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Direttore: Dr. Pierino Zanella


1070) A. Grafov, D. Favretto, P. Traldi, G. A. Battiston, M. Porchia, G. Rossetto,

Mass spectrometric studies of some new hafnocene dialcoholates.

Rapid Comm. Mass. Spectrom. 7, 158 (1993).

1071) G. Bruno, P. Capezzuto, O. Cicala, M. Losurdo, G. Rossetto, M. Porchia, P. Zanella:

Mass spectrometric thermal evolution of novel indium metalorganic precursors for MOCVD.

Chemical Perspectives of Microelectronic Materials II 282, 69 (1993).

1072) C. Sberveglieri, P. Nelli, C.P. Benussi, L.E. Depero, M. Zocchi, G. Rossetto, P. Zanella:

Enhanced response to methane for SnO2 thin films prepared with the CVD technique Sensor and Actuators B, 15-16 334 (1993).

1073) A. Vittadini, A. Selloni, M. Casarin:

Energetics of Atomic Hydrogen Diffusion on Si(100)

Surface Science Lett. 289, L625 (1993)

1074) M. Casarin, E. Tondello, F. Calderazzo, A. Vittadini, M. Bettinelli, A. Gulino Zn4O(O2CNEt2)6: a further molecular model of ZnO

J. C. S. Faraday Trans. 89, 4363 (1993).

1075) M Casarin, A Gulino, D Lentz, H Michael-Schulz, A Vittadini

Experimental investigation of the electronic structures of enneacarbonylbis (µ3-methylidine) triiron complexes (X=H, F, Cl, Br) by means of He I/He II Gas-phase UV photoelectron spectroscopy

Inorg. Chem. 32, 1383 (1993)

1076) R. Bertoncello, M. Bettinelli, M. Casarin, E.Tondello, A. Vittadini:

Molecular cluster model of the electronic structure of substitutional copper in zinc oxide J.Mater.Chem. 3, 53 (1993).

1077) V. Busetti, J. A. Mayoral, C. Cativiela, M. D. Diaz de Villegas, D. Ajo

Crystal structure of cyclic dehydroaminoacid derivatives II an (E)-5(4H)-oxazolone

Z. fur Kristallogr. 203, 49 (1993).

1078) A. Sturaro, G. Parvoli, L. Doretti, S. Zanchetta, G. Allegri, G.A. Battiston

A Simultaneous determination of trace metals in human hair by dynamic ion-exchange chromatography.

Anal Chim Acta 274, 163 (1993)

1079) G.A. Battiston, R. Gerbasi, S. Degetto, G. Sbrignadello:

Heavy metal speciation in coastal sediments using total reflection X-Ray fluorescence Spectr. Acta 48B, 217 (1993).

1080) K. K. Fonda, D. L. Smailes, L. M. Vallarino, G. Bombieri, F. Benetollo, A. Polo, L. De Cola

Interaction of neutral and anionic O-donor organic ligands with Eu(III) in the macrocyclic complex [Eu(CH3COO)2(C22H25N6)]Cl• 4H20 and crystal structure of

[Eu(CH3COO)2(C22H26N6)](CH3COO) 9H20.

Polyhedron 12, 549 (1993).

1081) G. Daidone, S. Plescia, B. Maggio, V. Sprio, F.Bombieri, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri:

Modifications and extensions of the Pschorr reaction in pyrazole series. Access to the [2] benzopyrano [4,3-c] pyrazole system of pharmaceutical interest.

J. Chem. Soc. Perkin Trans 285 (1993).

1082) P. Dorigo, R. M. Gaion, P. Belluco, D. Fraccarollo, I. Maragno, G. Bombieri, F. Benetollo, L. Mosti, F. Orsini

A pharmacological, crystallographic and quantum chemical study of new inotropic agents J. Med. Chem 36, 2475 (1993).

1083) F. Benetollo, A. Del Pra, F. Orsini, L. Baiocchi:

Conformational analysis and X-ray structure of 1-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)-1H-indazole-3-carboxylic acid.

