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by Health Educator Sylvester Johnson, Ph.D. Applied Physics

For personal consultation service, please see

Contents (Just click on the page number to go to the chapter.)

How to use this book 3

Author’s contact info 5

Advisory regarding professional care 5

Outreach 5

Fad diet hype 6

Dairy dubious for health 12

Veggie versus beast 20

Vegan B12 bliss? Not. & Further tricks to a vigorous vegan diet 25

Conditionally essential supplements to the vegan diet 33

Nutritional Yeast 39

Super nutritional algae 41

Vegans are wimps! 42

Acid-alkali balance 43

Salting the wound 48

“Organic” minerals 50

Sweeteners/Seasonings 51

Outstanding Omegas 52

Along the grain 57

Powerful probiotics, vegan cheese 58

It’s a gas! -Fermentation during digestion- 60

Enzymes help it happen 60

Curing the common cold and other acute infections, flu, with produce? 64

What viruses like to eat 69

Helping hypoglycemia and diabetes 69

Reversing advanced clinical disorders 73

Pharmaceuticals: better living through chemistry? 75

Nutritional Support of Relaxation 78

Centering during crises 78

Dietary advice from major religions 79

Tricks to transitioning one’s diet 81

Diuretic disorders 90

Pregnant thoughts 91

Attention needed syndrome: ADD/ADHD 95

Toxins: buyer be very wary 97

Back sore? 99

Headache (Un-) Happiness 101

Alleviating allergies 102

Cardiovascular disorders, enlarged heart, arrhythmia 104

Dealing with cancer 105

Candida, the yeast-beast 115

Chronic fatigue syndrome, HIV/AIDS, and fibromyalgia 116

Alleviating alcoholism and other addictions, including food addictions 121

Redirecting depression 124

Coping with Crohn’s, Colitis, or inflammatory bowel syndrome 125

Consuming constipation 128

Outing ouch! Osteoporosis 129

Alleviating arthritis 131

Seriously stopping smoking 132

Swimmers’ asthma from chlorine 133

Glyconutrients, fact or fad? 134

Enlightening lightning 134

Toxic nibbles 134

What water? 136

Health nibbles 137

Debating fruit 140

Appendices: In Brief–Dietary Support of Prevention and Healing 142

Appendices: Article, Fad Diet Fiascos 145

Appendices: Talk, Fad Diet Hype 146

Appendices: Talk, Food and Health: The Lesser Known Controversies 153

Appendices, Article: Dairy’s Dark Side 159

Appendices: Author’s diet and exercise 161

Appendices: Acid-Alkali Balance 165

Appendices: Recipes 168

Lentil stew 169

Super Easy Non-Dairy Nut Cheese Spread 170

Amazake-hemp 100% whole, unrefined dessert pudding 171

Pudding without cooking 171

Anything Goes Sauce 172

Puffed crunch 173

Appendices: Herbal Properties 173

Appendices: The broad botanical definition of fruit versus the culinary 175

Appendices: Food Combining 177

Appendices: Sprouting 180

Appendices: Selected Quotations 187

Appendices: L-carnitine hypothesis regarding young sunflower sprouts 194

Appendices: Dr. Greger's Stopping Cancer Before it Starts 195

Appendices: Evidence that a plant-based diet prevents or ameliorates cancer, heart disease 196

Appendices: Recommendations for Optimum Vegan Nutrition 199

Appendices: Dr. Greger's Plant-Based Sources for Key Nutrients 200

Appendices: PCRM’s “The Truth about High-Protein Diets” 201

Appendices: References, Categorized 204
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For personal consultation service, please see iconSocial service of the population. Requirements to the personnel of social service establishments
Социальное обслуживание населения. Требования к персоналу учреждений социального обслуживания

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For personal consultation service, please see iconUnderstanding about the new service launch process within telecom service industry. Further, the study examines the process improvements that product data management could offer in this context. This research

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