Fundamental of Fluid Mechanics

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НазваниеFundamental of Fluid Mechanics
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Fundamental of Fluid Mechanics

Consists of:

  • Lectures:

30 classes presenting the concepts, theory and application.

Worked examples will also be given to demonstrate how the theory is applied.

  • Assessment:

1 Exam of 2 hours

  • Laboratories: 2 x 6 hours

  • Homework:

Lecture notes ; Exercise

Course Objectives:

  • The course will introduce fluid mechanics and establish its relevance in civil engineering.

  • Develop the fundamental principles underlying the subject.

  • Demonstrate how these are used for the design of simple hydraulic components.


Bruce R. Munson, Donald F. Young, Theodore H. Okiishi. Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics. 北京:电子工业出版社,2006

Course Outline

Chapter 1 Introduction (2 hours)

1.1 Concept and Historical Development

1.2 Research Method of Fluid Mechanics

1.3 Properties of Fluids

Chapter2 Fluid Statics (6 hours)

2.1 Pressure at a Point the Same in All Directions

2.2 Variation of Pressure in a Static Fluid

2.3 Pressure Expressed in Height of Fluid

2.4 Absolute and Gage Pressures

2.5 Measurement of Pressure

2.6 Forces on plain surfaces

2.7 Pressure diagrams

2.8 Forces on curved surfaces

2.9 Buoyancy

2.10 Equilibrium of floating bodies

Chapter3 Fluid Kinematics ( 2 hours)

3.1 Concept of Fluid Flow

3.2 Classification of flows

3.3 Visualization of flow patterns

3.4 Flow rate and Mean velocity

3.5 One-, Two-, and Three-Dimensional Flow

Chapter4 Energy Equation (4 hours)

4.1 Continuity of flow

4.2 Equation for Steady Motion of an Ideal Fluid along a Streamline

4.3 Equation for Steady Motion of a Real Fluid along a Streamline

4.4 General Energy Equation for Steady Flow of Any Fluid

4.5 Application of energy equation

Chapter5 Momentum equation (2 hours)

5.1 Development of the Momentum Equation

5.2 Application of the momentum equation

Chapter 6 Flow types and energy losses (6 hours)

6.1 Laminar and Turbulent Flow

6.2 Critical Reynolds Number

6.3 Hydraulic Radius

6.4 Laminar Flow in Circular Pipes

6.5 Turbulent Flow

6.6 Viscous Sublayer in Turbulent Flow

6.7 Velocity Profile in Turbulent Flow

6.8 Chart for Friction Factor

6.9 Minor Losses in Turbulent

6.10 Loss of Head at Entrance

6.11 Loss Due to Contraction

6.12 Loss Due to Expansion

Chapter7 Steady flow in pipe (2hours)

7.1Hydraulic Computation of Simple Pipe System

7.2 Pipes in Series

7.3 Pipes in Parallel

Chapter8 Open channel flow (2hours)

8.1 What is Open Channel Flow?

8.2 Classification of Open-Channel Flows

8.3 Properties of open channels

8.4 Continuity and Energy Equations

8.5 Uniform Flow in Channels

8.6 Computations in uniform flow

8.7 Best Hydraulic Cross Sections

Chapter9 Non-uniform Flow in Open Channels (4hours)

9.1 Critical , Sub-critical and super critical flow

9.2 Specific energy

9.3 Gradually Varied Flow

9.4 Equation for Gradually Varied Flow

9.5 Classification of water surface profiles

9.6 Hydraulic jump

9.7 Location of hydraulic jump

Experiment Contents

The experiment periods are 12 hours.

Fluid mechanics is largely an experimental science. You will be expected to actively participate in all laboratory activities, and to turn in well-written laboratory reports presented in a professional manner. You may work on the lab data analysis with your colleagues, but the work you turn in must be your own.

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