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Inventory List
September - 2004

AE 1 .Y46 2001 2001

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture

/ Richard Yeo.

AG5 .C725 2004EB 2004

The Columbia encyclopedia [electronic resource]

B41 .C35 1999EB 1999

The Cambridge dictionary of philosophy [electronic resource] / general

editor, Robert Audi.

B41 .D52 2002EB 2002

A Dictionary of philosophy [electronic resource] / edited by Antony Flew

and Stephen Priest.

B 133 .G3 A2 1951 1951

The wit and wisdom of Gandhi / edited, with an introduction by Homer A.

Jack ; preface by John Haynes Holmes.

B829.5 .S576 2000 2000

Introduction to phenomenology / Robert Sokolowski.

What is intentionality, and why is it important? -- Perception of a cube

as a paradigm of conscious experience -- Three formal structures in

phenomenology -- An initial statement of what phenomenology is --

Perception, memory, and imagination -- Words, pictures, and symbols --

Categorial intentions and objects -- Phenomenology of the self --

Temporality -- The life world and intersubjectivity -- Reason, truth, and

evidence -- Eidetic intuition -- Phenomenology defined -- Phenomenology in

the present historical context -- Appendix: Phenomenology in the last one

hundred years.

B 2430 .S34 L4813 2003 2003

Sartre : the philosopher of the twentieth century / Bernard-Henri L*evy ;

translated by Andrew Brown.

"The man, a century": Sartre's fame ; Stendhal and Spinoza ; Taking leave

of Gide ; A "German" philosopher ; Note on the Heidegger question. --

Justice for Jean-Paul Sartre: Existentialism is an anti-humanism ; What is

a monster? (biographical fragments) ; Anti-fascist from beginning to end ;

Note on the Vichy question: Sartre in the Resistance ; Sartre, now. -- The

madness of the age: Another Sartre (snapshots) ; On the workings of error

in the life of an intellectual ; The confession ; Sartre's failure ;

Requiem for literature. -- Epilogue (The blind philosopher).

B 3312 .E52 W67 1927 1927

The philosophy of Nietzsche.

Introduction / Willard Huntington Wright -- Thus spake Zarathustra /

translated by Thomas Common -- Beyond good and evil / translated by Helen

Zimmern -- The genealogy of morals / translated by Horace B. Samuel --

Peoples and countries / translated by J. M. Kennedy -- Ecce homo /

translated by Clifton P. Fadiman -- The birth of tragedy from the spirit

of music / translated by Clifton P. Fadiman.

B 4238 .B43 O323 1944 1944

Slavery and freedom / by Nicolas Berdyaev ; translated from the Russian by

R.M. French.

BD 348 .G5613 2001 2001

Wooden eyes : nine reflections on distance / Carlo Ginzburg ; translated

by Martin Ryle and Kate Soper.

Making it strange : the prehistory of a literary device -- Myth :

distance and deceit -- Representation : the word, the thing, the idea --

Ecce : on the scriptural roots of Christian devotional imagery -- Idols

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

and likenesses : a passage in Origen and its vicissitudes -- Style :

inclusion and exclusion -- Distance and perspective : two metaphors -- To

kill a Chinese mandarin : the moral implications of distance -- Pope

Wojtyla's slip.

BD 494 .B7313 2003 2003

The wisdom of the world : the human experience of the universe in Western

thought / R*emi Brague ; translated by Teresa Lavender Fagan.

Prehistory : a pre-cosmic wisdom -- The birth of the cosmos in Greece --

Socrates' revolution, Plato's restoration -- The other Greece : the

atomists -- Other than Greece : the Scriptures -- The other other :

gnosticism -- Marginal models -- The standard vision of the world -- An

ethical cosmos -- A cosmological ethics -- Abrahamic excess -- The end of

a world -- An impossible imitation -- The lost world.

BD 638 .R34 2003 2003

The eleven pictures of time : the physics, philosophy, and politics of

time beliefs / C.K. Raju.

Life after death -- The curse on "cyclic" time -- Creation, immortality,

and the new physics -- Newton's secret -- In Einstein's shadow -- Broken

time: chance, chaos, complexity -- Time travel -- The eleven pictures of

time -- The tilt in the arrow of time -- Time as money -- The

transformation of time in tradition -- Revaluation of all values.