J. of Crystall. and Spectros. Res. 23, 987 (1993).

1084) F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri. H.Liang, H. Laio, N. Shi, J. Wu:

Structural and spectral studies of ammonium mucicate.

J. of Crystall. and Spectr. Research. 23, 171 (1993).

1085) M. Fatima, C. Guedes Da Silva, J. J.R. Fraùsto da Silva, A.J.L. Pombeiro, R.A. Michelin, M. Mozzon, F.Benetollo, G. Bombieri:

Reactivity of [Pt(CH2=CH2)(PPH3)2] toward ethyldiazoacatate. Synthesis and molecular structure of the diethyl fumarate complex [Pt{trans-CH(CO2Et)=CH(CO2Et)(PPh3)2] and preparation of the analogous diethyl maleate compound.

Inorg. Chim. Acta. 214, 85 (1993).

1086) R.A. Michelin, R. Bertani, M. Mozzon, G. Bombieri, F. Benetollo, M. de Fatima, Guedes da Silva, A.J.L.Pombeiro:

Hydride to carbene migration at platinum(II). Synthesis and X-ray strueture of i cis-{(PPh3)2Pt[C(H)SCH2CH2S)]BF4.

Organometallics 12, 2372 (1993).

1087) R.A. Michelin, R. Bertani, M. Mozzon, G. Bombieri, F. Benetollo, R.J. Angelici:

Conversion of nitriles into 2 1,3-oxazolines in platinum(II) complexes. Crystal structure of trans-[PtCl2{N=C(But)OCH2CH2}2]

J.Chem. Soc. Dalton. Trans. 959, (1993).

1088) F Benetollo, G. Bombieri, M D Grillone

Structure of [Yb(OH)(C12H3N2(H2O)2 2- Cl4.2C12H8N2.CH3OH

Acta Cryst. C49 1463 (1993).

1089) F. Benetollo, A Del Pra

Structure of 1H-Indazole-3-carboxyhc Acid

Acta Cryst C49, 779 (1993)

1090) A. Cassol, G.R. Choppin, P. Di Bernardo, R. Portanova, M. Tolazzi, G. Tomat, P. L. Zanonato

Thermodinamics of Lanthanide(III) Complex Formation with nitrogen-donor Ligands in Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

J Chem Soc DaltonTrans 1695 (1993)

1091) A. Cassol, P. Di Bernardo, R. Portanova, M. Tolazzi, G. Tomat, P. L. Zanonato:

Thermodynamic Parameters of the Complexation of Uranyl(VI) by Diethylenetriammine in Dimethyl Sulfoxide.

Radiochimica Acta 61, 163 (1993)

1092) A. Del Zotto, P. Di Bernardo, M. Tolazzi, G. Tomat, P.L. Zanonato:

Silver(I) Complex Formation with Phosphorous Donors in Propylene Carbonate: a and Spectroscopic Investigation.

J. Chem. Soc. DaltonTrans 3009 (1993)

1093) M. M. Musiani, F. Furlanetto, P. Guerriero, J. Heitbaum:

Phenol electropolymerization on phosphated mild steel via zinc electrodeposition

J. of Applied Electrochemistry 23, 1069 (1993).

1094) P. Guerriero, S. Tamburini, P.A.Vigato, U. Russo, C. Benelli:

Mossabauer and magnetic properties of mononuclear, homo- and hetero-dinuclear complexes Inorganica Chimica Acta, 213, 279 (1993).

1095) U. Casellato, P. Guerriero, S. Tamburini, P.A. Vigato, C. Benelli:

Mononuclear, homo and hetero-polynuclear complexes with acyclic comparmental Schiff bases

Inorg. Chim. Acta 207,39 (1993).

1096) D. Fregona, Z.J. Guo, G. Faraglia, S. Sitran:

Organotin complexes of 4-pyrones

J. Coord. Chem. 28, 73 (1993).

1097) D. Fregona, G. Faraglia, S. Sitran:

Tin and geimanium complexes with maltol

J. Coord. Chem. 30, 221 (1993).

1098) Z.J. Guo, U. Casellato, O. Faraglia, R. Graziani, S. Sitran:

A study on the Palladium(II)-Methionine-2,6-Dimethyl-4H-pyran-4-one System.

