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Grantland Rice -- The golden age -- Jack Dempsey -- Babe Ruth -- Bobby

Jones -- Bill Tilden -- Red Grange -- Knute Rockne -- Rice's legacy.

GV 863 .M8 L47 2000 2000

Black baseball in Kansas City / Larry Lester and Sammy J. Miller.

GV 865 .B336 A3 2003 2003

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Going the other way : lessons from a life in and out of major-league

baseball / Billy Bean with Chris Bull.

GV 884 .A1 H37 2003 2003

Giants : the 25 greatest centers of all time / Mark Heisler.

GV 884 .B79 S53 2004 2004

Kobe Bryant : the game of his life / Jeffrey Scott Shapiro & Jennifer


GV 884 .J67 M53 2000 DVD 2000

Michael Jordan to the max [videorecording] / presented by mvp.com

Follow Michael Jordan's last basketball season as he leads the Chicago

Bulls to their sixth NBA championship. Provides a rare glimpse of Michael

Jordan on and off the court.

GV 939 .W543 G73 2003 2003

Return to glory : inside Tyrone Willingham's amazing first season at Notre

Dame / Alan Grant.

GV 964 .H6 D63 2004 2004

Ben Hogan : an American life / James Dodson.

GV 969 .A83 S55 2004 2004

The battle for Augusta National : Hootie, Martha, and the Masters of the

universe / Alan Shipnuck.

GV 1051 .A76 A3 2000 2000

It's not about the bike : my journey back to life / Lance Armstrong with

Sally Jenkins.

Before and after -- The start line -- I don't check my mother at the door

-- Bad to worse -- Conversations with cancer -- Chemo -- Kik --

Survivorship -- The tour -- The cereal box.

GV 1543 .D87 2002 2002

Modern enchantments : the cultural power of secular magic / Simon During.

GV 1785 .B834 F67 2002 2002

Dances that describe themselves : the improvised choreography of Richard

Bull / Susan Leigh Foster.

GV 1785 .C86 C67 2004 2004

Merce Cunningham : the modernizing of modern dance / Roger Copeland.

GV 1785 .P87 A813 2001 2001

Alexander Pushkin : master teacher of dance / by Gennady Albert ;

translated by Antonina W. Bouis ; with an introduction by Mikhail


GV 1786 .B355 B35 1999 1999

The Ballets russes and its world / edited by Lynn Garafola and Nancy Van

Norman Baer.

Diaghilev. The Diaghilev family in Perm / Evgenia Egorova ; Diaghilev's

musical education / Israel Nesteev ; Early writings of Serge Diaghilev /

edited, translated, and with an introduction by John E. Bowlt ;

Diaghilev's "Complicated questions" / edited and with an introduction by

Joan Acocella -- Tradition and innovation. Isadora Duncan and prewar

Russian dancemakers / Elizabeth Souritz ; Firebird and the idea of

Russianness / Sally Banes ; Fernand L*eger and the Ballets Russes : an

unconsummated collaboration / Judi Freeman ; Classicism and neoclassicism

/ David Vaughan ; Bringing Les noces to the stage / Drue Fergison ;

Diaghilev and Stravinsky / Charles M. Joseph -- Influence and afterlife.

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Adolph Bolm in America / Suzanne Carbonneau ; Reconfiguring the sexes /

Lynn Garafola ; In British eyes / compiled by Lynn Garafola ; In his image

: Diaghilev and Lincoln Kirstein / Nancy Reynolds -- Appendix. Operas and

ballets produced by Serge Diaghilev / compiled by Lynn Garafola.

GV 1786 .G65 R36 1991 1991

The Grand Union (1970-1976) : an improvisational performance group /

Margaret Hupp Ramsay.

GV 1789.2 .S36 1997 1997

The art of Ballets Russes : the Serge Lifar collection of theater designs,

costumes, and paintings at the Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford, Connecticut /

Alexander Schouvaloff.

GV 1853.3 .F62 D574 2001 2001

Married to the mouse : Walt Disney World and Orlando / Richard E.


GV 1860 .R64 R87 2000 2000

The American roller coaster / Scott Rutherford.

HB61 .B33 1998EB 1998

The Penguin dictionary of economics [electronic resource] / [edited by]

Graham Bannock, R.E. Baxter, and Evan Davis.

HB61 .P37 2000EB 2000

Collins dictionary [electronic resource] : economics / Christopher Pass,

Bryan Lowes & Leslie Davies.

