New York, Wiley [1974]

BF371 .E65 2002 2002

Title: Episodic memory : new directions in research :

originating from a discussion meeting of the Royal

Society / edited by Alan Baddeley, John P. Aggleton

and Martin A. Conway.

Publication info: Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2002, c2001.

BF432.5.W42C66 1995 1995

Title: The clinical use and interpretation of the Wechsler

intelligence scale for children-revised / by Shawn


Personal Author: Cooper, Shawn.

Publication info: Springfield, Ill., U.S.A. : C.C. Thomas, c1995.

BF697.5.S43C67 1997 1997

Title: I never knew I had a choice / Gerald Corey, Marianne

Schneider Corey.

Personal Author: Corey, Gerald.

Publication info: Pacific Grove, CA, USA : Brooks/Cole, c1997.

BF637 .C6 C574 1996 1996

Title: Theory and practice of counseling and psychotherapy /

Gerald Corey.

Personal Author: Corey, Gerald.

Publication info: Pacific Grove : Brooks/Cole Pub. Co., c1996.

BF637 .C6 C584 1998 1998

Title: Interviewing strategies for helpers : fundamental

skills and cognitive behavioral interventions / Sherry

Cormier, Bill Cormier.

Personal Author: Cormier, L. Sherilyn (Louise Sherilyn), 1946-

Publication info: Pacific Grove, Calif. : Brooks/Cole, c1998.

BF378 .S54 C67 2003 2003

Title: Visuo-spatial working memory and individual

differences / Cesare Cornoldi, Tomaso Vecchi.

Personal Author: Cornoldi, Cesare.

Publication info: Hove [U.K.] ; New York : Psychology Press, 2003.

BF724.3.D43A36 1986 1986

Title: Adolescence and death / [edited by] Charles A. Corr,

Joan N. McNeil.

Publication info: New York : Springer Pub. Co., c1986.

BF724.3.D43 H26 1996 1996

Title: Handbook of adolescent death and bereavement / Charles

A. Corr, David E. Balk, editors.

Publication info: New York, NY : Springer, c1996.

BF723.D3H36 1996 1996

Title: Handbook of childhood death and bereavement / Charles

A. Corr, Donna M. Corr, editors.

Publication info: New York, NY : Springer Pub. Co., c1996.

BF698 .C84 1977

Title: Current personality theories / edited by Raymond J.


Publication info: Itasca, Ill. : F. E. Peacock Publishers, c1977.

BF31 .C72 1999 1999

Title: The dictionary of psychology / Raymond J. Corsini.

Personal Author: Corsini, Raymond J.

Publication info: Philadelphia, PA : Brunner/Mazel, c1999.

BF31.E52 1994 V.1 1994

Title: Encyclopedia of psychology / Raymond J. Corsini,

editor ; consulting editors, Anne Anastasi ... [et

al.] ; associate editors, Mary Allen ... [et al.] ;

foreign editors, Ruben Ardila ... [et al.] ; biography

editors, Robert Lundin ; foreign editor, Neal Pinckney

; managing editor, Kristin Altweis.

Publication info: New York : J. Wiley & Sons, c1994.

BF30 .N3 1975

Title: National register of health service providers in


Publication info: [Washington, D.C.] : Council for the National Register

of Health Service Providers in Psychology, 1975-

Abstract: Directory of certified or licensed psychologists in

independent practice to provide some form of

preventive, diagnostic, or therapeutic care of

persons. Covers the United States. Alphabetical

listing. Entry gives name, highest degree, address,

telephone number, states in which person is licensed

or certified, and American Board of Professional

Psychology specialties. Also geographical listings.

BF637 .S4 C685 2004 2005

Title: The 8th habit : from effectiveness to greatness /

Stephen R. Covey.

Personal Author: Covey, Stephen R.

Publication info: New York : Free Press, 2005.

BF637.S8 C67 1991 1991

Title: Principle-centered leadership / Stephen R. Covey.

Personal Author: Covey, Stephen R.

