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Michael Barkun.

The nature of conspiracy belief -- Millennialism, conspiracy, and

stigmatized knowledge -- New world order conspiracies (I) : the new world

order and the illuminati -- New world order conspiracies (II) : a world of

black helicopters -- UFO conspiracy theories, 1975-1990 -- UFOs meet the

new world order : Jim Keith and David Icke -- Armageddon below -- UFOs and

the search for scapegoats (I) : anti-Catholicism and anti-Masonry -- UFOs

and the search for scapegoats (II) : anti-Semitism among the aliens --

September 11th : the aftermath.

BL715 .G68 2002EB 2002

Who's who in classical mythology [electronic resource] / Michael Grant &

John Hazel.

BL 1152.3 .S52 2003 2003

Hinduism and its sense of history / Arvind Sharma.

BL 2527 .G74 F73 2003 2003

Believing in place : a spiritual geography of the Great Basin / Richard V.


Landscape and storytelling -- Darkness and light -- Water and memory --

Stories in stone -- Encounters with the wind -- In search of the great

spirit -- Chosen people, chosen land -- Vanishing cities of Zion --

Pilgrimages to Babylon -- Landscapes of Armageddon -- Into sacred places

-- Believing in place.

BM 755 .W395 D48 2003 2003

The maiden of Ludmir : a Jewish holy woman and her world / Nathaniel

Deutsch ; foreword by Janusz Bardach.

A dybbuk trilogy, or how the Maiden of Ludmir became a literary figure --

Writing the maiden -- Afterlives: remember the maiden -- The curse, the

cossacks, and the Messiah: Ludmire before the maiden -- Birth and

childhood -- Love and death -- The maiden possessed -- False male and

woman rebbe? -- The withc-hunt in Ludmir -- The wedding and its aftermath

-- In the Holy Land.

BP109 2001EB 2001

The Qur*an [electronic resource] : translation / translated by Abdullah

Yusuf Ali.

BR 139 .B76 A3 2003 2003

A life of learning / Peter Brown.

Brief biography -- Introduction / Francis Oakley -- A life of learning /

Peter Brown.

BR 325 .L88 2003 DVD 2003

Luther [videorecording] / American Film Theatre ; producer, Ely Landau ;

screenplay, Edward Anhalt ; director Guy Green.

The story of Martin Luther and his eventual condemnation of the Catholic

Church and incitement of the Protestant reformation.

BR 1288 .K33 1999 1999

Every good gift : sufficient grace in time of need / Linda Baker Kaahanui.

BR1700.2 .C64 1998EB 1998

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Who's who in Christianity [electronic resource] / Lavinia Cohn-Sherbok.

BS185 2000 .S78 EB 1995

The Holy Bible [electronic resource] : containing the Old and New

Testaments translated out of the original tongues.

BS440 .S455 2002EB 1998

Macmillan dictionary of the Bible [electronic resource] / Martin J. Selman

& Martin H. Manser ; consulting editor, Stephen H. Travis.

BS570 .C64 2002EB 2002

Who's who in the Old Testament [electronic resource] / Joan Comay.

BS 680 .B48 J64 1993 1993

Instructor's manual and student study guide for the black biblical

heritage : four thousand years of black biblical history / John L. Johnson

; exercises written by Linda Wendling.

BS 1225.54 .K87 2003 2003

Five cities of refuge : weekly reflections on Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus,

Numbers, and Deuteronomy / Lawrence Kushner and David Mamet.

BS2430 .B67 2002EB 2002

Who's who in the New Testament [electronic resource] / Ronald Brownrigg.

BT 121.3 .G76 2004 2004

Yves Congar's theology of the Holy Spirit / Elizabeth Teresa Groppe.

BT 603 .S67 2004 2004

Missing Mary : the Queen of Heaven and her re-emergence in the modern

church / Charlene Spretnak.

BT 608.5 .W44 2002 2002

Showing Mary : how women can share prayers, wisdom, and the blessings of

God / Renita J. Weems.

BV 4461.R68 2003 2003

Counseling for the soul in distress : what every religious counselor

should know about emotional and mental illness / Richard W. Roukema.