BF31 .E52 2004EB 2004

The concise Corsini encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science

[electronic resource] / W. Edward Craighead and Charles B. Nemeroff,


BF31 .R43 1996EB 1996

The Penguin dictionary of psychology [electronic resource] / edited by

Arthur S. Reber.

BF 176 .D78 2000 2000

Appraisal procedures for counselors and helping professionals / Robert J.


BF 323 .S63 F54 2004 2004

Stereotyping as inductive hypothesis testing / Klaus Fiedler & Eva


The topic of social hypothesis testing -- Stereotyping as a

cognitive-environmental learning process : delineating the conceptual

framework -- Learning of social hypotheses stereotypes as illusory

correlations -- The auto-verification of social hypotheses -- Information

search in the "inner world" : the origin of stereotypes in memory --

Testing social hypotheses in tri-variate problem space : further variants

of environmental stereotype learning -- Explicit and implicit hypothesis

testing in a complex environment -- The vicissitudes of information

sampling in a fallible environment : an integrative framework -- Epilogue:

Locating CELA in modern stereotype research.

BF 637 .C6 B8 2003 2003

Mentoring children and adolescents : a guide to the issues / Maureen A.

Buckley and Sandra H. Zimmermann.

A window on mentoring -- Formal mentoring program guidelines --

Individuals and professional organizations making a positive impact on

youth and children through mentoring -- Facts and data -- Directory of

national, international, and state organizations and agencies -- Selected

print and nonprint resources -- Chronology.

BF 637 .C6 O77 1997 1997

Strategies for counseling with children and their parents / Geraldine

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

Leitl Orton.

BF 683 .N4 2003 2003

Cross-cultural differences in perspectives on the self / Virginia

Murphy-Berman, and John J. Berman, volume editors ; presenters, John J.

Berman ... [et al.].

Introduction : Models of agency: sociocultural diversity in the

construction of action / Hazel Rose Markus and Shinobu Kitayama -- Culture

and agency: implications for psychological theories of motivation and

social development / Joan G. Miller -- An exploration of cultural

variation in self-enhancing and self-improving motivations / Steven J.

Heine-- Rethinking the value of choice: considering cultural mediators of

intrinsic motivation / Sheena S. Iyengar and Sanford E. DeVoe -- Beyond

Maslow's Culture-Bound Linear Theory: a preliminary statement of the

Double-Y Model of Basic Human Needs / Kuo-Shu Yang -- Coherence of culture

and generalizability of data: two questionable assumptions in

cross-cultural psychology / Ype H. Poortinga.

BF 697 .M525 2003 2003

Faking it / William Ian Miller.

Introduction: split in two -- Hypocrisy and Jesus -- Anti-hypocrisy:

looking bad in order to be good -- Virtues with natural immunities to

hypocrisy -- Naked truth: hey, wanna...? -- In divine services and other

ritualized performances -- Say it like you mean it: mandatory faking and

apology -- Flattery and praise -- Hoist with his own petard -- The self,

the double, and the sense of self -- At the core at last: the primordial

Jew -- Passing and wishing you were what you are not -- Authentic moments

with the beautiful and sublime? -- The alchemist: role as addiction -- 'I

love you': taking a bullet vs. biting one -- Boys crying and girls playing

dumb -- Acting our roles: mimicry, makeup, and pills -- False (im)modesty

-- Caught in the act.

BF 698.35 .R47 R47 2003 2003

Resilience for today : gaining strength from adversity / edited by Edith

Henderson Grotberg.

What is resilience? how do you promote it? how do you use it? / Edith

Henderson Grotberg -- The yin and yang of resilience / Rhoda Baruch and

Suzanne Stutman -- Enhancing family resilience: a transgenerational

approach to positive change in dysfunctional families / Sandra E.S. Neil

-- Resilience in families with children who are exceptional / Sharon

Landesman Ramey, Stephanie DeLuca, and Karen Echols -- Resilience, the

fourth 'r': the role of schools in this promotion / Judy E. Paph*azy --

Resilience for those needing health care / Bette Keltner with Leslie

Walker -- Resilience and biculturalism: the Latino experience in the

United States / Francisca Infante with Alexandra Lamond -- Community

resilience: a social approach / Elbio Nestor Suarez-Ojeda with Lilian

Autler -- In the wake of disaster: building the resilience initiative of

APA's public education campaign / Russ Newman -- Resilience and tragedy /

Edith Henderson Grotberg.

