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E 184 .S75 R36 2004 2004

The Latino wave : how Hispanics will elect the next American president /

Jorge Ramos ; translated from the Spanish by Ezra E. Fitz.

E 184.36 .A34 1995 1995

Understanding the hearts of African-Americans and Jewish-Americans : the

sixth annual Dillard University conference on Black-Jewish relations,

April 11-12, 1995 : proceedings / editors, Allan L. Katz, Elton C.

Harrison ; sponsor, Dillard University, New Orleans, Louisiana.

E 184.6 .L48 2000 2000

Let nobody turn us around : voices of resistance, reform, and renewal : an

African American anthology / editors, Manning Marable, Leith Mullings.

David Walker's "Appeal," 1829-1830 -- A Black Nationalist Manifesto /

Martin R. Delany, 1852 - No rights that a white man is bound to respect:

The Dred Scott Case and its aftermath - Edward Wilmot Blyden and the

African Diaspora - The Democratic idea is humanity / Alexander Crummell,

1888 - Booker T. Washington and the Politics of accommodation - William

Edward Burghardt Du Bois - Black Bolsheviks: Cyril V. Briggs and Claude

McKay - Marcus Garvey and the Universal Negro Improvement Association -

Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance.

You cannot kill the working class / Angelo Herndon, 1933 - An end to the

Inventory List

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neglect of the problems of the Negro woman! / Claudia Jones, 1949 - Rosa

Parks, Jo Ann Robinson, and the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956 - The

salvation of American Negroes lies in socialism / W.E.B. Du Bois - Malcolm

X and Revolutionary Black Nationalism - Stokely Carmichael, What we want ;

SNCC, Position paper on Black Power ; Bayard Rustin, Black Power and

coalition politics.

Huey P. Newton and the Black Panther Party for self-defense - The ghetto

underclass / William Julius Wilson, 1987 - Keep hope alive / Jesse

Jackson, 1988 - Afrocentricity / Molefi Asante, 1991 - The Anita

Hill-Clarence Thomas controversy, 1991 - Black Radical Congress, 1998.

E 185 .F825 1994 2000

From slavery to freedom : a history of African Americans / John Hope

Franklin, Alfred A. Moss, Jr.

E 185.61 .D54 1996 1996

The music of the synagogue and the black church: a cry for freedom :

proceedings / sponsored by Dillard University.

E 185.61 .D54 1997 1997

Blacks and Jews in America : where do we go from here? : proceedings of

the eighth annual Dillard University Conference on Black-Jewish Relations

/ sponsored by Dillard University.

E 185.93 .P41 U85 1985 1985

The State of Black Philadelphia, 1985 / edited by Charyn D. Sutton.

Affirmative action in Philadelphia: it has worked / William H. Brown III

-- Day care in Philadelphia / Happy Craven Fernandez -- Truancy and its

implications for the school children of Philadelphia / Esther H. Grossman

-- Homeownership in Philadelphia: a reality or an illusion / Julia O.

Robinson -- Black unemployment in Philadelphia / Ephrain H. Royfe --


E 185.93 .V8 C35 2001 2001

'Cause I'm colored : the Black heritage of Tazewell County : oral history

interviews / [with Nancy Bane Peery ; edited by Ross Weeks, Jr.]

E 185.96 .A446 2004 2004

African American lives / edited by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Evelyn Brooks


E 185.97 .B335 M67 1992 1992

Ida Rowland Bellegarde : master teacher/scholar / Gordon Daniel Morgan.

E 185.98 .G65 T49 1997 1997

The serious humor of Harry Golden / Clarence W. Thomas ; research and

editorial assistant Shirley Robinson.

E 312.17 .W6 2003 2003

An imperfect god : George Washington, his slaves, and the creation of

America / Henry Wiencek.

Introduction : The general's dream -- Home ground -- On the borderland --

The widow Custis -- A life honorable and amusing -- A scheme in

Williamsburg -- "So sacred a war as this" -- A different destiny -- "A

sort of shadowy life" -- The great escape -- Mrs. Peter's patrimony --

"The justice of the Creator".

E 444 .T82 C57 2004 2004

Harriet Tubman : the road to freedom / Catherine Clinton.

