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Exposure Draft of the 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure – June 2011

Consultation 6

Introduction 7

Importance of Innovation and Research 7

Research Infrastructure 9

Development of the 2011 Roadmap 12


Capability areas 18

An Environmentally Sustainable Australia 21

Promoting and Maintaining Good Health 21

Understanding Cultures and Communities 21

Safeguarding Australia 21

Frontier Technologies for Building & Transforming Australian Industries 21

eResearch Infrastructure 21

Characterisation 21

Fabrication 21

Digitisation Infrastructure 21

Integrated Biological Discovery 21

Biological Collections and Biobanking 21

Integrated Biosecurity 21

Population Health Research Platforms 21

Translating Health Research 21

Astronomy and Space Science 21

Sustainable Energy 21

Cyber Security 21

Cultures and Communities 21

Marine Environment 21

Terrestrial Systems 21

Solid Earth 21

Urban Settlements 21

Atmospheric Observations 22

eResearch Infrastructure 23

Characterisation 32

Fabrication 35

Digitisation Infrastructure 39

Integrated Biological Discovery 42

Biological Collections and Biobanking 46

Integrated Biosecurity 48

Population Health Research Platforms 50

Translating Health Research 52

Astronomy and Space Science 54

Sustainable Energy 58

Cyber Security 61

Cultures and Communities 63

Marine Environment 66

Terrestrial Systems 69

Solid Earth 72

Urban Settlements 74

Atmospheric Observations 76

Appendix A – Details of the 2011 Roadmap Development Process 80

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This Exposure Draft, released June 2011, is the result of work being undertaken to develop a 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure (2011 Roadmap).

There are three key stages of the 2011 Roadmap development process:

  1. Release of a Discussion Paper for consultation (March 2011)

  2. Release of an Exposure Draft (this document) for consultation

  3. Release of the 2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure (expected in September 2011).

Your feedback is sought on this Exposure Draft. You may choose to comment on the entire Exposure Draft or on particular sections or capabilities. However, please note that the National Research Infrastructure Council’s Strategic Framework for Research Infrastructure Investment (pages 12 to 15) has been developed through an earlier consultation process.

Your feedback can be formal (for example, an official institutional submission) or informal (for example, a brief email).

Responses to this Exposure Draft will be used to help refine the final version of the 2011 Roadmap and will be made public on the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research website. Please indicate when you send your response if you do not want it to be made public.

Responses to the Exposure Draft should be sent to the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research electronically (preferred) by COB Friday, 22 July 2011.

If you have any questions, these should be directed to the Roadmap team at the contact details below.

Contact Details


Address: 2011 Roadmap

Research Infrastructure Branch

Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR)

GPO Box 9839


Phone: (02) 6276 1721

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