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Warren Kirkland (and Mr. Rhodes) : street-savvy Chicagoan -- Thomas Ellis

and Edith Ellis : Woodlawn residents -- Fred Smith : form Texas to Chicago

-- Representative Corneal Davis : former Illinois State Representative --

Lillie Lodge Brantley : Phillips/DuSable Alumni Council founder -- Robert

Colin : policeman and civil servant -- Ida Mae Cress : schoolteacher and

activist -- Ernest Griffin : funeral director and Civil War historian --

Etta Moten Barnett : vocalist on stage and screen -- Alonzo Parham :

pioneer and true unsung hero -- Gwendolyn Davis : musician -- Irma Clark :

librarian, teacher, inspiration -- Wayman Hancock : Herbie Hancock's

father -- Jimmy Ellis : saxophonist and teacher -- Morris Ellis : musician

and businessman -- John Levy : jazz businessman/jazz musician -- Eddie

Johnson : Chicago jazz icon -- Juanita Tucker : teacher and principal --

Mildred Bowden and Hermene Hartman : mother and daughter- two generations

-- Louis Caldwell : activist and former State Representative -- Alvin "Al"

Boutte : businessman and baker -- James "Jack" Isbell : Bronzeville

insurance businessman -- Dorsey Day : union leader and activist -- Jacoby

Dickens : banker and entrepreneur -- Dorothy McConner : chief managing

officer -- George Johnson : from rags to riches -- Walter "Buddy" Brown :

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well-traveled hustler -- Commander Milton Deas Jr. : former Chicago police

captain -- Dr. Rudy Nimocks : law enforcement and security officer --

LeRoy Martin : former superintendent of police -- Judge Earl Strayhorn :

Illinois county court judge -- Justice William Cousins : Illinois

appellate court justice -- Marjorie Echols and Harvey Echols : social

worker and her husband -- Bishop Arthur Brazier : church founder -- Dr.

Barbara Bowman and Dr. James Bowman : academic administrator and medical

school professor.

F 586.42 .K64 F68 2003 2003

Kohler : a political biography of Walter J. Kohler, Jr. / Gregory A.

Fossedal ; with a foreword by William Proxmire and an introduction by

Tommy Thompson.

F595.3 .D44 1985 1985

Preserving the West : California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Oregon,

Washington / Randolph Delahanty ; photographs by E. Andrew McKinney ;

additional photographs by Randolph Langenbach ; foreword by William T.


F 799 .A74 2003 2003

Juan Bautista de Anza : Basque explorer in the New World / Donald T.


Anza in antiquity -- Life in Hernani -- The New World -- The cavalry of

the frontier -- Apaches, livestock, politics, and Jesuits -- The final


F 1219.3 .A7 S58 2002 2002

Art treasures of ancient Mexico : journey to the land of the gods /

authors, Felipe Solis, Ted Leyenaar ; editor in chief, John Vrieze ;

contributors, Beatriz de la Fuente ... [et al.] ; assistant editor,

Vincent Boele ; translation, Wendy Shaffer ; photography, Michel Zab*e.

The visual language and the identity of Pre-Columbian art / Felipe Solis

-- Mexico and Mesoamerica / Ted Leyenaar -- Society and philosophy of life

in Mesoamerica / Rudolf van Zantwijk -- A Nahuatl concept of art? / Miguel

Leon Portilla -- Many-facetted humanist art / Beatriz de la Fuente --

Mexico today: the traditions that live on / Ted Leyenaar.

F 2808 .A6537 1986 1985

Argentina, a country study / Foreign Area Studies, the American University

; edited by James D. Rudolph.

F 2849.22 .G85 D67 2003 2003

Comandante Che : guerrilla soldier, commander, and strategist, 1956-1967 /

Paul J. Dosal.

Nobody surrenders here! -- The making of a revolutionary -- The making of

a guerrilla -- Comandante Che -- All guns to the Sierra -- The conquest of

Santa Clara -- Guerrilla warfare -- The Tricontinental strategy -- The

history of a failure -- Here I am adviser to no one -- Not another


G63 .H68 1997EB 1997

The Houghton Mifflin dictionary of geography [electronic resource] :

places and peoples of the world.

G122 .U56A EB 1981

The world factbook.

G 420 .M2 B47 2003 2003

Over the edge of the world : Magellan's terrifying circumnavigation of the

globe / Laurence Bergreen.

Book 1: In search of empire -- The quest -- The man without a country --

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Neverlands -- "The church of the lawless" -- Book 2: The edge of the world

-- The crucible of leadership -- Castaways -- Dragon's tail -- A race

against death -- A vanished empire -- The final battle -- Book 3: Back

from the dead -- Ship of mutineers -- Survivors -- Et in arcadia ego --

Ghost ship -- After Magellan.

