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A Welcome from the London Mayor

Nowhere in the world can rival London as a place to study. It has a combination of academic excellence, a rich artistic and cultural heritage and is positioned at the centre of global business. London also has a diversity and vibrancy that means anyone from anywhere can feel at home here. No wonder that more international students study here than in any other city, including New York and Sydney. London truly is the world’s knowledge capital.

London is the international centre for higher education. Its 42 universities range from established, multi-faceted institutions offering a range of world-class courses, through teaching hospitals and medical schools with global reputations, to renowned specialist art, drama, design and music academies. Graduates from London dominate the world of fashion and art – Damien Hirst, Stella McCartney and Ozwald Boateng to name but a few.

And there are few cities where you can match what you learn in the lecture hall with opportunities to match theory and practice. London is the world’s greatest financial and business centre. London has over 480 overseas banks – more than any other city in the world. If you are studying law or politics you will have easy access to Parliament and law courts. With over 300 languages spoken here, there are few communities that are not represented in London. As a London student you can enjoy festivals and celebrations including the Notting Hill Carnival and Chinese New Year, Diwali or Eid. Our city’s cultural richness means that whether your interest is music, film, art, sport or design, you will be able to experience the wide variety of attractions and events London has to offer. Entrance to over seventy museums and galleries in London is free, and you will recognise many famous landmarks from the movies as you travel around the city.

I hope you enjoy reading this brochure and finding out more about what our great city has to offer. If you do decide to come and study in London, you will have the chance to benefit from a world-class education in a world-class city. We look forward to welcoming you.

Ken Livingstone

Mayor of London

Study in the knowledge capital

In the rest of these pages you’ll find out why London offers so much opportunity. See why there has never been a better time to experience this fantastic city.

And once you’ve read the brochure, why not play the game? In High Fliers you’ve got the chance to launch the careers of six international students. All you have to do is aim them for London. Play it today by visiting

“London is a city of colour and contrasts, of ancient history and 21st century modernity, a melting pot of the world’s cultures and nationalities and there is absolutely no better option than London. I have learnt a lot in London, like how to keep up with its fast pace of life. Wherever you go in London you will be warmly welcomed”

Alishah Sikander Gowani, Maths and Finance student from Pakistan


Whether indoors or outdoors, London has enough to see and do to last a lifetime.

London is one of Europe’s cultural capitals, and it never stands still.

So if you’re looking for fine art, music, and entertainment, there’s nowhere better. London has at least 224 free attractions, plus 90 museums and galleries that are completely free to enter. If museums are not your thing, you can always escape to London’s 143 registered parks and gardens. Open space accounts for 30% of the city area.

Museums include:

The British Museum

Tottenham Court Rd

Examine the famous Rosetta Stone, and take a walk in the Great Court of the British Museum. It’s the largest covered public square in Europe.

The National Gallery

Charing Cross

With more than 2,000 Western European paintings, the National Gallery is one of the largest galleries in the world. One of its greatest masterpieces is Da Vinci’s Virgin and Child with St Anne.

The Natural History Museum

South Kensington

Travel back in time and experience first hand the awesome dinosaurs. And while you’re there you can see some of nature’s other marvels. Exhibitions on display also include mammals, a blue whale and an Ecology Gallery with a replica rainforest.

Tate Britain


Tate Britain houses some of the most important British art. It includes work by artists such as Constable, Gainsborough and Turner.

Tate Modern

St Paul’s or Southwark

Explore the Turbine Hall, a space for some of the largest art installations in the world. And view the work of Warhol, Rothko, Lichtenstein, Matisse, Hirst and Picasso.

Parks include:

Greenwich Park

Cutty Sark/DLR

Greenwich is the oldest Royal parks in London and home to the Royal Observatory. It is also one of London’s loveliest parks with a rose garden, a grand avenue, and several historic sights.

Hampstead Heath


Just four miles away from the centre of London, Hampstead Heath has woods, hills and meadows and is home to hundreds of bird species. This is also an area where famous poets such as Coleridge, Keats and Pope lived. It’s an ideal place for a peaceful stroll or a picnic with friends.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park Corner

Central London’s largest open space is a riot of colour in the spring. It’s also a magnificent venue for open air concerts, demonstrations and gun salutes. Take your roller-blades or just go for a run, and you might even bump into Madonna!

Wallet friendly

• Chill out in one of the world’s grandest public places, Trafalgar Square, which is also host to regular special events including concerts.

• Take a trip to Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen. Pack yourself a picnic and sit in St James’s Park. And don’t miss the changing of the guards, which takes place at 11:30am on certain days of the year.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Take in the beautiful landscapes of Kew Gardens with its 120 hectare expanse of lawns, gardens and greenhouses. You can also pop in to the famous research centre, situated in the grounds.

Richmond Park


This park has everything from gardens to wild red deer and thick woods. There’s nowhere better for a quiet walk or a chance to enjoy a peaceful picnic. And of course, if you’re feeling a bit more active, there’s space for many types of sporting activities, from running to cycling.

Wimbledon Common


Whether you want to go horse riding, mountain biking or take a leisurely stroll, you can do it all in Wimbledon Common. You may even like to take in a bit of Roman history

(Caesar’s Camp is a historic earthwork from Roman times).

Top tips...

• Take a ride on the award-winning British Airways London Eye – a continually rotating wheel, which will turn your head with impressive views across the capital.

• Sing along to a concert at Wembley Arena.

• Marvel at the breathtaking Crown Jewels in the Tower of London and stand on the site where three queens were beheaded.

• Re-enact the gruesome events in British history at the London Dungeons.

• Watch a football match at Chelsea Stadium.

• Be captivated by the skill and poise of dancers at Sadler’s Wells.

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