Introduction: Conflicts and Concerns of Religion and Psychiatry -- A Look

Backward -- Common Roles -- Historical Changes -- What Psychiatry Can Do

-- Parents, Society, and Heredity -- The Freudian Revolution: The Shift to

Parental Responsibility -- Effect on Child Rearing -- The Shift to Social

Causes -- Reactions to Social Changes -- Research on Heredity of Mental

Illness -- Conclusion -- Biochemistry, Mental Illness, and Medication --

What Is a Disease? -- The Use of Medication in Psychiatry -- Selecting the

Proper Medication -- Mood Disorders: Depression and Manic States --

Prevalence of Depression -- The Nature of Depression -- What Causes

Depression? -- Environmentally Induced Depression: Phil -- A Biologically

Induced Depression: Bob -- Medical Treatment -- Antidepressant Medications

-- Using Antidepressants in Other Psychiatric Conditions -- A Look

Backward -- Beyond Medication -- How Can the Clergy Help? -- Schizophrenic

Disorders -- What Is Schizophrenia? -- A Brief History -- What Causes

Schizophrenia? -- Antipsychotic Drugs (Neuroleptics) -- The Role of the

Clergy -- Other Psychotic Disorders -- Delusional Disorder --

Schizophreniform Disorder -- Schizoaffective Disorder -- Brief Psychotic

Disorder -- Shared Psychotic Disorder -- Psychotic Disorder Due to a

General Medical Condition -- Treatment of the Psychoses -- The Role of the

Clergy -- The Neuroses -- Anxiety Disorders -- Somatoform Disorders --

Dissociative Disorders -- What Can the Clergy Do About Anxiety Disorders?

-- Alcoholism and Drug Abuse -- What Is Alcoholism? -- Why Do People Drink

Alcohol? -- Drinking Patterns -- How Many People Drink Alcohol? -- Types

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of Alcoholism -- Drug Abuse -- Treatment of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse --

The Important Role of Alcoholics Anonymous -- Substance Abuse and the

Clergy -- Organic Mental Disorders -- Overview of Organic Mental Disorders

-- What Causes Organic Mental Disorders? -- Diagnosing Organic Brain

Disease -- Organic Disease Masquerading As Emotional Illness -- What Can

the Clergy Do? -- Personality Disorders -- How Does the Personality

Develop? -- Classification of Personality Disorders -- Understanding

Personality Types -- Personality Types and the Clergy -- The Psychological

Effects of Loss -- Losses Large and Small -- Defending Against Loss --

Recognizing Stages of Grief in the Family -- Dealing with Loss -- Loss and

the Clergy -- Sexual Problems in Our Culture -- Recent Changes -- The

Sexual Disorders -- The Paraphilias -- Sexual Dysfunctions -- Treatment --

Other Sexual Topics -- What Can the Clergy Do? -- Eating Disorders --

Early Feeding -- An Overview of Eating Disorders -- Anorexia Nervosa --

Bulimia -- Binge-Eating Disorder -- Obesity -- Further Research Directions

-- What the Clergy Can Do -- Understanding Stress -- Stress: Yesterday and

Today -- Human Development and Stress -- Stresses of Childhood -- Adult

Stresses -- Stress on the Job -- Identity Problems -- The Stress of Loss

-- Marital Stress -- Coping with Stress -- Exploring Needs -- Pastoral

Ethics: A Psychiatrist's View -- Confidentiality -- Transference and

Countertransference Problems -- Countertransference -- Commitment --

Summary -- Psychotherapists: Who, What, Why, and When to Refer -- The

Psychiatrist's Education -- Basic Assumptions in Psychiatry -- Types of


BX 808.5 .I8 P65 2000 1999

The politics of ritual kinship : confraternities and social order in early

modern Italy / edited by Nicholas Terpstra.

The development of confraternity studies over the past thirty years /

Christopher F. Black -- Homosociality and civic (dis)order in late

medieval Italian confraternities / Jennifer Fisk Rondeau --

Confraternities and lay female religiosity in late medieval and

renaissance Umbria / Giovanna Casagrande -- The bounds of community:

commune, parish, confraternity, and charity at the dawn of a new era in

Cortona / Daniel Bornstein -- Men and women in Roman confraternities in

the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries: roles, functions, expectations /

Anna Esposito -- The Medici and the youth Confraternity of the

Purification of the Virgin, 1434-1506 / Lorenzo Polizzotto -- In loco

parentis: confraternities and abandoned children in Florence and Bologna /

Nicholas Terpstra -- The first Jesuit confraternities and marginalized

groups in sixteenth-century Rome / Lance Lazar -- Jewish confraternal

piety in sixteenth-century Ferrara: continuity and change / Elliott

Horowitz -- The scuole piccole of Venice: formations and transformations /

Richard S. MacKenney -- Relaunching confraternities in the Tridentine era:

shaping conscience and Christianizing society in Milan and Lombardy /

Danilo Zardin -- The development of Jesuit confraternity activity in the

kingdom of Naples in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries / Mark A.