BF 698.35 .R47 R472 2003 2003

Resilience : learning from people with disabilities and the turning points

in their lives / edited by Gillian A. King, Elizabeth G. Brown, and Linda

K. Smith ; foreword by John A. LaPorta.

An invitation to learn from the turning points of people with disabilities

-- How we got here -- Turning points : emotionally compelling life

experiences -- The resilient self : what helps and what hinders? --

"Choral music" for community change -- Tying it all together : frames of

reference and meaning in life.

BF 723 .P48 I53 2003 2003

Individual differences in theory of mind : implications for typical and

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

atypical development / [edited by] Betty Repacholi and Virginia Slaughter.

BF 723 .R44 B54 2004 2004

Peer rejection : developmental processes and intervention strategies /

Karen L. Bierman ; foreword by John D. Coie.

BF 1283 .F7 W45 2004 2004

Talking to the dead : Kate and Maggie Fox and the rise of spiritualism /

Barbara Weisberg.

Earth and the world of spirits, 1780-1849 -- Progress of modern

spiritualism, 1849-1852 -- Darling little spirit, 1852-1857 -- Worldly

trials, 1857-1888 -- Afterlife, 1888-to the present.

March 1848. Mysterious knocks are heard in a little house in rural New

York, throwing the community into turmoil. Are the children who live there

-- Kate and Maggie Fox, sisters aged eleven and fourteen -- making the

raps to trick their parents? Or are the girls mediums for otherworldly

messages? From a battery of strange sounds and the excitement they create,

modern Spiritualism is born. Talking to the Dead: Kate and Maggie Fox and

the Rise of Spiritualism follows the remarkable story of the Fox sisters,

who were catapulted to fame after word spread that they communicated with

spirits. Within a few years, tens of thousands of Americans were flocking

to seances. An international movement developed. Yet forty years after

those first knocks, the sisters shocked the country by denying that they

had ever been in contact with the dead. Shortly after, in another stunning

reversal, they changed their story again and reaffirmed their faith in the

spirit world. Were the Fox sisters con artists who had taken a childhood

prank too far? Or were they really in touch with "voices from beyond"? In

this riveting biography, Barbara Weisberg traces not only the lives of

Kate, Maggie, and their family -- including the girls' shrewd and

charismatic sister, Leah -- but also the social, religious, economic, and

political forces that helped shape the Spiritualist movement. A vivid,

compelling overview of a remarkable period in U.S. history, Talking to the

Dead provokes questions about belief systems, the power of celebrity, the

wish to reconcile faith and science, and the timeless quest for knowledge

about life after death.

BF 1569 .A2 I5 1928 1928

Malleus maleficarum / translated with an introduction, bibliography and

notes by the Rev. Montague Summers.

BJ 1611.2 .B86 2001 2001

Rich minds, rich rewards : 52 ways to enhance, enrich, and empower your

life / Valorie Burton.

BL 65 .S4 S5 2003 2003

Sexuality and the world's religions / David W. Machacek and Melissa M.

Wilcox, editors.

Sexuality and gender in African spiritual traditions / Randy P. Conner --

Gender, sexuality, and the balance of power in Native American worldviews

/ Julianne Cordero and Elizabeth Currans -- Harmony of yin and yang :

cosmology and sexuality in Daoism / Xinzhong Yao -- A union of fire and

water : sexuality and spirituality in Hinduism / Jeffrey S. Lidke --

Buddhist views on gender and desire / Liz Wilson -- Sex in Jewish law and

culture / Rebecca Alpert -- The Vatican and the laity : diverging paths in

Catholic understanding of sexuality / James C. Cavendish -- Varieties of

interpretations : Protestantism and sexuality / Amy DeRogatis -- Islamic

conceptions of sexuality / Aysha Hidayatullah -- Casting divinity in my

image : women, men, and the embodiment of sacred sexuality / Nancy Ramsey

Tosh and Tanya Keenan -- Innovation in exile : religion and spirituality

in lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender communities / Melissa M. Wilcox

-- Religion and sexual liberty : personal versus civic morality in the

United States / David W. Machacek.

Inventory List

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BL303 .M25 1996EB 1996

Myth [electronic resource] : myths & legends of the world explored /

Kenneth McLeish.

BL 503.2 .B37 2003 2003

A culture of conspiracy : apocalyptic visions in contemporary America /
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