Remembering Harriet Tubman -- Chapter 1: Born into bondage -- Chapter 2:

Coming of age in the land of Egypt -- Chapter 3: Crossing over to freedom

-- Chapter 4: In a free state -- Chapter 5: The Liberty lines -- Chapter

Inventory List

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6: The Moses of her people -- Chapter 7: Canadian exile -- Chapter 8:

Trouble in Canaan -- Chapter 9: Crossroads at Harpers Ferry -- Chapter 10:

Arise, Brethren -- Chapter 11: Bittersweet victories -- Chapter 12: Final


E 444 .T82 L37 2004 2004

Bound for the promised land : Harriet Tubman, portrait of an American hero

/ Kate Clifford Larson.

Life on the Chesapeake in black and white -- Sweet gum and prickly burrs :

the changing world of the Eastern shore -- "Devilish" mistresses and harsh

masters : black family life under the lash -- "Shadow of a voice in the

talking leaves" : the hidden world of black communication -- "Mean to be

free" : the fragile light of liberty -- All for the love of family --

Stampede of slaves -- Moses meets John Brown -- Fractured family -- It was

raining blood : Harriet Tubman's Civil War -- A hero is remembered -- Myth

and memory -- Mother Tubman, the black Joan of Arc.

E444 .U63 2003 DVD 2003

Unchained memories [videorecording] : readings from the slave narratives /

an HBO Documentary Film in association with the Library of Congress ;

producers, Jacqueline Glover, Thomas Lennon ; writer, Mark Jonathan Harris

; directors, Ed Bell, Thomas Lennon.

When the Civil War ended in 1865, more than 4 million slaves were set

free. By the late 1930's, 100,000 former slaves were still alive. In the

midst of the Great Depression, journalists and writers traveled the

country to record the memories of the last generation of African-Americans

born into bondage. Over 2,000 interviews were transcribed as spoken, in

the vernacular of the time, to form a unique historical record.

E 457.2 .P47 2004 2004

Lincoln's war : the untold story of America's greatest president as

commander in chief / Geoffrey Perret.

Follow me -- Let it come -- Three years or the war -- First martyr, first

hero -- Short road to a long war -- The battle for public opinion --

Little Mac -- Manifestly astray -- Great Scott -- Bog of war -- Groping

and hoping -- Western horizons -- Sonorous metal blowing martial sounds --

Two irons in the fire -- The meteor man -- Bloody and muddy -- Desperate

measures -- D*ej*a vu carousel -- A chapter closes -- How low can you go?

-- Sifting out the hearts of men -- Counsels of war -- The art of command

-- North and South -- Man power -- Jailer visionary -- Westward, look! --

Fuglemen lost -- Man, thinking -- Boys in blue - The first general --

Soldier, soldier -- Endgame -- The last tattoo.

E 468 .H34 2003 2003

Reflections of a Civil War historian : essays on leadership, society, and

the art of war / Herman Hattaway ; foreword by Frank F. Vandiver.

Civil War leadership -- Stephen D. Lee and the guns at Second Manassas --

P.G.T. Beauregard -- Morgan's Raid : the war strikes home -- Soldier of

conscience, George H. Thomas : a Virginian fights for the Union --

Lincoln's presidential example in dealing with the military -- The war

inside the church -- State rights and local defense : the crux of Frank L.

Owsley's state-rights thesis reexamined -- "We shall cease to be friends"

-- Balloons and the American military : Civil War to World War I -- The

War Board, the basis of the United States' first general staff -- The

Civil War armies : creation, mobilization, and development -- The

evolution of tactics in the Civil War -- Epilogue : on remembering and

reliving history.

E 468.7 .G25 2000 2000

Brady's Civil War / Webb Garrison.

Civilian and military leaders -- Companies and regiments -- Dress and

insignia -- Camp life -- The battlefields -- The weapons -- War on the

Inventory List

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water -- Transportation -- Feats of engineering -- Specialists -- The sick

and wounded -- The care givers -- Flotsam and jetsam -- A land laid waste

-- Photographing the war.

A pictorial history of the Civil War, using photographs taken by Mathew

Brady and his assistants.

E 540 .N3 F73 2004 2004

Freedom's journey : African American voices of the Civil War / edited by

Donald Yacovone.

What Is at Stake: Black Abolitionism, Politics, and Lincoln*s Election --

Where We Stand -- Emigration and Colonization -- The Slavery of Racial

Prejudice -- Race Riots -- Black Soldiers and the War, Part I: What We Can

Do -- The Black Soldiers and the War , Part II: The Hate We Face -- Equal

Pay and Equal Rights -- The Black Sailor -- Black Women and the War --

Emancipation -- Conditions in Dixie -- War*s End -- Lincoln*s Death and

the Future -- The Context of Black Service -- Glory -- Out of the Briars

-- Remembering Slavery and the Civil War in Missouri -- Remembering

Slavery and the Civil War in Tennessee -- Remembering Slavery and the

Civil War in Kentucky -- War, Race, and Remembering.