J. Chem. Soc. Dalton, 2509 (1993).

1099) R. Rossi, A. Marchi, L. Marvelli, L. Magon, M. Peruzzirn, U. Casellato, R. Graziani

Reactivity of rhenium(V) complexes containing different cores such as [Re≡O]3+, [Re ≡NR]3+ and [Re≡N]2+ toward bis(diphenylphosphino)methane synthesis and crystal structures

Inorg Chim Acta 204, 63(1993)

1100) U. Casellato, R. Graziani, G. Pilloni

Heteropolymetallic complexes of 1,11-bis (diphenylphosphino)ferrocene, dppf VIII. X-ray crystal structure of copper(I) dimer[(µ-dppf)(Cu(dppf))2](ClO4)2

J of Crystallographic and Spectroscopy Research 23, 7(1993)

1101) E. Garcia Maitmez, A. Sanchez Goia1ez, J. S. Casas, J. Sordo, U. Casellato

Organotion compounds with 1-methyl-2(3H)-imidazolinethione. The.crystal and molecular structure of dichlorobis [1-methyl-2(3H)-imidazolinethione]diphenyltin(IV)

J. of Organometallic Chemistry 463, 91(1993).

1102) F.Tisato, C. Bolzati, A. Duatti, G. Bandoli, F. Refosco:

Synthesis of Sulfido and Oxo Complexes of Technetium (V) and Rhenium(V) containing Dithiolato and Hydrotris(l-pyraxoly)borato Ligands. Crystal Structures of Dimeric

Bis (µ -ethane-1 ,2-dithiolato) bis (ethene-1 ,2-dithiolato)technetium(IV) and [Hydrotris(1 - pyrazolyl)borato] (ethane- 1 ,2-dithiolato)oxorhenium(V).

Inorg. Chemistry 32, 2042 (1993).

1103) F. Refosco, F. Tisato, G. Bandoli, E. Deutsch:

Synthesis and characterization of neutral technetium(III)-99 and -99m complexes with O,P-bidentate phosphino-carboxylate ligands. Crystal structure of mer-[Tc(O2CCH2CH2PPh2)3 ] • 2Me2SO

J. Chem. Soc. Dalton 2901 (1993).

1104) F.Refosco, F. Tisato, G. Bandoli, C. Bolzati, A. Dolmella, A. Moresco, M. Nicolini:

Co-ordination of (o-Aminophenyl)diphenylphosphine in complexes containing the [MV=O] (M= Te or Re) Core

J. Chem. Soc. Dalton, Trans. 605 (1993).

1105) A. Bernardi, S. Vincenzi:

Modelling daily thermal cycles in the Trajan Column

The Science of the Total Environment 128, 257 (1993).

1106) D.Camuffo:

Reconstructing the Climate and the Air Pollution of Rome During the Life of the Trajan Column.

The Science of the Total Environment 128, 205 (1993).

1107) D. Camuffo, A. Bernardi:

Microclimatic Factors affetting the Trajan Column.

The Science of the Total Environment 128, 227 (1993).

1108) D.Camuffo:

Controlling the Aeolian Erosion of the Great Sphinx.

Studies in Conservation 38, 198 (1993).

1109) D.Camuffo:

Analysis of the Sea Surges at Venice from A.D. 782 to 1990.

Theoretical and Applied Climatology 47, 1(1993).


1110) G. Sbrignadello, S. Degetto, G.A. Battiston, R. Gerbasi:

Distribution of 210Pb and 137Csin snow and soil samples from Antarctica

International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry Vol.55, 235 (1994)

1111) R. Gerdol, S. Degetto, D. Mazzotta, G. Vecchiati:

The vertical distribution of the Cs-137 derived from Chernobyl. fall-out in the

Uppermost Sphagnum layer of two peatlands in the southern Aips (Italy)

Water, Air and Soil Pollution 74, 1(1994).

1112) D. Camuffo, S. Enzi:

Chronology of ‘Dry Fogs’ in Italy 1374-1891

Theoretical and Applied Climatology 50, 31(1994).

