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of the shadow value of simultaneous information sharing in the Japanese

machine-tool manufacturing industry / Hiroyuki Chuma -- Who really lost

jobs in Japan? / Yuji Genda -- Total labor costs and the employment

adjustment behavior of large Japanese firms / Yoshifumi Nakata and Ryoji

Takehiro -- Individual expenditures and medical saving accounts / Matthew

J. Eichner, Mark B. McClellan, and David A. Wise -- Supplementing public

insurance coverage with private coverage / David M. Cutler -- Option value

estimation with health and retirement study data / Andrew Samwick and

David A. Wise -- Why do the Japanese spend so much on drugs? / Seiritsu

Ogura and Takehiko Hagino -- Demand for health checkups under uncertainty

/ Tadashi Yamada and Tetsuji Yamada -- Role of firms in welfare provision

/ Toshiaki Tachibanaki -- Fringe benefit provision for female part-time

workers in Japan / Yukiko Abe -- Unions, the costs of job loss, and

vacation / Fumio Ohtake.

HD 6053 .W638534 2003 2003

Women in the labour market in changing economies : demographic issues /

edited by Br*igida Garc*ia, Richard Anker, Antonella Pinnelli.

Cross-national analysis of women in the labour market / Robert L. Clark,

Anne York, and Richard Anker -- Labour market transitions of men and women

during an economic crisis: evidence form Indonesia / Duncan Thomas,

Kathleen Beegle, and Elizabeth Frankenberg -- Gender, labour market and

demographic change: a case study of women's entry into the formal

manufacturing sector in Bangladesh / Rita Asfar -- Missing the partner and

his earnings: income situation and labour market participation of single

mothers in West and East Germany / Felix B*uchel and Henriette Engelhardt

-- Divorce and professional careers in Russia during the transitions

towards market economy / Patrick Fetsy ... [et al.] -- Gender and the

labour market among immigrants in some Italian areas: the case of

Moroccans, former Yugoslavians, and Poles / Salvatore Strozza, Gerado

Gallo, and Francesca Grillo -- Double jeopardy? Female rural migrant

labourers in urban China, the case of Shanghai / Wang Feng and Shen Anan

-- Migration, gender, and returns to education in Shenzhen, China / Zai

Liang and Yui Por Chen -- Women and part-time employment: workers'

'choices' and wage penalties in five industrialized countries / Elena

Bardasi and Janet C. Gornick -- Economic opportunities and the transition

to marriage among young women in the United States / Amy G. Cox, Joan M.

Hermsen, and Jacob Alex Klerman -- Education, career opportunities, and

changing patterns of fertility: a study of women in the labor market in

twentieth-century Sweden / Maria Stanfors and Lars Svensson -- Family,

quality of jobs, and female labour force patterns in Buenos Aires,

Argentina / Marcela Cerrutti -- The influence of female employment and

autonomy on reproductive behaviour in Egypt / Andrzej Kulczycki and Luc*ia


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HD 8039 .M62 U697 2003 2003

Industrializing the Rockies : growth, competition, and turmoil in the

coalfields of Colorado and Wyoming, 1868-1914 / David A. Wolff.

Mining begins, 1868-1873 -- Panic and turmoil, 1873-1878 -- Coal mining

comes of age, 1878-1883 -- The great upheaval, 1884-1885 -- Prosperity,

competition, and consolidation, 1886-1892 -- Collapse and recovery,

1893-1900 -- Struggle and change, 1901-1903 -- The United Mine Workers in

the West, 1903-1912 -- Explosion at Ludlow, 1913-1914.

HD 8073 .C5 A3 2001 2001

Selling Ben Cheever : back to square one in a service economy / Benjamin


HD 9259 .B3 S683 2003 2003

Banana wars : power, production, and history in the Americas / edited by

Steve Striffler and Mark Moberg.

The global banana trade / Laura T. Raynolds -- Banana cultures : linking

the production and consumption of export bananas, 1800-1980 / John Soluri

-- United Fruit Company in Latin America / Marcelo Bucheli -- One hundred

years of United Fruit Company letters / Philippe Bourgois -- Responsible

men and sharp yankees : the United Fruit Company, resident elites, and

colonial state in British Honduras / Mark Moberg -- The logic of the

enclave : United Fruit, popular struggle, and capitalist transformation in

Ecuador / Steve Striffler -- "The Macondo of Guatemala" : banana workers

and national revolutions in Tiquisate, 1944-1954 / Cindy Forster -- The

threat of blackness to the mestizo nation : race and ethnicity in the

Honduran banana economy, 1920s and 1930s / Dario Euraque -- Discourses and

counterdiscourses on globalization and the St. Lucian banana industry /

Karla Slocum -- The St. Vincent Banana Growers' Association, contract

farming, and the peasantry / Lawrence Grossman.