Publisher's description: Ferdinand Magellan's daring circumnavigation of

the globe in the sixteenth century was a three-year odyssey filled with

sex, violence, and amazing adventure. Now in Over the Edge of the World,

acclaimed author Laurence Bergreen, interweaving a variety of candid,

first-person accounts, some previously unavailable in English, brings to

life this groundbreaking and majestic tale of discovery that changed many

long-held views about the world and the way explorers would henceforth

navigate its oceans. In 1519 Magellan and his fleet set sail from Seville,

Spain, to find a water route to the Spice Islands in Indonesia, where the

most sought-after commodities -- cloves, pepper, and nutmeg -- flourished.

Most important, they were looking for a passageway, a strait, through the

great landmass of the Americas that would lead them to these fabled

islands. Laurence Bergreen takes readers on board with Magellan and his

crew as they explore, navigate, mutiny, suffer, and die across the seas.

He also recounts the many unusual sexual practices the crew experienced,

from orgies in Brazil to bizarre customs in the South Pacific. With a

fleet of five ships and more than two hundred men, they had set out in

search of the Spice Islands. Three years later they returned with an

abundance of spices from their intended destination, but with just one

ship carrying eighteen emaciated men. They suffered starvation, disease,

and torture, and many died, including Magellan, who was violently killed

in a fierce battle. A man of great tenacity, cunning, and courage,

Magellan was full of contradictions. He was both heroic and foolish,

insightful yet blind, a visionary whose instincts outran his ideals.

Ambitious to a fault and not above using torture and murder to maintain

control of his ships and sailors, he survived innumerable natural hazards

in addition to several violent mutinies aboard his own fleet -- and it

took no less than the massed forces of fifteen hundred men to kill him.

This is the first time in nearly half a century that anyone has attempted

to narrate the complete story of Magellan's unprecedented circumnavigation

of the globe -- to tell this truly gripping and profoundly important story

of heroism, discovery, and disaster. A voyage into history, a tour of the

world emerging from the Middle Ages into the Renaissance, an

anthropological account of tribes, languages, and customs unknown to

Europeans, and a chronicle of a desperate grab for commercial and

political power, Over the Edge of the World is a captivating tale that

rivals the most exciting thriller fiction.

G 635 .C66 H86 1997 1997

Cook & Peary : the polar controversy, resolved / Robert M. Bryce.

G1030 .H39 2002EB 2002

Atlas of world history [electronic resource] / John Haywood.

G2230 .A85 1985EB 1985

Atlas of the Bible, Andromeda [electronic resource].

GB 981.72 .M35 F56 1984 1984

The Finite element storm hydrograph model users guide / M.D. Smolen ...

[et al.].

GB 991 .V5 E84 1992 1992

Interactions between surface water and groundwater in a Virginia coastal

plain watershed / Keith N. Eshleman, John S. Pollard, Anne Kuebler.

GB 991.V57 V37 1989 1989

Variable source area concept for identifying critical runoff-generating

Inventory List

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areas in a watershed / G.V. Loganathan ... [et al.].

GB 1201.7 .L64 1985 1985

Methods of analyzing instream flows / G.V. Loganathan, C.Y. Kuo, T.C.


GC 97.8 .C49 R43 1993 1993

Sediment-water column nutrient exchanges in southern Chesapeake Bay

nearshore environments / William G. Reay, Daniel Gallagher, George M.

Simmons, Jr.

GE 56 .B73 M35 2003 2003

Death in the Everglades : the murder of Guy Bradley, America's first

martyr to environmentalism / Stuart B. McIver ; foreword by Raymond

Arsenault and Gary R. Mormino.

The feather trade -- The letter -- A veritable tropical paradise -- The

cruise of the Bonton -- The barefoot mailman -- Tycoons of the plume trade

-- Cuthbert's rookery -- The Palm Beach dudes -- Sharpshooter -- Flagler

takes charge -- The end of the world -- The patriarch -- A matter of law

-- The badge -- On the job -- A boat named Audubon -- Trouble at Cuthbert

-- Life in Flamingo -- Back on the job -- Shootout at Oyster Keys -- No

true bill -- The fight goes on.

GE300 .E53 1998EB 1998

The encyclopedia of ecology and environmental management [electronic

resource] / editor-in-chief: Peter Calow.

GF4 .D52 2000EB 2000

The dictionary of human geography [electronic resource] / edited by R.J.

Johnston ... [et al.].

GF 21 .T74 2004 2004

Human nature : a blueprint for managing the earth--by people, for people /

James Trefil.

