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Trim -- Aircraft Controls and Maneuverability -- Aircraft Equations of

Motion -- Linearized Longitudinal Dynamics -- Linearized Lateral Dynamics

-- Aircraft Handling Qualities and Control Response -- Aircraft Flight

Simulation -- Standard Atmosphere, SI Units -- Standard Atmosphere,

English Units.

TL 789 .H65 2003 2003

Sight unseen : science, UFO invisibility and transgenic beings / Budd

Hopkins, Carol Rainey.

TL 867 .C33 2004 2004

Comm check-- : the final flight of Shuttle Columbia / Michael Cabbage and

William Harwood.

TN 870 .G645 2004 2004

Out of gas : the end of the age of oil / David Goodstein.

Future -- Energy myths and a brief history of energy -- Electricity and

radiant energy -- Heat engines and entropy -- Technological fixes --

Envoy; the future revisited.

TP 555 .G89 2003 2003

When champagne became French : wine and the making of a national identity

/ Kolleen M. Guy.

Introduction -- Consuming the nation : champagne marketing and bourgeois

rituals, 1789-1914 -- Industry meets terroir : champagne producers in the

Marne, 1789-1890 -- Resistance and identity : cultivation methods and the

wine community, 1890-1900 -- Boundaries : the limits of the "true"

champagne, 1900-1910 -- Revolution and stalemate : the revolt of 1911 --

Conclusion : champagne and modern France.

TP 692.5 .H74 1986 1986

Options for managing underground storage of petroleum products in Virginia

/ Margaret S. Hrezo, Mattie Quesenberry.

TP 991 .P47 1987 1987

Performance of three types of laundry detergents in soft and hard water /

R.P. Lovingood ... [et al.].

TR 6 .U6 P75 2002 2001

Lewis Carroll, photographer : the Princeton University Library albums /

Roger Taylor, Edward Wakeling ; introduction by Peter C. Bunnell.

Introduction / Peter C. Bunnell -- "All in the golden afternoon" : the

photographs of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson / Roger Taylor -- Chronology /

Edward Wakeling -- Catalogue of the Princeton University Library albums /

Edward Wakeling -- Register of all known photographs by Charles Lutwidge

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

Dodgson / Edward Wakeling.

Roger Taylor's thorough and sophisticated discussion of Carroll as a

photographic artist and as a prominent member of Victorian society reveals

the man as never before, illuminating his relationships with the children

he photographed in light of the idealism and social conventions of the

day. This text, illustrated with exquisite tritone plates, is followed by

Edward Wakeling's fully illustrated and thoroughly annotated catalogue of

the entire Princeton University Library collection. It features, in

addition to a trove of loose prints, four rare albums made by Carroll

himself to showcase his work to friends, family, and potential sitters.

Reproduced in album order, these images offer new insight into how Carroll

thought about his work--and how he wanted it to be seen. Compelling

portraits of Alice Liddell and other children are presented alongside

those of eminent Victorians such as Alfred Tennyson and William Holman

Hunt, as well as evocative landscapes, narrative tableaux, and wonderfully

strange studies of anatomical skeletons. The catalogue is followed by a

chronological register of every known Carroll photograph.

TR 267 .J64 1999 1999

The digital photography handbook / by Simon Joinson.

TR 647 .L5713 1999 1999

El Lissitzky : beyond the Abstract cabinet : photography, design,

collaboration / Margarita Typitsyn ; with contributions by Matthew Drutt

and Ulrich Pohlmann.

TR 680 .D25 1998 1998

Edgar Degas, photographer / Malcolm Daniel ; with essays by Eugenia Parry,

Theodore Reff.

"The atmosphere of lamps or moonlight" / Malcolm Daniel -- Edgar Degas's

photographic theater / Eugenia Parry -- Degas Chez Tasset / Theodore Reff

-- Plates -- Catalogue raisonne of Degas's photographic and census of

known prints / Malcolm Daniel.

TR 681 .M4 I26 2002 2002

Picturing men : a century of male relationships in everyday American

photography / John Ibson.

TR 681 .M86 P48 2003 2003

Touch me, I'm sick / Charles Peterson ; introduction by Eddie Vedder ;

essay by Jennie Boddy.

TX349 .B4 1999EB 1999

Bender's dictionary of nutrition and food technology [electronic resource]

/ David A. Bender and Arnold E. Bender.

TX349 .S55 1998EB 1998

International dictionary of food & cooking [electronic resource] :

ingredients, additives, techniques, equipment, menu terms, catering terms,

food science and outline domestic and production recipes / compiled by

Charles G. Sinclair.