Lewis -- Corpus Domini: ritual metamorphoses and social changes in

sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Genoa / Claudio Bernardi -- Faith's

boundaries: ritual and territory in rural Piedmont in the early modern

period / Angelo Torre -- The suppression of confraternities in

enlightenment Florence / Konrad Eisenbichler

BX 1912.9 .B475 2004 2004

Vows of silence : the abuse of power in the papacy of John Paul II / Jason

Berry and Gerald Renner.

BX 4223 .K84 2003 2003

The habit : a history of the clothing of Catholic nuns / Elizabeth Kuhns.

The habit presents a visual gallery of the diverse forms of religious

clothing and explains the principles and traditions that inspired them.

More than just a study of the symbolic significance of starched wimples,

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dark dresses, and flowing veils, The habit is an incisive, engaging

portrait of the roles nuns have and do play in the Catholic Church and in

ministering to the needs of society. From the clothing seen in an

eleventh-century monastery to the garb worn by nuns on picket lines during

the 1960s, habits have always been designed to convey a specific image or

ideal. The habits of the Benedictines and the Dominicans, for example,

were specifically created to distinguish women who consecrated their lives

to God; other habits reflected the sisters' desire to blend in among the

people they served. The brown Carmelite habit was rarely seen outside the

monastery wall, while the Flying Nun turned the white winged cornette of

the Daughters of Charity into a universally recognized icon. And when many

religious abandoned habits in the 1960s and '70s, it stirred a debate that

continues today. Drawing on archival research and personal interviews with

nuns all over the United States, Elizabeth Kuhns examines some of the

gender and identity issues behind the controversy and brings to light the

paradoxes the habit represents. For some, it epitomizes oppression and

obsolescence; for others, it embodies the ultimate beauty and dignity of

the vocation. Complete with photographs, including images of the

nineteenth century nuns' silk bonnets to the simple gray dresses of the

Sisters of Social Service, this narrative explores the timeless symbolism

of the habit and traces its evolution as a visual reflection of the

changes in society.

BX 7260 .H315 S25 2003 2003

Black Puritan, Black republican : the life and thought of Lemuel Haynes,

1753-1833 / John Saillant.

A fruther liberty in 1776 -- Republicanism Black and White -- The divine

providence of slavery and freedom -- Making and breaking the revolutionary

covenant -- American genesis, American captivity.

BX 8471 .A4 W55 2001 2001

Peter Spencer's movement : exploring the history of the Union American

Methodist Episcopal Church, 1805-1999 / Dorothy E. Wilmore.

Up from slavery -- The african Methodist connection -- The rise of a Nego

preacher -- The birth of the Union Church of Africans -- The birth of the

unin American Methodist Episcopal Church -- Our heritage -- Women in the

ministry -- Home and foreign missions -- Ventures in education --

Founder's Day commemoration.

CB361 .B43 1988EB 1988

Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance [electronic resource]

CB 430 .A49 2003 2003

The American effect : global perspectives on the United States, 1990-2003

/ Lawrence Rinder ... [et al.].

Foreword / Maxwell L. Anderson -- American effect / Lawrence Rinder --

Freedom / Pramoedya Ananta Toer -- Abundance / Luc Sante -- American

tribalism / Caryl Phillips -- Exile and resistance / Nawal El Saadawi --

Hegemony / Tariq Ali -- (INSERT) How I met America / Aleksandar Zograf --

Sweet violence / Ian Buruma -- Global crisis over Iraq / Edward Said --

Americanization, Hispanization / Elena Poniatowska.

CC 135 .I36 2002 2002

Illicit antiquities : the theft of culture and the extinction of

archaeology / edited by Neil Brodie and Kathryn Walker Tubb.

Greek vases for sale: some statistical evidence / Vinnie Norskov --

Walking a fine line: promoting the past without selling it / Paula Lazrus

-- The concept of cultural protection in times of armed conflict: from the

crusades to the new millennium / Patrick J. Boylan -- Law and the

underwater cultural heritage: a question of balancing interests / Sarah

Dromgoole -- Negotiating the future of the underwater cultural heritage /

Patrick J. O'Keefe -- Perceptions of marine artefact conservation and

Inventory List

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their relationship to destruction and theft / Amanda Sutherland -- Metal

detecting in Britain: catastrophe or compromise? / Peter V. Addyman and

Neil Brodie -- Britannia waives the rules? The licensing of archaeological

material for export from the UK / Neil Brodie -- Mexico's archaeological
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