E 595 .M7 N45 2004 2004

Reign of iron : the story of the first battling ironclads, the Monitor and

the Merrimack / James L. Nelson.

E 743 .C68 2003 2003

Treason : liberal treachery from the cold war to the war on terrorism /

Ann Coulter.

The new blacklist : acknowledgments -- 1. Fifty years of treason -- 2.

Alger Hiss, liberal darling -- 3. No communists here! -- 4. The

indispensable Joe McCarthy -- 5. Victims of McCarthyism - the liberals'

Mayflower -- 6. But were there Communists in the state department? -- 7.

Vietnam : oh, how they miss Saigon -- 8. How Truman won the Cold War

during the Reagan administration -- 9. Liberals, in love : mash notes to

the Kremlin -- 10. Cold War Epitaph : the Hiss affair at the end of the

Cold War -- 11. Neville Chamberlain had his reasons, too : trembling in

the shadow of Brie -- 12. North Korea - another opportunity for surrender

-- 13. Celebrity traitors : "Now that I'm sober I watch a lot of news" --

14. Modern McCarthyism : this is what is meant in the fifties, too --

Conclusion : why they hate us -- Notes -- Index.

Reexamining the sixty-year history of the Cold War and beyond ... [the

author of this book] reveals how liberals have been horribly wrong in all

their political analyses and policy prescriptions.-Dust jacket.

E 748 .L23 B76 2003 2003

The great mayor : Fiorello La Guardia and the making of the city of New

York / Alyn Brodsky.

Preface -- Introduction : that's when I got sore -- Part I : 1882-1914

Early years -- I loathe the professional politician ; I want to be

somebody and do something really worthwhile ; Interlude : portrait of a

corrupt metropolis ; More I got to know about lawyers and their ethics,

the less respect I had for them -- Part II : 1912-1921 Congressman and

warrior -- I joined the Republican party because I could not stomach

Tammany Hall -- You just can't control him ; Don't blame me if you don't

like the way I vote ; I can't take the buzzard off, but I can fly the son

of a gun! ; When I make a mistake, it's a beaut ; I can outdemagogue the

best of demagogues -- Part III : 1922-1933 Return to Congress, champion of

the people -- I would rather be right than regular ; I am doomed to live

in a hopeless minority for most of my legislative days ; Asbestos will not

hold the statements I shall make on the floor of the House! ; I would hang

a banker who stole from the people ; Capitalist, if he does not invest his

money, cannot eat it -- Part IV : 1934-1943 Great mayor -- They didn't

elect me for my looks ; I'm the majority of this administration! ; Only

Inventory List

Produced Friday, October 1, 2004 at 12:49 PM

ultimate cure for them is dynamite ; I call a bluff every time I see one!

; I don't want any lawyer sitting around to decide what's in the city's

best interest! ; This is your friend La Guardia speaking -- Part V :

1943-1947 Last years -- You can't stay in office indefinitely.

E 757 .W35 2003 2003

Rough rider in the White House : Theodore Roosevelt and the politics of

desire / Sarah Watts.

The hot life of feeling -- Inner demons -- Women, apes and "baneful

things" -- Cowboy soldiers -- War.

E 807 .J36 2003 2003

That man : an insider's portrait of Franklin D. Roosevelt / Robert H.

Jackson ; edited and introduced by John Q. Barrett ; with a foreword by

William E. Leuchtenburg.

Introduction -- That man in the White House -- That man as politician --

That man as lawyer -- That man as Commander-in-Chief -- That man as

administrator -- That man as economist -- That man as companion and

sportsman -- That man as leader of the masses -- Epilogue -- Biographical


E 814 .A93 2004 2004

When the buck stops with you : Harry S. Truman on leadership / Alan


E 838.5 .K42 2002 2003

The uncommon wisdom of JFK : a portrait in his own words / edited by Bill


E 839.5 .V535 2004 2004

Imperial America : reflections on the United States of amnesia / Gore


State of the union, 2004 -- The privatizing of the American election --

The day the American empire ran out of gas -- A cheerful response --

Armageddon? -- Notes on our patriarchal state -- The national security

state -- The state of the union, 1980 -- The second American revolution --

We are the patriots -- Interim report : election 2004.

E 839.5 .W67 2003 2003

The world the sixties made : politics and culture in recent America /

edited by Van Gosse and Richard Moser.
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