Preface -- [pt]. 1. The first step -- 1. Where do we fit in? -- 2. Nature

and natural selection -- 3. Leaving nature behind -- [pt]. 2. The myths of

pop ecology -- 4. Lost Eden -- 5. The myth of stability -- 6. The myth of

the pristine wilderness -- 7. The myth that we are poisoning the Earth --

8. The question of extinction -- 9. The greenhouse effect and global

warming -- [pt]. 3. The new environmental toolbox -- 10. Genomics -- 11.

Genetic modification -- 12. The emergence of complexity -- 13.

Experimental ecosystems -- [pt]. 4. The second step -- 14. A matter of

choices -- 15. The managed planet -- Index.

GJ 1472 .A83 2004 2004

The good in the right : a theory of intuition and instrinsic value /

Robert Audi.

Early Twentieth-century intuitionism -- Rossian intuitionism as a

contemporary ethical theory -- Kantian intuitionism -- Rightness and

goodness -- Intuitionism and normative ethics.

GN 62.9 .H85 1999 1999

Human growth in the past : studies from bones and teeth / edited by Robert

D. Hoppa, Charles M. FitzGerald.

GN 281 .J57 1996 1996

From Lucy to language / Donald Johanson & Blake Edgar ; principal

photography, David Brill.

Central issues of paleoanthropology -- What is a human? -- Evidence --

Ancestors -- Lineages -- Migration -- Diversity -- Anatomy -- Society --

Bipedalism -- Customs -- Culture -- Imponderables -- Encountering the

evidence -- Australopithecines -- Homo -- Paleolithic technology.

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GN 357 .C75 1999 1999

Critical comparisons in politics and culture / edited by John R. Bowen and

Roger Petersen.

Introduction : critical comparisons / John R. Bowen and Roger Petersen --

National revivals and violence / David D. Laitin -- Mechanisms and

structures in comparisons / Roger Petersen -- Comparative methodologies in

the analysis of anthropological data / Fredrik Barth -- The role of

comparison in the light of the theory of culture / Greg Urban -- Case

studies of contemporary job loss / Miriam A. Golden -- Defining the

contours of an Islamic reform movement : an essay in successive contrasts

/ John R. Bowen -- Producing an analytic narrative / Margaret Levi --

Political consciousness on Boa Ventura : 1967 and 1989 compared / Allen

Johnson -- Comparisons in the context of a game theoretic argument /

Barbara Geddes -- The role of microhistories in comparative studies / John

R. Bowen.

GN 380 .M55 2003 2003

Invisible indigenes : the politics of nonrecognition / Bruce Granville


GN 666 .R33 2003 DVD 2003

Rabbit-proof fence [videorecording] / Miramax Films, HanWay and Australian

Film Finance Corporation present a Rumbalara Films, Olsen Levy Production

in association with Showtime Australia ; producers, Phillip Noyce,

Christine Olsen, John Winter ; screenplay writer, Christine Olsen ;

director, Phillip Noyce.

In 1931, Molly and her younger cousins, Gracie and Daisy, were three

half-caste children from Western Australia who were taken from their

parents under government edict and sent to an institution, were taught to

forget their families, their culture, and re-invent themselves as members

of "white" Australian society. The three girls begin an epic journey back

to Western Australia, travelling 1,500 miles on foot with no food or

water, and navigating by following the fence that has been built across

the nation to stem an over-population of rabbits.

GN 865 .E3 W55 2003 2003

Genesis of the pharaohs : dramatic new discoveries that rewrite the

origins of ancient Egypt / Toby Wilkinson.

GT507 .O53 1998EB 1998

The Thames and Hudson dictionary of fashion and fashion designers

[electronic resource] / Georgina O'Hara Callan.

GV 697 .A1 B53 1995 1994

The blacks in sports oral history project : a guide to the transcripts /

edited by John C. Walter and Jennifer L. Dobson.

GV 714.5 .S65 2000 2000

Dancing at halftime : sports and the controversy over American Indian

mascots / Carol Spindel.

GV 742.42 .R53 I53 1994 1994

Grantland Rice and his heroes : the sportswriter as mythmaker in the 1920s

/ Mark Inabinett.

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Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconThe Good Body: Normalizing Visions in Nineteenth-Century American Literature and Culture, 1836-1867

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconIcsc international centre for scientific culture

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconEttore majorana foundation and centre for scientific culture

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconA culture is a massive edifice, large enough to house millions of long lifetimes of artistic endeavor. The question is, how could I engage in a culture

Encyclopaedic visions : scientific dictionaries and enlightenment culture iconIn this study, I investigated how participating in a scientific research project changed science teachers’ views of scientific inquiry and the nature of

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Публикаций в журналах вак (publications in scientific journals approved by Russian scientific authorities)

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