HD 9433 .H83 1985 1985

Price discovery processes in the cattle complex : an investigation of

cash-futures price interaction / Michael A. Hudson and Wayne D. Purcell.

HD 9502 .U53 V56 1991 1991

Virginia energy patterns and trends : Virginia energy profiles, 1960 to

1990 / prepared by John Randolph.

HD 9569 .H26 B75 2004 2004

The Halliburton agenda : the politics of oil and money / Dan Briody.

Erle P. Halliburton and the million-dollar boast -- The road to riches --

The man behind the dam that built Brown & Root -- Guns and butter --

Collateral damage : the Leland Olds story -- Our man in office -- Vietnam

and Project Rathole -- Empty pockets -- The big score -- Backseat Cheney

-- Fall from grace.

HD 9696.63 .U62 E4478 2003 2003

Softwar : an intimate portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle / Matthew

Symonds ; with commentary by Larry Ellison.

HE 363 .G72 G7 1970 1970

Transport in London: a balanced policy.

HE 365 .I44 C38 1967 1967

Traffic and transportation plan for the Calcutta metropolitan district,


HE 2791 .G755 S77 2003 2003

Profiting from the plains : the Great Northern Railway and corporate

development of the American West / Claire Strom.

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Trial and error, 1878-1893 -- Cooperation and Success, 1893-1902 -- "The

nation's future," 1902-1907 -- Conflict and disillusion, 1907-1912 --

Isolation and expertise, 1907-1912 -- Retirement and retreat, 1912-1916 --

"The voice of the northwest".

HE 4491 .N7 D47 2001 2001

Tunneling to the future : the story of the great subway expansion that

saved New York / Peter Derrick.

Never enough : the beginnings of rapid transit in New York -- Deadlock

over more subways, 1902-1909 -- Rapid transit to save New York --

Stumbling toward a solution -- Dual system of rapid transit -- Battle over

financing the dual system -- Impact of the dual system.

HE 8700.76 .I4 R34 2001 2001

Politics after television : religious nationalism and the reshaping of the

Indian public / Arvind Rajagopal.

HF1001 .C65 1995EB 1995

Collins dictionary of business [electronic resource] / Christopher Pass

... [et al.].

HF1001 .D53 2001EB 2001

Dictionary of business [electronic resource] / P.H. Collin.

HF1001 .G74 1999EB 1999

The Penguin business dictionary [electronic resource] / by Michael


HF 3826.5 .M55 2002 2002

Japan's policy trap : dollars, deflation, and the crisis of Japanese

finance / Akio Mikuni, R. Taggart Murphy.

Policy trap -- Preservation of bureaucratic power -- Monetary policy and

mercantilism -- Hoarding gold, hoarding dollars -- Experimenting with

bubbles -- Of a great bubble and its collapse -- Downward spiral -- Policy

trap revisited -- Anomalies of contemporary Japan -- End of the Japanese


HF 5381 .B67583 2003 2003

Career information, career counseling, and career development / Duane


HF 5415.33 .U6 N47 2004 2004

The rise of the Hispanic market in the United States : challenges,

dilemmas, and opportunities for corporate management / Louis E.V. Nevaer.

The future of marketing and merchandising in the United States --

Management realities of a fragmented "North American" market -- Labor,

immigration, and business -- Americans in Mexico: "demonstration effects"

of a flourishing demographic -- A vanishing border: the emergence of a

North American consumer market -- Mexicans in the United States:

ethnographic influences on consumer behavior.

HF 5429.3 .E593 1976 1976

City centers in transition : report of the Environmental Design Conference

held at the Quail Roost Conference Center of the University of North

Carolina at Chapel Hill, Rougemont, North Carolina, June 6-8, 1976 / by

Shirley F. Weiss, Raymond J. Burby with the assistance of Barbara G.