TX 651 .P36 2001 2001

How to read a french fry : and other stories of intriguing kitchen science

/ Russ Parsons.

How to read a french fry -- The second life of plants -- Miracle in a

shell -- From a pebble to a pillow -- Meat and heat -- Fat, flour and


TX 715 .H258 2004 2004

Colonial Virginia's cooking dynasty / Katharine E. Harbury.

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

TX 724.5 .J3 F96 2001 2001

Japanese home cooking / Shunsuke Fukushima.

Equipment -- Soups -- Sushi and sashimi -- Tempura dishes -- Vegetables

dishes -- Tofu, noodle and egg dishes -- Seafood dishes -- Chicken dishes

-- Pork and beef dishes -- Desserts -- Sauces.

TX 724.5 .J3 T837 1986 1986

Practical Japanese cooking : easy and elegant / Shizuo Tsuji, Koichiro

Hata photographs by Yoshikatsu Saeki.

Appetizers -- Soup -- Fish -- Seafood -- Beef and pork -- Chicken -- Egg

-- Tofu -- Vegetables -- Rice -- Sushi -- Noodles -- One-pot dishes --

Other delectables -- Box meal -- Shokado box meal.

TX 724.5 .T5 T49 2004 2004

Thailand : kitchen of the world / [editor, Kanittha Chtprakorb].

Living the Thai life of yesterday -- Thailand, an agricultural cornucopia

-- Thai hom mail rice, an incomparable long-grain white rice -- The

flavors and colorful charm of regional Thai dishes -- Herbs in Thai

cuisine, skill and wisdom in maximizing the value of natural food --

Popular Thai dishes preferred by foreign visitors -- Bringing the unique

values of Thai food and Thai cuisine to the world stage -- Thai kitchens


Describes the history, geography, economy, government, social life and

customs, top tourist sites, and more of Thailand.

TX 725 .N36 M3423 2002 2002

Middle Eastern home cooking / Tess Mallos.

Step-by-step techniques -- Appetizers -- Soups -- Salads -- Seafood --

Chicken -- Meat -- Vegetables -- Rice and grains -- Desserts and sweets --


TX 725 .T8 B37 1997 1997

Classic Turkish cooking / Ghillie Ba*san ; photographs by Jonathan Ba*san

; foreword by Josceline Dimbleby.

essential elements of Turkish cuisine -- Yogurt and cheese -- Meze and

salads -- Soups -- Breads, savoury doughs and pastries -- Vegetable dishes

-- Pilafs -- Fish and seafood -- Meat dishes -- Poultry and game --

Deserts -- Festive sweets and jams -- Drinks.

TX 784 .R53 2002 2002

Sweets / Tim Richardson.

1. Chocolate money -- Lucky dip : Turkish delight -- 2. Heart of sweetness

-- Lucky dip : liquorice -- 3. The first sweets in the world -- Lucky dip

: rock -- 4. Juicy fruits and spicy centres -- Lucky dip : marzipan - 5.

From Araby to subtlety -- Lucky dip : baklava -- 6. Purely for medicinal

reasons -- Lucky dip : rhubarb and custards -- 7. Enslaved by sweetness --

Lucky dip : marshmallows -- 8. What is it about chocolate -- Lucky dip :

manna -- 9. Real Willy Wonkas -- Lucky dip : chewing gum -- 10. Bad candy

-- Lucky dip : my top ten sweets -- 11. The Himalayan gobstopper.

TX905 .D53 1994EB 1994

Dictionary of hotels, tourism and catering management [electronic

resource] / P.H. Collin.

U 101 .M5913 2002 2002

The book of five rings / Miyamoto Musashi ; translated by William Scott

Wilson ; calligraphy by Shiro Tsujimura.

UA 23 .B337 2004 2004

The Pentagon's new map : war and peace in the twenty-first century /

Thomas P.M. Barnett.

New rule sets -- The rise of the "lesser includeds" -- Disconnectedness

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

defines danger -- The fore and the gap -- The new ordering principle --

The global transaction strategy -- The myths we make -- Hope without


UG 447 .T393 1999 1998

Lethal mists : an introduction to the natural and military sciences of

chemical, biological warfare, and terrorism / Eric R. Taylor.

UG 447.8 .B5657 2003 2003

Biological weapons : issues and threats / edited by P.R. Chari, Arpit


Biological Weapons, the threat of bioterrorism, and the best ways to meet

this threat to global security are the issues addressed in this book.