1113) D.Camuffo. A. Bernardi, S. Enzi, 5. Vincenzi:

Effects of Air Pollution on Historic Buildings and Monuments.

European Cultural Heritage Newsletter on Research 8,1,7 (1994).

1114) D. Camuffo, S. Enzi:

The Climate of ltaly from 1675 to 1715

Fischer Verlag 243 (1994).

1115) B. Ballarin, G.A. Battiston, F. Benetollo, R. Gerbasi, M. Porchia, D. Favretto, P.Traldi:

Spettroscopic and structural studies on volatile gallium β-diketonates as potential

precursors for MOCVD

Inorganica Chimica Acta 217,71(1994).

1116) G.A. Battiston, R. Gerbasi, M. Porchia, A. Marigo:

Influence of substrate on structural properties of TiO2 thin films obtained via MOCVD

Thin Solid Films 239, 186 (1994).

1117) M. L. Favaro, G. Rossetto, D. Ajo, P. Zanella, G. Torzo, A. Camporese, F. De Zuane:

Impurities in InP Grown by MOVPE using a new precursor Et2InNMe2: photoluminescence and Hall study

Mater.Sci.Eng. B 28,.224 (1994).

1118) A. Vittadini, A. Selloni, M. Casarin:

Pairing of Hydrogen atoms on the Si(100)-2x1 surface: the role of interactions among dimers.

Phys.Rev.B : Condens.Matter 49, 16 (1994).

1119) M. Casarin,G. Granozzi, M. Sambi, E. Tondello, A. Vittadini:

A LCAO-LDF Study of Formate Chemisorption on Cu(100)

Surface Science 307 (1994).

1120) M. Casarin, G. Favero, E. Tondello, A.Vittadini:

Coordination Chemistry of CO and NH3 on CuCl(111): an experimental and theoretical study of the CO and NH3 bonding to a d10 ion.

Surface Science 317, 422 (1994).

1121) M. Casarin, E. Tondello, A. Vittadini:

A LCAO-LDF Study of CO and NH3 Chemisorption on ZnO(0001)

Surface Science 307, 1182 (1994).

1122) M. Casarin, E. Tondello, A. Vittadini:

Coordination Chemistry of CO and NH3 on ZnO(0001): a molecular cluster study of the CO and NH3 experimental and theoretieal study of the CO and NH3bonding interaction with a d10 ion

Surface Science 303, 125 (1994).

1123) M. Sambi, G. Granozzi, M. Casarin, G.A. Rizzi, A. Vittadini, L.S. Caputi, G.Chiarello:

Surface carboxylate species on Cu(100) studied by angle-scanned photoelectrondiffraction and LCAO-LDF Calculations

Surface Science 315,309 (1994).

1124) F. Benetollo, A. Camporese, G. Rossetto:

Bis (η5-methylcyclopentadienyl)chromium [Cr(C6H7)2]

Acta Cryst. C50, 1002 (1994)

1125) B. Crociani, F. Di Bianca, A. Fontana, E. Forsellini, G. Bombieri:

Nucleophilic attack at Co-ordinated isocyanides promoted by the 2-pyridyl ligand

J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. 407 (1994)

1126) R. A.Michelin, M. Mozzon, P. Berin, R. Bertani, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri, R.J.Angelici:

Synthesis of Δ2-1,3-Oxazolines from cationic platinum(II) nitrile complexes.

X-Ray structure of trans [Pt(CF 3){N=C(Ph)OCH2CH2} (PPh3)2]BF4.0.5H2O.0.25MeOH

Organometallics 13, 1341 (1994).

1127) R.A. Michelin, U. Belluco, M. Mozzon, P. Berin, R. Bertnai, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri, R.J.Angelici:

Synthesis of 5,6.dihydro-4H-1,3-oxazines from neutral and cationic platinum(II9 nitrile complexes. X-ray structure of trans-[Pt(CF3){N=C(Ph)OCH2CH2CH2} (PPh3)2]BF4

Inorg. Chim Acta 220,21(1994).