HF5430.3 .S63 2002 2002

Greyfields into goldfields : dead malls become living neighborhoods / by

Lee S. Sobel with Ellen Greenberg and Steven Bodzin ; with a foreword by

Jonathan Miller.

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HF 5477 .G74 S6746 2004 2004

The art of the steal : inside the Sotheby's-Christie's auction house

scandal / Christopher Mason.

HF5549 .A23 D53 1997EB 1997

Dictionary of human resources & personnel management [electronic resource]

/ A. Ivanovic & P.H. Collin.

HF 5549.5 .A34 C76 2004 2004

Affirmative action is dead : long live affirmative action / Faye J.


The nature of the beast -- Reverse discrimination? -- Semantics versus

substance -- Effectiveness -- Does the medicine kill the patient? -- The

ugly underbelly -- Conclusions and speculations.

HF 5657.4 .M334 2003 2003

Management accounting in the digital economy / edited by Alnoor Bhimani.

Digitization and accounting change / Alnoor Bhimani -- Dis-integration

through integration: the emergence of accounting information networks /

Franco Amigoni, Ariela Caglio and Angelo Ditillo -- Management accounting

for the extended enterprise: performance management for strategic

alliances and networked partners / Shannon W. Anderson and Karen L.

Sedatole -- Technology-driven integration, automation, and standardizaion

of business processes: implications for accounting / Chris Chapman and Wai

Fong Chua -- Expenditures on competitor analysis and information security:

a managerial accounting perspective / Lawrence A. Gordon and Martin P.

Loeb -- Changing role of management accounting and control systems:

accounting for knowledge across control domains / Frank G.H. Hartmann and

Eddy H.J. Vaassen -- Management accounting inscriptions and the

post-industrial experience of organizational control / Paul Andon, Jane

Baxter, and Wai Fon Chua -- Operations, purchase, and sales in

hyperreality: implications for management control from the perspecticve of

institutional sociology / Salvador Carmona and Paolo Quattrone -- Not for

profit--for sale: management control in and of an internet start-up

company / Jan Mouritsen and Kristian Kreiner -- Management accounting in

the new economy: the rationale for irrational controls / Leif Sjoblom --

Management control and e-logistics / Maurice Gosselin -- Internet-based

information systems in the not-for-profit sector / Hans-Ulrich Kupper --

Paradoxes of management and control in a new economy firm / Kari Lukka and

Markus Granlund -- Management accounting and the knowledge production

process / Hanno Roberts.

HF 5823 .B438 2004 2004

Ads, fads, and consumer culture : advertising's impact on American

character and society / Arthur Asa Berger.

Advertising in American society -- Consumer cultures -- Advertising and

the communication process -- Running it up a flagpole to see if anyone

salutes -- Sexuality and advertising -- Political advertising -- The

marketing society -- Analyzing print advertisements -- Analyzing

television commercials: the Macintosh "1984" commercial -- Where next?

HG 76.3 .U52 L67 2000 2000

Voted out : the psychological consequences of anti-gay politics / Glenda

M. Russell.

HG173 .B35 1999EB 1999

International dictionary of finance [electronic resource] / [edited by]

Graham Bannock and William Manser.

HG 229 .F324 2004 2004

Deflation : what happens when prices fall / Chris Farrell.

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"An unwelcome substantial fall in inflation" -- Taps on the shoulder --

The supply-side economy -- Deflation, American style -- The rise in

insecurity -- The goal of price stability -- "Bad" deflations -- The great

inflation -- Business and workers in an era of fierce price competition --

What kind of return can investors expect? -- The new regime and public


Publisher's description: Deflation is one of the most feared terms in

economics. It immediately conjures visions of abandoned farms and idle

factories, streams of unemployed workers standing in breadlines. So when

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan started talking openly in

2003 about his fears of deflation, it sent waves of shock through the

business press and the public. Many feared that the United States was

entering a period of prolonged slump after a pronounced boom, much like

Japan experienced throughout the 1990s. Others worried that a sustained

fall in prices would have a cataclysmic impact on our nation's overhang of

consumer debt. Yet another camp blamed low-wage manufacturing countries

like China and high-volume retailers like Wal-Mart for becoming the

engines of relentless deflation. In this important new book, Chris Farrell

explains that deflation need not presage a collapse. In the process he

gives a new way of looking at our economic and our financial futures. More

than an introduction to the subject, Farrell points out that deflation has
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