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University of California, San Francisco

School of Nursing Bulletin



[Preface] Message from the Chancellor 3

[Preface] Message from the Dean 3

The Campus 4

The UCSF Library and Center for Knowledge Management 4

Student Health and Counseling Services 4

Primary Care Services 5

Specialty Care Services 5

Mental Health Services 5

Immunization Requirements 5

Outreach Programming 5

Student Health Insurance Plan - Waiver 6

Guy S. Millberry Union 6

Housing Accommodations 6

Off-Campus Housing 7

International Students and Scholars Office 7

Student Disability Services 7

Learning Resource Services 7

Student Academic Affairs 8

Office of Student Life (OSL) 8

Office of Career and Professional Development 8

Student Activity Center 8

Student Outreach and Recruitment 8

Programs for Research and Study Abroad 9

Student Conduct 9

San Francisco and the Bay Area 9

School of Nursing 10

History 10

Mission 10

Accreditation 11

International Outreach and Global Health 11

Institute for Health & Aging 11

Office of Research 12

Institutional Data Collection 13

Salary and Employment Information 13

School Facilities 13

Off-Campus Facilities 13

Student Recruitment and Retention 13

Selection Appeals 13

Diversity at UCSF 14

Registration and Fees 15

Registration 15

Reduced Fee Enrollment for UC Employees 15

Lapse of Status 15

Registration Hold 16

Student Identification Cards 16

Study List Filing 16

Study List Changes (Add/Drop) 16

Transcript of Record 16

Notice of Withdrawal 16

Re-Admission 16

Student Status 17

Graduate Division 17

Professional Disqualification 17

Grading System 17

Summer Session 18

Fees 18

Registration Fee 18

Educational Fee 18

Professional School Fee 18

Nonresident Tuition Fee 18

Community Centers Facilities Fee 18

Student Health Service Fee 19

Graduate Students' Association Fee 19

Nursing Student Council Fee 19

Refunds and Return of Unearned Aid 19

Refunds 19

Fee Refunds 19

Unearned Federal Aid Return Calculation 19

Fees - School of Nursing 20

Miscellaneous Fees 20

Other Expenses 21

Textbooks and Supplies 21

Transportation 21

Financial Aid 21

Application and Deadline Information 22

Scholarships 22

Need-Based Funds 23

Non-Need-Based Funds 23

Non-Resident Tuition Scholarships 24

Graduate Division Funds 24

Traineeships 24

Loans 25

Federal Family Education Loans, Direct and Stafford Loans 25

Nurse Faculty Loan Program 25

Emergency Loans 25

Work-Study and Other Student Employment 25

Veterans' Benefits 26

Organizations 26

Graduate Students' Association 26

Alumni Association 26

Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society 27

Doctoral Programs in Nursing 28

Doctoral Curriculum 28

Research 28

Nursing Science 28

Theory Development 28

Cognates 28

Research Training Resources 29

Pathways to the PhD Program 29

Research: Family Health Care Nursing 29

Research: Community Health Systems 30

Research: Physiological Nursing 31

Research: Social & Behavioral Sciences 31

Doctoral Admission Requirements for US Applicants 31

Doctoral Admission Requirements for International Applicants 32

Entry with Bachelor of Science in Nursing 33

Doctoral Application Process 33

Application Schedule 33

Application Review 34

On-Line (Web) Application System 34

Admission Transcripts 34

Reference/Recommendation Letters 35

Examinations 35

Doctoral Admissions Screening Process 36

Immunization Requirements 36

Master of Science Program in Nursing 37

Master's Curriculum 37

Time Requirements 37

Admission Requirements, Master's Program 37

Duplication of Degrees 38

International Applicants, Admission Requirements 38

Master's Application Process 39

Master's Application Components 39

Admission Transcripts 39

Letters of Reference 40

On-Line (Web) Application System 40

Examinations 40

Evaluation/Screening of Master's Applicants 41

Immunization Requirements 41

Criminal Background Check 42

Articulation into the Doctoral Program 42

Transfer of Credit 42

ADN-MS Pathway Program 42

Master's Entry Program in Nursing (MEPN) 43

MEPN Applications 44

Clinical Sites 44

LVN Non-Degree Option 44

MEPN Fees and Other Expenses 44

Financial Aid, MEPN 45

MEPN First Year Sample Curriculum 45

MEPN Admission Requirements 46

MEPN Application Process 46

Online (Web) Application System 46

MEPN Application Deadlines 47

Letters of Reference, MEPN 47

Graduate Record Examination (GRE), MEPN 47

MEPN Interviews 48

MEPN Notification and Matriculation 48

Criminal Background Check 48

Immunization Requirements 48

Licensure (R.N.), BRN 48

Areas of Master's Degree Specialization 49

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner 49

Leadership, Nursing & Health Systems (Administration) 50

Adult Nurse Practitioner 51

Cardiovascular Advanced Practice Nursing 52

Advanced Community Health and International Nursing 53

Critical Care/Trauma 54

Family Nurse Practitioner 54

Gerontological Advanced Practice Nursing 56

Health Policy Nursing 57

Nurse Midwifery 58

Occupational/Environmental Health Nursing 60

Advanced Practice Oncology Nursing 61

Pediatric and Neonatal Nursing, Advanced Practice 62

Advanced Practice Neonatal Nursing:
Neonatal Clinical Nurse Specialist and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner 63