HB61 .S466 1995EB 1995

Dictionary of economics [electronic resource] / Jae K. Shim and Joel G.


HC 59.7 .B828 2004 2004

Democratization, development, and the patrimonial state in the age of

globalization / Eric Budd.

Patrimonial barriers to political and economic development -- The

political economy of development planning -- From gold rushes to gold

diggers : patrimonialism and entrepreneurship -- Democratic consolidation

: has certainty been institutionalized? -- Electoral uncertainty and

patrimonialism -- Whither the patrimonial state? : democracy and

development in the era of globalization.

HC 79 .S3 E25 1999 1999

The economics of saving and growth : theory, evidence, and implications

for policy / edited by Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel, Luis Serv*en.

Introduction / Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en -- Saving in the

world: the stylized facts / Klaus Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en --

Saving and growth / Angus Deaton -- Financial policies and saving /

Patrick Honohan -- Foreign resource inflows, saving, and growth / Maurice

Obstfeld -- Aggregate saving and income distribution / Klaus

Schmidt-Hebbel and Luis Serv*en.

HC 102.5 .T86 H33 2003 2003

Clash of the titans : how the unbridled ambition of Ted Turner and Rupert

Murdoch has created global empires that control what we read and watch /

Richard Hack.

HC 110 .C6 C537 2003 2003

A consumers' republic : the politics of mass consumption in postwar

America / Lizabeth Cohen.

Prologue -- Part I : Origins of the postwar consumers' republic --

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Depression : rise of the citizen consumer ; War : citizen consumers do

battle on the home front -- Part II : Birth of the consumers' republic --

Reconversion : the emergence of the consumers' republic ; Rebellion :

forcing open the doors of public accommodations -- Part III : Landscape of

mass consumption -- Residence : inequality in mass suburbia ; Commerce :

reconfiguring community marketplaces -- Part IV : Political culture of

mass consumption -- Culture : segmenting the mass ; Politics : purchasers

politicized -- Epilogue.

HC 254.5 .P92 1999 1999

British society, 1680-1880 : dynamism, containment, and change / Richard


HC 435 .A57 1953 1953

First five year plan.

HD 30.28 .B56 2004 2004

Hello Kitty : the remarkable story of Sanrio and the billion dollar feline

phenomenon / Ken Belson & Brian Bremner.

HD 30.3 .M553 2004 2004

The 5 paths to persuasion : the art of selling your message / Robert B.

Miller and Gary A. Williams ; with Alden Hayashi.

HD 59 .M25 1996 1996

Public lies and private truths : an anatomy of public relations / Bill


HD 62.4 .H35 2000 2000

Building cross-cultural competence : how to create wealth from conflicting

values / Charles M. Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars ; illustrations by

David Lewis.

HD 69 .B7 Y47 2003 2003

Brand harmony : achieving dynamic results by orchestrating your customer's

total experience / Steve Yastrow.

The parable of the concert -- How was your experience? -- How brand

impressions are formed ... and why it matters -- Everything is marketing

-- Brute force branding ... and why it doesn't work -- Bigger, louder,

more clever, who cares? -- Brand harmony -- What does it sound like to be

your customer? -- Exercise 1: Brand harmony audit - what does it sound

like to be your customer? -- Exercise 2: What do they think of you, now?

-- Designing brand harmony -- Forget your "unique selling proposition"

what's your "desired brand perception?" -- Step 1 for designing brand

harmony: creating a picture of success -- Exercise 3: Panning for gold --

Exercise 4: Creating a picture of success -- Step 2 for designing brand

harmony: defining the customer action you need to help you achieve success

-- Exercise 5: Customer action - who they are and what we want them to do

-- Step 3 for designing brand harmony: discovering the "desired brand

perception" -- Exercise 6: Discovering the desired brand perception --

What will they think of us if we're successful? -- Step 4 for designing

brand harmony -- Orchestrating customer experiences -- Exercise 7: finding

the brand essence -- Exercise 8: touchpoint mapping -- Exercise 9: the

orchestrated marketing plan -- VI. Be the brand! -- The will to create

brand harmony -- Conclusion: marketing's Copernican revolution.

HD 73 .S97 2003 2003

Systems and policies for the global learning economy / edited by David V.

Gibson ... [et al.] ; foreword by George Kozmetsky.

