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Palestinian peasantry in the Great Revolt (1936-9) / Ted Swedenburg -- The

debate about 1948 / Abid Shalaim -- The causes and character of the Arab

exodus from Palestine: the Israeli defense forces intelligence service

analysis of June 1948 / Benny Morris -- A critique on Benny Morris / Nur

Masalha -- The democratization of a traditional minority in an ethnic

democracy: the Palestinians in Israel / Nadim Rouhana and As*ad Ghanem --

From salons to the popular committees: Palestinian women, 1919-89 / Islad


DS 119.7 .S6749 1999 1999

Heroic diplomacy : Sadat, Kissinger, Carter, Begin and the quest for

Arab-Israeli peace / Kenneth W. Stein.

DS 126.6 .A67 R83 2003 2003

Yasir Arafat : a political biography / Barry Rubin, Judith Colp Rubin.

DS 126.954 .B46 2000 2000

Sacred landscape : the buried history of the Holy Land since 1948 / Meron

Benvenisti ; translated by Maxine Kaufman-Lacusta.

DS 135 .B383 D84 2003 2003

The Bielski brothers : the true story of three men who defied the Nazis,

saved 1,200 Jews, and built a village in the forest / Peter Duffy.

DS 135 .F8 B3613 1999 1999

The Jews of France : a history from antiquity to the present / Esther

Benbassa ; translated by M.B. DeBevoise.

The origins of the Jewish presence in Gaul -- Nobles' Jess, kings' Jews --

Jewish life in the Middle Ages -- The Jews of the South -- The Jews of the

East and of Paris -- On the way to emancipation -- New perspectives --

Entry into French society -- Advancement and identity -- Breaches in

Franco-Judaism -- Between the wars -- The dark years -- Recovery.

DS 149.5 .I75 S4413 2002 2002

Elvis in Jerusalem : post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel / Tom

Segev ; translated by Haim Watzman.

DS 149.5 .I75 T76 2003 2003

Imagining Zion : dreams, designs, and realities in a century of Jewish

settlement / S. Ilan Troen.

DS 156 .S3 D87 2003 2003

Aspects of empire in Achaemenid Sardis / Elspeth R.M. Dusinberre.

DS 422 .C3 V27513 2003 2003

Joothan / Omprakash Valmiki ; translated by Arun Prabha Mukherjee.

DS 423 .H86 1937 1937

Spotlights on the culture of India / by James Lowell Hypes.

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Social instutions and folkways -- Economic instutions and practices --

Religions and arts.

DS 436 .K8513 1998 1998

A history of India / Hermann Kulke and Dietmar Rothermund.

Early civilisations of the Northwest -- The great ancient empires -- The

regional kingdoms of early Medieval India -- Religious communities and

military feudalism in the late Middle ages -- The rise and fall of the

Mughal Empire -- The period of colonial rule -- The freedom movement and

the partition of India -- The republic.

DS 481 .N35 1957 1951

Nehru unlimited / by A.N. Bali.

DS 485 .J25 C3 1948 1948

Beautiful Jaipur.

DS 559.4 .H57 2004 2004

Two souls indivisible : the friendship that saved two POWs in Vietnam /

James S. Hirsch.

DS 707 .S4713 2002 2002

A Chinese bestiary : strange creatures from the guideways through

mountains and seas = [Shan hai jing] / edited and translated with

commentary by Richard E. Strassberg.

DS 778.7 .L52 2003 2003

Red-color news soldier : a Chinese photographer's odyssey through the

cultural evolution / Li Zhensheng ; edited by Robert Pledge ; Li

Zhensheng's text adapted from interviews by Jacques Menasche ;

introduction by Jonathon Spence.

"It is right to rebel" 1964-1966 -- "Bombard the headquarters" 1966 --

"the red sun in our hearts" 1966-1968 -- "Revolution is not a dinner

party" 1968-1972 -- "Die fighting" 1972-1976 -- Epilogue 1980.

DS 799.816 .P48 2003 2003

Between assimilation and independence : the Taiwanese encounter

nationalist China, 1945-1950 / Steven E. Phillips.

Introduction -- Creating a colonial legacy -- Retrocession and the debate

over Taiwan's place in China -- The February 28th incident: The climax of

Taiwanese political demands -- Nationalist consolidation and local

self-government, 1948-1950 -- Taiwan's elite transformed -- Conclusion and


DS 838.5 .K87 2002 2002

Samurai : an illustrated history / by Mitsuo Kure.

DT 14 .A418 2003 2003

Afro-optimism : perspectives on Africa's advances / edited by Ebere

Onwudiwe and Minabere Ibelema.