Advanced Practice Pediatric Nursing: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 64

Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner 64

Adolescent Minor Option 64

Perinatal Advanced Practice Nursing 64

Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing 65

Minors - A Focus of Study 68

Minor:  HIV/AIDS 68

Minor:  Health Policy 68

Minor:  Genomics 69

Minor: Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 70

Department of Social & Behavioral Sciences 71

M.S. and Ph.D. Programs in Nursing with Health Policy Specialty 71

Sociology Ph.D. Program 72

Postdoctoral and Special Studies 74

Postdoctoral Studies 74

Special Studies: Individual & Specialized Programs 74

Post-Master's Options 74

Special Studies 74

Vocational Nurse (LVN) Non-Degree Option 75

Course Catalog 76

Nursing Courses 76

Nutrition Courses 110

Sociology Courses 110

Faculty 115

Administration 115

Faculty Emeriti 115

Community Health Systems 116

CHS Volunteer Faculty 116

Family Health Care Nursing 119

FHCN Volunteer Faculty 120

Institute for Health and Aging 121

IHA Volunteer Faculty 122

Physiological Nursing 122

PN Volunteer Faculty 123

Social and Behavioral Sciences 125

SBS Volunteer Faculty 126

Addresses 127

Frequently Called Telephone Numbers 128

California Residency 129

Tuition Fee for Nonresident Students 129

Basic Rule 129

Establishing Residency for Tuition Purposes 129

Demonstrating Intent 129

Financial Independence 130

Residence Rules Applicable to Minors 130

Exceptions to the Rules Applicable to Minors 130

Exemptions from Nonresident Tuition 131

Temporary Absences 131

Petitions 131

Time Limitation on Providing Documentation 131

Incorrect Classification 131

Inquiries and Appeals 132

Crime Awareness/Reporting, Clery Report 133

Index 134

[Preface] Message from the Chancellor

The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is a graduate health sciences campus. Its schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and pharmacy, and the Graduate Division award professional and doctoral degrees in the biomedical and behavioral sciences. We are extremely proud that each of our schools is consistently rated among the best in the nation.

UCSF defines its mission as the achievement of excellence in teaching, research, patient care and public service. For many years, UCSF has been world renowned for scientific discovery and research, teaching and innovative delivery of health care. However, we are not satisfied to rest on our reputation. Our faculty and administration are both catalysts for and responsive to scientific, social and economic changes, and are committed to preparing students for careers in a rapidly changing environment.

The populations of both the city of San Francisco and the state of California are diverse. We are of all races, from many countries, cultures and ethnic groups. Our campus population reflects the diversity of our community. Since many of the health professionals who graduate from UCSF remain in California to pursue their careers, the diversity of our student body today will better serve communities throughout the state tomorrow. We continue to do all we can to sustain the diversity of our entire campus family.

I appreciate your interest in UCSF and encourage you to apply. I wish you success in future educational endeavors.

Susan Desmond-Hellmann, M.D., M.P.H.
Arthur and Toni Rembe Rock Distinguished Professor

[Preface] Message from the Dean

More than ever before in its 100-year history, our mission is clear and pressing.

Health care reform is a number one priority for our nation. The health care system is experiencing challenges of epic proportions, with daunting shortages of health care professionals predicted, while our nation and our state experience severe economic challenges. The need for highly skilled advanced practice nurses, nursing faculty, and health policy leaders has never been greater.

The UCSF School of Nursing is strategically positioned to prepare this cadre of professionals. In the last 5 years alone we have tripled our research funding, gained additional support through endowed professorships to senior academic leaders, and increased our enrollment to foster the preparation of new nurses and new faculty for the state of California and beyond. The UCSF School of Nursing is uniquely poised to prepare the next generation of leaders and meet today's challenges.

Public service is a central tenet of our mission and, in countless new and exciting ways, each and every day, we are serving the needs of the people of this state in inner-city and rural clinics, health care facilities, and community organizations. Through our programs and our students we live our commitment to promote and nurture diversity at UCSF among faculty, staff, students and to enhance diversity through outreach and strategies for recruitment and retention.

We invite you to join our family and share in our passion.

Kathleen Dracup, RN, FNP, DNSc, FAAN
Dean, UCSF School of Nursing
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