1128) R. A. Michelin, M. Mozzon, R. Bertani, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri, R.J. Angelici:

Reactions of aziridine with platinum(II) nitriles. Formation of (aziridino)amidines and 2-imidazolines and X-ray structure of trans-[PtCl2{N(H)C(Ph)NCH2CH2}2]

Inorg Chim Acta 222, 327 (1994).

1129) G. Paolucci, F. Ossola, M. Bettinelli, R. Sessoli, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri:

Bent metallocenes containing ancillary ligands in Ring-Bridging chains. Synthesis, spectroscopy, and X-ray crystal structure of [2,6-Pyridinediylbis (methylcyclopentadienyl) chromium(II)

Organometallics 13, 1746 (1994).

1130) G.Carta, G. Rossetto, N. Di Marco, P. Zanella:

A comparison of the mass spectrometric behaviour of trimethylindium adducts with

N,N,N’-trialkylethylenediamido derivatives.

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 8, 299 (1994).

1131) G. Giumanini, G. Verardo, F. Gorassini, P. Strazzolini, F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri:

1.3.5-trisubstitutes 1,3,5-triazinane-2-thiones from 1,3,5-trisubstituted 1,3,5- triazinanes and organic isothiocyanates

J.Chem.Soc. Perkin Trans. 1643 (1994).

1132) F. Tisato, F. Refosco, G. Bandoli, C. Bolzati, A. Moresco:

Svnthesis and Characterization of Neutral Technetium(III) complexes with Mixed S,P-Bidentate Phosphine-Thiolate Ligands. Crystal Structure of [Tc(SCH2CH2PPh2)2(SCH2CH2PPh2O)]

J.Chem.Soc. Dalton Trans. 1453 (1994)

1133) F. Tisato, F. Refosco, G. Bandoli:

[Cu(H2dped)] (H2dped = N,N’-bis(2-(diphenylphosphino)phenyl(ethane- 1,2- diamine): astable phosphine complex of Copper(II).

J. Chem. Soc: Chem. Comm. 2397 (1994).

1134) F. Tisato, F. Refosco, G. Bandoli:

Structural survey of technetium complexes

Coordination Chemistry Reviews 135/136, 325 (1994).

1135) P. Zambenetti, F. Tisato, B. Corain, P. F. Zatta:

Reactivity of Al(III) with membrane phospholipids: a NMR approach

Biometals 7, 244 (1994).

1136) J. Rall, F. Weingart, D.M.Ho, M.J.Heeg, F. Tisato, E.Deutsch:

Heptacoordinate rhenium(III)-Bis(terpyridine)cornplexes: syntheses, characterization, and crystal structures of [Re (terpyridine)2X]+ (X = OH, CI, NCS). Substitution kinetics of [Re(terpyridine)2OH]2+

Inorganic Chemistry 33, (1994).

1137) G. Bandoli, A. Dolmella, M. Nicolini, F. Tisato:

X-ray, NMR, and theoretical studies of the nootropic agent BMY-21502, a pyrrolidinone derivative.

J. of Pharmaceutical Sciences 83, 6 (1994).

1138) F. Tisato, F.Refosco, G. Bandoli, G. Pilloni, B. Corain

Stabilization of Copper(I) by phosphinoamines

J. Chem. Soc. Dalton Trans. 2471 (1994).

1139) G. Bandoli, A. Dolmella, F. Tisato, F. Refosco:

A new phase of Bis[2-(diphenylphosphino-kF)phenylazanido-kN] (ethanolato)(oxo)-rhenium(V).

Acta crystal. C50, 530 (1994).

1140) S. Cattarin, P. Guerriero, G. Razzini, H.J. Lewerenz:

CulnS2 with lamellar morphology. 2

J. of the Electrochemical Society 141,1100-1104(1994).

1141) S. Catinella, P. Traldi, P. Guerriero, S. Tamburini, P.A. Vigato:

Fast-atom bombardment mass spectrometry of new polydentate schiff bases.

1. The case of variously substituted mono and bis-salicylaldimine derivatives.

Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry 8, 111(1994).