DT 63 .L4 1997 1997

The complete pyramids / Mark Lehner.

DT 73 .B44 R43 1996 1996

The complete Valley of the Kings : tombs and treasures of Egypt's greatest

pharaohs / Nicholas Reeves, Richard H. Wilkinson.

Preparations for the afterlife -- Agents of discovery -- Tombs of the

kings -- Decline of a royal necropolis.

DT83 .R47 1999EB 1999

Who's who in ancient Egypt [electronic resource] / Michael Rice.

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DT 157.3 .O2 2000 2000

Sudan, civil war and terrorism, 1956-99 / Edgar O'Ballance.

Independence -- The rejected South -- Southern politics -- The Anya-Nya --

Numeiry to power -- Lagu unites the South -- Autonomy and consolidation --

Terrorism and treachery -- Fluctuating friendships -- The Sharia law

experience -- The transitional military council -- Premier Sadik Mahdi --

The Bashir regime -- Negotiation and hesitation -- Stalemate -- At the


DT 575 .K8 A3 1963 1963

Doigts noirs: "Je fus *ecrivain-interpr*etre [sic] au Cameroun."

DT 634 .S86 2003 2003

Brothers and strangers : Black Zion, Black slavery, 1914-1940 / Ibrahim


Confronting the motherland -- The Black Zion -- Abuse -- Investigation of

an investigation -- Dollar diplomacy -- A new deal for Liberia --

Enterprise in black and white -- The literary mirror -- The "native

problem" -- Fascism and new zions -- Postscript : Africa and human rights.

DT 1949 .M35 D46 1991 1991

Nelson Mandela : "no easy walk to freedom" : a biography / by Barry


Roots -- Afrikaners and apartheid -- The struggle -- State of emergency --

Free Mandela.

DU 20 .A53 2003 2003

The Bounty : the true story of the mutiny on the Bounty / Caroline


Prelude -- Pandora -- Bounty -- Voyage out -- Tahiti -- Mutiny -- Return

-- Portsmouth -- Court-martial -- Defense -- Sentence -- Judgment --

Latitude 25*S, Longitude 130*W -- Home is the sailor.

More than two centuries have passed since Master's Mate Fletcher Christian

mutinied against Lieutenant Bligh on a small, armed transport vessel

called Bounty. Why the details of this obscure adventure at the end of the

world remain vivid and enthralling is as intriguing as the truth behind

the legend. In giving the Bounty mutiny its historical due, Caroline

Alexander has chosen to frame her narrative by focusing on the

court-martial of the ten mutineers who were captured in Tahiti and brought

to justice in England. This fresh perspective revivifies the entire saga,

and the salty, colorful language of the captured men themselves conjures

the events of that April morning in 1789, when Christian's breakdown

impelled every man on a fateful course: Bligh and his loyalists on the

historic open boat voyage that revealed him to be one of history's great

navigators; Christian on his restless exile; and the captured mutineers

toward their day in court. As the book unfolds, each figure emerges as a

full-blown character caught up in a drama that may well end on the

gallows. And as Alexander shows, it was in a desperate fight to escape

hanging that one of the accused defendants deliberately spun the mutiny

into the myth we know today-of the tyrannical Lieutenant Bligh of the

Bounty. Ultimately, Alexander concludes that the Bounty mutiny was sparked

by that most unpredictable, combustible, and human of situations-the

chemistry between strong personalities living in close quarters. Her

account of the voyage, the trial, and the surprising fates of Bligh,

Christian, and the mutineers is an epic of ambition, passion, pride, and

duty at the dawn of the Romantic era.

DX 251 .C48 2004 2004

The Spanish Gypsy : the history of a European obsession / Lou


Cervantes's precious jewel of love -- The discovery of the romantic

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Spanish Gypsy -- Spreading the good word -- The legacy of the Romany rye

-- "Our" Gypsies.

E 20 .T39 2003 2003

The archive and the repertoire : performing cultural memory in the

Americas / Diana Taylor.

Who, when, what, why -- Acts of transfer -- Scenarios of discovery :

reflections on performance and ethnography -- Cultural memory and identity

: mestizaje, hybridity, transculturation -- La raza cosm*etica : Walter

Mercado performs Latino psychic space -- False identifications : minority

populations mourn Diana -- "You are here" : hijos and the DNA of

performance -- Staging traumatic memory : Yuyachkani -- Denise Stoklos :

the politics of decipherability -- Lost in the field of vision :

witnessing 9/11 -- Hemispheric performances.

E 78 .W5 C35 2003 2003

One vast winter count : the Native American West before Lewis and Clark /

Colin G. Calloway.