Foreword: Perspectives on creating value through global knowledge

partnerships / George Kozmetsky -- Introduction. Knowledge and innovation

for the global learning economy : building capacity for development /

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Pedro Conceicao ...[et al.] -- New dynamics in economic restructuring :

cross-national patterns in regional accommodation and the Brazilian

response / Lawrence S. Graham -- Technological innovation in the European

Union / Tobin Miege -- Current situation of venture finance for university

spin-off companies in Japan / Akio Nishizawa -- Regional economic

development, learning networks, and systems of innovation. Learning

regions in Europe : theory, policy, and practice through the RIS

experience / Mikel Landabaso, Christine Oughton, Kevin Morgan -- The role

of innovation in regional economic development : some lessons and

experiences for policy making / Claudia P. Salas, Gabriela Susunaga,

Ismael Aguilar-Barajas -- Characteristics of innovation in a

non-metropolitan area, : the Okangan Valley of British Columbia / J. Adam

Holbrook, Lindsay P. Hughes -- Incubating and sustaining leaning and

innovation poles in Latin America and the Caribbean / David V. Gibson,

Pedro Conceicao, Julie Nordskog -- Venture capital in Latin America for

new technology-based firms / Scott Tiffin, Gabriela Couto, Tomas Gabriel

Bas -- Mapping knowledge flows in clusters and networks : case studies of

technology-based firms in Brazil / Carlos Quandt -- Regional innovation

systems in Korea / Sunyang Chung -- The third generation technopoleis in

Korea / Tae Kyung Sung -- Weak and strong ties,

individualism-collectivism, and the diffusion of technological knowledge /

Paul L. Robertson, Thomas Keil, Erkko Autio -- Enterprise innovativeness

and farm level technical change : a case of the floriculture sector in

India / Kavita Mara -- Trends and opportunities for science, technology,

and innovation policies. Determinants of successful S&T policy in a

national system of innovation / Susanne Giesecke -- Commercializing R&D in

small business : the U.S. SBIR fast track program / Reid Cramer, ...[et

al.] -- Lessons leaned about technology transfer / Everett M. Rogers,

Shiro Takegami, Jing Yin -- The global regime for intellectual property

rights / Duane Windsor -- Restructuring and financing R&D : new

partnerships / Annamaria Inzelt -- Challenges and barriers of technology

commercialization in Russia / Nikolay Rogalev -- Policy paradigm shift in

Japan from science and technology policy to innovation policy / Schumpeter

Tamada ...[et al.] -- Corporate strategies for the knowledge-based

economy. The cognocratic organization : toward a knowledge theory of the

firm / Filipe M. Santos, Manuel V. Heitor -- Restructuring to build

knowledge-integration capabilities for innovation / Simon Collinson --

Knowledge assets in global services strategy / Pedro Oliveira ...[et al.]

-- Problems of learning in organizations producing complex product systems

/ Tim Brady, Gillian Shapiro.

HD 108.6 .J66 1985 1985

Effects of land use practices on water resources in Virginia / R.

Christian Jones, Beatrice H. Holmes.

HD 259 .R434 1974 1974

The costs of sprawl : executive summary / [prepared by Real Estate

Research Corporationat for the Council on Environmental Quality, the

Office of Policy Development and Research, Department of Housing and Urban

Development, and the Office of Planning and Management, Environmental

Protection Agency .

HD 1694 .A5 1985 1985

Social feasibility as an alternative approach to water resource planning /

Margaret S. Hrezo, Wayne J. Howe.

HD 2746.5 .C347 2004 2004

The human side of M & A : how CEOs leverage the most important asset in

deal making / Dennis C. Carey and Dayton Ogden.

Take stock of human capital -- Create a new vision -- Retain and motivate

key players -- Integrate deliberately and swiftly -- Survive the

regulatory process -- Beef up the board.

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HD 2769.2 .J3 V64 2003 2003

The voluntary and non-profit sector in Japan : the challenge of change /

edited by Stephen P. Osborne.

HD 4904.25 .C69 2004 2004

Human resources, care-giving, career progression, and gender : a gender

neutral glass ceiling / Beulah S. Coyne, Edward J. Coyne, Sr. and Monica


HD 4975 .G28 1998 1998

Created unequal : the crisis in American pay / James K. Galbraith.

HD 5837 .A6 L3 2003 2003

Labor markets and firm benefit policies in Japan and the United States /

edited by Seiritsu Ogura, Toshiaki Tachibanaki, and David A. Wise.

Changing the guard / Richard B. Freeman -- Recent transformation of

participatory employment practices in Japan / Takao Kato -- Determinants
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