1142) M. Coppola, S. Catinella, P. Traldi, P. Guerriero, S. Tamburini, P.A. Vigato:

Fast atom bombardment Mass spectrometry of new polydentate schiff bases.

2. The case o fmono- and bisaldimines containing pyridine groups.

Organic Mass Spectrometry 29, 566 (1994).

1143) A. Aguiari, E. Bullita, U. Casellato, P. Guerriero, S. Tamburini, P.A. Vigato:

Preparation, properties and coordination behaviour of planar or tridimensional compartmental Schiff bases

Inorg. Chim. Acta, 219, 135 (1994).

1144) Y. Cheng, D. J. Schiffrin, P. Guerriero, P.A. Vigato:

Copper(II) ion complexation by the tetradentate phosphorus.nitrogen ligand P2N2 at the water/1 ,2-DCE interface.

Inorganic Chemistry, 33, 765 (1994).

1145) S.Cattarin, F. Furlanetto, M.M. Musiani, P. Guerriero:

Effect of complexing agent (citric acid) and pH on the cathodic deposition of As-Sb alloys

J. of Applied Electrochemistry 24, 439 (1994).

1146) G. Faraglia, D. Fregona, S. Sitran:

Complexes of aluminum gallium and indium with pyrone derivatives.

Main group metal Chemistry, 649 (1994).

1147) Z. Guo, U Casellato, G. Faraglia, R. Graziani, S. Sitran:

Platinurn(II) and palladium (Il) complexes with 2-arnino-4-methylsulfanylbutanol and 2-(Ethylsulfanyl)ethylamine.

J. Chem. Soc: Dalton Trans. 3231 (1994).

1148) K. Guo, G. Faraglia, 8. Sitran:

Palladium and platinum dihalide complexes with L-methioninol

Polyhedron, 13, 4 659 (1994).

1149) G.Faraglia, L. Sindellari, S. Sitran:

Palladium(II) halide complexes with dithioesters derived from sarcosine

Transition Metal Chemistry, 19, 248 (1994).

1150) A Bismondo, U. Casellato, R. Graziani:

Thermodynamics of complexation of the uranyl(VI) ion with benzoate. The crystal

structure of sodium tris(benzoato) dioxouranate dihydrate, Na[(PhCO2)3UO2].2H20

Inorganica chimica Acta, 223, 151 (1994).

1151) R.J. Koestler, P. Brimblecombe, D. Camuffo, W.S. Ginell, T.E.Graedel, P. Lesvengood, J. Petushkova, M. Steiger, C. Urzi, V. VERGESBELMIN, T. Warscheid

Group Report - How do external environmental factors accelerate change

Book Series: Dahlem Worckshop Reports : Environmental Sciences Research Report Volume: 15   Pages: 149-163   (1994)

1152) U. Belluco, R. Bertani, R.A. Michelin, M. Mozzon, G. Bombieri, F. Benetollo

Synthesis and reactivity of hydrido-dithiocarbene complexes of Platinum (II) - X-Ray structure of cis - PT(SCH2CH2CH2S)(PPH(3))(2)]CENTER-DOT-0.5(CLCH2CH2CL)

Gazzetta Chimica Italaina 124 (12) Pages: 487-495 (1994)

1153) F. Benetollo, G. Bombieri, L.M.Vallarino

A Lanthanum(III) complex of a 6-Nitrogen donor macrocyclic ligand with aromatic side-chains - synthesis, crystal-structure and spectra

Polyhedron  13(4), 573-578 (1994)

1154) D. Fregona, G. Faraglia, R. Graziani, U. Cesellato, S. Sitran

Lanthanide Complexes with maltol - The crystal-structure of diquatris (maltolato) praseodymium (III) trihydrate

Gazzetta Chimica Italiana 124, 153-157 (1994)

1155) U. Casellato, F. Ossola

Synthesis and molecular structure of the trinuclear mixed-metal complex

[((Me2NCH2CH2CH2)2CR(MU-CL)2)2Mg] and of the teranuclear Grignard-Reagent [(Me2NCH2CH2CH2)Mg2Cl3(THF)2]2
Organometallics 13(10), 4105-4108 (1994)

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