Part 1: the West before 1500 -- Pioneers -- Singing up a new world -- Part

2: Invaders south and north, 1500-1730 -- Sons of the sun and people of

the earth -- Rebellions and reconquests -- Calumet and Fleur-de-lys --

Part 3: Winning and losing the war in the West, 1700-1800 -- The coming of

the centaurs -- People in between and people on the edge -- The killing

years -- Epilogue: the slave in the chariot.

This sweeping account traces the histories of the Native peoples of the

American West from their arrival thousands of years ago to the early years

of the nineteenth century. Colin G. Calloway depicts Indian country west

of the Appalachians to the Pacific, with emphasis on conflict and change.

Calloway's narrative includes: the first inhabitants and their early

pursuit of big-game animals; the diffusion of corn and how it transformed

American Indian life; the Spanish invasion and Indian resistance to

Spanish colonialism; French-Indian relations in the heart of the

continent; the diffusion of horses and horse culture; the collision of

rival European empires and the experiences of Indian peoples whose

homelands became imperial borderlands; and the dramatic events between the

American Revolution and the arrival of Lewis and Clark. The account ends

as a new American nation emerged independent of the British Empire, took

over the trans-Mississippi West, and began to expand its own empire based

on the concept of liberty and the acquisition of Indian land. This book

offers a new look at the early history of the region--a blending of

ethnohistory, colonial history, and frontier history. It features Native

voices and perspectives; a fluid integration of a wide range of oral and

archival sources from across the West; a reconstruction of cultural

histories; and balanced consideration of controversial subjects and

issues. Calloway offers a glimpse at the lives of generations of Native

peoples in a western land soon to be overrun.

E 98 .A7 D57 1966 1966

Indian art in America : the arts and crafts of the North American Indian /

Frederick J. Dockstader.

E 99 .C53 B444 2004 2004

Halfbreed : the remarkable true story of George Bent : caught between the

worlds of the Indian and the white man / David Fridtjof Halaas, Andrew E.


Worlds apart -- Growing up Cheyenne -- In the white world -- Between two

worlds -- Massacre at Sand Creek -- Riding with the dog soldiers -- Black

Kettle and Magpie Woman -- Cheyenne autumn -- Death songs -- Walking the

white man's road -- Lost in a new world -- Nothing lives forever.

E 99 .C55 A75 2004 2004

Splendid land, splendid people : the Chickasaw Indians to removal / James

Inventory List

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R. Atkinson.

Land of the bones -- Down a long road -- The long road narrows -- The road

has no fork -- The road lengthens -- A better road traveled -- A road

unexpected -- The strange road ends -- A short but dangerous road -- The

war road ends -- The road West begins -- The road West.

E 99 .C9 H3 2003 2003

The collected works of Benjamin Hawkins, 1796-1810 / edited by Thomas


Introduction -- A viatory or journal of distances and observations -- A

sketch of the Creek country in the years 1798 and 1799 -- Letters of

Benjamin Hawkins.

E121 .P37 1979 1979

The discovery of South America / J.H. Parry.

E151 .C75 0019

CRM : cultural resource management.

E169.1 .H614 2002EB 2002

The new dictionary of cultural literacy [electronic resource] / E.D.

Hirsch Jr., Joseph F. Kett, James Trefil.

E 169.12 .O96 2003 2003

The 1990s / Marc Oxoby.

Acknowledgments -- Series foreword / by Ray B. Browne -- Introduction --

Timeline of the 1990s -- pt. 1. Life and youth during the 1990s -- ch. 1.

Everyday America -- ch. 2. World of youth -- pt. 2. Popular culture of the

1990s -- ch. 3. Advertising -- ch. 4. Architecture -- ch. 5. Fads, games,

toys, hobbies, and sports -- ch. 6. Fashion -- ch. 7. Food -- ch. 8.

Literature -- ch. 9. Music -- ch. 10. Performing arts -- ch. 11. Travel --

ch. 12. Visual arts -- Cost of products in the 1990s -- Notes -- Further

reading -- Index.

E174 .Y36 1993EB 1993

The great American history fact-finder [electronic resource] / Ted Yanak

and Pam Cornelison ; with a foreword by Norman Y. Mineta.

"Over 2,000 entries covering the who, what, where, when and why of U.S.
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Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconThe Good Body: Normalizing Visions in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture, 1836-1867

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Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconEttore majorana foundation and centre for scientific culture

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconA culture is a massive edifice, large enough to house millions of long lifetimes of artistic endeavor. The question is, how could I engage in a culture

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconIn this study, I investigated how participating in a scientific research project changed science teachers’ views of scientific inquiry and the nature of

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