UG 447.8 .G38 2004 2004

The gathering biological warfare storm / edited by Jim A. Davis and Barry

R. Schneider.

U.S. biodefense readiness: thoughts after September 11th / Barry R.

Schneider -- Agroterrorism and foot-and-mouth disease: is the United

States prepared? / Michael E. Peterson -- Surveillance and detection: a

public health response to bioterrorism / Barbara F. Bullock -- The anthrax

terror: DOD's number-one biological threat / Jim A. Davis and Anna

Johnson-Winegar -- Efficacy and safety of the anthrax vaccine / Richard A.

Hersack -- Smallpox: a primer / Brenda J. McEleney -- The prospects for

biological war in the Middle East / Brad Roberts -- Assessment of the

emerging biocruise threat / Rex R. Kiziah -- Next generation bioweapons:

genetic engineering and biological warfare / Michael J. Ainscough -- A

biological warfare wake-up call: prevalent myths and likely scenarios /

Jim A. Davis.

UG 763 .T38 2003 2003

Secret empire : Eisenhower, the CIA, and the hidden story of America's

space espionage / Philip Taubman.

Reimagining reconnaissance, 1946-1954 -- A new spy plane takes flight,

1954-1956 -- Vaulting into space, 1956-1976.

V 53 .H68 2001 2001

Naval battles of the twentieth century / Richard Hough.

The battle of Tsu-shima -- The battles of Coronel and the Falkland Islands

-- The battle of Dogger Banks -- The battle of Jutland -- The battle of

River Plate -- The battle with the Bismarck -- The battle of Cape Matapan

-- The battle in the South China Sea -- The battle for the Pacific:

opening rounds -- The battle of Midway -- The battle for Guadalcanal --

The battle of North Cape -- The battle for the Philippines.

Z118 .C58 1997B 1997

Dictionary of printing and publishing [electronic resource] / P.H. Collin.

Z 325 .I28 1997 1997

Images & texts : their production and distribution in the 18th and 19th

centuries / edited by Peter Isaac and Barry McKay.

Northamptonshire newspapers, 1720-1900 / Diana Dixon -- Samuel Gamidge:

bookseller in Worcester (c1775-1777) / Martin Holmes -- Cumbrian literary

institutions: Cartmel & Furness to 1900 / John Gavin -- Three Cumbrian

chapbook printers: the Dunns of Whitehaven, Ann Bell & Anthony Soulby of

Penrith / Barry McKay -- Scottish ballads and chapbooks / John Morris --

Some sources for Manchester printing in the nineteenth century / Brenda

Scragg -- Golden age reappraised: Welsh-language publishing in the

nineteenth century / Philip Henry Jones -- Aberdeen University Press and

the Scottish Typographical Association: an uneasy early relationship /

Iain Beavan -- Words with pictures: Welsh images & images of Wales in the

popular press / Peter Lord.

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

Z 478.3 .S65 D57 2002 0019

Directory of southern publishers with new book announcements.

Z 483 .B53 S55 1995 1995

Shades of Black : Conrad Black and the world's fastest growing press

empire / Richard Siklos.

Z 659 .K58 2003 2003

Libricide : the regime-sponsored destruction of books and libraries in the

twentieth century / Rebecca Knuth.

Books, libraries, and the phenomenon of ethnocide -- The evolution and

functions of libraries -- A theoretical framework for libricide -- Nazi

Germany : racism and nationalism -- Greater Serbia -- Iraq, Kuwait, and

the politics of thuggery -- China's cultural revolution -- Tibet : a

culture in jeopardy -- The collision of ideas.

Z 666.5 .S76 2001 2001

A history of information storage and retrieval / by Foster Stockwell.

Z 675 .U5 R63 1971 1971

University library administration / Rutherford D. Rogers. David C. Weber.

The library program -- Personnel policies -- Library organization and

communication -- Budgeting and fiscal management -- Book collections --

The technical processing function -- The reader's services function --

Special types of materials -- Measurement and evaluation -- Automation --

Building planning

Z 696 .D54 A27 1895 1895

Abridged decimal classification : explanation.

Z1006 .D53 1997EB 1997

Dictionary of library and information management [electronic resource].

Z 1361 .N39 K458 1970 1970

African and African-American history and culture; a comprehensive

bibliography. compiled and edited by Cornelia A. Walker.

Z7164 .O7 C73 1999EB 2003

The ultimate business library [electronic resource] : the greatest books

that made management / Stuart Crainer.
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