Publication info: New York, N.Y. : Simon & Schuster, c1991.

BF637 .S8 C68 1990 1990

Title: The seven habits of highly effective people :

restoring the character ethic / Stephen R. Covey.

Personal Author: Covey, Stephen R.

Publication info: New York : Simon and Schuster, 1990.

BF31 .E52 2001 V.1 2001

Title: The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral

science / co-editors, W. Edward Craighead, Charles B.


Publication info: New York : Wiley, c2001.

BF408.C74 1954 1954

Title: The techniques of creative thinking; how to use your

ideas to achieve success.

Personal Author: Crawford, Robert Platt, 1893-

Publication info: New York, Hawthorn Books [1954]

BF778.C7 1966

Title: The experimental investigation of meaning; a review of

the literature, by Marjorie B. Creelman.

Personal Author: Creelman, Marjorie Broer.

Publication info: New York, Springer Pub. Co. [1966]

BF311.C74 1982 1982

Title: Culture, consciousness, and beyond : an introduction /

Russell Crescimanno.

Personal Author: Crescimanno, Russell.

Publication info: Lanham [Md.] : University Press of America, c1982.

BF311 .C745 1994 1994

Title: The astonishing hypothesis : the scientific search for

the soul / Francis Crick.

Personal Author: Crick, Francis, 1916-2004

Publication info: New York : Charles Scribner's Sons ; New York :

Maxwell Macmillan International, c1994.

BF176.C76 1990 1990

Title: Essentials of psychological testing / Lee J. Cronbach.

Personal Author: Cronbach, Lee J. (Lee Joseph), 1916-

Publication info: New York : Harper & Row, c1990.

BF698.C7 1978

Title: Personality : components, theories, disorders,

therapy, assessment / by Lester D. Crow.

Personal Author: Crow, Lester D. (Lester Donald), 1897-1983

Publication info: [s.l. : s.n.], 1978 Prinit Press)

BF1411 .C85 1968

Title: A history of magic, witchcraft and occultism, by W.B.


Personal Author: Crow, William Bernard.

Publication info: London, Aquarian, 1968.

BF637.D5C7 1963

Title: Discussion, method of democracy.

Personal Author: Crowell, Laura.

Publication info: Chicago, Scott, Foresman [1963]

BF408 .C77 1997 1997

Title: Creativity : flow and the psychology of discovery and

invention / Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.

Personal Author: Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly.

Publication info: New York : HarperPerennial, 1997, c1996.

BF575 .H27 C85 1990 1990

Title: Flow : the psychology of optimal experience / Mihaly


Personal Author: Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly.

Publication info: New York : Harper & Row, c1990.

BF637 .C6 C79 1968

Title: Counseling and psychotherapy; the pursuit of values,

by Charles A. Curran.

Personal Author: Curran, Charles Arthur.

Publication info: New York, Sheed and Ward [1968]

BF637.C6C8 1952

Title: Counseling in Catholic life and education. Preface by

Eugene Cardinal Tisserant, foreword by M.J. Ready.

Personal Author: Curran, Charles Arthur.

Publication info: New York, Macmillan [c1952]

BF408.D32 1989 1989

Title: Fundamentals of creative thinking / by John S. Dacey.

Personal Author: Dacey, John S.

Publication info: Lexington, Mass. : Lexington Books, c1989.

BF637 .H4 D25 2002 2003

Title: Genetic and cultural evolution of cooperation / edited

by Peter Hammerstein

Conference Author: Dahlem Workshop on Genetic and Cultural Evolution of
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Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconI-1: proposal title (Provide a short descriptive title, give prominence to keywords)

Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconPublication Date Encyclopedia Article Title Reference Book Title

Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconTitle 26 is a compilation of toxic regulations issued by State regulatory agencies and published for the first time in one Title of the California

Title: Advances in psychological assessment iconTitle: The Making Of a Legend other titles: Augmented title: Photographs of M. Monroe by A. De Dienes personal author: Jones,-Malcolm journal name: Newsweek

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